The young master stirred from underneath the blankets. His ear twitched and pointed to a source of the noise he was hearing. It seemed that Sebastian had come to wake him up a little too early this morning. It was still dark outside he thought until he heard the far off sound of thunder. He shot up in bed, catching his tail in the up roar and hurting it. He yelped as he did so. Sebastian smiled at him and stifled a laugh. He glared up at his butler as the lightning flashed and his heart missed a beat.

Sebastian was momentarily outlined in raw purple light and flames as the lightning hit one of the trees in the courtyard. It fitted Sebastian he thought, the beauty and the destruction, illuminating his silhouette. His eyes traveled down Sebastian's back and up his legs all to come to a stop at his perfect butt. He blushed and looked away. He stood up before Sebastian could turn and hand him the morning meal.

"Sebastian, I am going to take a bath this morning, go draw the water." He said making sure that Sebastian could not see his face which was still flustered. He knew Sebastian had bowed and heard his expected 'Yes, Master' as he left. Ciel gripped his chest as his heart beat quickly. He had never felt this way for his butler before, of course there had been lust between the two, but this was different. He stood up and went to the window, looking out as Finny tried to put out the tree fire. The door to his room opened.

"Master, your bath is ready when you are." Sebastian said glancing at Ciel. Ciel's back was to him and he felt his stomach clench at the sight of his master. His master's tail had risen in curiosity at something outside the window and it was now revealing a small patch of his lower back. Ciel turned and saw his butler gazing at him intently.

"Thank you Sebastian, get my robe, the black one, if you will." Ciel said, realizing a little too late that that had been a request and not an order. He looked to see if Sebastian had noticed but he was doing what he was told. Sebastian walked over and took Ciel's nightshirt off along with his underwear and quickly put his robe on as Sebastian felt a blush coming to his face from seeing his master's naked body. "Sebastian, I want you to help he bathe today, I am in a lazy mood."

Sebastian stiffened momentarily, did the master know about his thoughts? "Yes, master." They walked away to the bathroom. Sebastian looked away as Ciel dipped himself into the bath. He went all the way under and realized that he had forgotten to cover his ears. They were now twitching and Ciel hissed at his own ears and that made Sebastian turn. He was caught up in the cuteness of Ciel batting his own ears.

"Sebastian! Get over here and dry off my ears, they will not stop with their insufferable twitching!" Ciel said extremely irritated. Sebastian sighed and smiled. He picked up a dry washcloth and walked over to kneel behind his young master. He puts the washcloth up to Ciel's ear and starts to rub. He notices the master's back and shoulder's stiffen then hears a silent mew.

"Master? Is something wrong?" He looks at Ciel's face and sees that he is blushing. He rubs his master's ear again, this time while looking at his face. Ciel's eyes squeezed shut and the blush on his face got deeper. "What, does that feel good master?"

Ciel looked up at him in shock, "Shut up Sebastian and just finish!" Sebastian smiled and continued his mission, slowly. Ciel cried out some more but he also grew more and more irritated. It seemed that Sebastian knew exactly what drove a cat crazy, which means that it would be the same for Ciel. Ciel glared at how Sebastian was making him feel but he knew that he wanted him to touch him more. Ciel was finally done with it and he turned to Sebastian, "Okay, stop it Sebastian! Go get me something to eat. I am hungry."

Sebastian stood with a smile and bowed to his master, "Yes, master. Anything in particular you want?"

Ciel closed his eyes, there was one thing he could think of, "Sashimi Sebastian, preferably tuna. No dipping sauce or wasabi." Ciel wasn't a real big fan of raw fish but right now he was craving it. Sebastian was a little surprised by the young master's want of sashimi but he did not argue. He bowed and walked away to get the food for his young master. As Sebastian walked out and closed the door though Ciel grabbed the washcloth. He brought it up to his ear and started to clean it himself. For some reason though it wasn't the same though. He stood up and got out. Once out though he slipped in a puddle on the floor.

"Ah!" Ciel shouted as he fell to the floor. He closed his eyes to brace for the hit that never came. Sebastian had caught him.

