The Moment of Truth

Kyoya hires a cardiologist and a nurse to follow him to his father's home office. He has an ambulance waiting outside. He has the doctor and nurse stand and stay put outside of the office. Until further instructions.

Yoshio's Home Office

Knock Knock

Yoshio: Enter

Kyoya: Hello Father. I just want to brief you on how I'm going to run the Ootori enterprise.

Yoshio: Kyoya I trust you. You keep on impressing me. You far surpassed my expectations. You own most of Japan's advertising. You also have five thriving businesses. I trust the decisions you make in behalf of the Ootori name.

Kyoya: Well I learned a lot in the years you trained me. As for the decisions I make for the company your happy with, that remains to be seen. I learn from watching you that it's best to lay the truth out in the open.

Yoshio: What do you mean son? Get to the point.

Kyoya: I have always thought that my one of my brothers would be successor. Which I thought was total unfair, that one heir would benefit. When I saved the business before and threw it back in you face. Didn't that tell you something?

Yoshio: I'm no...

Kyoya: Please let me finish. (Yoshio nodded) Since I don't really need the Ootori empire to be successful. My decision is to either split the Ootori empire up or sell it.

Yoshio: No! No. Beg you.

Kyoya: Father this Ootori succession tradition has broke up this family. I saw it. You made my brothers hate me at first. You married Fuyumi off. She was like a mother to me. And you flaunted the fact that I would never be a successor all throughout my childhood. I will make sure my sister and three brothers get th...

Yoshio: What are you talking about? You only have two brothers.

Kyoya: Father I have three brothers including the one you fathered with Haruhi, my wife.

Yoshio: I didn't fa...

Kyoya: Father save it. (Kyoya pulls out some documents from his folder he's holding.) You might want to take a look at these documents. You made her believe her was dreaming when you had intercourse with her. You betrayed me father. And you lied to me. I'm not going to follow your example of keeping secrets and lying. I'm going to tell my wife everything.

Yoshio: No! Dddo... (Yoshio fell to the floor.)

Kyoya quickly brought in the medical help. They were able to stabilize him quickly. He was rushed to Ootori Memorial. He had a major stroke. Half of Yoshio's body is paralyzed and his speech is inaudible. Yoshio still had the ability to sign important documents and communicate by writing notes.

Telling Haruhi the Truth

Kyoya: Haruhi you have a little time to talk.

Haruhi: I always had time for you handsome.

Kyoya: I haven't been truthful with you during the time we have been married.

Haruhi: What are you talking about Kyoya? Have you been unfaithful?

Kyoya: There's no need to cheat on you. The sex between us is too good. And even if it wasn't. I wouldn't because I have true love for you doll.

Haruhi: Then what?

Kyoya: Do you remember when I slipped a note in your hand and left after club activities.

Haruhi: Yes. You told me to meet you in your limousine after I leave. We were to discuss my debt and other things. The other thing you wanted to discuss, was that you wanted to date me. I didn't answer you. I left out of the limo. I remember.

Kyoya: What you didn't know is that you left your diary in the floor. Since I couldn't get any real answers from you I started reading your diary.

Haruhi: Why are you telling me this now?

Kyoya: Because my father is a liar. I see the problems he's caused by hiding things and being dishonest. I don't want to follow the same destructive path.

Haruhi: How long have you been reading my diary?

Kyoya: From the time you left it in the limo. that day. To the last thing you put in your diary. I think. I haven't located your diary for over 2 years now.

Haruhi: Then you know that I thought that I accidentally had sex with your father?

Kyoya: Yes I know.

Haruhi: Can you forgive me? For thinking that I had sex with you father. I'm glad that it was a dream. Your father confirm it.

Kyoya: When did he do that?

Haruhi: Since we are laying the truth all out there, I want to tell you that I heard the conversation you and your dad were having. You were confronting him about that last thing I wrote in my diary.

Kyoya: Last thing you wrote in your diary? I suppose I don't have a right to ask you why you spied on me, with what I did.

Haruhi: I had woke up looking for you in your office. When I didn't find you. I thought you might by chance be talking with your dad. I started to turn around and go back to our room, when you mentioned me. So I listened. I think you would have did the same thing if you were in my shoes.

Kyoya: Without a doubt. Then you heard that my father denied having sex with you.

Haruhi: Yes.

Kyoya: Well he lied. I spend 5 years watching him do business with clients. I knew when he was lying to the customers.

Haruhi: Is that why you cried yourself to sleep?

Kyoya: I did. Don't let no one know.

Haruhi: You won't find my diary. After you cried yourself to sleep, I burned my diary.

Kyoya: There's something else you should know?

Haruhi: What?

Kyoya: Ootori Kotaro was not my son. He was my brother.

Haruhi: WHAT! Kyoya don't tell me.

Kyoya: You remember when I followed the twins to the nursery instead of staying with you?

Haruhi: Yes. Why?

Kyoya: I was having a paternity test done on the twins. (He hand her the results of the paternity test.) Read it.

Haruhi: Why didn't you tell me this sooner?

Kyoya: I don't know. I'm telling you now. I just want you to know that I don't find you responsible for that. You wer under the influence of medication. My father violated both of us. I think he should pay for all of the chaos he cause by his lies.

Haruhi: How do we do that? He's already paralyzed and in a wheelchair.

Kyoya: Haruhi. My dad is 68 year old. He's has a good chance of making a full recovery. There are two things he loves the most.

Haruhi: What is it he loves?

Kyoya: His Master Relaxing Quarters and the Ootori Empire. I say we take both of them luxuries from him.

Haruhi: How?

Kyoya: Haruhi can draw up legal agreements?

