Just because I can and it popped into my mind just now

Ciel sighed as he sat at the bathroom window, looking out at the yard where Wynter and Adrien were playing with their own kits. It had not been too long ago when that had been him and Sebastian, running around and playing with them. It was almost a painful sight to see.

He looked down at the small thing in his hands, it would be minutes before he knew what would happen, what would affect them for the next few years. It was a slow torture that he was having difficulties watching.

As the seconds ticked by Ciel wondered to himself, 'would it be so bad if Wynter and Adrien had come around later?'

A knock sounded at the door and Ciel looked up, almost dropping the thing he held. "Ciel? Are you alright in there? It's been almost thirty minutes..."

"I-I'm fine Sebastian, don't worry. I'll be out in a few minutes." Ciel said, looking around for a place to put the object. He smiled as he looked down at the roll holder, no one would look there. He opened it and placed the object there carefully before washing his hands and stepping out.

Sebastian looked at him, worry in his eyes, "Are you alright Ciel? I figured you would be outside with the kits..."

Ciel smiled slightly, shaking his head, "No Sebastian, I was a bit tired so I figured I would stay inside today, why don't you go watch them? I think I'm going to take a nap for a bit."

Sebastian nodded, albeit a bit unwillingly, "Alright Ciel, but promise me you will tell me if something is wrong?"

"I will Sebastian, when haven't I in the 100 years we've been married not told you if something was wrong?"

"Well, there was that tim-"

"Rhetorical question Sebastian!" Ciel snapped, slapping Sebastian in the back of the head before crossing his arms, "I know but that was in the early years, lately I am perfectly content letting you take care of me and you know it."

Sebastian chuckled before pulling Ciel into a hug, kissing his forehead lightly, "I suppose you are right but please, take it easy for a while, for me?"

Ciel sighed before laying his head on Sebastian's shoulder, "I suppose I can, now off with you, go play with the little demons."

Sebastian mock bowed, "As you wish, mon chatton."

Ciel shook his head as Sebastian walked out of the room before slipping back into the bathroom, looking out the window to see when Sebastian made it outside.

As Sebastian slipped into the backyard he was tackled by Wynter, "What's going on with mom?"

"Ah, he's just a little tired, worry not Wynter. Now, where is Yukiko and Azrielle? Or Red and Soot?"

Wynter smirked before glancing over at Adrien who sighed, "They decided to run inside to see their grandmother..."

Sebastian's eyes widened slightly, "Oh, this will not end well will it?"


Sebastian winced as he heard the yell and looked at the door as it was blasted off its hinges as the four kids ran out in a frenzy.

"Hide it! We can go back for it later!" Azrielle yelled.

"No! Just drop it! We must escape with our lives!" Yukiko screamed, hiding behind Adrien.

Red and Soot on the other hand ran towards Sebastian, hiding behind him as Ciel stomped out onto the lawn, glaring daggers at the kids, "Give. It. Back. Now."

Wynter raised a brow at Ciel, "What's wrong mother? What did they take?"

Ciel blushed, scratching the back of his head, "Um...nothing you need to worry about Wynter."

Red smirked, yanking on Sebastian's pantleg, "Grandpa, look here!"

Sebastian looked down at the little red headed neko to see a pregnancy test in his hands. "Ciel..."

"I haven't gotten to see the results yet..." Ciel said, ducking his head with an even worse blush.

Sebastian took the test from Red, smirking at the kids, "Just so you four know, your grandmother peed on this."

The kids looked at their hands before screaming bloody murder and running back into the mansion to boil their hands.

Adrien looked at Ciel, "Is that what I think it is mother?"

Wynter looked over Sebastian's shoulder, "Yup... so... what's it read?"

Sebastian handed it to Ciel, "I believe your mother should read it first, ne?"

Ciel took it from Sebastian's hands with a small smile before looking at the results, "...shit." and promptly fainting.

Sebastian rushed over and grabbed Ciel before he hit the ground, "Why'd he faint?! what's wrong?"

Wynter smirked before walking over and picking up the dropped test. "Oh... so that's what it is. He got one of those new demon pregnancy tests that Grelle and Undertaker invented, the ones that tell you if you're pregnant and how many kids you'll have, you know that one?"

Sebastian nodded, motioning for Wynter to continue.

"Well daddy, it seems mommys up the duff with four little buns!" Wynter said, cackling as Sebastian fainted.

Adrien looked shocked until he saw the wicked gleam in Wynter's eyes, "You're lying."

"Yeah, I am, thought it would be funny."

"How many then?"

Wynter looked at him innocently before smirking, "Mommy's only up the duff with three little buns."

Adrien sighed, shaking his head, "You're going to be the death of us all one day..."

December 21, 2013

"The dead have risen! It is horrible folks, I suggest you all stay inside your homes, barricade your doors as they are starvi- oh god! NO! NO! It's too late for me! SAVE YOURSELVES *squelch, brodcast cuts off*"

Adrien shuts off the tv with a sigh, picking up his phone once more, and dialing a number, "Wynter."


"What in the 7 hells have you done?"

"Well...you see... I made this thing with some chemicals I found on this cool website called craigslist and long story short, it blew up in my face."

"...you are dead to me." Hangs up the phone.

Ariona at her home in Spain. "HEY! The Mayans were only a year off!... Adrien...? Adrien!"