A/N: okay, so this is a new anime and I haven't seen past episode 13 yet ^^" tehe... but I love it~3 Death the Kid is my favorite character, and I wanted to write this... I have been thinking about this since I watched episode 3... what if someone told Kid the truth... no one has a symmetrical face, including himself... O.o kinda weird, but I think it's kind funny ^^" I don't own Soul Eater or Kid but I do own Teruhi... she is my character~!

It was just another normal day in Death City as Teruhi walked the streets. She was humming some song from some movie she had never heard of when she heard it.

"How dare you ruin my perfect SYMMETRY! Symmetry is the beauty of life and my aesthetic! It MUST be PERFECT!" of course, curious as she was, Teruhi decided to follow the source of the racket. She saw a boy who she recognized as the son of Death himself! What had she gotten herself into this time... she sighed.

He looked over and saw her. He gasped when he saw her outfit. It was hideously asymmetrical! The shirt was white and black, with various shapes on it! The sleeves were different lengths, and her hair was different on either side! Her eyes were two different colors, one blue and one black. She was simply hideous, "How... how can you LIVE with yourself! So asymmetrical... it's horrible!" He fell to the ground, horrified.

She raised her eyebrows, "Well, you're one to talk. You have white stripes on just the left side of your hair! Anyways, even if it wasn't your hair, your face is asymmetrical," she smirked triumphantly.

"You're right! I'm scum! Trash! I deserve to- wait, but my face is PERFECTLY symmetrical!" he stood up, "what's wrong with it? Tell me! What ruined my perfect, symmetrical face?"

Teruhi laughed, "well nothing specific. It's just a fact of life," she shrugged, "No one has a symmetrical face. Their eyes may have a centimeter difference, or maybe their eyebrows are off. Perhaps, the corners of the mouth fold up at different angles. No one has a symmetrical face~"

He collapsed again, burying his face in his hands, "How... how can this be...? It can't be true..."

Patty began to giggle uncontrollably while Liz knelt down beside Kid, sighing, "It's okay. You're not scum, and you definitely don't deserve to die."

"Well, if you care so much, why not get it fixed?" Teruhi chimed in.

Kid looked up, "But... it wouldn't help... I'll still be worthless trash who doesn't deserve to live! No one can make my face perfectly symmetrical unless I do it myself!... That's it! I'll fix it myself!" he jumped up triumphantly, "Liz, Patty, make the preparations," he walked towards the direction of his house as Patty laughed even harder, Liz facepalmed, and Teruhi sighed.

She began to walk off, 'next time I'll keep my curiosity in check' she continued walking and never looked back.

A/N: I know, I know... it's short =.= maybe I'll have more tiny oneshots about Teruhi and Kid, because... well... Teruhi's an artist who doesn't care for symmetry ^^" hehe I enjoyed writing this... please review~!