Listen to me

Yoshio, Kyoya and Haruhi caught the Ootori company jet home after Tamaki and Fuyumi's wedding. On their way back to Japan, they decided to discuss new family arrangements.

Yoshio: Haruhi-chan have you thought about what I suggested a few weeks ago ? About living arrangements? Now that Fuyumi has moved out.

Haruhi: I have practically all of my things at the Ootori mansion. I dislike moving. I like to keep my things where there at. When Kyoya comes back to visit, I'd like to be there for him without moving each time he leaves.

Yoshio: I see. The Ootori mansion is your home now. Fuyumi has moved out. And it would be me and you Haruhi-chan. What is your opinion about Haruhi-chan living arrangements once your gone son?

Kyoya: I agree with my wife. I want to know that shes home when in return on school break. Instead of hunting her down. When I come home I'm going to be exhausted. I want to know that shes home. Father why do you want her to move out while I'm gone.

Haruhi: Yes why?

Yoshio: Because of how it looks. Haruhi-chan like I said before. It would be me and you living in the mansion. People and the gossip column, will say were having an affair. That would be bad for business. Haruhi you are an Ootori now. You have every right to stay if you choose. But you both should listen to me.

Haruhi: Yoshio-sama.

Yoshio: Are you Kyoya's wife? Kyoya is my son. Right?

Haruhi: Yes.

Yoshio: That makes you my daughter-in-law right?

Haruhi: Right.

Yoshio: Then it's respectful to call me father. Did you forget that?

Haruhi: Yes father

Yoshio: That's more like it.

Haruhi: Father I will be gone the majority of the time. I will only come back to the mansion to sleep. Because that's where I sleep now.

Kyoya: I want to find my wife in our bed when I return during my school breaks.

Yoshio: As you both wish.

Kyoya and Haruhi had forgotten that Yoshio hinted there was another reason why Haruhi should move back in with her father while Kyoya is absent. Yoshio stated to both of them that Haruhi reminded him of his late wife. Her name was Ootori Maaya and Yoshio loved her dearly. He's a single man today because there's was no other woman that could match her. Yoshio thought. Until he met Fujioka Haruhi. Yoshio feels that he will easily fall in love with her in a isolated situation. He won't be able to stop himself.

Yoshio's Thoughts

I really want to keep my feelings about my daughter-in-law strictly platonic. I don't want to chance falling in love with her. She look and acts like my Maaya. I'd considering moving. But Haruhi-chan says she will be gone most of the time. If that's the case, I won't have to move. I just can't risk any isolated moments with her. I do stay in another wing of the mansion. Maybe I won't cross her path during the time Kyoya is away. I definitely want to avoid meals with her. Without Kyoya present. Why won't they take a hint. I think that it's time for me to find my own bride. And take my own advice to move on. All of my kid have their own lives. It's time to get mine.

When the Ootori's return from their trip, Yoshio when to his home office. Haruhi and Kyoya when to their quarters.

Haruhi: Take a bubble bath with me. While we talk.

Kyoya: Yes my love.

Haruhi runs water the right temperature in their huge bath. Kyoya embraces Haruhi from behind. He kisses the back part on her neck as he unbuttons the front of her blouse. He seductively slide her blouse off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. He now unhooks her bra and let it fall to the floor. She starts to unzips her pants. Kyoya stops her. He gently grabs her hand.

Kyoya: No Haruhi. Let me undress you.

Haruhi: Okay.

His arms wrap around her to unsnap her black jeans. While licking and sucking her collarbone. He slowly slid her pant down taking her panties with it. Haruhi turned to face him.

Haruhi: Do I get to undress you?

Kyoya: I'm here and I'm yours.

Haruhi starts kissing his neck as she slowly unbuttoning his shirt. He gave in to his temptation in front of him. Slowly and methodically rotating his fingertips over the tips of Haruhi hard nipples. Haruhi looks at him and slow moves in to kiss him with passion as she unzips his pants. She still kissing him when she inserts her hand in his undergarments to caress his length for a few seconds. Just to arouse him further. She ends romantic kiss with him to finish removing his clothes. She motions for him to get in the bath water.

