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(Kim's POV)

"Hells bells, this is one hot mess!" Sensai exclaimed, beginning to pace the forest floor. "I mean, what if she can't even phase? Or if you get her to phase but then she can't stay phased?" He stopped pacing and shifted his weight to one hip, tugging anxiously at the back of his neck as he attempted to covertly size Paul up while assessing his options in this situation we were in. I didn't know whether to giggle or cry it was so sweet he was even thinking of taking on Paul on my behalf if necessary.

"No, I should definitely be the one to go," Sensai announced after a beat. "I've been in Bennett's pack longer," he reasoned. "I have the benefit of having been inside his head more than Kim has to know the way he thinks…to understand the underlying emotional complexities that motivate his actions and reactions."

"O-kaay," Paul blew out a lungful of air and ran his still trembling palm over his face. He looked so tired. "I dunno what the fuck you just said…but yeah…pretty sure I tried to argue those same damn points…more or less…to the counsel. But it didn't matter," he seethed, "they insisted Kim had to be the one to submit Bennett's wolf if necessary!" He mumbled a barely audible, "Fucking ROQ," before punching his fist straight into a tree.

"Hey!" Sensai admonished. "Not like that tree got a vote either. Calm the fuck down." He continued pacing as he remarked flippantly, "Kim, do your part for the environment and give your imprint a blowjob or something. He's wound up tighter than the epidermis of an aging Beverly Hills woman."

Sensai preemptively shushed Paul before he could to growl in affront, and then questioned, "What is it they're pissing over anyhow?"

Paul cocked his head, his black eyes narrowing at Sensai. I knew that look. I didn't realize I'd unconsciously taken a tiny step back from Paul until his hand shot out and imprisoned my wrist. He gave me a sidelong look of warning before mumbling, "It's complicated."

"Well?" Sensai persisted with an eye-roll. He was apparently hell bent on pushing Paul's limit. "You said we didn't have any time." He crossed his arms over his chest. "So quick give us the dish because I'm not leaving Kong's side."

Oh, that did it.

"Paul, no!" I cried two seconds too late as he yanked me by the arm, sending me flying to the cold ground behind him as a cacophony of tearing fabric, feral growls and snapping jaws quickly drowned out any further protestation I might've made. Beyond my immediate concern, annoyance, and indignation at the sight of their two overgrown, stubborn wolves facing off, I couldn't help but also smart with inadequacy over just how fucking fast and easily both of them had been able to shift when I'd been unable to figure it out for the last hour. Goddamnit, I would never be any good at this.

"Stop it!" I demanded, awkwardly rising to my feet amidst what were now tangled, cumbersome layers of slanket, in time to see Paul's front claws rake Sensai's wolf's underbelly, causing him to yelp and thrash to the side, affording Paul's wolf just the opening he needed to leap forward with ready jaws and latch onto Sensai's neck.

"PAUL!" I screamed in horror as I watched his wolf whip his massive muzzle sharply to the side and then back, slamming poor Sensai's grey and white wolf to the ground by his neck like a ragdoll.

Sensai's wolf whimpered and lay motionless on the ground save the quick rise and fall of his chest while Paul's huge grey wolf, who'd clearly had the size and skill advantage in this all too brief massacre, continued to snarl over him and maintain what looked to me to be a rather unnecessarily vicious hold on Sensai's neck.

"Paul, you've made your point," I shrieked, "now stop it and let him go!"

After a few more intimidating growls he seemed to very reluctantly release Sensai's throat, only to snuffle crossly and snap his jaws in warning in my direction. My mouth fell ajar.

Beyond the shock and distress of what I'd just witnessed, it was still with a measure of fascination and awe that I watched Paul's magnificent grey wolf lope smoothly in my direction, shifting form effortlessly into the naked, gorgeously chiseled male specimen that was my imprint. Damnit, there went my ovaries again.

"Good god, Paul!" I admonished angrily, shaking off the perpetual lame girl effect he had on me. "What have you done? Is he okay?"

He seemed in no mood to humor me with a response as he grabbed the hem of my slanket and pulled, causing me to stumble backward to the ground as he proceeded to tear off a large strip of fabric. Then he strode back and tossed the fabric over the lower half of Sensai's wolf.

When Sensai shifted human his neck was still bleeding slightly, but he appeared to be healing rapidly and overall, largely undamaged as he arose and wrapped the fabric securely around his midsection.

"Sensai? Are you okay?"