Haruhi: Yes.

Kyoya: Write this down. I Ootori Kyoya promise I won't sell off the Ootori empire. If you move out your Master relaxing quarters. Then give me ownership and authority of your Master relaxing quarters. You can feel free to use your legal jargon.

Haruhi: Why do you want your fathers Master bedroom?

Kyoya: It's hard to sell me on anything. You should know that.

Haruhi: Yes I recall. Now that you mention it. But why?

Kyoya: There only two things on the face of this earth that really left me in awe.

Haruhi: What's that?

Kyoya: Mount Everest and my father's Master Relaxing Quarters. Only the oldest Ootori successor has a right to them quarters.

Haruhi: That must be what drove you to be a successor.

Kyoya: Yes.

Haruhi: If that master bedroom is all that why didn't your brother want to be the successor?

Kyoya: First of all Haruhi. To call my father's Master Relaxing Quarters a master bedroom is a insult and a major understatement. To answer your question, My sibling have never seen our father's Relaxing Quarters.

Haruhi: How did you get to see your father's quarters?

Kyoya: I got curious and paid the maid a great deal of money to check out his relaxing dwelling. After I viewed his area. I felt that the bedrooms me, my brothers and my sister slept in are dungeons in comparison.

Haruhi: I think I have every luxury in the world in our bedroom.

Kyoya: Only because you haven't seen what's out there yet. Just be patient and you will.

Haruhi: I thought I already had better.

Kyoya: Let me know when you have the documents ready.

Haruhi: Okay.

Haruhi spent the rest of the night drawing up the documents Kyoya wanted. Haruhi presented the legal documents to Kyoya. Kyoya wanted Haruhi to be present when talking to his father.

Let's Visit Father

Kyoya: Hello Father. (Yoshio nodded) I know you can't talk well yet. So listen up. I have a business proposition I like you to read. (His Nurse holds the document so he can read it.) When your done you can either sign it or not sign it. Father you have a time limit. I'll leave that document. You have until tomorrow mourning. (Tears were streaming down Yoshio's face.)

Kyoya: Oh Father. I told Haruhi the truth. That's who compiled the legal documents.

Haruhi: I'm sorry your feeling the consequences of your dishonesty. But you betrayed us.

Haruhi and Kyoya turn to leave. (Yoshio is writing with his good hand. And gives the note to the nurse.)

Nurse: Wait! Your father is writing something.

Kyoya and Haruhi turned around and walked toward Yoshio.

Kyoya: What?

Nurse: (The nurse reads the note Yoshio wrote.) Don't go I will sign the documents. Don't sell the Ootori empire. It's your heritage and your children heritage. The Ootori empire has been in the family for centuries. Don't destroy that for your kids.

Kyoya: The way I see it, is that this whole Ootori empire drove us all apart. We weren't a family. I witnessed it on many occasions. According to our agreement, if you sign it, I won't sell the empire. (Yoshio nodded. Yoshio signed the documents.)

Nurse: (Reads) Kyoya open my hospital gown in the front. On my neck, I have a chain around my neck that has the access cards to my the master wing. The first card opens my home office. The second card opens my Master Relaxing Quarters. Have all of my things moved out and take them to my storage facility. I'm sorry I caused so much pain I your lives. I never met to. The estate is yours Kyoya. I trust you'll make good decisions concerning the family legacy. I will live somewhere else when I recover. You can leave now. (Haruhi and Kyoya bowed and left.)

The minute they got home they played with Kotori for a good while, not neglecting family time. After playing with Kotori, Kyoya and Haruhi went to check out the Relaxing Quarters. Kyoya opens the double doors. Haruhi walk in and faints. When she came to, she speaks to Kyoya.

Haruhi: This is ours?

Kyoya: Well we have to move our father out. But yes. This is ours.

As they walked thru their Quarters. They walked to the night bar.

Bartender: Your not Ootori-sama. Where is Ootori-sama?

Kyoya: Ootori-sama is my father. I'm now the new owner of these quarters. And also my wife, Haruhi.

Haruhi: Hello.

Bartender: Do I still have a job?

Kyoya: Yes if you want it.

They walk to the sleeping area. The find a woman in the bed.

Kyoya: Who are you? And Why are you in my fathers bed? Your not his wife.

?: Of course not. My name is Sakura. I'm one of Ootori-sama's sex servants. My shift ends in another hour. Rin should be coming in soon.

Kyoya: Who's Rin?

Sakura: She's a sex servant. After my shift ends. Her shift begins. (Haruhi is fighting the giggles.)

Kyoya: No wonder my old man was happy all the time. No wonder he was crying. Sakura. Ootori-sama is moving away. He won't be needing your services any more.

Sakura: And who are you?

Kyoya: I'm Ootori Kyoya. I'm Ootori-sama's son. I'm now the new owner of this estate.

Sakure: Well can I offer you some of my services?

Kyoya: Do you know who this is stand beside me?

Sakure: No

Kyoya: This beautiful woman is my wife, Haruhi. For your personal health, I don't think you want to ask me that question.

Sakure: I think your right.

Haruhi: You can get out of my house now. (Kyoya is laughing.)

Sakure: Okay. I'll leave.

Kyoya and Haruhi dismisses Rin at the door. They find out various people he's hired. Like, a massage therapist, a lifeguard. Kyoya wanted his brothers and sister to have a share of the Ootori legacy to pass on to their children. So he split the company up in four parts. And gave his two brothers and sister ¼ each of the Ootori empire. As for his Yoshio, he's still a multi-billionaire. He recovered and bought some land and paid someone to build him a smaller, but much nicer estate.