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War never changes.

Since the dawn of human kind our ancestors discovered the killing power of rock and bone, blood has been spilled in the name of everything, from god, to justice, to simple psychotic rage. These endless battles of blood and pain have spread throughout history itself, wars of ancient cultures to modern conflicts between nations. These battles never ended well for one side or another, for one nation would see the spoils of victory, the other would only see the pain of defeat. But this was not always the case, for it was not impossible for both sides to feel the sting of utter failure.

The Wars of Gods and Demons are no different.

The Winter War had finally come to a close less than a week ago. Almost all of the Espada were killed in the resulting battle in Fake Karakura town. One of the few that remained after this was the former third Espada Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, who has taken up residence in Las Noches with her fraccion and other peaceful Arrancar after promising the Gotei Thirteen (really just Ichigo) that she would keep the powerful hollows under control in return to not getting hunted down for what she was. The only other surviving Espada was the Sixth Espada Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, whose whereabouts were currently unknown after he escaped Las Noches despite his grave injuries.

The Gotei thirteen's wounds were much less severe but they were still noticeable. The three Captain positions that were emptied even before the war began were still unfilled. With that in mind, many other Captains were still wounded from the battles with the Espada and Aizen. In fact, only about five of the ten Captains were still in condition to be active, Captain Commander Yamamoto surprisingly was one of these few despite the fact he was missing an arm.

With the current weakened condition of the Soul Society, the Spirit King issued an order to not only completely reinstate the Central Forty-Six with brand new members, but also allow them access to the Royal Guard until he deemed the Gotei thirteen to be back in acceptable condition, something that really annoyed everyone to the brink of sanity.

Unfortunately this decision would in turn cause the lost of one of the greatest allies the Soul Society would ever know.

Tired, this was the only way Ichigo Kurosaki could describe how he felt right now.

The young Shinigami was currently sitting on the roof of his home. Home, could he really call it that now? To him home was a place where you lived with your family and despite all the crazy antics that happened there, your home would fill you with a feeling of warmth and live. But the house below his feet no longer gave Ichigo any of those feelings, not sense before the end of the war had this place given the boy anything good at all.

The end of the war was deeply devastating to Ichigo personality. After returning to his home town after his training with Tensa Zangestu and his hollow with his exhausted father in tow, Ichigo immediately went on the offensive. Striking blow to blow with Aizen, Ichigo was almost surprised how much his training had helped even the odds with Aizen despite the fact the bastard had the Hogyoku with him.

But despite the newly found power, Aizen's continuous evolution using the Hogyoku proved to be a factor that made him almost unbeatable.

After landing a good blow to the newly monstrous Aizen, the former Captain unexpectedly rushed back towards Karakura with Ichigo close behind him. With Aizen's mentality completely out of the picture, Ichigo was having a hard time figuring out what the hell he was doing. But the next few seconds would shock Ichigo to his very core for the rest of his days.

Moving at such high speeds would have made it normally impossible to notice the places they speed over, but for Ichigo it was a different story. With his nearly sharpened senses Ichigo was painfully aware of the places they passed over, but what alarmed him was when he noticed Aizen stop for a moment before seeing him head back to where they first began their confrontation, his home. Bursting with speed, Ichigo soon caught up with the crazed being, only to be shocked to see him holding two small figures by their collars. For Aizen had taken both of Ichigo's sisters.

Ichigo demanded Aizen to let them go, that the fight was between just the two of them. But the shattered mind of the former Captain of the Fifth division would not be swain, eerily saying that shook Ichigo to his core.

"Why not invite the whole family?"

His grip tightened around the girl's necks, making them struggle to even stay conscious. Ichigo meanwhile was frozen, he couldn't move a single muscle, fear for his sister's lives had taken a hold of him. Aizen's toothy grin widened at the look in the young shinigami's eyes as the life was slowly being drained from his loved one's eyes, the sadistic bastard was enjoying every moment of this torture.

But before anyone could notice, Ichigo's father, Isshin Kurosaki launched himself at Aizen. His eyes were burning with a rage that would make both Kenpachi and Yammy wet themselves. Swinging his Zanpakuto above his head, Isshin prepared to strike down Aizen with all of his might.