Kyoya: Straddle me.

Haruhi: Why?

Kyoya: For simply the pleasure of properly cleaning ever crevice in your anatomy.

Haruhi: Oh Kyoya. You know you want to screw me.

Kyoya: Yes that too. Is that so wrong? I'll make you feel good.

She straddles him. Haruhi shakes her head and smiles at him. She now takes some shampoo and pour some in her hand. And starts washing his hair. While she washing his hair, he's exploring breast and fingering her womanly parts, making her legs tremble. Watching her reaction as well as her short breathing, made him rock hard and ready. She rinses his hair.

Haruhi: I want you now.

Kyoya motioned for her to make her move. She glided herself onto Kyoya's firm member. As he's washing her hair, she use her unique pattern of humping him in short strokes to really work the head of his dick and grinding on him. Guaranteeing loud sounds of pleasure come his mouth. Kyoya was not going to let her best him for making him belt out his pleasure. This made him take action. Put his hands on her ass and worked her ass up and down rapidly, as he thrust into her with fury. He then took no mercy on her. As he knew where her sweet spot was. And assaulted it. Everyone in the mansion had to hear Haruhi screams "KYOOOYAAAAAA!" She couldn't help even if she tried. He made her have a earth shattering orgasm. (Which took all of her oxygen.) The force of his seed had to shot up in her womb. As his body shakes from the electric like shock of his orgasm. It's a good thing she's on the pill. The happy couple finish their breathtaking bath time. They got dressed in comfortable clothing.


Kyoya and Haruhi joined their father in the informal dinning area for dinner.

Yoshio: Haru-chan are you ok this evening?

Haruhi: Pardon.

Yoshio: Are you okay this evening? Are you ill?

Haruhi: Yes Why do you ask?

Yoshio: I heard you screaming? (Yoshio really knows why.) I know we don't have pest. You didn't perhaps see a mouse or a bee?

Haruhi: Ah no I didn't. (blushing.)

Yoshio: You didn't fall did you?

Haruhi: Please father don't ask. (blushing.)

Yoshio: Kyoya. I had some contractor soundproof my bedroom. A little after Kazuhito my oldest, turned three. At that age young children ask why this? Why that? Kazuhito would ask why his mother would scream from time to time. You should get a contractor to soundproof your bedroom. You know what I'm saying son?

Kyoya: (blushing) Yes father. I'll see about that immediately.

Yoshio: You two can stop blushing. I was married once. I expect you two to carry on as married people do. How else will I have grandchildren. (Yoshio grinning. As he finished his supper.)

(After Yoshio tactfully confronted them about their loud love sounds. The next day, Kyoya made arrangements to have their expanded and remodeled more to their liking. All soundproof. While they wait to have their bedroom renovated, they just check into a hotel if they want to be intimate. )

Nighttime Chat

Haruhi: Kyoya. Please tell me a nighttime story.

Kyoya: Your not a child. You can do without my stories doll.

Haruhi: You won't be here with me for to long. Please tell me all about your childhood.

Kyoya: Oh you don't want to hear about my sad and dull childhood.

Haruhi: Yes I do. How did you paralyze your two brothers and why?

Kyoya: Who told you that?

Haruhi: I'm not at liberty to say.

Kyoya: Let me guess? You don't really confide in my brothers. Fuyumi told you didn't she?

Haruhi: I'm not saying.

Kyoya: You don't have to say it. I know.

Haruhi: You paralyze me didn't you? Just admit it.

Kyoya: What ever gave you that idea love?

Haruhi: You can either tell me about it. Or I'll talk to your father to confirm what you did to me. Which is it LOVE?

Kyoya: Okay. I did paralyze you.

Haruhi: Why? Kyoya!

Kyoya: I was pissed off with you.

Haruhi: Why were you angry with me.

Kyoya: Because you gave away what should only by mine.

Haruhi: Are you saying that you were pissed at me for forgetting to wear my bra at the strip poker tournament and losing?

