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Rachel Roth paced the front of the classroom, watching the class quickly try to read the four chapters she assigned a week ago. She sighed, did nobody respect teachers these days? She ran a hand through her auburn hair that was tied in a high pony tail. She had pale white skin, a thin, petite frame, and beautiful amethyst eyes. She wore a pin-stripe skirt that went to just above her knees as well as a white blouse and some black heels. She wasn't the most exciting dresser, but to Rachel, that was the least of her worries.

"Anyone care to enlighten me on Act One of Shakespeare's play?"

Thirteen year old Zachary raised his hand. "You read it perfectly, your words speaking to my soul." He wore this cheeky bright smile that reminded his teacher strangely of someone so familiar.

"I'm glad you completely ignored my lecture, because I never read it to you." She rolled her eyes. If she were allowed to inflict physical discipline, she'd buy a whip.

Zach blushed but then smiled, "Oh darn, guess I was day dreaming again. I can't help it when my teacher's pretty bangin'." He received a high five from another male in his class for that statement. He was quite proud. But truth was? He did have a crush on his teacher. His very hot teacher, Miss Roth.

Rachel rolled her eyes. But, she walked over to his desk and leaned against it, giving a sweet smile. "Oh Zachary?" She called in a smooth voice.

His eyes widened. "Yes, Miss Roth?" He asked readily.

"Have I ever told you," Her expression went back to normal and her voice went back to its usual monotone as she continued, "What an 'F' you're getting?"

Zach let out a soft sigh, "Hot and mean, well I guess I can deal with that. But I'm pretty sure I got an 'A' in sex ed though." He gave her a grin that really reminded her of someone, but she just couldn't put her finger on it.

She sighed, she was beginning to get a headache. She walked back to the front of the class. "Ok, Class. Let me explain to you why Shakespeare could get any girl he wanted." She opened her book. "He had to be the most romantic writer. I want you to actually take this time to read Act One."

Zach walked into the house and dropped his backpack, quickly rushing to the TV. "Dad! I'm home!"

Garfield made his way into the living room eyeing his son. "Do you have homework?"

His son gave a sheepish smile. "What makes you say that dad?" As he turned on the TV. "Can you tell mom to order the Playboy channel?"

Gar walked into the living room and picked up the remote control, turning off the television and tossing the remote on the love seat. He let out a sigh and he plopped down on the sofa beside his son. "Zach, I know things have been hectic around here lately and yes, your mother and I have had some arguments, but it doesn't mean I love you any less."

Zach gave a shrug, pretending not to care about his parents' issues, even though it was all he thought about at night. "So, can we get the Playboy channel or not?"

The blond adult shifted his position and began to speak once more. "Zachary, I need you to fully listen to me, please."

Zach half-heartedly turned to face his father. "Don't be a duesche. Hey, don't you have a parent-teacher conference with my hot teacher?" He tried to avoid the conversation.

Garfield rubbed his temples, the beginnings of a headache. "It's 'douche' son - if you're going to use the term, use it right." With a smile, but then the smile faded. "Did you say hot teacher? Zachary - have you been hitting on her? You might as well tell me now - wait, what about a conference?" Did Tara yell at him for that this morning? He wasn't quite sure but no one shouldn't attempt to tell him anything before his first cup of coffee.

"Yea, note's on the counter. Have fun, that teacher is honestly smokin'." He scrambled for the remote.

Garfield narrowed his eyes, "Zachary, any homework you have, must get done. And not sloppily done, or done wrong... I know you're smart Zach, you just don't apply yourself and you should." He tossed the remote gently towards his son. Then went off to the kitchen to find this said note.

Alright doorknob, so you have a conference with Zach's teacher - do NOT forget about it. I mean it Garfield Logan. If you forget, I will totally cut off sex tonight... ahahaha, what am I saying? I'm a total nympho and couldn't handle it. But anyway, seriously - you have to go. The teacher's a bitch and quite frankly, I'm out getting my nails done so, don't be a douche - go to this conference, kay? Oh, and don't embarrass me. Muah! Xoxo

Garfield cursed under his breath. She was out getting her nails done and that was the reason why she couldn't go to this conference? "You've got to be fucking kidding me," He mumbled as he grabbed his shoes and coat, getting ready to leave the home. But before doing so, he leaned in the doorway of the living room, "I love you Sport," He told his son, who ignored him and mumbled something under his breath. Probably some not - so - loving responses. Great - he already got those from his wife, he didn't need them coming from his son also. But he shook the thoughts from his mind as he left the home and got into his vehicle.