Paul blocked my path before I could rush to my injured pack mate's side. Sensai gave me a sad, apologetic look, but didn't answer. He simply turned and ran back through the wood in the direction of my Aunt and Uncle's Escalade.

I was dumbfounded.

Paul tsked lightly by my side as I watched Sensai's form disappear through the trees. "Sensai would've liked to say goodbye to you," his deep voice supplied arrogantly, "but he couldn't."

I turned to find a rather obnoxious, self-satisfied smirk curling his lips.

"What the hell just happened?" I croaked.

"Congratulations," Paul snarked, "you just became Beta of Bennett's pack."

"What?! You mean-?"

"Yup, you're in a pack of two now." He grinned a little evilly.

"How? How could you do that?"

"Easily, actually." His smile fell. "It's the natural order of things. I should've just listened to my wolf's instincts, challenged Bennett and assumed control of his pack yesterday." He appeared to be berating himself for not doing just that.

"But, Paul-" I began indignantly, only to find myself at a loss for words when he raised one stern brow challengingly and stepped threateningly closer.

"He left you," he raged, "a newly fucking phased wolf! He's obviously neglected to train Sensai, much less school you in basic shifting skills." The truth of his words lashed at me, cutting in more ways than one.

"But what…" I swallowed, "what about Bennett?" I beseeched in a much more conciliatory tone.

"What about him?" he rasped back.

"Bennett…he…he needs Sensai…to…to help him protect Alison…" I stumble stepped backwards as I rambled much the same.

"Stop doing that," he snapped.

I halted my retreat, but failed to cease fidgeting with my torn slanket as he continued his approach.

"Protect Alison?" he laughed humorlessly, his eyes incredulous. "Kim, she slipped out from under his watch and made it all the way to fucking LaPush!" He thwacked a clenched fist against his chest. "My pack has spent the last 36-some hours defending Alison's life from sadistic vampires while Bennett was too busy searching for some damn smell in the woods."

I winced, nervously shifting my weight from foot to foot and inadvertently shuffling backwards again as Paul's fluidly graceful movements brought his naked form ever closer.

"Stop," he ordered tersely just as my back brushed up against a tree trunk. Fuck, I seemed to have virtually no frickin' sense of my surroundings! I was no good at this wolf stuff.

"This is about survival, baby," he stated flatly, his edible scent embracing me as he took the final few steps to breach the space between us. "A weak Alpha can get his whole pack killed. And Bennett's weak."

"He's not," I defended hotly, "you don't even know him, Paul,"

He rolled his eyes, casually lifting his arm to the left side of my head and resting his palm against the wide tree trunk behind me. "Kim, several hours from now he's going to need you to protect him from his own reckless stupidity while I hold Jared off from killing him."

"What?!" I shrieked. "Jared? Why would Jared-?"

"Well Kim," he began glibly, bracing his other hand against the tree in the space to my right, so that I was effectively trapped in between his muscled arms, "because wolves can get a little territorial sometimes." His black eyes raked me up and down. I twisted the slanket fabric between my sweaty fingers. "And it just so happens your cousin Bennett decided to follow his fucking nose straight up to LaPush and jump on our imprinting bandwagon." When he scowled I could've sworn I felt tiny stabs of pain straight through my heart. I physically hurt to see him upset.

"And by bandwagon," he clarified with an embittered chuckle, "I actually mean he jumped your friend Maggie Jenkins. Who, as it turns out, is the pack's most popular imprintee this week."

"Uh-uh…" I breathed after a pause, shaking my head. "No way."

"Yes." He nodded emphatically in contradiction when I continued to numbly shake my head. "Apparently," he divulged conversationally, "they've been holed up in the Jenkins' house hittin' it like a pair of dogs in heat for hours now. According to Embry, the whole block reeks of sex… and hymen blood," he added crudely.

I felt like I'd been sucker-punched in the gut. "Why?" I whispered stupidly.

Paul's brow lifted in amusement. "That's rhetorical, right?"

Damnit but there were so many whys! Why would the Spirit Warriors ever allow a double imprint to begin with? What purpose could it possibly serve? Why Maggie? Why Bennett? Why Jared?!

And why, dear god why, did this strange news cause me to feel so strangely torn apart inside and so oddly… left out?

Don't cry don't cry don't cry…

"What?" Paul queried mock concernedly. Penetrating eyes canvassed my features. "Have I said something upsetting?"

