A/N This story is inspired by BellaVision's idea. Hopefully I do your idea justice! Reviews are always appreciated!

Just a few things to know about this story. A lot of events that have happened in the show, happen(ed) in this story, but not necessarily in the same time period or with the same result.

Phoebe and Steffy are young teenagers.

Taylor does have a drinking problem.

Stephanie has been battling cancer.

Both Taylor and Brooke have been there for her and lately she's been friendly with Brooke because of this.

Brooke was raped by Andy, but it had nothing to do with Stephanie.

The story starts off with Ridge and Taylor being married, and Ridge still being there for his "Logan" anytime she needs him.

Disclaimer: I do not own the lovely characters of The Bold and the Beautiful, just a fanfiction writer

Taylor woke up...she opened her eyes and as she rolled over she realized

something was missing, her husband.

Ridge? Hmm. Where could he be?

Phoebe? Steffy? Thomas?

Yes mom? Phoebe and Steffy, Ridge and Taylor's twin daughters said at the same time.

Where's your father? Brother?

Thomas went to hang out with Madison and I haven't seen dad.

Have you Steffy?

No, mom. Sorry.

The girls left the master bedroom and Taylor got dressed.

Well, there's no note. Let's see if I have any missed calls from him.

No...that's odd. I guess he could have gone to the office, but it's a Sunday and we were going to have brunch together. I'll call him.

Ridge? Hi, honey, where are you?

Hi doc. I had something I needed to take care of. I'll be home soon. Bye.

Um bye.

Ridge was at Brooke's house.

Oh, Ridge thank you for being here. I was having a flashback to when that

man...Andy did-wh-at what he did.

I know Logan, I know. I'm here now.

Ridge held her tight and they rocked back and forth. He rubbed her head and then put his hand on her face to dry away the tears.

It's ok Logan.

Ridge began to stand up, but Brooke stopped him.

What are you doing?

I have to go Logan. I promised Taylor we were going to have brunch as a family.

Oh. Of course. I'm sorry, I-I shouldn't have called.

No, Logan. Anytime, you need me, I'm here. Got it?

He tapped her nose and his finger slid down her lip to her chin and she smiled.

There we go. A smile. Now go pick up Hope and R.J at your sister's house and try

and make it a good day. Ok?

I'll try...Thank you...Really Ridge, thank you.

His hands held her head for a moment as he kissed her forehead.

Anytime Brooke and I mean it.

With that Ridge left to go home, to his wife and kids.

I'm home.

Oh. We were about to start eating without you.

Well, I'm here now. Where's Thomas.

With Madison. Where were you dad? Steffy inquired.

I had something to take care of.

Taylor gave Ridge a "we'll be talking" look and he nodded.

They finished their family brunch and the girls left the table.

So, where were you?

I was with Brooke.

And the kids?


Ahh ...I see. Taylor tensed up. She called you?

Yes, she was having flashbacks to the night she was...you know, raped.

So, you rushed over?

She needed someone, you're the psychiatrist, and you know it takes a lot of time before one can start to feel secure and back to their normal self again.

Yes, I do. It doesn't mean you should be the one she turns to.

It was one time.

And that one time, will become two, then three and so on.

Taylor, I'm married to you. Do you see that ring on your finger? I'm committed to a life with you!

I know. It's just after everything I've been through with Brooke all these


Doc, I'm yours. Now let's put this behind us.


Taylor still had an uneasy feeling about all of this, but tried to focus on her handsome husband.

The girls are playing outside, why don't you and I go upstairs...

Taylor smiled and followed her husband upstairs. He was in love with her,

married to her. Nothing to worry about, Brooke wasn't competition...