"Master, you must be more careful, you could've really hurt yourself." Sebastian said, he surprised himself with that. He had never worried about Ciel before. Ciel's face was extremely red as he pushed himself away from Sebastian. Sebastian grabbed a towel and wrapped Ciel up in it. Ciel looked at Sebastian then walked back to his room without another word. Once there he sat on the floor as his heartbeat slowed. Sebastian walked in and saw Ciel sitting on the floor. Sebastian said nothing and set the sashimi on the floor beside him and walked out.

"Sebastian…" Ciel called. Sebastian turned and looked at the young master, "Thank you."

Sebastian was in shock but he smiled and bowed, "You are welcome young master." He walked down stairs and stopped at the bottom. His heart was beating fast and it wasn't slowing down. Whenever he thought of the young master it sped up again. 'Is this what they call love?' Sebastian thought to himself. He shook his head and started his work for the day.

Ciel had decided to stay in bed for the day seeing how he did not know what was going on with himself. He looked out the window and saw Finny outside with some rope. He was tying it around a tree trunk in the yard. Ciel watched as the rope was unwinding. He couldn't control himself; he jumped out the window and ran to the rope. Finny wasn't expecting it so was surprised when he saw that it was Ciel and not Pluto, as he had been expecting. Pluto heard Finny's surprised gasp and came running. That was until he saw Ciel. Once he spotted Ciel he ran over to him and jumped on him. Sebastian heard Finny shouting from inside.

"Pluto! Stop that! Get off the young master!" Finny said, trying to get the sadistic dog off of the master. Pluto growled and snapped at him. Finny moved his hand away in shock as Pluto had never tried to bite him before. Sebastian showed up and looked down at Pluto, "Ah, Sebastian, Pluto is acting strange!" Sebastian looked at Pluto again but he growled at him.

"Pluto, off!" Sebastian said forcibly. Pluto bit at Sebastian's hand as he tried to grab him. Sebastian growled at Pluto then picked him up and threw him as far as he could. Sebastian picked Ciel up, bridal style, and carried him inside. He put Ciel back down into his bed and turned to leave.

"Sebas…tian…?" He heard Ciel say. Sebastian turned and looked at the young master. He was surprised to see Ciel splayed out on the bed, his shirt tossed to the side. He was completely naked but had the sheet covering him slightly. Sebastian's eyes widened as he took in the sight.

"Yes master?" Sebastian forced out. It was a little breathy as he was turned on by the sight but Ciel didn't notice.

"I'm hot…cool me down…" Ciel said. Sebastian went to the bathroom and grabbed a cold washcloth and walked back in to find Ciel kneeling on the bed with his tail and ears up. Ciel's ears were pointed at Sebastian.

"Master?" Sebastian said a little confused at the display. Ciel looked at him then jumped at Sebastian knocking him to the floor. Ciel claimed Sebastian's mouth for his and took Sebastian's tongue into his mouth and started to suck. Sebastian had to stop himself before he went mad. "Now, master, wait a minute…" Sebastian carried Ciel back to the bed and set him down. Ciel looked at him in desperation. Sebastian went to the door, closed it, and locked it. As he walked back to the bed he started to undress, "Now, I hope you remember that you brought this upon yourself." Ciel looked up at him with pleading eyes. Sebastian got onto the bed with only his slacks on still.

Ciel jumped him again. He didn't manage to knock him down this time but he did manage a sound from Sebastian as he took one of Sebastian's nipples into his mouth. Sebastian groaned in pleasure, Ciel's tongue was rough like a cats but it felt good against his skin. Ciel stopped and looked up at Sebastian.

"Sebastian… I order you to teach me… about how… to get rid of this feeling…" Ciel said in breathy gasps. Sebastian looked down at him and smiled. He pushed Ciel back on the bed and propped himself up on his arms above the young master. He could feel the young masters' member on his stomach, just above the belly button. He smiled down at him and took Ciel's mouth as his.