I understood he was clearly attempting to goad me to the point of explosion, but his irreverence still chafed. I was so emotionally deficit already.

"Was that really necessary what you did to Sensai?"

"Yes," he intoned emotionlessly, leaning in closer so that his forearms were resting against the tree behind me.

"And Maggie?" I blustered hoarsely, "And Bennett? Did you have to be so…graphic? And Jared?" I huffed, looking everywhere but his eyes. I'd also begun taking shallow breaths; his scent was too delectable for my own good this close up. "And…and Jared?!" I repeated stupidly. Fuck me I was in no position to go head to head with an angry, aggressive Paul Lahote right now.

"Yess," he hissed again, leaning closer into me while dipping his head so that his nose grazed my temple. Surely he could hear my heart galloping out of control. "We're running out of time, baby," he gritted, "and I'm running short of patience. And this," he thrust his pelvis forward, his naked erection bumping briefly against my slanket-covered, lower abdomen, "isn't helping much." I gulped audibly and was rewarded with the first genuine chuckle I'd heard from Paul since all of the tension following Sensai's unwelcome return. My heart felt a little better for hearing it.

"So let's get started with your crash course in phasing and fighting before I change my mind about coming to Bennett's rescue, shirk all my Alpha duties in favor of fucking you against this tree, hmm?"

I nodded absently, not fully processing the meaning of any of the words he'd uttered prior to those about fucking me against the tree. He kissed my forehead and whispered, "I'm gonna give you a head start, baby. Because I love you… and because… because I can't run so fast just yet with this monster wood…'kay?"

I nodded again in accord. Wait…what were we talking about? I was robbed of my slanket a split second later. Huh? He'd dropped his arms from the tree and had taken a step back, giving me space.

"Run," he growled when I raised confused, saucer eyes to his. His dark eyes appeared torn…perhaps contrite. "Run and try your best to phase," he implored. "If my wolf catches you in human form, it's probably gonna hurt worse."


"Run!" he ordered again, at a decibel that shook the ground beneath me. "Now!"

He somersaulted backwards and was morphing into his giant, snarling wolf form a millisecond later.


Paul's ginormous grey wolf roared in my direction, his yellow eyes narrowing at me. Then he bared his teeth and snapped his jaws.

I bolted.

I didn't think, I just ran. I'd no clue exactly where I was going as the faintest shards of daylight began to break through the trees, speckling the forest floor with tiny slivers of light. He'd told me to phase, but I still didn't know how. Though I'd done it before, it'd never been without either one or both of the other Kims present. I wasn't convinced that alone I'd be able to channel enough anger or other adequately strong emotional response necessary to trigger a shift.

True to his word Paul seemed to be giving me a head start as I heard nothing but my own two clumsy feet scampering through leaf litter. With my newly improved human form and supernatural speed, it was easily the fastest I'd ever run in my life. But not fast enough.

Out of nowhere a four-footed giant beast crashed to the ground just in front of my path, sending dirt and twigs flying at me and knocking me off balance simply from the force at which the earth vibrated. I somehow staggered back up to my feet, only to trip a moment later when a cool, long muzzle butted against the backs of my knees.

As I was once more scrambling to my feet, it was a human Paul who managed to swipe my legs out, knocking the air from my now burning lungs as I fell forward onto my chest. He was on top of me before I could even arise to my hands and knees, flipping me over, pinning my arms and straddling my waist with what felt like almost his full weight, making it virtually impossible for me to suck in desperately needed oxygen.

"This is mount position," he informed casually, not sounding the least bit short of breath. "You wanna pull your elbows down to either side of your ribs as quickly as possible," he instructed.

I wanted to scream. Asshole was holding my arms over my head! How the fuck was I supposed to get my elbows down to my sides when he had my wrists pinned? He was also completely naked and smelled heavenly. It was doing all sorts of conflicting things to my insides.

"C'mon, Kimmie, do it quickly!" he growled, scooting slowly forward on his knees until he was straddling my ribs. Did I mention he was fully naked?

"The higher up your chest an attacker gets the less options and chance you have of escaping in this position," he advised like he was giving a formal lesson, not straddling me with his naked cock slipping further up between my breasts. "You want to block their knees with your elbows so they can't get higher up than your waist. As long as they're straddling your waistline you can still thrust up with your hips and throw them off you." He really was exasperating.

"Fuck off, Paul," I ground out with what meager breath I still possessed.

