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1. Call to Home

Genre: Family

Word Count: 377

Captain William Lennox was a trained, battle-hardened soldier. He'd served with distinction in the military for several years now. He'd seen many men fall on the battleground, never to return. He'd seen the fear in his wife's eyes whenever he was deployed. He'd struggled and fought with the best of men. He'd laughed and joked with the others in his unit. He'd done many things during his time with the army.

Yes, Captain Lennox was a soldier. But deep down, in the very core of his being, he was more than that. He was a father. A father to a little girl he'd never held, a little girl at whose birth he hadn't been present, because he was off fighting for his country. But he was still a father, and like any father serving in the army, he was looking forward to his rest period so he could get back to his family.

But before that, he was looking forward to a webcam chat.

"My wife on?" he asked, ducking into one of the buildings at the U.S. SOCCENT airbase.

"Yes, Captain."

Eagerly, he looked at the laptop screen, and was delighted to see his wife smiling at him, a five-month-old baby girl nestled in her arms.

"My ladies!" he said expansively, grinning widely. On the screen, Sarah tried to attract Annabelle's attention to her daddy. Lennox felt a rush of warmth and love.

"Look at her; she's getting so big!" he cooed. Epps would probably make fun of him if he could hear him now, but Lennox didn't care.

"She has your laugh," Sarah told him.

"She laughed?" His baby girl, growing so fast!

"Her first one." Sarah was clearly just as proud.

Lennox couldn't resist asking, "You sure she didn't just fart?"

Sarah chuckled. "No, she's a lady." In her arms, baby Annabelle started fussing. "She doesn't know you yet, but she will."

"Oh, I'm sure she will. Hey, Annabelle," Lennox addressed his daughter. "Hey, hi there! Listen, Daddy's gonna come home soon, and then we'll get to know each other all we want, okay? Daddy loves you."

And Annabelle smiled despite herself. Lennox smiled too, confident in the fact that he would be home soon, with his wife and daughter, for four blissful weeks.

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