But due to his weakened state, Isshin was in no shape to take on anyone in combat especially the monster that the former fifth division captain had become. The rest of the Kurosaki family had to watch in horror as one of Aizen's hollow faced tentacles launch itself. But when it stopped nearly a foot away from Isshin's face, said shinigami and his daughters nearly sighed in relief, but not Ichigo.

For his eyes only widened in horror.

Without a moment's notice, the mask's mouth opened up and formed another energy blast,the same ones Aizen attempted to use against Ichigo earlier in their battle. The blast then was launched at the weaken shinigami and with nor the energy or the time to dodge, the blast engulfed him. The explosion was insanely powerful, shattering nearly a mile of earth, creating a shockwave so powerful that it made the atomic bomb seem like a firecracker in comparison. The massive Spiritual power of the individuals was the only thing that protected them from such an explosion.

When the smoke and dust cleared, there was no sign of the former Captain and father figure. Nothing was left at all, much to the fear of his children.

Ichigo and Karin were expressionless; the shock of such a action had shattered their weak minds. But Yuzu was the exact opposite, she was balling her eyes out, her chocking sobs filling the silent air despite the fact the monster before them still had his hand around her neck.

But Aizen? He was grinning, his razor sharp teeth twisted up into one of the most disgusting smiles anyone could ever imagine.

"So emotional…all of you."

The cracking of the monster's knuckles drew the reddened eyes of Ichigo back towards him, his black fingers leaving impressions in the girl's necks. Ichigo himself was almost on the verge of breaking down and begging his opponent to let his sisters go, but the Aizen still wouldn't budge on inch.

"All of it is just so unfitting for you Ichigo. It's just so…"

Aizen's grip tightened even more, his sadistic grin growing wider as he increased the pressure until…

"Ichi-nii…" Yuzu whispered with tears dripping down her checks.

"Ichigo…" Karin struggled to say despite the unholy grip constricting her throat.


And with a sharp crack, Ichigo's eyes widened and Aizen broke out into a sickening laugh. Ichigo's sister's eyes were drained of life; their cute young faces that had always filled him with warmth were pale, and the just hung in the monster's grip, showing no resentence that they formally had. But what broke Ichigo was the painful sight of the broken chains connected to their small forms and there, on the ground, was their souls.

They looked alive again, only unconscious. But any hope that the forms that Aizen was hold was just another illusion was shattered when he saw the remaining halves of their chains lying next to them. It was at this very moment did Ichigo's mind collapse.

He dropped to his knees, Zangestu falling to the ground beside him. Tears, true tears started to dip onto his checks as he stared at the sisters he cared so much about. It was the first time in years, the first time since Ichigo's mother died had he cried. Reaching out to the fallen forms of his dear sisters, did Ichigo finally break down into a full going sob, something he promised himself he would never do again.

While all the while did Aizen looked on, his twisted grin turn into a laugh that only the devil himself could muster. Ichigo didn't even seem to pay attention to the sick laughter, something that caused Aizen to laugh even harder.

"It's just so Pathetic Ichigo! You gain the power of God and yet you weep over the death of two humans? It's just so pathetic."

Ichigo was shaking now, his tears weren't stopping and he couldn't even bare to look at the monster before. The words digging in, twisting every emotion that lay dormant in Ichigo's very soul.

"To think you wanted to protect everyone who was dear to you."

Ichigo froze at that statement.

"And yet when it came down to those who you loved the most…you failed."

Everything going on in Ichigo's mind just stopped the moment he registered those words.

"You Failed Ichigo Kurosaki…they're dead…you could have saved them…but you failed."

That very moment was when Ichigo couldn't take it anymore. He started to shake again, with anger not sadness this time. His knuckles turned white as he grabbed his Zanpakuto and twisted his head at the chuckling madman. He then whispered something, his voice shaking enough for Aizen to barley understand him.

"…I'll kill you…"

Aizen turned to the unstable shinigami, a demonic grin still adorning his face. He carelessly tossed the bodies of Ichigo's sisters to the side and took a few steps closer to the boy. Raising the blade that now adorned his right arm, Aizen brought it down and skimmed it gently across his check before replying.

"What was that? I didn't quite catch that." Aizen said in a humorous voice.

Then without warning, Ichigo's arm shot out and took hold of the blade, much to Aizen's surprise. And despite how hard he tried, Ichigo's firm grip would not faultier and remained strong.