"TRY, Kim!" he demanded, squeezing my wrists so hard I was sure he'd cut off the blood flow to my fingers.

I hated him.

And still I could feel myself growing wetter by the second. I glared up into his gold-flecked irises, wishing his flushed, obnoxiously beautiful, sculpted face could just burst into flames and leave me alone. Yet I deigned to humor him and pulled with all my might in what I knew would result in a vain attempt to free my poorly abused wrists. It was.

"Christ, you're not even trying," he berated, "you're stronger than this, Kimmie!"


Fine. I stopped struggling and went limp. How's that, asshole?

He growled and gnashed his teeth in anger until soon his whole body shook and he appeared a breath away from phasing. Good.

"Kim, c'mon! Don't you dare fucking check out on me?"

I studiously avoided looking at him, clenching my jaw and choosing instead to count the leaves on the nearest tree branch while trying to ignore the prickling sensation of my hands going numb from lack of blood flow juxtaposed against the blood rushing freely to hum and throb with awareness at the apex of my legs.

I was on leaf number 23 when I heard him growl and felt him scoot up higher over my chest so that his knees were at my armpits. Then he began to sink his entire weight onto me. Only he didn't do it all at once. It felt as if he was ever so slowly letting his full weight sink into me and crush my lungs.

True panic set in as the pressure steadily increased but yet there always seemed more to come! It was as if a car was slowly being lowered onto my chest. My eyes bugged out and flew to his in alarm.

"S'like a Boa constrictor effect," he remarked a bit smugly, shrugging. "Freaks your opponent out more this way than if you'd just dropped your full weight from the start. Now I get to just relax up here while my opponent proceeds to panic and wear herself out. "

I'd have merrily told him to go fuck himself had I had adequate air supply. To my ultimate annoyance I found that he'd been right and now that he was atop my chest there was little I could do to dislodge him no matter how much I struggled. Any amount of hip thrusting, kicking or thrashing of my legs appeared to be useless at this point.

He began issuing annoying directives to breathe, to focus, to remain present. These were the very last instructions I wanted to hear, much less follow as the more I flailed my lower body in futile attempts to dislodge him, the less oxygen I had available and the more my panic escalated. Black spots began to interfere with my vision of his concerned face hovering far above me.

"Fuck, keep breathing, Kim!" he commanded. "You're stronger than this," he insisted, "don't just give in and shut down. Please?" he beseeched, "Fuck, baby, I don't want you to be so afraid all the time."

It was those last pleas that got to me as realization dawned; this wasn't really a fight between Paul and me. I was battling myself. Obviously even Paul knew it.

I was fighting to buck my own fears, disrupt my own pattern of panic, remain present rather than succumb to the ever-increasing temptation to lose myself amid the struggle whenever it became too real…too physically painful or emotionally frightening to endure. I realized I was perpetually inclined to let it be someone else's burden…someone else's conflict. Like popping one of those heavenly blue Tylenols, I wanted to check out whenever sensations of terror threatened to overwhelm my senses.

Maybe needing the other Kims as I did meant that I was in truth the ultimate of cowards. Through fragmentation I found courage. In separation I gained strength. But whatever the reason for their existence, they were mine. The wrong Kimberly who'd become my fighter and personal savior was mine. Her spirit was for me to access even when her persona wasn't fully accessible. All I had to do was embrace her dominant emotions as if they belonged, as if I could allow them to belong as my emotions… even if they weren't.

Or were they?

It occurred to me fighting involved neither analysis of past nor much contemplation of future beyond sheer survival. Fighting embraced the space enveloping now. And I'd never much endeavored to live in the now. The closest I'd come to experiencing that strange and exotic place incumbent upon feeling from moment to moment rather than existing to plan or predict events of the next moment, was either when I was sexually enraptured with Paul, or when wrong Kimmie was present.

As paradoxical as it seemed, I realized if I was ever to be as good as wrong Kimmie was as a Protector, I had to first defeat my own flawed instinct that gravitated towards escapism…oddly the self same instinct that manifested wrong Kimmie's existence in the first place.

And as Paul had advised me long ago, I had to stop thinking so damn much. I needed to feel.

Fuck it all. Maybe I needed to fight?

Though I'd learned from wrong Kimmie's perspective that fighting was largely instinctual, I'd also learned from Paul that instinct often required a little help from strategy. So I ceased thrashing and let my eyes roll back in my head, my eyelids fluttering shut. The instant Paul released my wrists and lifted his weight from my chest, cursing in fear and panic, I clasped both of my freed hands firmly together and swung them up over my head as hard and as fast as I could against Paul's unguarded solar plexus.