"I cannot disobey a direct order master…" Sebastian said, "I hope you will not regret it in the morning…" Sebastian kissed Ciel again, longer this time. He held Ciel and sat up. Ciel was now straddling his lap. Both of their members were rubbing up against each other and Ciel moaned into Sebastian's mouth as it felt good to him. Sebastian, also, thought that it felt good but he was busy with something else. He reached around behind the young lord and ran his hand over Ciel's behind. He felt the crack and ran a finger down it until he found the entrance. He put one of his long fingers into the young master and was rewarded with Ciel pressing down on it. Sebastian released Ciel's mouth for a moment, "Now master. Patience is rewarded sooner or later you know."

Ciel looked at him through eyes half closed in pleasure. Sebastian smiled that he could drive the young master so crazy by just one finger. A thought crossed his mind. He kept his finger in, it was now moving in and out though, and laid the young master down on the bed. He moved his head lower and Ciel didn't realize what he was doing until he started. Sebastian opened his mouth and licked the tip of Ciel. Ciel moaned and pushed his hips forward. Sebastian knew that would happen and he had his mouth open and ready. While he was doing that he took the chance to insert another finger. He had to stretch the young lord out or he would not be able to take him. Three fingers or so should be enough, he thought. Ciel groaned as he felt the new member in his entrance. He started to grind but did nothing for his behind but a lot for his member. Ciel groaned and felt something big coming but Sebastian stopped in the front and Ciel looked at him. Sebastian took that other chance to insert the other finger.

Once Ciel was fully stretched out he stopped. Ciel looked at him in pure lust. Sebastian smiled and stood. Ciel moved over to the edge of the bed, not wanting Sebastian to leave him there like that. He needed his mate. Sebastian stood and started to undo his pants. Ciel saw and moved to help but Sebastian moved him back. He finally got it undone and his pants dropped to the floor. Ciel saw the bulge and moved towards it. He basically ripped Sebastian's underwear off of him and licked him. He was rewarded with a moan from the demon.

"Young master… if you are going to do that relax your jaw…" Sebastian said. His voice barely above a whisper yet Ciel was able to hear it clearly with his cat ears. Ciel did as he was told and found it to be a lot easier. He started with just guiding the tip in and out but soon started to guide more into his mouth. He was stopped though when he hit his gag reflex though. Sebastian couldn't take it anymore. He pulled Ciel's mouth off of him and leaned down and kissed him. He threw Ciel onto his stomach with his feet hanging off of the bed and entered him.

Ciel cried out in pleasure and continued as Sebastian thrust into him. He didn't go easy on the young master and Ciel didn't care. As long as his mate was in him he was fine. Sebastian reached around to Ciel's front and grasped his member; he rubbed the tip and started to move his hand up and down. What he didn't realize at the time though was that Ciel was that Ciel had guided his tail behind Sebastian and is stroked his butt. Sebastian moaned at the feel, it didn't feel like it was just them with the tail there and he was enjoying it. Too soon though, Ciel came and Sebastian followed him shortly after.

Ciel was lying on his stomach on the bed and Sebastian was looking at him. Ciel's eyes, which had been glazed over, became clear, "Sebastian, what happened? Why does my behind hurt and why the hell are you naked?" Sebastian smiled at him and sighed.

"It seems that you do not remember that you jumped me. Anyway, the deed is done and you can't undo it master but I suppose that I should clean you up." Sebastian said. Ciel was confused until he looked down at himself then he blushed.

"Sebastian! Just what the hell did we do?" Ciel shouted. Sebastian stood up and put his underwear back on. He walked into the bathroom and returned with a wet washcloth.

"Ah, young master, we made love and it seems that you do not remember. You were like a little kitten in heat. It was so cute." Sebastian said starting to clean Ciel up. Ciel blushed then looked down at Sebastian.

"Sebastian." Ciel said. Sebastian looked up at him.

"Yes master?" Sebastian asked.

"I don't remember it." Ciel said as Sebastian finished cleaning him up. Sebastian stood up with a smile and went to go put the washcloth with the dirty clothes but Ciel brought him back to the edge of the bed. He pulled Sebastian's underwear down and took him into his mouth. Sebastian gasped but was almost instantly hard again. It happened so fast that he was dizzy with the sudden blood loss in his brain. "But I would like to."

"As you wish my lord…" Sebastian said, crawling back into the bed with Ciel.