"Ughh, I am so late... when I get there, I'll just be like, 'Oh hello, I'm the idiot parent to my son who hits on you. I'm terribly sorry about that - oh you want to yell at me? Be my guest, my wife does enough of it so I'm totally chill and used to it by now." He mumbled to himself as he pulled over his seatbelt, buckling it in as he turned the key over in the ignition, then smoothly maneuvering the car out of the driveway and down the road.

Rachel hopped up on her desk crossing her legs impatiently, allowing her skirt to ride up a bit. She tried to read her book but her mind wouldn't shut up. Where in hell is that kid's parents? Must be as stupid and small-attention-spanned as their son. What kind of parent is an hour late? I don't get paid to sit here and wait for their lazy asses. And why didn't they even have the decency to call and inform me?

Just then the door opened, and there stood all of a flash from her past, Garfield Logan. "Oh hello, I'm the idiot parent to my son who hits on you. I'm terribly sorry about that - oh you want to yell at me? Be my guest, I get enough of it at home so I'm totally chill and used to it by now. I should've called you - you're right and I shouldn't be such an idiot, I'll remember that for next time. And yes I practiced that in the car and -" As soon as he looked up, his face fell into shock just as much as hers. "Rachel?"

She turned at her name and her jaw immediately dropped. Garfield Logan. Her mind buzzed but she said the first thing that came to mind. "Get out of my classroom."

His mouth dropped, but the he regained his composure, "No - you don't understand. If I leave without talking to you, it will be a bad thing for both of us, trust me." He let out a soft sigh, a wave of nausea hitting him, reminding him that he hadn't eaten anything yet today. "Just... start yelling, at least I can go home and say the conference went alright."

She frowned and hopped off of her desk, smoothing down her skirt. Garfield couldn't help but notice that her shirt was almost see-through in this light. She sighed. "What do you want, Gar- ahem, ?" She still hadn't put two and two together that Zach is his son.

Garfield gave a shrug. "Oh y'know, I totally came here to stalk you in your cute teacher outfit." He stated with that cheeky grin - seeing Rachel again actually made him feel... not numb. Which was all he ever felt with Tara. "I'm here for, the parent teacher conference, about my son, Zachary."

She sighed. "You've got to be kidding me. I should've known." She leaned against her desk. "Take a seat, Mr. Logan... I'll make this quick."

Garfield already felt like crap, and quite frankly her comment didn't make him feel any better. Was he hated here just as much as he was at home? Tara pretty much, married into money. And Garfield had a feeling that's secretly why she got with him to begin with. He shook his weary thoughts away. "Uh, yes of course. I wouldn't want to waste your time." He told her as a matter-of-factly, but his mind was wandering somewhere else.

"Quite frankly, Your son is failing and it's all your fault. Great, I'm glad we had this chat. Good bye." She began to pack her things. The sooner she was away from him, the better. She had enough issues dealing with his son.

He let out a soft sigh, "How badly is he failing? I mean like, there's failing, as in close to passing, and then there's bombing the shit out of something," And that was the class of Garfield. "Could I perhaps, fix that somehow?" He inquired, with a light wink, but then chuckled. He knew he never had a chance with her back then, so now meant nothing.

She smirked, noticing his wink. "Garfield... Are you flirting with me?" She asked in the same sultry voice she gave his son earlier that same day. She batted her eyelashes. "Because I think I know how your son can pass..."

The blond male chuckled, he knew this would only get so far and then he'd be stomped on and rejected as previously mastered by Rachel Roth. "You don't have to go any further, I know how this is going to end." He told her, taking a seat in one of her students' desks. "I'm going to say, 'Oh really now Miss Roth?' and you'll be like, 'Oh yes,' and I'll say, 'For real?' and you'll laugh in my face and be like, 'No, you and your son are both a failure. Get out of my classroom, nice talking to you - not' and kick me out and that will conclude our conference." He looked up into her beautiful eyes and tried to look for a sign that what he said was wrong, but he felt ultimately that what he said, was exactly right.

