Title: Saving Of Souls

Rating: M for later chapters

Pairing: Cedric Diggory/Hermione Granger

Summary: At the world cup Hermione is hurt badly and Cedric Diggory only knows of one way to save her. What happens when their destinies become entwined?

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone or anything from Harry Potter! If I did Cedric would still be alive and he would've hooked up with Hermione!

People were screaming and running in all directions. Smoke filled the air from various fires set by the death eaters. Bodies of injured people littered the ground and mothers could be heard in the distance as they called out for missing family members. Cedric Diggory stood in the middle of this horrific scene as he searched for his father. They had been separated somewhere along the line and now the Hufflepuff was in a desperate search for his dad. He could only pray that he would not find him within the mess of bodies which littered the ground.

"Somebody help me! Please anybody can you hear me? I need help!" A boy's voice in the distance caught his attention and he ran in that direction. He couldn't very well leave whoever it was on their own now could he?

As he ran towards the voice Cedric saw a figure in the distance. Harry Potter the boy who lived was crouched over a girl Cedric himself did not know very well. He had seen her in school of course, but they never actually met face to face until earlier in the day. He knew of Hermione Granger because she was the brightest witch in Hogwarts. She also happened to be Harry Potter's best friend. Usually she could be found in the library with her nose in a book, but right now she was lying on the ground with blood pouring out of a wound on her stomach. It was a deep gash caused by a dark spell obviously from the black inky liquid which seeped out of the gash itself. She was deathly pale and her shallow breathing alerted the older Hufflepuff to how serious her condition was.

"What happened?" The sandy blond male asked as he fell on his knees next to the pair. He pulled his long sleeved t-shirt over his head before pressing the cloth to her still rapidly bleeding wound. His free hand fished for his wand even though he doubted it would do much good.

"I'm not exactly sure." Harry stated as he tried not to stumble over his words. He could not take his eyes off of Hermione. She could be dying and for all his fame there was absolutely nothing he could do. "I came looking for her because she got separated from Ron and I. I saw a man with her and I thought he was helping her until he said something and she fell to the ground. He disappeared before I could see his face."

Cedric nodded as he took in the information. His shirt was now completely soaked in her blood. "Listen to me Potter I need to know what he said. It's obvious this is a spell and there may be a counter spell. Do you remember what he said?"

The boy who lived pressed one palm flat against his for head as he tried to recall what the man had said. "Mors na-nu- Mors Nigra! He said Mors Nigra before he vanished."

"Mors Nigra? Mors Nigra? Are you sure of this?" Something in the back of the older boy's brain was fighting to get out. Why did that sound so familiar? Suddenly it hit him full force. "It's latin and translates to black death. I remember reading about it in a book I got from the restricted section."

"Is there a cure?" Harry half shouted relieved that he at least knew the name of the curse that had inflicted his friend. "Cedric is there are cure?"

"I'm thinking!" The Hufflepuff seeker snapped before taking a deep breath and trying to remember all he could about the curse. "I remember something about a blending of souls. According to the book it says that if her soul was blended with another soul then the effects of the spell should be reversed. It will be as if she had never been cursed to begin with."

"Then do it already!" Harry demanded as he noticed Hermione's breathing starting to become barely noticeable.

"I can't do the bloody spell Potter." Cedric said with a frantic edge to his voice.

"Why not?" Harry challenged as his eyes narrowed. "You're the smartest person at Hogwarts other than Hermione and she can't do the spell for obvious reasons. If it is a question about someone willing to blend souls with her then don't bother feeling concerned. Take my soul and do whatever you have to do in order to save her."

"It doesn't work like that Harry." He said trying his best to keep his temper in check. It wasn't Harry's fault they were in this situation. No use in taking his frustration out on him. "If I could do the spell then I would, but I can't. It is not a choice of wanting to or not wanting to do the spell. If the person infected by Mors Nigra is under the age of 16 then whoever their soul is going to be blended with must be older than the infected person. It doesn't matter the age of the person saying the counter spell. The only thing which matters is the age and you are not older than her are you?"

"No she is three month's older than me. Is there another way?" Harry asked desperately and when Cedric shook his head no he grew determined. "You are older than her though. You could blend your soul with hers. I can do the spell if you tell me how."

"It's not that simple. Blending of souls can be dangerous and we have no clue what the after effects would be." Cedric stated and ran his hands in his hair.

The green eyed Gryffindor stood up ready to fight the Hufflepuff if he had to. "This is Hermione's life we are talking about! I don't give a damn about the consequences as long as she lives. She is family to me and I can't lose another family member. Please do this if not for her then do it for me. We can go to Dumbledore afterwards and maybe he will know a way to fix it and get your souls unblended. There is not a person alive who is like my Hermione. Don't make the world lose her. Not when she has barely had the chance to live."

A million thoughts passed in Cedric's head within a matter of a few seconds. Could he willingly stand here and let a girl die? He looked down at her face. She was so young and she had so much to offer the world. Her time to leave the earth couldn't be now. There had to be a deeper reason behind why he was the one to find them instead of someone else. Maybe he was meant to save this girl.

On the other hand could he really do something as huge as this? Binding his soul to someone he had only met hours earlier? He and Hermione knew nothing of each other and to tie their souls together was not a simple thing. It could become complicated and messy and Cedric was not certain he would be able to hand that if it happened. Still, if he let her die then he would be no better than the death eater or whoever it was that had done this to her in the first place. The difference between good people and evil ones was the fact that good people did what was best for everyone even if it meant sacrificing themselves.

"Aliquam Vitae." Cedric stated as he met Harry's eye. "All you have to do is point the wand and say those words. It means white life and I think it is very fitting for a counter to this particular curse. I am not completely sure what will happen afterwards. There may be an odd flashing of light or there could be fireworks for all I know. As soon as you say the words I need to you go and find my father. You find my father and then you get to Dumbledore as quickly as you can."

He placed his hands where the wound rested on Hermione's stomach. He figured touching her could only strengthen the spell. He looked up when the Gryffindor boy spoke. "Thank you. Aliquam Vitae!"

The Hufflepuff seeker wanted to scream when a yellow light shot out from the center of his chest to connect with Hermione's. He felt as if he were tearing in two and quite possibly he could be for all he knew. It was almost as if his soul was being torn from his body. He couldn't move or even breathe. All he could manage to do was look down at her face one last time and wonder if she was really worth all of this. He sure hoped so was the last thought he had before falling in to unconsciousness.


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