7. Alone

It was Goyle who had come out of the door down the hall, Harry could see him from where he was shuffling along behind Draco. He looked tired and was dressed in his sleeping clothes. "Malfoy," he greeted coldly, looking his former friend up and down.

"Evening Greg," Draco returned just as coldly, meeting his gaze. For a very brief second Harry wondered if the other boy was going to… do something to Draco, shove him aside maybe, but then Goyle let out a little snort and kept on walking. Harry pressed himself against the wall as the other Slytherin lumbered by, and watched as he disappeared into another room down the hall.

When Harry looked back up he saw that Draco had paused, his body slightly turned, eyes narrowed as he looked off down the hall where Goyle had disappeared. Then Draco shook his head slightly and went back to walking down the hall with single minded purpose. Harry had to scramble to catch up.

Draco stopped finally near the end of the hall in front of a nondescript door. He raised his wand and tapped the door with it. It opened soundlessly and he slipped inside. Harry stepped in after him.

Once inside Draco pointed at the door from the other side and muttered another spell, then stepped away from it, pocketing his wand. He then looked around, searching, his eyes locking on Harry as Harry took off the cloak. He nodded at him again once he had it off completely.

"Made it past Goyle did we," he said.

Harry nodded. "Yeah," he replied. He considered asking Draco about the looks the two had exchanged but thought better of it. He could save that for when he wasn't a somewhat unwanted house guest in the Slytherin dungeons.

Instead Harry looked around. He wasn't surprised about the silver and green color scheme but he was surprised to find the room empty, even though there were four beds in it. Three of them were obviously vacant, nothing existed around them to show other students were sleeping there, but around one of them was a trunk and a small bedside table with a lamp perched on it. Malfoy's bed undoubtedly. "Where's the rest of the students?" Harry asked. Even now he still had to share a room with Ron, and he was in his last year. Only Hermione got a room to herself, partly because she had opted for a room that was about the size of a closet.

Malfoy shrugged. "I'm sure you've noticed the lack of other Slytherin students this year," he said drily. He walked over to sit on his bed, took off his shoes carefully and climbed into the bed further, leaning back against the headboard with a small tired sigh.

Harry cautiously followed him and sat on the opposite end of the bed. He was very aware of Malfoy's eyes on him and ducked his head, trying not to feel nervous and failing miserably at that.

Draco broke the ice for him. "My father," Draco began. Harry turned his head to look at him. Draco was studying a corner of the room, his arms folded across his chest. "Was attacked the other day while out and about. He survived of course, as you probably overheard," Draco turned his head around to glare at Harry again and Harry managed a half shrug as if to say sorry. "Still, it means even more meddling members of the Ministry keeping an eye on my family. They're practically prisoners in their own home now," the bitterness in his voice was evident.

Harry blinked. "So they are being watched then," he said, almost to himself. "I thought that after being let go…"

Draco stared at Harry. "Did you think they'd be free to go wherever they want now? After the war?" he said. "You really are thick, Potter."

Harry glared a bit. "I didn't know," he returned, then sat up straight. "No one ever told me what was going on before the war either," he defended himself. "I'm always the last to know anything."

Draco looked surprised for half a second, then flashed a quick smile. "I always noticed that about you Potter," he said, amusement dancing in his voice. "How incredibly oblivious you were to everything around you when things were dangling right in front of your nose. You had it down to an art, I must say."

"Hey! It's not my fault I-" Harry began to defend himself, when Draco nudged him with his foot. Harry stopped abruptly and stared, especially when said foot grasped the fabric of the hem of his shirt and tugged on it. Harry looked up at Draco to find the other boy had a languid smirk on his face.

"Right," Harry said, and drew in a deep breath. "I thought you just said there was no "us", Malfoy," he said through gritted teeth.

Draco moved his foot and went back to staring off into a corner of the room. "There shouldn't be," he admitted finally, his voice very quiet.

Harry frowned, puzzled. That wasn't the reply he expected. He moved up the bed to get closer to Draco, trying to get him to look at him. "Why not?" he asked, honestly.

Draco looked back at him, his brow knit. "Because this is a mistake," he said bluntly.