His eyes widened first in disbelief, then they registered relief and awe, and finally a measure of amusement mixed with pride, even as he doubled over and clutched his stomach, struggling to catch the breath I'd just stolen from his diaphragm. I noted quickly that when he'd taken his weight from my chest, he'd also moved lower so that he was now straddling my midsection. I wasted no time in bridging my hips up with as much force as my leg muscles possessed, effectively throwing Paul off balance and far enough off of me that I was able to squirm and roll out the rest of the way from underneath him. Immediately I sprang to my feet and darted through the trees.

My small victory was short lived as the grey wolf was upon me in no time, yipping and howling in a manner which seemed markedly more celebratory than predatory as he head-butted and hip-checked me easily to the ground. He proceeded to circle me, snuffling and panting playfully. Whenever I managed to gain my feet I was instantly knocked back to the ground by either a swishing tail or a cool, damp muzzle. I got the distinct sense he was toying with me.

This game continued until I was dizzy and disoriented from his circling, and feeling more than a little lightheaded from breathing in so much of his scent. Finally he nudged me to my feet, backed away and commenced barking and snarling at me. I was confused as to what he meant for me to do next, so I just took off running, figuring it'd be stupid not to chance this brief opportunity he'd afforded me in which to break away.

It was a human Paul who hunted me down within the first 15 yards, tackling me from behind and taking me to the ground, then rolling onto his back with me secured to his front. He had one arm slung over my shoulder and the other under my opposite arm and his palms were clasped securely together where they met at a diagonal across my chest.

"See my hands?" he pointed out. "Gable grip," he supplied succinctly, followed by a grunted, "remember it," as he proceeded to wrap his long, heavy legs around me, threading them between the insides of my thighs and hooking each foot around the outside of each of my ankles so that I was uncomfortably immobilized.

"Right, so now I've got your back in this position," he continued to explain in his irritating instructor mode. Though I was fairly certain I'd learned absolutely nothing of value from his wolf knocking me down a couple hundred times in a row and turning me in stupid circles, I was convinced I preferred the grey wolf as a trainer over human Paul any day.

"Because you're smaller," he continued to drone, "it's actually easier for you to worm your way out in this position, than it would be for me to get out if our situations were reversed and you had my back. Understand?"

I rolled my eyes at the treetops above me. While I found this information mildly interesting and imagined it might potentially be useful at some unknown later date, I found the fact that we were both naked, sweaty and grimy on the forest floor locked in what I suspected was some Greco-Roman wrestling hold as Paul's scent continued to overwhelm my weaker organ presently spread open for the cool morning breeze to tease, to be far, far more diverting!

"Yes," I huffed patronizingly in response, "yes, Paul!" Paul's smell and sexually frustrating antics had often resulted in me displaying cajones I otherwise never seemed to posses. "I also understand," I intoned sarcastically, "that if you'd just 'gable grip' me around the waist and scoot me a tad higher up your torso right now, you could at least be doing me from behind while you instruct me on proper sparring and grappling technique and lingo."

I grinned in self-satisfaction as instructor Paul stiffened and became perfectly still beneath me. A giggle unwittingly escaped me when ten seconds had passed and still he held eerily silent and unmoving against me. I was preparing to taunt him further, when finally I felt his chest muscles bunch and shift beneath me. I held my breath as he released his gable grip hold across my chest, lifted his arm that had been draped over my shoulder and repositioned it under my arm the way the other had been, locking his hands once again, although now low and tight across my waist.

"Like this?" he questioned in a deep, dangerously silky whisper that held the promise of punishment…but also of sex.

I nodded. He unhooked his feet from around my ankles. Then he pulled his locked palms tighter against my waist, dug his forearms securely into the space beneath my ribs on either side and slid me slowly…ever so slowly, up his muscled torso. I closed my eyes and took shallow, panting breaths as my ass cheeks rolled up over the hard length of muscle at his groin to the taut, smooth wall of his lower abdomen.

"This right?" he diligently checked.

I squeaked an "Mm-hmm" as his hard body shifted and rolled gracefully beneath me and I felt his thick head slide into place at the soaking wet entrance between my spread thighs.

His lips brushed against my temple. "Now what?"