"I said…"

In an instant Ichigo's hand crushed the blade without even a simple amount of effort. Aizen, utterly surprised by this jumped backwards, getting some distance between the two of them. As he looked back at the boy, a stunned look on this monstrous face, Aizen could only wait for the next move Ichigo would make. Ichigo slowly raised his head to meet at eye level with his foe and slowly opened his eyes to reveal black pupils, yellow irises and the black sclera of his eyes; eyes filled with rage that could tear an entire dimension to shreds.


After that moment Ichigo's memory began to fade, showing him only mere fragments of the events that transpired. Images of an engaging inferno that destroyed everything in its path, screams of pain so intense and blood…so much blood. To this day Ichigo couldn't remember what exactly happened in those moments but either way he didn't care, whatever he did killed Aizen, and he was okay with that.

Shortly after regaining his bearings Ichigo made his way back to where this all started, where his sisters were. Looking at their still forms nearly brought Ichigo to tears again, Aizen's words still echoing inside his mind, reminding him of all he promised and failed to do, keeping his sisters safe. Can't taking it anymore, Ichigo dropped to his knees and started to cry his eyes out, begging forgiveness for his failure. But while doing this Ichigo didn't notice his sisters starting to stir.


Ichigo slowly lifted his head and gazed at the source of the voice. Karin was looking at Ichigo with a sad look in her eyes, she looked tired, sad, and of course concerned. Ichigo rushed to her side and helped her into a sitting position, seeing how she was about fall on her face from lack of strength.

"Karin, how do you feel?..." Ichigo asked, his tears causing his voice to crack.

"I've been better, how's Yuzu?"

Ichigo turned his concerned eyes to gaze at his other little sister. Keeping Karin securely in his arms, Ichigo slowly approached Yuzu's laying form. His heart nearly broke in two when he sat down next to her, her crying were something Ichigo could never bear to hear. Gently laying Karin down next to her sister Ichigo calmly stroked his sister's hair in a attempting to calm his sister down somewhat. But the sound of her quietly sobbing was too much for Ichigo, especially combined with the next thing she said.


Ichigo couldn't say anything to comfort her, he just couldn't. Glancing at the crater the massive explosion created in the ground, Ichigo couldn't feel anything, anything but regret that is.

"The old fool…why did he do that?" Karin couldn't help but mutter into Ichigo's sleeve, "Why Ichigo?...Why did he have to do that!"

Not able to take their tears anymore, Ichigo pulled both of his sisters into a tight embrace.

"He wanted to protect you two, he didn't care what happened to himself…all he cared about was you both."

The three siblings shared a long, tear filled hug for a few moments before finally releasing each other. Karin was relatively calm now while Yuzu still had a few tears in her eyes, Ichigo himself had a expression on his face, not even wanting to think about what was about to come up.

"Ichi-nii? What happens now?" Yuzu asked, concerned and confused about her brother's look.

Karin on the other hand was already aware of the reason behind her brother's expression, her hands tightly holding the broken chain attached to her chest.

"I'm sorry…Karin, Yuzu…I'm…s-sorry."Ichigo couldn't keep his calm composer any longer and broke down, much to the surprise of his sisters.

"Ichi-nii what's wrong?" Yuzu asked, still unfamiliar with seeing her brother crying at all.

"I-it's my fault, all of this is my fault…It's my fault dads gone, and it's my fault you're both…" Ichigo replied, his tears making his voice hard to understand before Karin interrupted him.

"Shut up! None of this is your fault! How can you think that Ichigo?"

Ichigo only shook his head, refusing Karin's words, "No! It is my fault! I wasn't strong enough! I couldn't protect you two! I couldn't protect dad! I couldn't protect anyone! I failed yo-'SMACK'"

The sound of Yuzu's hand slapping Ichigo across the face surprised both him and Karin, who was about to do the very same thing a moment later.

"Don't you say that Ichigo! Don't ever say that! You didn't fail anyone, you did the best you could and don't ever tell us that again!"

Ichigo didn't believe her, he still felt that he failed them both, but the words she spoke did make him feel a bit better. Slowly putting on a sad smile, Ichigo slowly helped his sisters get to their feet before embracing them in another bone breaking hug.

