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All of this chapter's in Nick's POV

Watching Ma and Christina share their secrets and discover fears and ways to concur them, it was a scene I wish I could replay over and over again. Ma had accepted her in the way only Ma could, and it made my stomach flip at thought of Christina surrendering to someone she barely knew to give her a sense of peace she'd been searching for. That had been two days ago, and I can't help but feel like it was wrong of me to ruin their moment. I know Ma didn't mind, but the surprising part was the fact that the tears didn't come until I was there with her, giving Christina tangible proof that no matter what, she was loved. Tom may not like me, may even hate me for being so close to her, but Christina seemed to be content with my presence and that's all that mattered.

Giving myself a mental shake, I decided I'd stood in front of my bedroom door long enough and went to check on Ma. Even before I reached the doorhandle, my mother clucked her tongue in that way that made heat rush up my neck knowing she had a lot on her mind.

"Mijo, she's married" she stated softly, patting the bed beside her as I dropped myself carefully and looked at my ceiling.

"I know Ma, I know"

"No judging mijo, love is love"

Love is love. Love isn't just love. Love is pain, happiness, sadness, acceptance and more. Love couldn't just be love between Christina and I. There was Tom, and while I understand that I told her to go to Dr. Wonderful, I can't seem to think that maybe she made a mistake. I'm not knocking what he and Christina have, but Tom is unaware of the amazingly beautiful woman he has and what she's still capable of.


"I know you love her, why won't you fight for her?"

"What is there to fight Ma? A marriage license?"

He heaved a heavy sigh and turned to look at her. She looked back at him with that mom look. He was well past 30 and still understood what it meant; Stop playing around and do something.

"What can I do? She made her decision, and I promised I'd be around. I'm not her husband"

"But you are more than a friend"

His ears tinged scarlet at that, remembering the awkward minutes with Tom before his only dinner with Christina. He smiled at the memory, knowing it was a different time that he couldn't ever go back to.

"Go to her"

"But Ma"

"No, mijo. Talk to her, take her out. Make her realize that even if you are not her husband that you are still important. That she is still important to you"

"She'll always be important to me" I responded immediately and realized, even without seeing her knowing smirk, that she had a point.

"Ok, I'll go. But the other two are in the living room if you need anything ok? And if you need me, I'm only a call away"

"Go Nicky, I'll be fine for a few hours"

Driving up to her house was…interesting. I drove by once to see if Tom was there, but I seemed to luck out this afternoon. Now, the only hard thing was getting Christina to agree.

Knocking on her door, I left my glasses on as to fake an air of calm that I hadn't felt since I'd seen her last with Ma. Seeing her open the door as a rare smile stretched across her beautiful face was enough to calm my nerves. She had this way of putting you at ease and setting off a flame in you all at the same time. It was incredibly enticing in the worst way possible. She was married, and that's the only thought that kept me from leaning across the threshold and stroking her soft cheek, scar and all.

"Hey" she breathed, and I felt my pulse jump at the warm look in her eyes.

"Hey yourself"

"How's your mother doing? She is ok isn't she?" Her face took on a look of instant concern, and I didn't even try to hide my pleased smile.

"She's fine, but she did send me on a mission" I stage whispered to her, leaning in just a little.

"Really? Whatever could she need from me?" She played along, leaning close to me as well.

"She wanted me to man up and ask you to go out with me"

A moment of panic flashed on her face before I rephrased it.

"What I mean is, she thinks we could use some time to just talk, and I completely agree"


"Please Christina, I know Tom will be upset but…"

"Upset? He'll be furious. But ok."

I started to open my mouth and plead my case before I looked up sharply and just stared at her. She seemed to keep up the trend of surprising me at every turn, and didn't disappoint this time either.

"You look shocked, would you rather I say no?"

"No! No, I really want some time just to be with you"

Her face morphed into a tender look that pulled at my heartstrings, just like the night she cried in my mother's arms.

"Good. What time should I be ready? Tom's working through the night so it isn't a big deal"

"Uh, 8 o'clock ok with you? I know just the place"

"Anything specific I need to know?" She asked intrigued as she noticed the smile on my face widen.

"Wear a dress, and heels. Dancing does have a few requirements"

"Dancing? Well Detective Renata, I hope you're as quick on your feet as you are to my rescue"

"Believe me, being Latino lends me finesse you wouldn't believe" I said winking at her.

She blushed, and I decided it was as good a time as any to leave. This woman was intoxicating in the best and worst way possible.

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