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I have been connected with the paranormal since I was 7 years old. I have only seen an apparition once and that was my first encounter. After that I could only feel 'ghosts'. There were the weak ones who I could only sense in the room with me, or I could only see shadows of in passing doorways. Then there were the strong ones who could pull me from the real world to the place of their death. I could never see them only feel them I was an unseen person watching their story unfold. Sometimes it was gruesome like a murder or worse, and others it was a person simply passing in there sleep. When they would pull me I was gone. My parents told me that my eyes would roll into the back of my head and I would just sit there, motionless. The spirits would take all my energy from me so they could pass on. When they were finished showing me their story they would pass though me and I would wake up. The spirits never actually pulled me physically, only mentally. Until I met Jonah Aickman.


Even though it was still cold in Connecticut I couldn't help but strip down to my tank top and shorts and jump on the pond a little ways from my house. The water was dark but I could still see in front of me.I was enjoying the peace when suddenly, there was a boy in front of me just staring, his face was completely charred. He reached out and grabbed my arm his hand burning my flesh as he pulled me out of life. But this time instead of colors swirling and echoing sounds- what usually happened when I am contacted-Everything went black then I was standing outside of a large house. And I just knew that I was really standing there. I could feel the wind and the sun. Water dripped of me creating a small puddle at my feet.

"Hello?" I attempted talking to him even though spirits never talked to me. The door to the house swung open and I took this as a cue to walk in. There was dust everywhere I coughed as it filled my lungs. The house was quiet but I could feel the spirits all around me calling to me. My head pounded as each of them tried pulling me to them pulling me to see there death. But I couldn't since I was already with another spirit. I walked down the stairs to the basement it felt as if the heart of the spirit was here, As if this was what he was showing me. When something rushed at me slamming me back into the wall hard my head bounced off it and then there was black.


"Oh Sweet Jesus, Peter call an ambulance"

"What happened to her?"

There were six voices around me, every one of them panicked. I squinted my eyes wincing as I sat up. I was on the sidewalk where the boy brought me. A young woman, ok not that young but she was defiantly not old was leaning over me.

"Oh honey are you all right, were are going to take you to the hospital"

"No no, its fine don't worry I'll be ok This happens all the time."

"You pass out soaking wet with a huge gash on the back of your head in the middle of the sidewalk?" I looked over to the boy who talked. I blushed under his gaze he was very cute.

"Uh…that's not what I meant" I giggled. The woman stood up offering her hand. She helped me stand as I rocked back and forth. It was taking all my energy left to stand.

"Let's get you inside, so we can call your parents"

"Oh, Uh no there away for business I'll just walk home its fine"

"No, we won't have that! You can come inside and rest"

I looked over at the small moving truck in the drive way.

"I couldn't impose"

"It's not an offer it's an order. You ARE coming inside" The woman's voice was firm but she smiled at the end.

"OK" She took me to the kitchen were I sat on a hard chair and watched as they unloaded their belongings. After about ten minutes of relaxing and meditating as well as I could with out looking like a freak, I stood up.

"Porter Honey are you feeling better?"

I froze how did she know my name?

"It was on your bracelet" She nodded at my wrist. I looked at it and smiled.

"Oh" My mom made me wear the bracelet with my full name on it because of my tendency to black out.

"My names Sara Campbell"

"Nice to meet you." I smiled "Do you need any help unpacking or unloading? I want to repay you"

"Actually," She stopped as two small children ran past her yelling and laughing about picking their rooms. They were followed by a girl my age who yelled after them "I'm going to have to take you up on that offer"


"Just go out to the truck and tell Peter you're helping…he's my husband"

I nodded walking out of the house and over to his truck.

"NO WAY!" Mr. Campbell and the cute boy turned to me with confused looks. "Sorry, it's just, this is a beautiful truck!"

"Wow, a beautiful young lady that appreciates fine cars. Will you marry my son Matt, please!" Mr. Campbell laughed looking at cute boy or Matt as I just learned.

"Well, I just need a proper proposal" I giggled blushing at Matt. "I'm just joking of course"

"Dang" Peter shook his head.

"I'm Porter, I've been instructed to help unload" I stuck my hand out.

"Great! I'm Mr. Campbell, but you can call me Peter, and this is my eldest son Matt" He shook my hand, but Matt just looked at it before I let it drop to my side.

"Well, the load me up!" and Peter did just that. After unloading about a billion boxes dropping them in what ever room I was told to. I stood with the Campbell family in the living room. Wendy stood next to me as we giggled like best friends.

"Porter, would you like to have pizza with us tonight"

"I couldn't impose like that"

"Sweetie, you told us your parents are gone for business. Just stay for dinner"

I looked over at Wendy who nodded her head.

"OK, I'll stay"

We sat around the table four pizza boxes stacked in front of us and two leitters of soda next to them. I sat in-between Matt and Wendy ready to devour a whole pizza my self.

"Shall we pray?" Sarah asked. Everyone nodded and grabbed hands. I looked down and Matt held my hand my stomach flipped, then I felt his energy running though me. I could only feel that in those who were dead or dying, so I looked up at him in shock. Thankfully his head was bowed as Sarah prayed so he didn't see my expression. "Amen" She finished and we let our hands go.

"So, tell us about your self Porter" Peter said as I took a huge bit of pizza. I blushed swallowing my food.

