The next time Garfield opened his eyes, there were bright white lights stinging his sight. Ouch much? After squinting and regaining sight, he took in his surroundings. There were flowers, cards... he recognized the room to be a hospital one. He closed his eyes for just a moment, but opened them again to look around the room as to who might've been there. All he saw was a tired Zach, chillin' in a chair and playing on his DS.

He smiled warmly. "Hey Sport," Garfield greeted, clearing his throat a bit more. He didn't really expect to get an answer and... man, how long had he been out for? It certainly felt like forever.

Zach looked up and smiled brightly. "Dad!" He got up to go over and hug his father.

Even though it hurt a bit to be receiving a hug, he didn't care. This had to be the best hug ever. "Hey, how've you been?" He greeted, hoping for a positive answer of course.

"Eh, same old, same old. Emma's pissed at me, but, what's new?" He shrugged. "She's cute when she's angry, plus I like the chase..." He noted.

Garfield chuckled but then glanced around again. "Speaking of pissed females, where is... y'know, Rae?" Oh he surely hoped she wasn't angry with him. If she was, he should at least know why.

Zach shrugged. "Who knows? She went off to find some man named 'Ezekiel' something about 'if he pisses on her couch, she's gonna shove her foot so far up his ass...' either way, she's been gone awhile. I believe the last thing she said to me was, 'stop playing with the hospital equipment or I will give you a detention' when I asked how she could give me a detention out of school she called me a 'ninny' and told me she can do what she wants."

"Daadd, you can't text in a hospital!" Garfield narrowed his eyes at his son. "Watch me... and I can do what I want, you ninnyhammer." He said with a grin. "Oh one day you'll know son, what it's like to use the word and not be called it."

"Dude, I may never know. If I called Emma a ninnyhammer, She'd slap me so hard... but I'd like it."

Garfield beamed happily, "That's my boy!"

Garfield figured that texting would be quite a difficult task, he didn't feel much pain when he was still, but moving hurt like a son of a bitch... which hopefully no one would call Zachary in the future because Gar would probably take offense to that and have to slap a hoe. He dialed a number he was most familiar with. "Would you like fries with that?"

Rachel raised an eyebrow. "I'd like a beverage actually, shaken, not stirred... damn I'm so much like you it's not even funny..." The faint bark of a dog could be heard in the background.

Garfield's eyebrow raised, "Alright, either someone's signaling that I'm a bitch in the background, or you've gotten yourself a puppy. C'mon Rae, spit it out. But not my potential children, we've talked about this..."

"Daaaddd... eww." Zach went back to his DS, wishing he had headphones.

Rachel let out a genuine laugh. "Listen you ass, I actually can explain. So I'm going to the vet place, you know where you work... tell them you're out... AND THEY GIVE ME A PUPPY! Well, they offered me a Siberian Husky... and so I took it... but now Moe won't get along with Natasha..."

Garfield tried to think of who Moe and Natasha were exactly. Damn pain medication. "They... give you... really?"

"Yes, really. But Natasha ate my plant after Ezekiel peed in it and so now I'm just confused. I'm really not good with animals, which is why I dropped Zach off with you," She then continued to laugh rather hardly at her joke.

He leaned back into the softness of the pillow. "Is that... so? Well, they'll get along in time. No worries, but uh... that sounds like quite a messy perdicament. I would not have eaten the plant that was pissed on. I'd have probably done the pissing on the plant, especially during my college days." He told her with a small laugh. Man, it felt amazing to just hear her voice. And her laugh? Bonus.

After a few more seconds, Garfield narrowed his eyes towards the cell phone. "Heeeyyy, are you calling Zach an animal?"

"Don't be gross. Am I the only one who used a bathroom in college... and showered? And yes, I am. No more of an animal than his sexy father, me-ow."

He let out a soft sigh, "Oh fuck yeah, I'm smokin' in this hospital gown. Down right sexy, I is." After earning a very estranged look from Zach, he just grinned as his son grossed out a bit.

Rachel sighed. "Well, I would have came, I mean I was there and all but I figured you'd want some time with Zach to tell him about how you recieved 'extra credit' from his Lit teacher."

"Rachel... his 'lit' teacher? You should not be doing drugs... they're bad for you and the baby!"

"Literature, Gar. Lit-erature. Just tell him so I don't seem like a stalker creeping on his dad."She then hung up.

He glanced down at the cell phone, and then gave a shrug. "So I was told to tell you that I received extra credit from your Literature teacher."

Zach laughed. "She doesn't give extra credit, what'd ya do, bang her?" He joked.

Gar beamed. "What can I say, she slapped me and I liked it."

Zach looked up from his game, not really sure if Gar was being serious. "Are you.. being serious right now?"

Garfield nodded, "Well okay, she hasn't slapped me... but I'm sure we'll get around to that. But son, there is no Oreo bun in her oven." He told him seriously, as if Zach was supposed to know what that meant.

"Wait, you mean you hit that?" Zach thought about it for a moment then summed it up in all of his glory. "Nice piece of ass, props for that one." He turned back to his game.

Garfield gave a cheeky grin, "I know right! I hit it in high school too, but then, shit got complicated and what not... but now we're here and... well, she's kind of... do you know what I mean by 'bun in the oven'?"

Zach rolled his eyes. "No, dad, I'm stupid. Of course I do."

Garfield just shook his head. "You're sure? I mean, she's... kinda - well not kinda, she is ... pregnant. And well, eventually marriage is in the future for us, are you... okay with that Zach? And please tell me the truth."

"Yeah, totally." Zach said, not looking up from his game. "My mom will be like a total MILF."

Gar couldn't help but to smile. "Yes, yes she will be. And hey... so, even though she is a MILF and will be your mother through marriage, she still is your teacher at school, until you graduate of course, you know that right?"

He grabbed his cell phone with minimal pain and decided to send his lovely... fiance, or impregnated lover, a text. Hey MILF ;)