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Hermione was pacing back and forth in Dumbledore's office. As soon as she had woken up from near death she went to find him and told him everything that happened as quickly as she could. She had wanted to go along with him and some of the others to the graveyard to help Harry and Cedric, but he hadn't let her. It had taken Bill and Fred Weasley dragging her to his office and locking her inside before she realized the only thing she could do was sit and wait until they came back.

Once in a while she would get a flash of fighting going on from her boyfriends end due to the bond, but those had stopped coming a while ago which could be either a good thing or bad thing depending how the battle had ended. Just as she was about to turn and start pacing again the door to the office opened causing Fawkes to start freaking out like mad whistling and other birdlike noises as Harry appeared covered in dirt and few minor cuts, but obviously alive. His shirt was torn and his hair a mess as always, but he was alive and that is all that mattered at this point.

"Harry!" She cried wrapping her arms around his neck. "Are you alright? What happened back there? Is Voldermort really back? Oh Harry I was so scared! Cedric, where is Cedric? Harry please tell me that he didn't-"

Before the boy who lived could assure that her boyfriend was alive and well the Hufflepuff limped in with the help of Severus Snape and Arthur Weasley. Hermione quickly ran over to them and pressed her lips against his as soon as he had been set down in a chair. Her hands resting on the sides of his face making sure he was not a figment of her imagination. He looked to be in pretty rough shape and yet he would live. It was a miracle that he hadn't died when hit in the killing curse.

"I thought I had lost you." The Gryffindor girl whispered as Severus, Harry, and Mr. Weasley all went out in the corridor to talk.

"You almost did." Cedric said as he pulled her down in to his lap. Dumbledore had taken a seat behind his desk since had wanted to talk to the pair after they had a moment together. "I take it that you know something about Sir?"

The old wizard smiled as he popped a lemon drop in to his mouth. "The voice you heard belonged to my old friend Nicholas Flammel. When he finally died he became a messenger for destiny. I could not tell you anything being sworn to secrecy. It was a test by the soul bond. While you were bonded together it had never reached its full potential until today. When you had proven your love for each other to be true the bond blossomed and that is what saved your lives. This summer you will be staying here to learn to control the new abilities you have gained from this completed bond. For now I will leave the two of you alone for a little while since I must sort a few things out. I am glad to see that my top two students have survived."

After he left Hermione rested her head against her boyfriend's shoulder. "Everything is going to change now with Voldermort back. Harry's life is going to be in even more danger and a war will no doubt be brewing. Do you think us good guys even have a chance this time around? He is stronger than ever and Harry is just a boy."

The seeker bit his lip in thought. "You have to remember that this time around harry has a lot more people fighting by his side including the brightest witch and wizard of this time. I am not saying that things will be easy or that lives will not be lost because they will be considering this is war and war is never easy. I know that things are going to be hard, but we can do it Hermione. I mean we survived everything so far so I know we can survive this and if things get bad we can always use that bloody Ron Weasley as a human shield."

Hermione laughed at his comment. That was one thing she really loved about him the fact that he could take something so serious and so scary and makes it seem like it was nothing. He could get her to laugh during any sort of crisis. "He eats enough so that we could probably both hide behind him. Plus if things get hairy maybe I'll be able to hex Malfoy or turn him in to a rat before feeding him to Crooshanks."

"See? There is a bright side to every situation." He kissed the top of her head wrapping his arms around her waist. "We will get through this Mione I promise you. All we have to do is stick together and I can assure you that I have no plans on running with my tail between my legs. I love you Hermione Granger and like you told me we are in this together."

The bookworm smiled and nodded. "We are in this together forever."

"I like the sound of that." Cedric replied kissing her cheek. "So we are going to have an entire summer together. It looks like you will have more time for flying lessons. Oh don't give me that look love it's not as if I let you fall off the broom before did I?"

"Don't make me hex you." She mock scowled and he could see the humor in her eyes. "Just because we are dating and I love you it doesn't mean that I won't hex you. It will probably happen more often since we are dating and I have to keep you in line somehow."


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