9:04am January 26th, Port Angeles,

Hermione looked hopelessly at the nozzle which was allegedly supposed to provide fuel to the large black Range Rover beside her. For the life of her she could not get it to work.

"Why don't you work?" she muttered getting increasingly infuriated at the device. It had taken her a little time to get used to filling up a car when she had practiced in a petrol station in the middle of London, but here, in an isolated American gas station she was having trouble. She could practically feel the laughs of her companion through the thick tinted windows, but she refused to look at him, besides it's not like he could have done any better, he was a pureblood wizard and this was only his second time riding in a car. He had spent twenty minutes today prodding the advanced touch screen on the dashboard and exclaiming at how odd it all was.


She was about to give in to her desperation and just whip her wand out of the hidden thigh holster beneath her skirt when another car glided smoothly into the clear forecourt. Sighing in irritation she continued to press buttons and jab the hose in the direction of the fuel tank.

"Having trouble?" A silky smooth voice behind her asked before his door clicked shut behind him.

"Evidently," Hermione mumbled, inspecting the torn instruction sticker on the side of the meter.

"Perhaps you would allow me to assist you then?" he offered politely, Hermione turned curiously and raised her eyebrows as she took in the person who was offering her help. Her eyes widened at his boyish and angular good looks.

His tousled bronze locks were purposefully messy and his eyes burned from his pale skin like vats of liquid topaz. He was tall and slender, although you could tell easily that underneath his dark jeans and grey shirt that he was muscular.

She knew what he was.

"Well?" he prompted, flashing a lopsided grin.

Hermione's eyes closed briefly as her right hand flew to her temple, she felt a pulling there. Defiantly she slammed on her Occlumency shields; he was trying to get into her mind. Steeling herself she raised her chin and opened her eyes.

"Thank you," she said, eyeing him warily none the less. He frowned at her, a flash of uncertainty crossing his gaze as he continued to watch her. However he quickly recovered himself and smirked once again.

"Have you not been driving long then?" he asked politely, as he fitted the pump into the car correctly.

"Petrol stations are different back home," she replied, brushing her caramel waves out of her face.

"You sound like you're from England," he commented, Hermione nodded in response.

"You have to put the money in first," he said pointing to the slot. "And then push this button twice."

"Oh," she said, pulling out her purse and extracting a gold bank card.

"I've never seen that kind of card before," the bronze haired boy said.

"No?" she replied noncommittally, taking care to shield the Gringotts insignia with her thumb. The card was used to charge galleons and sickles from her wizarding vault whilst paying for muggle items with their currency. There was a silence as the tank slowly filled.

"Whereabouts?" he asked her, breaking the uncomfortable hush.


"In England, whereabouts are you from?" he repeated, lips upturned in amusement.

"Buckinghamshire," she replied.

"Here on holiday?" he asked, as if trying to strike up a conversation.

"No actually I-" her reply was interrupted by the hum of the car window descending and a handsome redhead poking his head out.

"How long is this going to take?"

"Just finished Charlie," Hermione replied to him. Charlie was only just taller than Hermione; he was well built and stocky with skin so tanned that his freckles were hardly distinguishable and burn scars over his arms from years of working outside with dragons. His twinkling blue eyes skipped to the person she was with and a grin spread over his face. "Merlin, get in the car," he instructed good naturedly. "You're a trouble magnet you are, not a month goes by."

Hermione shot him a pointed look, eyes narrowed and returned the fuel nozzle to its holster.

"Thank you very much for your help," she said in a level tone, taking her card from the machine and inclining her head toward him. Without giving him a chance to reply she rushed into the car and hit the accelerator.

"Charlie Weasley you are an arse," she told him elbowing him in the ribs as they pulled out at breakneck speed onto the highway. He chuckled and shook his head.

"Already attracting the vamps," he teased, bringing his knees up to rest on the dashboard.

"Class B?" Hermione asked, though she already knew the answer, it was something else to have it confirmed. "You're the magical creatures expert here."

"I'm flattered," the dragon tamer replied. "But yes, I believe so."

"Did you feel it?" she asked cryptically.

"The Legillimency?" he asked, she nodded once. "I thought I was imagining it."

"I felt it too," she told him. "But it doesn't matter I doubt we'll run into that one again, or another."

"Interesting though," he said with a shrug, she nodded in agreement. "I trust you will have read every book on the subject by nightfall."

"You know me," she said with a broad smile in his direction.

"That I do," he said, winking as he in turn flashed her a sly grin.

9:05am, January 26th, Cullen Residence, Forks

"What is it Alice?" Esme asked her pixie-like, adopted daughter as her eyes came back into focus. The pair were sat in the lounge of their spacious and modern home, Esme reading a book on cooking and Alice designing yet another evening gown for her portfolio.

The sketching pencil fell from her slender, pale fingers and she looked up at her 'mother,' brow furrowed in concern. Seeing this look on her face Esme crossed the room with superhuman speed, closing the gap between them and perching herself next to Alice. Brushing her long, flowing hair from her shoulder, she clasped hold of Alice's hand.

"It's Edward," Alice whispered looking into the distance. "He's not going to love Bella anymore."

"What on earth can you mean?" Esme asked in deep motherly concern. Her old Hollywood, glamorous good looks not doing justice to her caring, tender side.

"I don't know where Edward and Bella were, but Bella was sat down and Edward was stood up and he said, 'I'm sorry Bella, but this time it's for good. I have to end it, it's not fair on you and I'm so sorry.' Then Bella said 'Either this is for my own good again or it's about her. You don't have to do this Edward we're meant to be together,' and he replied with 'blood singer doesn't mean soul mate Bella,' and then she started to cry and he shook his head and knelt before her and said 'I am so sorry Bella, but I have to be with her. I never knew true happiness before her and its not fair on you to live this lie' and then it stopped."

"But you saw their wedding," Esme said in confusion.

"Their path has changed," Alice said with a shrug of her delicate shoulders. "She isn't his soul mate and he isn't going to marry her."

"Was he a gentleman about it?" Esme asked unexpectedly, Alice nodded. "Well then," she said, standing and smoothing her already immaculate clothes. "We shall make the effort to conceal our thoughts of this around Edward until we know more."

"I want to find out who it is," the younger vampire said, biting her lip.

"We don't know if it will actually happen Alice," she chided gently. "You're visions are subjective to decisions and coincidence after all."

"I'm going to try and find her," Alice responded strongly. "He said it himself, that he found true happiness with her. I love Bella, you know I do but Edward is my brother and he deserves to find it."

Esme looked torn.