9:00am, September 1st, Fashion House, Seattle, Thirty Five years since Hermione left.

"And I'd like dress A to F in the Fall-Winter collection sent to the Vogue buildings before lunch time please," Alice finished, instructing her staff as she did every morning. "That is all thank you." They all left, note books in hand and she was left in her modern office, she sighed happily and span her chair a little.

Alice watched as a hoard of frightened looking small children, each looking about ten file into a chamber after a blonde Professor with sweeping black robes.

"The headmistress will see you shortly," he told them all. A moment later two, engraved double doors swung open and a witch with curly brown hair, dark, intelligent eyes and a kind face walked into the room. She was dressed regally, in robes of a deep red which trailed along the ground behind her. She raised her arms, clad in large gold bangles and rings in greeting as she laid on the group of children.

"Welcome," she said in a clear voice, smiling warming at the cold, scared students who were looking at her with a mixture of awe, admiration and fear. "I hope Hogwarts has lived up to all your expectations so far, that you are looking forward to your time here and that you had a safe journey. You are about to walk forward into the Great Hall, which we use for dining three times a day and functions, the Sorting Ceremony always kicks off the year and you will all be put into your houses."

A lot of the children looked worriedly at each other.

"Whichever house you are placed in I want you to know that you will never be alone here, your house does not define you, it just gives you a place to find yourself, among likeminded people. Each and every one of you has a bit of each house within you. You are all loyal and hardworking like Hufflepuffs, resourceful and intelligent like Ravenclaws, brave and true like Gryffindors and ambitious and strong like Slytherins. Don't let just one of those traits outshine the other. To be accepted by Hogwarts to start with you must be all of those things so make sure that by the time you leave us that each and every wonderful trait you possess is there, ready for everyone to see."

"Your housemates will be your family, but like siblings. Here at Hogwarts we are all a family and I promise you that help will always be here- all you have to do is ask. Hogwarts will be your home for the next seven years and I'm sure that one of you will have a problem to solve, or misdemeanour to account for. My office is behind the portrait on the third floor, ask one of the members of the DA to send me a message and I will see you as soon as possible. If however you don't feel that I am necessary for the small problem at hand then your heads of house will be more than willing to assist you, or punish you in anyway necessary, though I sincerely hope, for your sakes that it is not the latter." She sent a pointed look at three students who were all stood together.

"Head of Gryffindor is Herbology teacher, Professor Longbottom. Head of Ravenclaw is Professor Patil, who teaches Divination, a third year elective. If you are in Hufflepuff, Potions Master Professor Macmillian will assist you and if you are in Slytherin then you need to seek Professor Malfoy, Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, who you have just met." She gestured to Draco who was standing next to her as Deputy Head.

Now, I imagine the rest of the students are getting hungry so if you could all line up in an orderly fashion to enter the hall, Professor Malfoy will escort you in whilst I address the older students. I look forward to meeting you all properly over a cup of tea in the next week or so, I will owl each of you individually. Good luck."

She beamed at that them all again and turned to walk back through the door, but she paused and held up her wand.

Three dubious looking fanged teacups flew toward her and combusted in mid-air.

"I've taught enough Weasleys and Potters over the years to know when to check pockets, boys," she said to the three boys who she had singled out earlier.

Alice faded out of Hermione's presence and into her office once again. She picked up her phone and dialled Rose. Telling her all about the vision she had.

"Were we right not to tell him about meeting that Luna girl?" Rosalie asked.

"I'm not sure anymore," Alice said, it was difficult for them to refrain from ever thinking of it, but they managed for fear that it would hurt him. "I think we need to talk to her again."

"I agree," Rosalie said. "And soon."

"You ring her and ask her to meet us at that Italian Bistro for lunch whilst I get back," Alice instructed.

1:00pm, September 1st, Italian Bistro, Port Angeles

"Hello Mrs Black," Alice said politely as the strange blonde woman sat down.

"Please," she said in a dreamy voice, it had not changed since they last spoke so many years ago. "Call me Luna, but I don't know your names."

"Alice and Rose," the blonde replied.

"I'll admit I didn't expect to see you again," she said distantly. "I didn't get the impression we saw eye to eye."

"We were wondering if you could tell us something actually," Rosalie said.