When Harry just looked at him, Draco threw his hands in the air. "How can you possibly not see that it is, Potter? What are we going to do, date? Bring each other chocolates and love notes and flowers and whisper sweet nothings to each other in class? Do you think that the entire wizarding world would be as happy as could be that their precious hero is involved with a former Death Eater?"

Harry was taken a bit aback. "I never really thought about it that way," he admitted.

"Of course you didn't," Malfoy said with a sneer. "Because you don't think."

Harry was quiet for a moment. "We don't have to tell anyone," he offered.

Malfoy gave him an inscrutable look. "Could you really do that, Potter?" he asked. "Never mention it to any of your friends?" Harry bit his tongue at that, trying not to look guilty as Draco continued. "Because I know YOU, Potter, you don't do things half arsed, you never have, ever, in the eight years I've known you, and I don't expect you're suddenly going to start now. You're not going to be able to keep this a secret, no matter what you say. If we keep this up, if "US" happens, everyone will know in a matter of months … if not weeks and possibly days. EVERYONE." he paused and took in Harry's flinch. "Why do you think I've been avoiding you?" he added, his voice strained.

"You were avoiding me before," Harry pointed out.

Malfoy's face twisted. "I meant the last three days, you simpering idiot!" he yelled.

Harry flinched and smiled at the same time, glancing at Malfoy out of the corner of his eye. The other boy had his arms folded across his chest and was glowering at him. Harry smiled wider. For some reason being shouted at by Malfoy reminded him... well, it reminded him of Malfoy really. Old times.

Malfoy let out a sudden groan. "Did you even hear a word I said, Potter?" he asked. He rolled over onto his front and stuffed his head into a pillow. He said a lot more, but it was all muffled by the pillow. All Harry could catch was the word "stupid".

Harry all out grinned, which faded a bit when he thought about it. Draco was right. If they continued…

Harry decided. It was, amazingly, not a very hard decision to make. Harry drew in a deep breath and studied Draco. "It shouldn't matter," he said finally. At the same time his stomach was churning at the thought of letting Ron know, but he pressed on. "It shouldn't. You like me. I don't know why, but you do," he said. "And I like you, now that, you know, you're not trying to kill me and my friends and all that," he added. "That… that matters."

Draco lifted his head and just stared at him. Then he shut his eyes. "I knew this would happen," he groaned again and stuffed his head back into the pillow.

"Draco," Harry began, a bit exasperated.

Draco looked up, then sat up to face Harry again. The expression on his face looked more desperate than anything. "I wish you had just left," he said. "Left me alone. You'd have never found out," his voice caught a bit and he cleared his throat to cover it up before glaring at Harry and continuing. "Things would have been so much easier. Instead you had to follow me around with your stupid stalking and friendship and now you're sitting on my bloody bed and WHY did you have to go and complicate things, Potter?" he spat out that last bit angrily.

Harry shuffled up the bed so that he was sitting beside Draco, facing him. He leaned over and carefully, watching to make sure the other didn't lash out at him, though he was fairly sure they were past that point now, leaned down and pressed a kiss to Draco's lips. Draco didn't move but didn't resist either and Harry carefully pulled away again. When he looked at Draco there was that lost expression on his face again.

"I'm sorry," Harry said. At the same time he wasn't really sorry at all. No, he wanted this, he wanted to do this, and he really didn't care what anyone thought about him and Malfoy being together… Hermione accepted it and Ron… well he might hate him for a bit, but he'd come around. Hopefully. Harry squared his shoulders and kissed Draco again, slower this time and this time Draco responded, reaching up to thread his arms around Harry's neck. They kissed for a bit then Harry pulled away when he remembered why he was there in the first place. "I'm sorry to hear about your father as well," he added politely.

Draco's eyes narrowed, though he didn't let go of Harry. "You hate my father," he pointed out.

"A bit," Harry agreed neutrally.

Draco suddenly went white and let go of Harry to flop back down on the bed. "Father," he said, as if remembering something. He looked back up at Harry with a glare. "You can tell my father about this," he said decisively. "And my mother."