After being released from her brother's hug, Yuzu repeated her previous question, "Um…Ichi-nii?"

"Yes Yuzu?"

"…what's going to happen to us now?"

Ichigo pulled his gaze from his sisters faces, this was a moments he really wanted to postpone as long as he could,"I guess I'll have to perform a Konsō on you both and send you to the Soul Society."

Karin had an eyebrow raze at this while Yuzu asked him something else, "What's the Soul Society?"

Ichigo let out an annoyed sigh at his little sister's question, he really didn't want o explain what the Soul Society really was so he just went with the short version of it, "Think of it as Heaven Yuzu."

Yuzu grinned at Ichigo's simple answer, clearly satisfied with his answer while Karin on the other hand wanted to ask a far more important question.

"Will we see you again Ichigo?" she asked the stunned shinigami, mentally praying for the answer she hoped for. After about a minute of silence, Ichigo gave her a nice smile.

"Of course you will Imouto, I promise."

Unfortunately Karin didn't return his smile. Even after years after their mother's death, Karin could always see through Ichigo's fake smiles, the ones he used to hide his true feelings behind a false sense of happiness in moments of great pain. And his current smile was just one of those moments.

"Don't lie to me Ichigo; you know you've never been that good at it." Karin said with a sad grin.

Ichigo returned her grin, "Ya, makes wonder how my teacher believes all my excuses at school."

Reaching down and picking up Tensa Zangestu, Ichigo hesitantly brought the hilt up to his sister's eye level. His hand was shaking, he knew this had to be down, the sooner the better would be the best for all of them despite the fact none of them wanted it.

"You both ready?" He asked hesitantly, wishing both would deny him this.

"Yes Ichigo, I'm ready." Karin replied while Yuzu just nodded, tears threatening their calm appearances.

Slowly brining the hilt of his Zanpakuto inches from their foreheads, he couldn't bring himself to do it, to lose the last of his family, the last of his loved ones, the ones he failed.

"I love you Ichi-nii."

"Love you, Ichigo."

That did it, the walls that made up Ichigo's will broke down and tears started to roll down his checks.

"I love you both too…Goodbye."

And with those final words and a flash of light, they were gone. Karin and Yuzu Kurosaki had moved on from the world of the living.

For Ichigo, everything just froze for a few moments. He was alone, his father, his sisters, his mother; they all were gone, leaving the young shinigami all alone. And finally after an unimaginable amount of time for Ichigo, he just dropped to the ground, his Zanpakuto leaving his hand and eyes were slammed shut. Releasing the most heart shattering scream ever heard, Ichigo's inner world was engulfed in the hardest downpour since Ichigo's mother died.

That's how we end up with this scene, Ichigo in his shinigami form, sitting on the roof of the empty Kurosaki clinic. The past week hadn't been good to him, despite the attempts at cheering him up; Ichigo's friends had no luck at restoring the boy to his former scowling self. It was a horrible for everyone to see him that way, even though Tatsuki had seen Ichigo go through something similar when his mother died she never saw him this bad off before.

All he could do was think; thinking was he escapes for the moment, at least until he felt a familiar yet annoying spiritual pressure behind him.

"What do you want Urahara-san?" Ichigo asked his guest, not really caring at the moment.

Kisuke Urahara, the owner of the Urahara Shōten and former captain of the Twelfth Division of the Gotei thirteen frowned at his old student's greeting, noticing the lack of nickname given to him.

"Ah Kurosaki-kun, how's it been?" Kisuke asked, flapping his fan over his face in the process.

"Do I really need to answer that Urahara?" Ichigo replied, not even glancing at him.

"Why so Serious Kurosaki-kun?" The shop keeper was clearly trying to cheer him up, and failing at it.

Ichigo finally turned and faced the shinigami. He didn't say anything, but Urahara understood the frown on his face. Urahara really wished he knew some way to help Ichigo get out of the slump he was in, but there was really nothing he could do, not that anyone would blame him. Almost every one of Ichigo's friends had tried at one point to get a good reaction out of the young shinigami, even Yoruichi's usual 'attempts' didn't get anything done.

Kisuke sighed, he really wanted to give Ichigo the news when he was in a better mood, "Ichigo, something's come up."

Ichigo was confused by the use of his first name at first but he gave it no notice, "Like what?"

