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The next week was a huge blur, until Tuesday came. I'd gotten my job back the day before, but it didn't make the week any easier. I'd known for weeks that this was the last time I'd ever be Tom's wife, but I really couldn't seem to force myself to feel remorseful. Tom isn't the same man I thought I was marrying, and being so close to Nick made that glaringly obvious. I'm mentally and physically exhausted from just that one last meeting with our lawyers, Tom seemed to make it that much harder for me. He barely looked at me, and once the papers were signed, he smiled and said that there were more important things he had to be doing. It stung that I was no longer one of those important things, but I refused to let him get the best of me. The next morning though, I really didn't think I'd make it when she walked in.

Flashback (she's thinking back to Wednesday, on the Friday morning of her dinner with Nick's family)

I was standing at the nurses' station when I'd heard Bobbie stop talking in mid sentence and poke me hard in the ribs as I was bent over looking at the computer. I looked up and froze, knowing exactly why she'd thought it was safe to poke me.

"Is that-"

"Yeah Bobbie, yeah it is"

The woman walked in with a wide eyed look as she was greeted by other doctors and such, and unfortunately spotted Bobbie and I and made her way over. If there was any possible way for the Earth to open up and swallow me, it was then.

"Hey Nurse Hawthorne, have you seen Tom? He said he'd meet me down here but I can't seem to find him"

Erin said it with her sweet country twang and it instantly put me on edge. I knew why Tom had told her to wait down here; I'd just come back and I was spending almost all of my time at this station. He knew I'd run into her and I'm guessing he was trying to hurt me. When I got a text message, I really tried not to smile at the timing. I'm beginning to think I'm transparent or I send out and invisible Bat signal when in distress.

"You know what? You can stay here until he comes down, Bobbie will even page him to make sure he's on his way" I said with a huge smile. She looked at me as if I'd gone mental, both her and Bobbie, but as I turned to continue my search, I heard the elevator ding just as the doors opened.

"So that's why everything's so wonderful huh…" Bobbie said thoughtfully as she laughed behind her hand. Nick had just come in and Tom was just now getting off the elevator. As Nick approached me, I smiled and came around the desk, eager to give him a hug for saving me from one hell of an awkward situation. He pulled me in tight to him and breathed a 'hi Beautiful' in my ear. I shivered and let go and turned to Erin just as Tom was a few yards away.

"Oh! I'm Erin, and you are?"

"Detective Nick Renata. It's nice to meet you Erin" he replied as he shook her hand and then put it around me. She looked pleased as Tom approached.

"So, how long you two been together?"

"It's all still new" I said, as Tom glared again at Nick before making his presence known.

"Hey Erin, I'm glad you're here"

"Hi Tom, I was just talking to Nurse Hawthorne and Detective Renata here" she smiled as she put her arms around him in a hug. He looked at me again over her shoulder and I leaned more into Nick's side.

"Oh. Well we should get going, lunch is always a crazy time" he said awkwardly as he kept looking from Erin to Nick.

"Ok. Well, it was nice meeting you. Bye"

As Erin and Tom walked away, he slipped his hand into hers and she just smiled up at him; it was slightly nauseating.

Bobbie looked up from her computer again, this time ending her charade of working as she watched the four of us interact.

"Well that was awkward"

"You're telling me. Your time is impeccable Nick"

"I was just worried you weren't eating; I think that was about as fun as a root canal"

"Sounds about right. Hey Bobbie, can you hold down the fort for an hour while I'm gone?"


I looked at her puzzled as I made a grab for my jacket.

"You're actually taking an entire hour to be away from the hospital? I think I need to mark the date on a calendar or something"

She laughed and I could hear Nick join in from behind me and it irritated me only because I was still off balance with the whole Erin thing.

"I can stay" I challenged with my arms crossed, until I felt Nick behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist.

"You don't wanna do that" he whispered in my ear, "You know you've missed me. I've sure as hell missed you" he finished. All I could do was lean my head back and try to control the heat and arousal that hit me like a freight train. He was too sexy sometimes.

"You're right, I did miss you" I said as I turned in his arms and looped mine around his neck. He lightly bumped his nose against mine and I could feel more than see his smile growing like mine.

"Awwww! Isn't that just the cutest thing you've ever seen?"

Breaking the moment between us, we both turn to see Kelly almost giddy and bouncing on the balls of her feet as she looks back and forth between us. We could only laugh as she gave us a hug at the same time, forcing us to withdraw the hold we had on each other.

"Thank you Kelly, but don't you have something to do" I asked pointedly.

"Other than witness the cutest PDA?" No not really"

I smiled again as Nick laughed his husky laugh, and the sound made me feel hot all over again.

"Well, we do so if you don't mind us…We'll be going now" He waved to Bobbie and Kelly as he gently nabbed my wrist and pulled me down the hallway towards the doors. He let go of me long enough to lace our fingers together and slow our walk to briefly kiss the knuckles on my hand, then placing a delicate kiss on my palm. All I could hear besides the blood rushing in my ears and the racing of my heart was another squeak from Kelly that made Nick laugh as we continued walking.

It was easy with Nick; easy to give into the subtle touches and the displays of affection because I knew he meant them. It wasn't to claim me as his, but really, the only way he knew to show me that I mean something to him at all times. It's endearing to say the least, and that isn't a word I would have thought to use when it comes to him. He surprises me in the best ways, and I think I could honestly get used to this.

End Flashback

I shook my head as I ran up to my office to grab a few things when I saw another great first week back. As I rounded the corner, Tom and Erin were outside his office, sharing a kiss before I ducked down a corridor, trying to forget what I'd just seen. I know I've felt something for Nick for some time now, but to know that Tom could bounce back that fast really hurt. As I turned t once again make my way to my office, I almost ran directly into Tom, him leaning the opposite way at just the right moment. We stood in the empty hall for a few minutes, just staring at one another with an unusually awkward tension between us.

"So…you and Erin huh?" I asked, and he got that guarded look on his face, one that I've become quite familiar with.

"What? Just because you have a…Nick, I'm not allowed to move on?"

"I'm not saying that Tom-"

"I like Erin, she's always been someone I could count on"

"Then why the hell did you marry me!" I yelled, my temper once again, flaring before I had a chance to stop it.

"You know what, I honestly don't know. At least with Erin, there weren't any secret passage ways and clues to decode. She was upfront with what she wanted; she was always honest with me"

"So was I-"

"Oh really? Then why didn't you tell me you've had feelings for Nick for a while?"

"I didn't"

"Don't lie! I see the way he is with you! He's always near you and holding your hand and it makes me sick!"

"Then you know what you can do? Don't look! I don't give a damn if you hate him, you have no right to have a say in what I do now"

"Did I ever?"

I stopped, not fully understanding him, until he just looked at me and turned to walk away. Just as he was about to round the corner, he stopped and turned to me one final time.

"Do what you want Christina. We have nothing to do with one another anymore" and with that he walked away. I slammed my hand against the wall and continued to my office, deadest on calling Nick to make sure dinner was still on tonight. Now my problems with Tom were officially done.

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