Was it a trick question? Was he simply baiting me? I couldn't help but worry he was just setting me up now in order to further frustrate and anger me to the point of phasing if he ultimately denied what I so badly desired…so clearly needed right now…and instead recommenced lecturing me on his Alpha duties and rambling on about fighting techniques.

Instinct and previous experience with Paul told me my next response was crucial. He'd urged and even goaded me into asking him to fuck me enough times in the past to lead me to suspect he favored a little dirty talk and smack talking as much as I'd come to realize I did. Though I'd never really been much good in the past at delivering on this.

I tried but failed to fight the blush that spread instantaneously across my skin like a brushfire simply at the thought. If by some miracle Paul had failed to notice me flushing three shades of neon pink, I knew for sure he had to have at least felt the heat of my rapidly increased blood flow against his skin when I felt him quake with what could only be suppressed laughter beneath me. Ugh! That did it.

"Oh, just fuck me already, Paul!" I blurted crossly, jamming my bony elbow down into his annoying, shaking ribcage. "Fuck me," I reiterated provokingly, squirming against his hold as I yanked at the iron gable grip spanning my midsection, "or get the fuck off of me so I can go find another big bad wolf in the woods capable of doing it."

His ribcage went still and my eyes widened as a deep growl shivered up my spine. Holy Taha Aki!

I'd totally done it! I'd just talked sex smack to Paul!

I'd barely begun internally applauding myself for a trash-talking job well done, when Paul rotated and rolled his hips deftly beneath mine, angling his pelvis forward and slamming me down onto his solid, awaiting erection. I practically shouted with glee as his penis made its first deep, congratulatory stroke within me. It had been way too long.

"This right?" he grunted peevishly in my ear. I fell speechless as he took up a sudden, aggressive pace, propelling me up and down by the waist, his rigid prick dragging in and out of me as the tightening, burning coil in my stomach threatened to explode.

"Fuck," I managed to gasp, followed by a barely intelligible, disjointed, "clitoris" as I blindly reached trembling fingers down toward my exposed, sorely engorged and heretofore ignored and throbbing for attention, magic button.

Paul abruptly broke gable grip in order to slap my seeking hand away before it could reach its target. He slid his own exacting fingers roughly along my clit as he bucked furiously into me from behind. It was a beautiful mercy, and I found myself screaming apart.

"Oh, oh…oh…oooh! Fuuck!"

I melted into a shuddering, boneless, sweaty mess against him as Paul unloaded a sea of snarled profanity at the top of my scalp.

I giggled in spite of my better judgment at his furious, unintelligible tirade of expletives, stretching a languid arm above my head to stroke Paul's cheekbone with loving fingertips. My eyes rolled back at the sensation of his still firm, fully loaded organ twitching pensively inside of my own fluttering depths. I purred.

He growled.

I knew we were far from finished, so I wasn't sure what evil in me prompted the next softly sighed and unabashedly provocative words that fell from my lips as I pouted impishly, "So…that all? Aren't you gonna fuck me in more fighting positions?"

Less than a few feral growls later I was repositioned on my back, my ass lifted in the air and my legs wrapped tightly around Paul's waist as he drilled deeply and thoroughly into me without preamble. "So much fucking trouble," he groused disconnectedly, followed by "guard…in your fucking guard now."

"Mm-hmff," I grunted, nodding agreeably, "stay in my guard."

"No time…never any time…fucking worried sick…five fucking vampires at once…" he continued to grumble incoherently as he tilted my hips higher until I was practically dangling upside down off the ground while he plunged unrestrainedly into me. It proved to be such a delicious angle I was moaning continuously, my ankles digging and straining against his lower back in effort to draw him faster and more firmly into me.

"Fucking wrong Kimmie…" he fumed, jerking and rotating his hips exactingly to punctuate each profaned, fragmented sentiment, "fucking secrets…stupid fucking notes…"

Oh, how had I forgotten for even a moment how fun and flippin' hot sex with an irate, jealous, possessive Paul could be? It brought back fond memories of our first time inside the coach's office of the boys' locker room at LaPush High and I found myself clamping in climax around him again in record time.

"Fuck fuck Kimmie fucking fuck fuck!" he swore nonsensically, gritting his teeth and squeezing his feral eyes shut as his fingers dug indentations into my ass. As I came back down to earth I realized he'd again miraculously held off his own release. Still joined, his hands moved to span my waist and ribs as he unceremoniously drew my limp upper torso to him and our mouths collided in what had to be the roughest, sloppiest, no holds barred kiss we'd ever shared as he continued to swear hotly into my eager mouth. I wound my arms tightly around his neck and bravely took everything he was offering.