"It's the Central Forty-Six; they basically want your head Ichigo."

Now any other time Ichigo had heard this would have forced him into an enraged fit, demanding answers from the shop keeper with no restraint. But right now Ichigo was rather concerned, he wanted to know why the Soul Society wanted him dead all of a sudden and he wasn't in the mood to go ballistic on his old teacher.

"Why would the Soul Society want me dead?"

Kisuke started to rub his head nervously, something that made Ichigo interested, "It's not really the Soul Society, just the Central Forty-Six."

This just annoyed Ichigo seeing how he really didn't know the difference between the two.

Seeing the annoyed scowl, Kisuke started to explain everything to Ichigo. After a long explanation of the inner works of the Soul Society's government, all of which Ichigo somehow was able just stand there and listen to all of it, Urahara finally started to explain what all this had to do with Ichigo.

"Now then, sense the Spirit king had the Central Forty-Six restocked and reinstated, they have been going over almost every detail concerning the war sense Aizen killed off their previous members."

"A few days ago they came across a report that concerned your hollow powers, at first they were going to sign you up with the rest of the Visords and allow you to live in exile."

Ichigo was annoyed by this, but other than that he didn't care, he just let Urahara continue.

"But after they learned of your defeat of Aizen, they decided you were too powerful to just let off, so they sent out a order to execute you."

Kisuke would have expected Ichigo to be angry, to be furious, to be upset. But he was none of those, instead he just looked tired, tired of all of this. He just looked at the shop keeper with a bored look an muttered.

"So what Captain's are they going to send to take me in?"

Urahara just shock his head at the young shinigami, "None, they were going to send the Royal Guard to apprehend you."

Now this really did surprise Ichigo, "Royal Guard? As in the Spirit King's 'Royal Guard'?"

"Yes, under order of the Spirit King, the Central Forty-Six has authority over the Royal Guard until most of the Captains of the Gotei Thirteen are back up and running again."

Ichigo groaned at this before slumping onto his back and laid his head down onto his hands in a comfortable fashion. "So what now? Do I need to go off into hiding and wait for the inevitable?"

Urahara then put a flashy happy grin on his face before flashing his fan again, "Nope Kurosaki-kun! Now I've got some good news for you!"

"Like what?" Ichigo replied.

"Well, Captain Yammamto was able to convince them into a compromise!"

With interest in his eyes, Ichigo looked back at his friend, "What kind of compromise?"

"Simple! You've got to leave!" Urahara said cheerfully.

"…what?" Finally after so much, a confusing expression formed on Ichigo's face.

Kisuke just laughed at the expression on Ichigo's face, getting a feeling of victory over the fact that he finally of Ichigo to display an emotion other than saddness and bordom. Getting a funny, yet creepy grin on his own face, Urahara asked Ichigo one last question.

"Tell me Kurosaki-kun, what do you know about a place called Shibusen?"

(1)- The begining Intro is from Fallout 3...I love those games.

(2)- Shibusen = Death Weapon Meister Academy

As you can see, this is a AU Bleach and Soul Eater Crossover. Both storylines follow the manga and are set in the same world. While Soul Eater's storyline is nearly the same, Bleach's is mainly a AU.

Ichigo did not use the Final Gestuga Tencho, at the sight of his family's deaths he hollowfied in his post training form, and seeing how he was already stronger than Aizen normally, he ripped him to pieces in this form, I don't care if he could have regenerated, A hollowfied post-training Ichigo wasted him. I made Aizen alot more crazy in this one, seening how he was losing it duringthe final battle with Ichigo. And I'm sorry if anyone's mad at the death of Ichigo's family, its for the plot and they will be missed (although there is still gona be jokes towards Isshin thoughout this fic).

Now I'm not going to completely eliminate the Bleach portion of this world. There will be various Bleach characters that will appear from time to time, don't be surpised if Kenpachi randomly bursts through a wall into the school and chases after Ichigo or Rangiku somehow drags Hitsugaya to America for shopping.

The main pairings of this Fic are going to be IchigoxBlair and IchigoxTsubaki, there may be a third girl paired with Ichigo but that would happen later in the storyline.

Now then, next Chapter Ichigo arrives in Death City, meets a certain kitty cat, and enters Shibusen for the first time! See you then!