Kyoya: I admit, I was jealous of all of the guys viewing your naked breast. That should only be for my viewing only Haruhi.

Haruhi: Kyoya! You raped me.

Kyoya: No I didn't. How did I rape you?

Haruhi: Well. You made it so I couldn't move or express myself. You fucked me twice one hour each time. I couldn't walk the next day. I forgive you only because I liked it.(Kyoya is grinning.) You gave me five orgasms. You wouldn't know it. You didn't allow me to express myself.

Kyoya: I'm sorry Haruhi. No matter how mad I get from now on, I will ever paralyze again. I love you Haruhi.

Haruhi: I love you too. Now tell me about you life as a little boy.

Kyoya: My mother died when I was 5 years old. I vaguely remember her. She died of cancer. As a child I was my mom's favorite child. So my brothers thought. My mother would take me everywhere with her. She would make sure no one mistreat me. My brothers hated me for that. Father was strict with my two brothers, because he wanted to give them the business someday. He wanted to be really strict with me. But mom wasn't having it. She put her foot down and got in his face if she had to. And strangely, he loved her more for it. Before she died, she made Fuyumi promise to take care of me. I was now her baby. She really kept her promise to the best of her ability. She received abuse for defending me from my father and mainly my brothers.

Haruhi: I can see why your mother loved you the most.

Kyoya: Why?

Haruhi: Because out of your two brothers, you look the most like your father. You even have his charm.

Kyoya: Haruhi I beg to differ. I do not look like my father. (Haruhi is nodding yes.)

Haruhi: What's wrong with the way your father looks. I think he's a good looking older man. Is it true that you brothers beat and bullied you?

Kyoya: Yes. It was awful growing up around my brothers. They would eat up all of the food from me. Fuyumi would sneak extra food to make sure I had something everyday. I didn't mine so much that they pick so much on me.

Haruhi: Didn't your father do anything about it?

Kyoya: After my mother died? He avoided us. Let the hired help raise us. Which they didn't hardly. They let my brothers run the household. Father lived at the job. He only wanted to show us off at big business parties. I started to get really mad with my brothers when they started harassing Fuyumi. I wanted the abuse to stop. I got on the internet. I read about this remarkable individual named Tao Nygen. Nygen became my friend. We have many things in common. He is the baby in his family. His older sisters would beat him up on a daily basis. He was taught by his parents to never hit a female. But he knew he had to defend himself. The beatings would get worst every year. He had an uncle that taught him martial art he taught him all of the pressure points in the human body. He taught him how to kill a person many ways, to paralyze, to put to sleep and to render a person speechless. Even to drive any sexual partner out of their mind with pleasure. He first learn to put sisters to sleep. The abuse didn't stop. But when he paralyzed them and took their speech. Things started to change. He perfected what he knew by going to collage. Collage had drained him financially. I found Nygen on the internet. He was now struggling to feed his six children and wife. He needed money.

Haruhi: How old were you love?

Kyoya: I was nine years old. I told Nygen I could help him if he helped me. I told him what I was going though with my brothers. I took out 500,000 Euros out of my personal safe. Because everyone is beginning to accept Euros. I offered 500,000 Euros to teach me everything he knows in a months time.

Haruhi: How did you get your father's permission?

Kyoya: I told my dad that I'm going to summer camp. He said I could go on the condition that I take my nanny. I had to pay my nanny some money to keep our real whereabouts a secret. My nanny and I stayed at his place in Thailand. He taught me everything he knew. My brothers had to treat me with respect after I paralyzed them. With their new attitute towards me, they actually found out they really like me as their brother. We have a reasonable peaceful relationship now.

Haruhi: One more question. Did he teach you how to please a sexual partner?

Kyoya: If you want know if he demonstrated on me. I'm here to tell you that that didn't happen. He taught me what I wanted to know. Let's just leave it at that. I do remember you ever having any complaints about the way I love you.

Haruhi: No No complaints here. Talking this way makes me horny. Any thoughts?

Kyoya: Just let me love you. (He kisses her.)