The Summit

Summary: The ins and outs of a romantic relationship are ones meant to be explored. 100 themes challenge fic. Ratings vary. KainxCecil.

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to Final Fantasy IV. The themes are mine, though.

Theme 1: Comfortable

Specific Warnings: None besides the obvious. Canonverse setting.

Rating: K+

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There was something to be said about how easy it was to be with Cecil. Surprisingly easy, to be more precise.

Relationships, whether romantic or otherwise, were complicated things. The romantic ones could be especially difficult given the situation. They could turn fickle. They could break hearts and hurt feelings. Kain had seen these things happen enough over the years to have that knowledge rooted in his mind.

But it was like those things did not even apply here, were not even fated to happen.

Honestly, Kain had expected their more special relationship to fall out numerous times. He had been waiting for Cecil to give up on him, if not because of past events then for the fact that he was not privy to all of the dragoon's inner thoughts and feelings.

But, nevertheless, Cecil had continued to stay, continued to give him smiles and warm looks and affection. It had baffled him for a while because he could not understand why Cecil would try. However much Kain did enjoy his company and want his love, he had thought himself undeserving of such. For a time, he had questioned what Cecil wanted from him.

Of course Cecil wanted to know what was on his mind, and would occasionally ask if there was something he wanted to share but never outright demanded he speak up.

Cecil wanted him to be as open as he could possibly handle, and wanted him to do it at his own pace. Gentle and gradual coaxing out of hard shell by never pushing too much and never being too harsh or insistent was the best way to describe the method he employed.

Although, Kain hoped Cecil understood that he would never completely break down those barriers, even if tiny cracks had begun to show over time. Cracks that Kain did not even know existed until they were too late to fix. And Cecil was like light, shining through those cracks and easing inside, radiating warmth where it touched.

He was not sure when it happened, but those lingering doubts about Cecil leaving had disappeared at one point, perhaps fading away progressively with every kiss, every touch, every embrace. There were still many things he was not willing to share, but knowing that Cecil genuinely wished to know and was willing to wait for him to open up was relieving in and of itself.

For now, though, Kain was comfortable just like this. As long as Cecil was close he was more than content. As long he could hold him and knew he was nearby everything was fine. As long as Cecil was willing to be with him despite his faults and insecurities he could admit to being happy and at ease.

Though, as it stood, being comfortable and content and happy were not feelings that were going to be leaving anytime soon.

Author's Notes: Okay. We're in for a long haul here. A LONG HAUL. This fic is basically 100 themes, 100 chapters, and no set limit on words. Yeah. I made my own 100 themes list for the sole purpose of this fic since I couldn't find one to my liking. Oh, and this is also my 10th fic for this pairing~ I figured something special was in order so I decided on this. Also, I'm prioritizing on this fic as far as this pairing goes. As such, my collection has been put on temporary hiatus. On a final note, in case you were wondering why I titled this fic 'The Summit', it's because this will be my longest contribution to this pairing, my highest point rather. As such, I'm going to be doing a lot of things I've yet to do for this pairing, basically an exploration of character under certain situations. So I hope you stick around and enjoy. Please Review.