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It was late in the evening as Shanks walked towards Makino's bar. His crew remained behind as their captain was just taking a stroll through town.

Shanks, however, decided to go spend the evening with Makino since he heard she was having a slow day without many customers.

He walked in to see her organizing the bar with Luffy sitting on his usual stool. Makino looked up and smiled warmly.

"Hi, captain!" she greeted. Shanks smiled but then noticed Luffy didn't even glance his way. Unusual since the boy almost also sprang up to happily say hello and ask to hear about his adventures of the day.

Shanks made his way to the stool next to Luffy' boy was resting his chin on the bar and was looking straight ahead with an angry pout.

"Hey, anchor! What's wrong?" he nudged. Luffy made an angry annoyed sound.

"I've been having a really crummy day," he finally answered.

Makino smiled with sympathy. "The mayor was making him do exhausting chores all day long," she explained.

"Ah," Shanks nodded,"Well, cheer up grumpy."

Luffy replied with an aggravated sigh which Shanks chuckled at.

"So how has your day been?" Makino asked the red head.

"Oh, it's been a little busy but good," he replied.

"...Lucky you," Luffy mumbled.

Shanks turned his stool towards the boy.

"Come on Luffy, don't be mad at me," he grinned.

"I'm not. I'm just mad," Luffy mumbled again.

Shanks decided to tease him a little. "Don't act like such a kid," he poked.

"I'm not being a kid," Luffy sulked.

There was a glass in front of himself that he started fiddling with before he had a random burst of a tantrum and flung it off the bar, breaking it.

"Hey, hey, come on now. Calm down, Luffy. That is a little childish," Shanks was startled but ruffled the boy's hair,"Clean that up for Makino, would you? She doesn't derserve to have her dishes broken and have to clean it up."

"Mmrrrgh, more chores?" Luffy huffed.

Shanks laughed a little. "Well you're the one who broke stuff. I know you're mad, but be nicer to Makino."

Luffy sighed and slid off his bar stool. "Fine," he grumbled.

"Geeez, so testy," Shanks teased just a tiny bit.

"CUT IT OUT!" Luffy snapped as he threw a mug from behind the counter at Shanks.

The pirate caught it with ease, but was still surprised.

"Luffy! I'm going to ask you to cut it out," he said with surprise still in his voice,"..You are getting just a little too hot-headed."

Luffy just sighed with aggravation again before turning to clean up the broken glass.

Shanks sighed himself and smiled at Makino.

"I'm sorry, Makino," he apologized like he was the one making Luffy angry.

"It's alright, it's not your fault," she giggled.

Luffy was apparently not done letting off steam.


Shanks was finally starting to wear down a little.

"Hey! Don't yell at her. She didn't do anything to you," Shanks scolded.

"I know! I'm just angry!" the boy grew more irritated.

"Well stop taking it out like that!" the captain replied.

Makino was starting to get a little worried about their quarrel.

"Calm down, you two, you're going to get too heated up," she tried to intervene.

"STAY OUT OF IT, MAKINO!" Luffy snapped off.

Shanks's own temper was at it's peak now.

"That's it! Luffy, if you don't stop, your behind is going to be as red as my hair," the pirate threatened.

Luffy froze, not expecting to hear a threat like that from Shanks.

"You heard that right," Shanks clarified that he did certainly threaten to spank the boy.

"But...I'm not a kid!" Luffy finally was able to reply.

Shanks didn't want to hurt the boy's ego but he had lost his temper as well.

"Well you're sure fooling me," he retorted.

"...You are a fool," Luffy mumbled.

"Don't...test me, boy," Shanks warned.

Luffy didn't say anything in return but he shot a look at the pirate.

Shanks rolled his eyes. Even though Luffy didn't say anything, Shanks just had enough of the attitude.

He reached over the bar and picked Luffy up by the back of his shirt.

"You need this attitude adjustment," Shanks sighed.

~End of Chapter One~

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