Most people take life for granted. They think they'll live long happy lives, and are naive to what perils and sorrows infiltrate our world. Now, you may say 'but they watch the news!' or 'they listen to the radio and read newspapers'. That's true. They do. But they don't take anything they hear, watch or read to heart. They'll always say, 'Who would do such a thing?' or 'I feel so sorry for that family'. As I said, most people take life for granted. But in reality, life can be long and happy, or short and painful. Nobody really knows when they're gonna die. Hell, I didn't know I was. One second their alive and chatting, and the next they could be hit by a bus, or walk out an open window. But enough of my ramblings about the unfairness of life.

I learned a lot from my mama before lung cancer took her from me, one is that life is like a bull; it's gonna buck ya', throw ya', and smash your face into the dirt, anything to throw ya' off. But you pull yourself up, and get back on that bull, and get ready for the next ride of your life. Another; again, life is like a bull, you got to grab it by the horns and ride it like it's your last day alive. You can tell that mama came from the south, Virginia to be precise. She died in Lebanon Oregon, a long ways from home.

One thing I learned from my own experiences is that life is unexpected. Like for one, I didn't plan on dying in Iraq and waking up as some sort of baby from the newer Transformers movie. But, like I said earlier; I grabbed what life I had been given again by the horns and held on for dear life.