It was Harry's turn to look traumatized and he sat back quickly. "I'm not…" he considered. "Maybe we can keep it a secret for a while?" he asked a bit hopefully. "Just a little while," he added quickly. "I need to break it to Ron slowly anyway," he made a face. "Or he won't talk to me for another four months at least." When he looked up again at Draco he saw the other boy was smirking at him at the mention of Ron, but it was a look that quickly turned into something else.

"You're serious about this, Potter," he said, looking both disgusted and amazed at the same time.

"Yes," Harry said with conviction, then paused and wondered if there was a catch or if Draco was going to laugh at him and tell him he didn't mean a word of it. He steeled himself for that, but it never came. When he looked up again Draco was just studying him quietly.

"What?" he asked a bit defensively.

Draco just shook his head slowly. "I'll never understand you," he said with absolute conviction. His jaw tightened and he sat up suddenly, taking Harry by the side of the face and kissing him. The kiss was hard and desperate and Harry responded immediately, threading his arms around Draco's shoulders. They both fell back onto the bed with a thump.


Draco controlled the pace this time and Harry was perfectly content to let him, while trying his best to show he wasn't completely out of his depth. Draco soon had his robes and shirt off, pants drawn down, and was occupying himself with kissing his way down Harry's chest. Harry twinned his hands in Draco's hair and wondered, fleetingly, if Draco was actually going to…

Oh yes… yes he was. Harry nearly reared off the bed and Draco had to reach out to pin down his hips as he worked, doing things that Harry had literally only dreamed of with his lips and mouth. And tongue! God, that tongue was talented.

He lasted an embarrassingly short amount of time. He didn't mean to but he grabbed Draco's head as he came with a grunt, shoving his cock deep into his mouth, holding him there for a few seconds before he realized the other boy was trying to jerk his head back and quickly let him go to grip the bedspread instead.

"I'm sorry," he apologized breathlessly once Draco raised his head and Harry found that he could talk again. He rolled on his side, still gasping, but reached out and touched Draco's face. "I'm sorry, did I hurt you?"

Draco looked absolutely bewildered at that, brow knitting as he stared at Harry.

"I didn't mean to… do the head grab thing…" Harry continued, and made the hand motions, mortified.

The confused look faded from Draco's face to be replaced by dawning realization. Which, on Draco's face, was a bit of a scary thing. "You've never had that done to you before, have you," he said suddenly, his eyes bright.

Harry shifted uncomfortably. "Of course I have," he said quickly, too quickly, and Draco started to laugh.

He rolled over so that he was on top of Harry. "Never been shagged, Potter?" he said, his eyes glittering. "Went to save the world and forgot to get fucked ahead of time?"

Harry pulled away, flushing as he dumped Draco off of him. "It's not like I got a lot of opportunities during the last couple years, Malfoy," he snarked. "I was a bit busy."

"Oh! Oh right then, that's your excuse," Draco replied. "'bit busy'," he mimicked. "What, playing Quidditch?" and then he started to laugh again. Harry found himself fighting the urge to punch him. It was a bit disturbing seeing as he had just gotten a blow job from him, to want to hit him so quickly afterwards. He sat up and began to replace his pants with quick angry motions.

Draco quieted and a hand fell on his elbow. Harry shrugged it off, and Draco sat back. "Potter," he said, his voice serious. "Don't…" something his voice made Harry pause and turn back very reluctantly.

Draco sat in the middle of the bedspread, looking at him with an uncharacteristically unguarded expression on his face. "It's not something to be ashamed of," he said.

"Right. Sure," Harry was still pissed off, though the recent orgasm was helping to curb some of his anger. "Whatever, Malfoy," he muttered, then stopped replacing his clothes and sighed heavily. He really didn't want to leave, but he just hadn't hit that point in his life where he was okay being made fun of by Draco about his lack of sexual experiences. Which was saying a lot seeing as he just gained a couple more said sexual experiences from the same person. For a brief moment Harry wondered if perhaps he was wrong. Maybe this wasn't going to work after all and it'd just be an embarrassment for them both...

A hand fell on his elbow again, tugging gently, and Harry sighed again before turning back around with a scowl. Draco leaned in and kissed him, right in the middle of that ugly look.