She laughed an honest, sincere laugh as she leaned back on her desk and stretched. "Some things never change, Gar."

He gave a light chuckle and a small smile, at least he made her laugh before she utterly rejected him. "I don't want your... y'know, sympathy and I will definitely have a stern talk with my son about, complimenting you so forwardly... but things are, a bit rough at home right now. Just thought you should know." He told her with much sincerity. It probably shocked her how sincere he was, how... truthful and vulnerable Garfield Logan was right now.

She frowned, Gar playing the mercy card on her? Pft, like that would ever work. "Well, your son is failing. I mean, I don't know what you want me to tell you. I don't give extra credit. He has to work to earn his grade. That's all."

Garfield heaved a sigh, "I know what this looks like. I'm not asking for your sympathy - I'm not asking for you to bump up his grade. It's just... things between my wife and I are quite rocky and... I try not to argue but she just gets in my face and what not while Zach's room is right next to ours, he hears everything and... he's hoping we don't divorce, I think it would be for the best, she's trying to turn me away from that option because well, I swear she's with me for the money aspect of it. I wouldn't be surprised."

He let out a sigh as he cradled his head within his hands. "I just know that when there's stuff on your mind, like something traumatic happening in your family... it's hard to think and concentrate and... he's troubled by this... Rae, I've never felt like more of failure in my entire life."

He didn't even notice a small tear trace down his cheek.

She hated herself for it, but she honestly felt bad for Garfield Logan. She hesitantly reached out to embrace him, which ended up as just a small pat on the back. She let her hand linger there for a moment before sighing. "I'll see what I can do..." Though she knew she couldn't do much at all. "And here." She dropped the Shakespeare book she was reading onto the desk. "He's gonna need that."

He glanced up at her, curious as to why she didn't kick him out already. Garfield nodded gently, "Thank you, but he has to earn this... and I somehow - I'll pull something out of my ass, like the stick that's always been there, and I only hope it'll work. But... thank you - I can't say it enough." He honestly told her. "And thank you, for listening to me just there. You didn't have to."

"I didn't. You're right. I'm already regretting it." She walked back over to her desk as she began to pack her purse. In spite of what he's going through, it was good to see Gar Logan again. "And don't say 'ass' in my classroom."

"Or what Miss Roth, detention? As if I didn't get enough of those..." He trailed off, wondering if she would accept this challenge that he put forth.

"Yes, actually." She raised a warning eyebrow. "Exactly that. Detention."

Garfield laughed it off, but then noticed the serious look on her face. "You're... kidding me right?"

She glared, folding her arms. "Try me."

He raised an eyebrow. "Seriously, you're going to give me a detention? And when exactly do I serve this detention? I do work for a living y'know."

He told her, as if she didn't know.

"Yes, Garfield. I know, work must be very tough down at K Mart or Sears or where ever the hell they'd hire you. Detention, this Friday, five to seven pm."

Garfield's mouth dropped. "Actually I'm a Veternarian. But I suppose K Mart works too." He chuckled, ahh - he missed that old Rachel humor. Before today, he hadn't realized how much he missed seeing and talking to her. And especially those lips...

She smirked. "Well thank Azar I don't have a pet, I don't know if I trust you with a poor animal's life." She was kind of impressed by his occupation though she'd never say it. "Detention. Be here. No gum."

Garfield chuckled, "That was good Rae, that was good. Although I do love animals. They don't judge you and... sometimes they are way more tolerable than humans." But then he raised an eyebrow. "No gum? Really Rae? Now that just ruins my life."

She held back a giggle, but he could see it in her smirk. "That's just too damn bad. Your fault for saying dirty words. Now, if I haven't said it a thousand times, Get out of my classroom. And don't forget your book." She slid the Shakespeare book that held her notes on the scenes toward him, acting as if she didn't know she gave him a vital piece of study material.

Garfield grinned, "Farewell - and by the way, I don't blame my son for hitting on you. He's got great taste." And with that statement he booked it out of the classroom, knowing she would probably want to throw something at his silhouette while leaving. But a note sat from Garfield, it read:

Call me sometime ;) - if you have an animal that needs a vet of course. If not, call me anyway. – Gar

And there was another note underneath it, rolling her eyes - she moved the first note and looked down. The only thing it read was this:


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