"Ah, I thought you might want something from me," she said with a small smile. The two girls looked uncomfortable at her bluntness. "What can I help you with?"

"Is Hermione headmistress of Hogwarts yet?" Rosalie asked directly.

"Why yes," Luna replied. "Today is the first of September, her first day as headmistress." Alice bit her lip, her vision had been in real time.

"What can you tell us about her?" Rosalie asked.

"Why do you want to know?" Luna asked not deviously, but curiously.

"It's complicated," Alice said slowly. "But we need something… to help our brother."

"I have something which may help you," she said, routing around in her bag. "As you know about Hermione, it won't hurt me giving you this." She passed her a thick, scarlet book.

"What's this?" Rosalie questioned, picking up the book.

"Her unofficial biography," Luna said with a smile. "I was asked to proof read it for the writer before it's published to make sure the facts and dates are correct."

"And are they?" Rosalie pressed.

"To my knowledge, yes," Luna said.

"Thank you," Alice said.

"This will help us," Rosalie said, nodding as she flicked through the pages.

10:00am, September 1st, Forest on the outskirt of Forks,

"There you are," Rosalie said as she and Alice stepped out of the forest and into a clearing.

"What are you doing here Edward?" Alice asked, her tone softer than Rosalie's as she addressed the boy lying on the floor, watching the clouds.

"This was the place I first learnt Hermione was a witch," he murmured, saying her name like a prayer.

"Edward, that was thirty five years ago," Rosalie said bluntly. "Why are you here today?"

"This is the date, all that time ago that I first realized she was serious," he replied. Alice and Rosalie both dropped to the floor, sitting next to his legs. "That she wasn't coming back."

"Edward why are you like this, why does it still affect you so much?" Rosalie asked.

"She was my soul mate, everything I ever wanted and she lied to me, lied to me and left me," he said.

"Are you talking about her getting married?" Rosalie asked, he nodded once. "I have something I have to tell you Edward, and it's going to hurt, but you're going to have to move on after all this time."

"I'm sorry Edward, but she's right," Alice whispered.

"Hermione got married when she was twenty seven," Rosalie said quickly, pulling out the scarlet book from behind her back. "Hermione Granger taught Transfiguration to the lower years of Hogwarts students for two academic years whilst she obtained her mastery certificate in Transfiguration- she remains to date the fastest to achieve this, in just three weeks less time the than the legendary Professor Albus Dumbledore, during this time she was also Head of Gryffindor House. She then taught full Transfiguration for three years before Charlie Weasley accepted the post of Care of Magical Creatures Professor after a year they announced their engagement and two years after that, they married in Romania. She was given away by best friend and Boy Who Lived, Harry Potter, as her father died the year previous." Edward was speechless as he stared at Rose.

"She did wait eight years until she got married," she said. "If you remember Edward, Hermione said when she left, to call her in a few years once she'd figured her life out. You never called so, so she assumed you'd moved on."

"I… I thought she had already married Weasley," he choked out.

"She didn't," Rosalie told him. "She didn't lie to you, she really said no to him the first time he asked for the same reason she told you."

Alice watched him with sad eyes.

"That's one of the two things that are stopping you moving on," Rose continued. "That you thought she lied to you and that you thought she should be with you, that were meant to be together."

Edward nodded. Rosalie's face turned harsh.

"That's horrible arrogance Edward," she scolded. He looked shocked, Rosalie was talking to him about arrogance. "You knew from the beginning that Hermione had dreams, you knew that she would not just roll over and give up her whole life to you it was obvious from the start that she was not a Bella."

Edward glared at his sister and Alice looked anxious.

"Why are you so passionate about this?" he asked her.

"Because," Rosalie said furiously. "Hermione made the exact decision I would have! She had two choices if she stayed with you. One-in her eyes waste her life with you as a human, doing nothing of merit or two- be changed and become a vampire and give up any chance of the career and family she wanted."

She opened the book in front of her on a double page.

"Look at this," Rosalie said, pointing at a moving, portrait photograph of Hermione and Charlie holding three young children in their arms whilst they laughed and cuddled with them. "Hermione had children when she was thirty one and thirty two. She has three, almost grown up children. She has nine nieces and nine nephews. She is godmother to five children and she is now Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

"But she hardly looks older than when I last saw her," he breathed.