The kiss was slow and sweet and almost apologetic. It also tasted faintly of Harry himself and Harry was surprised that he didn't find that thought all that repulsive... in fact it was a bit of a turn on. By the time Draco was done kissing him Harry had completely forgotten why he was upset in the first place and other parts of him were threatening to get very interested again.

Draco pulled away from him, grey eyes searching his. "You going to ask me about my… experiences, Potter?" he asked.

For some reason he looked completely serious and Harry wondered at that. Then somewhere in the back of his mind a warning went off and he gave Draco a suspicious look. "Do I want to know?" he asked.

Draco studied him for a long moment. "No," he replied, shaking his head as he leaned in to kiss Harry again.


Some unknown amount of time later they both laid back on the bed, exhausted but very sated.

Secretly Harry was glad that Draco had been okay with a hand job, though he had tried the oral thing. That had been an experience, especially since for one of the first times in his life Harry had found himself faced with something that intimidated him. Finding out you're a wizard at eleven and expected to die at eighteen tended to leave it so that nothing could faze him. Except, apparently, the prospect of sucking another man's dick.

However he was no coward and soldiered on. Draco was uncut, he had discovered, and not badly endowed either. Luckily the taste wasn't too different than his own he decided when he had licked at it, determined to return the favour. He did that for a while and Draco moaned appreciatively, then tugged him up to kiss him as he pulled him close to wank them both together again like he did back in the Potions classroom. It wasn't before long that Draco had come with a groan and a shudder and Harry followed for the second time that evening.

Which led them to this point now. They remained laying beside each other on the small bed for a long while, neither of them saying anything.

Finally Draco sighed. "It's late," he began.

Oh no… Harry knew where this was going. He also definitely didn't want to move… especially since his legs felt like they had been hit by a jelly-legs jinx.

"Can I…" Harry cleared his throat and said the next bit very quickly. "Stay here with you?" He had a feeling he was pushing it, especially when Draco turned his head and gave him a withering look. Harry flinched a bit and tried to look hopeful. He had just lost his virginity… well kind of - oral virginity at very least - and he didn't want to just run off…

Draco propped himself up on his elbows and peered down at him through his fringe of currently somewhat messy blond hair. "Won't your Weasley worry and fret over where you are?" he asked a bit meanly.

Harry blinked and stared at Draco like he was nuts. "Ginny and I haven't talked for over a month…" he began and Draco rolled his eyes.

"No, not your girlfriend, Potter," Draco interrupted, sounding disgusted.

Oh. OH. "Ron?" Harry got it. "Actually he spends the nights in Herm-"

"Stop." Draco said quickly, shutting his eyes and scrunching up his face in distaste.

"-ione's bedroom," Harry finished and Draco shot him a dirty look as he got off the bed, completely disregarding the fact that he was nude, and gestured for Harry to do the same. Harry hiked up his own trousers, got off the bed, and stared in wonder as Draco tapped the bed, then the empty one next to it. The two beds flew towards each other, breaking apart at the sides and then knitting together to make one large bed.

"Oh." Harry said, a bit surprised.

Draco smirked at him. "Not the first time I've had to do that," he said smugly and Harry stared at him mutely, embarrassed and more than a little jealous to think about Draco sleeping with anyone else.

Draco didn't seem to care as he climbed back into the bed, settling down on one half of it.

"That," he said pointing to the unoccupied side. "Is your side. Stay on it."

Harry stared at Draco for a long moment, then burst out laughing. Of course Draco would have terrible bed manners. He shook his head as he climbed back onto the bed. He laid there for a couple seconds then sat up, leaned over to Draco's side, threw his arm around him and pressed a quick kiss to his mouth. When he pulled away he grinned and Draco looked completely unimpressed.

Harry didn't care. He flopped back onto his side of the bed, turning his back on other boy. "G'night Malfoy," he said. He listened.

For a long moment there was no sound from the other side of the bed, and then he heard more Draco carefully lay down, pulling the blankets over himself, shifting until he was finally still.

"Good night, Potter," the words were muttered, almost angrily, but they were there. Harry smiled and closed his eyes.