The Other Side of Tomorrow

A/N: This is a little story that came to me while listening to Evanescence. I have to thank a short list of people before you can start reading so bear with me. First on the list is Faerie_kitten without whose WCs I could have never gotten as far as I am now also she encouraged me to turn to Sparkly Red Pen for a beta so thank you for that too. Next on the list is ltlerthqak my Prereader I was assigned by SRP who helped me a lot with my writing. Another huge thank you goes to wmr1601 my beta who put up with all my mistakes. And last but not least thank you to chartwilightmom who helped me with working out the quirks.

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight, I never have and I never will, I'm not making money with this and it's purely for fun.



I finally found it. This was the place I had been looking for ever since he left me. The place where I wanted to find my rest. His meadow where I'd finally learned everything about him. Where I had spent the best day of my life. Now it was empty, covered in snow, and had lost the magic that once existed here. Just like I had lost everything.

I lay down on the ground in the place where I had lain so many months before and allowed my thoughts, for the first time in months, to wander to him. Edward Cullen had been my reason for everything, and I'd once been fooled enough to think he felt the same about me. But he had told me it wasn't so, and thus, had crushed my heart. All I wanted to do was lie here and end it all. Nothing mattered anymore anyway. Edward didn't love me, and by leaving me, he had taken my life with him.

I started to feel cold and was glad. Freezing to death was much faster and less painful than the slow demise I had been suffering before. Now my thoughts weren't just full of Edward, but also his family and the future I had lost. I'd wanted to be a vampire and spend eternity with Edward and his family. With Alice, who had been my best friend and like a sister to me. Emmett, his bear like brother who always had a joke on his lips and was constantly smiling. Esme … Jasper … Rosalie … Carlisle … It hurt to think of them all.

I felt the life drain out of me, replaced by cold, when someone stepped into my line of vision. It was a woman; a woman so beautiful she could compare to Rosalie. She was a tall with strawberry blonde hair and pale skin. From her golden eyes, I could tell she was a vampire who lived the same lifestyle as the Cullens. When she saw me looking at her, a glimmer of recognition seemed to flicker in her eyes.

"You're Bella Swan, Edward's mate. What are you doing here?"

I pulled all my strength together and opened my mouth to speak. "Cold… Edward…" was all I got out before my eyes fell shut. I was dying, and I was glad.

"Don't worry, Bella. I'll bring you back to Edward."

And then the burning started ...