"That's what confused you and Alice in the visions," Rosalie said. "She's a witch, she ages different to humans, we didn't take that into account."

Edward closed his eyes and nodded his face serene and emotionless.

"There is one last thing you have to see," Rosalie said brusquely showing him the other page. There was a photograph of three teenagers.

Two identical twin boys looked at the camera, with Hermione's caramel curls falling into their eyes, they had to keep sweeping it away. They had the same almond shaped eyes as Hermione, but they were blue like Charlie's, they also had the same tanned complexion as their father and infectious grin which was an obvious Weasley trait. They stood either side of a giggling girl; she looked only a little younger than them. She had hair just like Ginny, long and red, Hermione's dark brown eyes and the same smile as her brothers.

"These are her children, taken a few months ago," Alice whispered, she did not trust Rose to say it with enough tenderness. She pointed to the girl. "That's her daughter Imogen Juliet and twin boys Arthur Daniel and Reuben Edward."

Edward pulled the photo toward him, searching the face of his name sake for every trace of Hermione in him.

"You can't be bitter about this anymore Edward," Rosalie told him. "Look at them, they're wonderful. You couldn't give her this life, it wouldn't be fair of you to take the possibility of it away. That's why humans and vampires shouldn't fall in love."

"She named her son after me," he breathed, running his fingers over the boy's face.

"After all those years, she never hated you, she thought fondly of your time together and you sat here and stewed. You didn't move on but it was you that didn't call, it was you that broke the pair of you up in the first place by not trusting what she said about Charlie proposing," Rosalie told him bluntly. "This is your own fault. So get over it and move on."

"I drove her away," he breathed, snapping the book shut to gaze at her face on the cover. "She's just as beautiful as when I last saw her, forty seven and just as breath taking. But not mine and it's my own fault."

"She was always going to be her own person Edward," Alice said. "You couldn't tame a spirit like that."

"I think you should go and find Tanya," Rosalie said, looking at him judgementally. "She won't wait around forever."

"She already has," Edward said. "But I do need to tell her that I got my closure. Do you mind if I borrow this?" Alice and Rosalie looked unsure. "I promise, I just want to know how she got on." They nodded and Edward bade them goodbye.

"Hermione's kids were a lot better looking than Bella's," Rosalie said frankly.

"Rose!" Alice exclaimed.

"Oh come on," she defended. "It's not her fault, Tyler's a mug."

7:00pm, September 2nd, Headmistress' Office, Hogwarts Castle, Scotland

"Can you tell me why exactly it is that you three have been sent to my office on the first day of lessons?" Hermione asked, setting down her quill and surveying the rule breakers with a stern gaze.

"I charmed Myrtle's bathroom taps to spray frogspawn and then bet first years that they couldn't drink three pints of tap water," came the reply from the first boy. "And Professor MacMillan didn't appreciate the amount of skill needed to work that charm."

"What did you bet them?" she sighed.

"All of their clothes," he replied. Hermione gave him a perturbed look.

"Then I sold them back to them for premium rates," his male accomplice explained. Hermione shook her head.

"You'll all be serving detention with Professor Longbottom this weekend for four hours, as seventh years you could actually be of some use with the dangerous plants," she said. "Where did you come into this Victoire?"

The pretty blonde girl flicked her long, silvery blonde hair over her shoulder and smiling coyly.

"It was a girls' bathroom Aunty Mione," she replied. Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Go on, back to Gryffindor tower with you all," she said, shooing them out of her office. "There are far too many Weasleys in this school, they break the rules too often."

"Just like you Mum," the first boy said with a cheeky grin.

"No Reuben, I make the rules," she clarified, straightening her robes. "Now take Victoire and Fred and get out of here before I make you go on patrol with your brother and take away all of your Quidditch privileges."

"You wouldn't do that," he said confidently, but his eyes betrayed him, he knew she would make him patrol with Head Boy Arthur and stop him from captaining the Quidditch team. She smiled again.

"The threats always there," she replied with a smirk, then with a flick of her wand she sent her niece, nephew and son flying back through her office door like they were on roller skates. "How many years until all my family had left," she muttered. "Oh that's right, never. They reproduce far too fast to get shot of them."

She then laughed and smiled fondly.

The End.

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