It might've been the first time I'd truly ever tasted Paul. All of him…his passion, his anger, his fears…his hope. He was suddenly more human to me than I'd ever given him credit for before. Yet still he was even more divine. And I wanted to devour all of him, in all his flawed perfection. And not only with my mouth.

It took sharply biting his lip to gain his attention and halt his tongue and steady stream of profanity long enough to ask if he'd please instruct me through mount-fucking him next. He fell to his back with a singular groan of pure agony, taking me with him so that I was now straddling his seemingly ever-swelling, ever-twitching erection inside of me in perfect mount position.

"Fuuck me!" he prompted anxiously, squeezing my ass a little harshly, "Fast, baby," he pleaded as I began tentatively moving over him. I picked up the pace. He growled. "Harder," he demanded a moment later, slapping his hand against my thigh so that it stung, but still letting me control the movement. His eyes remained shut, his face scrunched up in picture of torment, and every muscle in his entire body felt strained beneath me as he issued more clipped words of direction and encouragement, in addition to raining several more stinging slaps against my thighs and rear before he finally jerked and folded up into me, pulling me close down to his chest as I enjoyed the glorious satisfaction of feeling him climax deep inside of me at last.

We lay entwined, a sweaty, dirty disaster, breathing heavily in unison on the forest floor as brighter, thicker rays of sunlight began to split through the trees.

"Fuck…I…I'm so sorry," I apologized, belatedly recollecting that our present dilemma was far from resolved, "I'm so sorry I can't phase, Paul."

He cupped my face in his hands and peppered it with kisses as I rambled, "It's just been so much…and…and I just don't feel it…I don't feel the wolf…or the anger…or…or any of it without…her."

"S'okay," he reassured, "we'll figure something out."

"But we don't have time," I argued, "we have to get to Bennett and Jared before they kill each other."

He shook his head, frowning, "We'll think of something, baby, don't worry, okay?"

"And then there's Lil' Kim!" I babbled on anxiously as Paul's fingers worked diligently to pluck twigs and leaves from my rat's nest of dreadlocked, dirty hair. "Even if I could figure out how to phase without wrong Kimmie's help, what happens if Lil' Kim shows up and freaks out? How can I be a Protector when I have her as a constant liability?"

Paul's fingers stilled. "Wait…what did you just say?"

"Lil' Kim! Suppose she gets scared and then I can't stay phased? Or I just freeze up? Or freak out? She's a liability in all this."

He shook his head minutely as a slow smile bloomed across his bow lips. I could see the wheels turning as his smile split into a boyish grin.


He jumped to his feet, abruptly pulling me up with him by the hands as his eyes quickly scanned the forest in all directions.

"Fuck…where's the slanket?" he mumbled. "We gotta go back for the slanket."

Huh? I shook my head. "You're not making sense."

"I need you to ride me, so we need the slanket," he supplied absently as he began speed walking in the direction from which we'd started out our little training session, dragging me eagerly behind him.

"Uh…pretty sure… I just did that…" I muttered in confusion as I stumble stepped to keep up, wondering why we'd need a slanket now when we hadn't the first time.

He chuckled, explaining, "Wrong Kim said the same thing about Lil' Kim. Called her our pack's greatest liability…the Achilles' heel," he scoffed, "but she was wrong. So are you."

"Huh?" He was obviously losing it.

"I have a theory about Lil' Kim," he added cryptically, "and a plan."

(Maggie POV)

"Ooh…aah…yeah…that…there… argh… soo good…" I was speaking in monosyllables again. It seemed to happen every time Bennett put his penis in me. And by god he had a cock that wouldn't quit! We'd been at it all night and all morning, and I really was beyond exhausted at this point. But he just kept going. And I wasn't about to tell him to stop.

He gave me a crooked grin as he gazed down at me with a look that was all mischief and X-rated intentions. Suffice it to say, I was thoroughly dazzled. He jerked his head to the side, flipping his wavy, disheveled hair from his eyes and grunting, "Over, ma poupette."

