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She ran towards her room. What else was she to do? Stay downstairs and let those animals hit her? Let them take advantage of her weakness? Let them savagely destroy her hopes and her dreams? It was too abject to her liking.

So she sprinted towards her room. Trying her very hardest to keep quiet not to wake her Aunt and Uncle, and especially not her cousin. "Well, well, well..." Lydia stopped on the fifth step closest to the next level of the house.

She cursed herself under her breath for being to loud, and for being up this late and returning 'home' at 5:00 in the morning. Especially on a Tuesday night when homework and school was always a big affair in her life, seeing as she's the smartest at Beacon Hills, she has a reputation to maintain. But what did it matter? No one looked up to her now...

She silently turned, beginning her journey downward. "Look who the Prince dragged in." She smirked. An evil, wicked smirk that meant hate towards Lydia. Her hair was tied up in a pink bow, matching with a knee- length vintage dress with pure white leggings. Her black shoes shinning with the light.

She tilted her head, walking towards Lydia. "But seriously Lyd, what bad boy took you out tonight?" She asked, circling the anxious Lydia. She teased her, twirling her red curls beneath her perfect white finger. Lydia gasped at her hair being pulled slightly while Sara, her cousin, released her hair and faced her.

"Was it Jackson?" She smirked.

Lydia gasped, "H-how-"

"How do I know, Princess? How do I know about your perfect, popular, hot and sexy boyfriend? I don't even go to your school and I know every spec about you." She circled her once more. Slowly and intimidating, "February 12, 2011, Dear diary-" Lydia gasped silently, but loud enough so her cousin could hear. She smirked and continued, "today Jackson took me to a picnic in the park. Romantic enough to kiss by the flowers. It seems that he actually loves me. I hope so," she giggled, "Because I'm so in love you, Jackson. If only I could grow the courage to tell you." She smiled, finishing.

"You read my-"

"Read your diary? Read your emails, read your documents..." she touched her shoulders, "I read your life. And the part that was real interesting to me," she began to make her way to face her once more. Her hands behind her back like an innocent child. Though she wasn't. She was a 16 year old, 88 pound of pure devil. "Was the part when you described your mom, your dad, and your sister."

"December 4, 2010, Dear Diary, I haven't told you much of my family, but I'll try to be as descriptive as possible:

My mothers name was Lana. She had beautiful red hair that laid on her shoulder. She was thin and tall, like a super model, but more beautiful.

My father's name was George. He had brown hair and green eyes. He was very handsome, and as a child he's always pretend to my prince and I would always be Cinderella.

My little sister's name was Celia. She was a baby when she died. My horrible Aunt did it. She chocked her because she wouldn't stop her whining, and I experienced it. It was the most horrific thing I've witness. She didn't even get caught.

Do I try to call the police? Never. These people, these horrible people are my family. The only family I have left. And if they go to jail, then I won't have anyone..." She smiled.

"Touching. Don't you just love having a photographic memory? Oh wait, you don't." She giggled, "You have to work...This 'll be our little secret. Everything, from the Diary to coming home late. You know, if someone would've just happened to introduced me to their lovely boyfriend... Then I don't know," she squealed silently, placing her perfect white fingers towards her lips. A smirk held the whole time, "Maybe my tongue won't slip to mommy and daddy."

"You want Jackson?"

"No I want his cloths, yes I want Jackson, asshole. And by the way," she took a step closer, "I suggest cleaning your room." She smirked.

Lydia turned her heels, running upstairs into her room, she saw it completely a wreck. Her bedspread and pillows weren't on her bed. Her books were torn out,her desk cleared off, her things sitting on the floor. She groaned, seeing her cover page of her diary lying on the floor lifeless. Zero pages inside.


"Hey Lydia," Stiles called. She was at her locker, reading. Her hair was braided in a low, side pony tail. She wore skinny jeans and tank-top. He walked up to her, she looked from her book up at him. Smiling, she placed her novel in her locker.

"Hi Stiles. Um, I just want to say thanks again, for yesterday. It was a lot of fun, at the movies. I had a lot of fun with you- an-and Scott. Yeah, and Scott." She blushed.

He smirked, "Thanks. No you totally deserved it. We were kinda the reason you two broke up and... and we needed to pay you back."

"Well, thank you again." She shut her locker, "I have to get to class, but... I'll see you at lunch, I guess? Bye," she walked out of his presence.

"Smooth," Stiles flinched, turning and facing Scott. He laughed.

"Not funny," he shoved him in his arm. "You scared the shit out of me."

"Whatever man, what'd she say?"


"Lydia? Did you ask her out yet?"

"No, and I can't. She just broke up with Jackson, and I need to give her space. You know what that's like right? Because you are always with me and I need my Stiles time."

"Stiles time? Like, in the shower?"

Stiles rolled his eyes, "Alright, alright. Whatever..."

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