Shanks lifted the boy over the bar counter and headed for a chair at a nearby table.

Luffy was confused for moment as to whether this was happening or not.

As soon as it settled in his head that it was, he started to wriggle in Shanks's grip.

"C'ptain! Wait, are you serious?" the boy asked not liking what he has gotten himself into already.

Shanks felt a little soft as soon as he heard "C'ptain" but he was also still mad that Luffy was taking out his anger on his friends.

He didn't respond to Luffy's question with words but as soon as he sat down and pinned the frightened boy across his lap, the answer became clear to the little anchor.

Luffy immediately tried to break free from the hold as Shanks easily kept him there.

"Quit it, Luffy," Shanks sternly warned as he raised his right hand in the air, preparing to start the punishment.

The kid payed him no mind and continued to try and pull himself forward off of the captain's lap.

Shanks didn't bother warning him again, as he knew the poor lad couldn't break free. He instead hesitately thought to himself before he struck.

'Ben, why didn't you come with me? You'd stop me if I wasn't suppose to be doing this, right? Tell me if I was just throwing a tantrum as well?' Shanks thought in worry that he was about to be punishing the boy out of anger himself.

He considered letting Luffy up and just giving him a stern lecture if it wasn't for the fact that the monkey figured out how to twist his body enough to bite the pirate's arm.

Shanks snapped at the boy. "YOU LITTLE!" he shouted right before the "SMACK!".

He finally struck Luffy's mischievous behind which made the boy slide forward on his lap a little.

Shanks didn't mean to hit him that hard. He could feel the kid tremble in fear already.

Luffy was still a little too shocked to respond other than that right now.

The pirate was a little shocked too but sighed and re-positioned Luffy on his lap.

Makino put a hand to her mouth wanting to say something but also not wanting to make the situation worse.

Shanks noticed her but shook his head before smacking Luffy again. He made sure to strike softer this time but it still made the kid flinch.

"Luffy," Shanks spoke with an added slap,"...Are you going to listen to me?"

The captain leaned slightly to look at Luffy's face. The kid was blushing and his expression was getting a little madder.

"Luffy," Shanks repeated with a harder smack.

Luffy "umphed' slightly and finally answered. "What?" he replied.

Shanks could tell Luffy didn't want to talk from embarassment and not wanting to sound like he was on the verge of crying.

"Are you going to listen to me?" Shanks repeated the question.

"About what?" Luffy sort of snapped back.

Shanks rolled his eyes and gave the boy a good hard smack for that reply.

"Ouch!" Luffy yelped like a puppy,"..I'll listen!" He was hoping Shanks would be done and scold him now.

"Are you going to be paying attention during this?" Shanks asked another question.

Luffy's stomach sank a little. "D-during? Can't you just lecture me?" the boy asked knowing Shanks wasn't done at all and was going to give him both a lecture and a spanking at once.

Luffy didn't want to end up crying. Not in front of him.

"Apparently I can't," Shanks answered as he swatted the boy's butt again. He knew Luffy was going to still be testy if he stopped now.

"But!" Luffy protested not knowing what to do now.

Shanks let him feel the sting of his hand once again.

"No. The only 'but' from you now is going to be a spanked one, got that?" the captain coldly replied.

Just the tone of that made Luffy want to cry already.

He felt Shanks's hand collide with his bottom again and nearly did start the water works. He succeded in keeping them at the rim of his eyes, at least.

He closed them as another smack firmly bounced off his behind. Every slap Shanks has given him so far stung his whole rear since the pirate's hand could cover it's entire area.

After another lash, Shanks decided to start the lecture.

"Luffy, you do know why I'm doing this, right?" he asked with a hint of sympathy in his voice.

Luffy was freezing up on talking again.

"Luffy...," Shanks repeated, but not as sternly as he had before. The smack he added with it was lighter now too.

Leaning over once again to see the kid's face, he saw an upset instead of angry expression this time.

"...because you're mad?" Luffy answered, not out of snappiness, but because he honestly thought Shanks was just angry with him.

"Well, I honestly was, but you're missing the point as to why I got mad at you," Shanks sighed and somewhat lightly gave another spank.

"Umph!...Be...because I...yelled at Makino?" Luffy tried again.

"And why did you yell at Makino?" Shanks asked.

"I don't know," Luffy quickly answered because he could feel his breath wanting to inhale in like it was ready to cry.

"Yes, you do," Shanks spoke sternly again and gave Luffy a harder smack as soon as he said it.

Luffy made a small yelp and tried another answer. "I was just mad!" he spat out.

"That's no excuse!" Shanks scolded.

"But I was!" Luffy shouted.

"What did I say about but!" the red head shouted back. He realized he was being impulsive right after he shouted, and when Luffy tensed up expecting another lash.

Shanks calmed again. "Luffy...I know you were mad. And when people are mad, they're snappy, but I don't take lightly to you treating your own friends that way. Don't take your anger out on the people that are only trying to make you feel better," he explained but felt a little bit guilty when he thought about his own impulsiveness,"...And Luffy, doing this to you is hurting me too. So even though I got mad, I really didn't want to do this."

"Then why did you," Luffy mumbled without really thinking again.

Shanks slumped back in frustration. "Luffy! You got to be kidding me! I told you to pay attention, didn't I? I thought you were realizing what you did."

The pirate was so close to ending both of their punishments when he seemed forced to resume the spanking again.

The hand struck more sternly and without break this time.

Which didn't give the boy time to force his tears back as they finally strolled down his face.

He tried to at least keep the vocal cries down but they couldn't hide anymore either.

The kid went from tough to sobbing quickly.

"Ow! Ooow! Shanks! Please stop!" Luffy pleaded which stabbed through Shanks's soft side for the kid, but the man did his best to keep his cool and stay firm.

Luffy bent his legs with each hit and tried to squirm occasionally but Shanks still held him down with complete ease, aside from the emotional strength weakening.

"Captain! Please! Yow! Please, quit! Ah! Ow! OW! Ooow! Aai! Aaaaaai! I'm s-sorry!" the boy cried.

"...Are you just sorry because I'm really burning your butt now?" Shanks asked trying to make sure his voice was still stern enough. He stopped spanking for the moment to hear what Luffy had to say.

"No," Luffy sobbed,"...I'm sorry...for taking out my a-anger on my friends."

Luffy was trying to wipe off his face between the sobs,"...It was wrong. I'm sorry. It was only hurting everybody when all...all you two w-were trying to do was ...m-make me feel better. Please forgive me!"

Shanks couldn't stand this any longer, himself.

"Of course we forgive you, Luffy!" he replied cheerfully and flipped Luffy over to where he was sitting in his lap.

He heard a small "ow" when he set the kid on his sore butt.

"And Luffy, please forgive me for letting it get this far," Shanks ruffled the boys hair,"I should of beat you the moment I walked in, huh?"

"Hey!" Luffy pouted.

"I'm kidding!" the captain chuckled as Luffy started punching on him.

Makino came over and politely grabbed Luffy's arms so she could get his attention.

"Luffy, if you like, I can make you a nice end to a bad day dinner," she proposed.

Luffy's still somewhat tear stained face lit up to complete happiness at that.

"Absolutely!" he cheered.

"Hey, what about me?" Shanks asked,"I'm hurt too! Well, emotionally, not beat down to a pulp like this weakling."

"Hey! You'd cry too and you know it!" Luffy growled and started beating up on the laughing pirate again,"Makino don't give him even a scrap of food! He's making fun of me!"

"I say only people who can sit at the table should get the food," Shanks teased.

Luffy glared at him but they both ended up laughing and talking about goofy adventures soon after.

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