"Uh, I'm going to be a senior and I'm 17, my favorite color is maroon and I love Twix bars"

Wendy giggled at my answer.

"I love Twix too!"

"What do your parents do?"

"Their lawyers, and constantly away for business, they just left for a three week stay in Morocco"

"Extravagant" Sarah raised her eyebrows taking a bite of pizza. "They don't take you along?"

"No," They don't what their daughter to freak out their colleges with her ghostly encounters or seizers as they pass them off for. "Not aloud it's purely business"

"Well your bracelet, it said you have a medical problem. Is it safe for you to be home alone?"

"Yeah, it's not that bad. Most of the time I'm perfectly fine after them"

"Not like today when you woke up in the street"

"MATT!" Peter yelled from across the table tossing an angry glare at Matt.

"What, it's true!"

"No, he's right; they have never been this bad before. Usually I just-"I glanced down at my plate "never mind, look thanks for dinner. But I should really get going"

"Are you sure"


"Where do you live?" Peter asked.

"Just two houses over on the left. The blue one"

"Here Honey here's our number if you need us just call" Sarah handed me a slip of paper. "Matt, why don't you walk her home?" She looked over at him.

"Sure" He stood up and walked out side with me.

"Thanks for walking me home, but you don't have to if you don't want to" I said breaking the silence that lingered between us.

"No it's fine I want to" His arm bushed against mine and I felt his energy again. I gasped jumping away tripping on the pavement and falling on my face. Matt laughed reaching out to help me up.

"I don't have cooties you know" He chuckled.

"Sorry you just…scared me that's all" I touched the new cut on my forehead and winced.

"Are your sure you don't want to stay over? Maybe it's a good thing with your…condition" He said slowly.

"It's not a condition" I said quickly. I realized the venom in my voice. "Sorry, its, its just that people usually are afraid of me because of it." We stopped walking and were standing under the large oak tree in my yard.

"Its fine I know how you feel"

"You, you do?"

"Yeah I have a 'condition' too"

"Oh," I dug in my pocket for my keys. Before remembering they were by the pond along with my cell phone and my bag. "CRAP!" I face palmed looking at Matt. "I don't have my keys…I left them at the pond."

"Why didn't you grab them when you left the pond?"

"Because I dint exactly leave at will… Look its kind of hard to explain"

"So are you going to take up my mom's offer of staying the night?"

"I guess, but just tonight. Tomorrow I can get my keys"

Matt laughed, as we turned around and headed back to his house. When we opened the door everyone turned to us confused.

"Smarty pants over here forgot her keys at the pond."

"I can't get into my house"

Sarah laughed. "Well we don't mind you as a guest."

I smiled at her before there was an echoing sound and the room began to swirl. I was being contacted.

Not now please not now! I screamed in my head. The boy was back just standing in front of me. He was defiantly a strong spirit. His eyes were heart breaking and he took me down to Matt's room placing me in front of the door the secret room. I had to go in there I reached forward wondering, because this boy was pulling so hard, if he was using enough energy that I could actually touch things. I grabbed the door knob and wiggled it nothing happened. I turned to him. He looked at me helplessly. Then he was gone.

"PORTER!" Wendy was screaming my name as I came back to the real world. The family all stared at me wide eyed.

"I'm so sorry" I spoke running from the room and out side. I stumbled over my self from the lack of energy falling in the grass. I pulled my self up tears streaking down my face before I collapsed next to the bushes in the Campbell's yard.

"God, now they think I'm a freak. Why did you do that! Why are you contacting me, why now?" I pulled my legs up to my chest.

"Are you ok?"

I looked up at Matt, and shook my head. He sat down next to me and looked over capturing my blue eyes with his brown ones.


"I don't think you're a freak"

"Sure you do"

"Listen, I… I have cancer OK it's hard for me just like its hard for you too."

"I'm sorry" That's why I could feel his energy, he was dying.

"Don't be" He smiled and whipped my cheek off. "We should get back inside"

"You're right" He grabbed my hand and tried to pull me up, but tripped falling on top of me. He let out a groan of pain. "Oh my god I'm so sorry!"

"No, it's fine" He looked into my eyes and blushed. I'm sure I was blushing too, our faces hovered close together.

"Oh my, this is quite… a compromising situation" We both looked up meeting the eyes of Wendy, Sarah, and Peter. Matt rolled off me.

"We tripped" I giggled.

"Oh, no…we understand" Wendy winked at us, I glared at her. as we headed inside

"How are you feeling Matt?" Sarah asked as she handed me a spare blanket and pillow.

"Fine mom, you should be asking Porter she's the one that…" He tured to me "What happened"

"I uh, I had a... seizure" I hated using my parents excuse for my ghostly connection. But I wasn't about to tell these people that. Expecially with the potential outcome being them kicking me out.

"Like the shaking kinds!" Billy asked. I looked down at him and smiled.

"BILLY!" Sarah scolded.

"No, it's ok Mrs. Campbell. Billy not all seizure's are shaking ones. Some people like me, just…zone out of a conversation"

"Oh, ok!" He nodded running out of the room chasing Mary.

"I'm sorry about him" Matt said before Sarah could.

"It's ok"

"Well I think its time for bed"

Fun fact about Porter: The name POrter actually means door...which is ironic because she is a door for lost spirits to pass though to get to the 'other side'. I picked her name before I googled the meaning and I was supper surpized that it's meaning was soo connected to her character.