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I was on Facebook, and a post from Lindsey Cardinale came up. It was regarding a mother and her son. (.?id=100001129905084). The little boy has Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa. Meaning any type of friction to his skin, can cause blisters. Any type of EB has the blistering to it. So, after talking to a friend about Tripp Roth's story, she helped bring up this idea. Everyone should really read up on EB. And Tripp's story. He did beat out what a doctor thought, he passed the age of 1. Little Tripp is by far blessed.

I do own Makayla Faith Rizzoli.

Makayla Faith Rizzoli. After most find out that her parents are Maura and Frankie Rizzoli, they would think that the now five year old was perfect. Smart, part Italian, adorable. When she had the parents she had, no one would have thought she would end up having Epidermolysis Bullosa.

The day Maura had given birth to their daughter was the best day of the parents life. But when Maura had held the little girl and noticed the redening areas around Makaylas fingernails and on her head she knew something was not right. After the doctors had ran many tests, Maura and Frankie had been told that their daughter had an inherited connective tissue disease, called Epidermolysis Bullosa.

Here the three stood, in the classroom of kindergarten teacher Mrs. Farthing. Maura and Frankie had both asked if they could come in with Makayla and try to explain why the five year old stood out from them, with her blisters that would come up if she even rubbed a finger on something causing friction, and why she had started a week later than them.. Thankfully to the parents every child was looking at them, and not Makayla. Once when Makayla had been out with her Aunt Jane many people had stared, the little girl cried to her mother when she was brought home, wanting to know why everyone looked at her oddly, and gave her weird stares, Maura and Frankie knew even more that Makaylas life would not be easy. From what it seemed, everyone was welcoming and didn't look at Makayla oddly. With a smile on her face, Makayla ran off and started playing, being careful not to cause harm to herself.

Once the clock hit 2pm Maura left the morgue to go pick Makayla up and to find out about her daughters first day. Happily at 2:30 Makayla ran out of the classroom, straight to her mother who was waiting outside the door of the room. "Mommy, I have so many stories!" The little girl squealed waiting as her mother put the seat coverings over the booster seat that she had to ride in.

Smiling the whole ride to Angelas Maura listened to her daughter talk about how everyone wanted to play with her. That had told the proud mother that kindergarted for Makayla maybe wouldn't be so hard after all.

It's short, but it's also 1am, and I was hoping to raise some awarness of this disease.