I bit my lip and tittered like a moron. Sometime during the night he'd taken to using French terms of endearment after I'd relayed my disappointment and outrage over not getting a several centuries old French vampire as my attacker. He grinned wider at my amusement, grabbing my ankles from around his waist and pulling out just long enough to flip me over and lift my weary, shaky body into position on my hands and knees before sinking swiftly back into home. I shrieked his name and fell to my elbows when his hips thrust forward to impale me deeper just as his hands gripped my shoulders and yanked me back onto his marauding length. Oh, my stars! He was probably going to have to do that wolfie healing lick thing to my cervix at this rate, as he seemed determined to brand every millimeter of my vaginal canal and then some.

"Fuck yeah…" he panted, repeating the action, "that's right…" he shunted into me again, harder, "so right… ah fuucklouder, ma cherie!"

"Bennett!" I screamed again at his request. He growled his approval. Apparently he really liked it when I shouted his name, because he'd practically been demanding I do so periodically throughout the last hour we'd been fucking.

We'd gone back and forth throughout the night alternating between gentle and more aggressive sex sessions. And it seemed we were clearly headed back into aggressive territory now as his touch and demeanor changed. He growled continuously as his hands groped at my hips and midsection. His fingers felt as if they nearly spanned my entire waist as they encircled me, latching on and digging into the bones atop my pelvis as they maneuvered me with a stern precision I was loathe to question or deny.

Over and over he languidly stroked out of me, rocked shallowly back and forth at his leisure, and then shoved roughly inside me to the hilt in a manner that jarred my sanity and made my insides quiver to the point of torment. I clawed the sheets and chewed my lip. "Ben-nett," I whined in an embarrassingly sing-song-y manner I would've slapped the likes of Gabby for.

He grunted like some caveman, released my waist and slowly bent forward over me, his warm, muscled stomach and chest climbing gradually up my spine. The skin-to-skin contact felt ah-mazing… overwhelming to my already maxed out on high alert senses. And he was growling! Just the sound of it, so deep and low in his chest, was magic. But the vibration of it… the vibration of his most feral nature humming softly up and down my spine… Gah! That stuff was pure crack to my nether region. While my inner suffragist vagina might've balked, my actual vagina was drooling a chorus of hallelujahs and praise the Spirit Warriors! Sometimes a little He-Man Wolf-Man action was damn delicious.

I shuddered in anticipation as long, dexterous fingers carefully, deliberately lifted my damp, tangled hair away from where it hung by my face and tucked it back behind my ear and over across my shoulder.

"Again," he husked in my ear, "like you mean it." His breath was warm against my cheek, and it smelled so sweet as he leaned onto his left elbow, the action shifting more of his weight onto me and pressing me further down into the mattress.

"Oh, Bennett!" I wailed dreamily. His left hand snaked beneath to palm my breasts as his right ventured lazily south along my belly towards the juncture between my thighs.

I screamed his name again for good measure when I felt his thick organ, buried deep inside of me, jerk and flex subtly in reaction as his fingers glided softly over my soaked slit. Once… twice… then stroking in circles… calmly, evenly… like a predator honing in for the kill.

I was panting out his name, on the brink of shattering apart against the touch of his gentle fingers when he licked over my shoulder blade and murmured so softly and casually I thought I'd misheard, "Ma poupette," he huffed, "a couple of male wolves have been surrounding your house for the last hour." He paused to growl slightly, then sucked and nibbled his way from the tip of my shoulder to my neck as I attempted to process his words amid the more pressing sensations within me racing towards their natural crescendo. "It's really starting to irritate my wolf," he complained lightly, "so much so I'm contemplating letting him blemish your pretty neck with his teeth if you can't scream for me like your orgasm depends on it." His lips barely grazed the juncture of my neck and shoulder as gentle fingers retreated and his palm came to mash firmly and unerringly against my clitoris, setting off a panic-induced, fear-induced, hot-beyond-excitedly-hot-induced orgasm that had me screaming his name as if my very life depended on it.

Bennett was finishing inside of me just a few forceful, jerky strokes later. Then he hauled me tightly against him and collapsed to his side, taking me down with him so that we lay in a spooning position. As it had done unfailingly throughout the night, his prick remained fascinatingly stiff inside of me while he hugged me close and pressed laughing kisses to the top of my crown.

"Ma petite, you are abso-fucking hysterical," he chuckled. "Wow! I've never terrified a girl to orgasm like that before. If only I'd known…" His laughter continued, shaking the whole bed along with its occupants.

I was not so amused.

My cheeks flushed Christmas red. "I was not terrified!" I denied hotly.

"Uh-huh," he mocked, nuzzling the damp, tangled mass of hair now clinging to the back of my sweaty neck. "You really thought I was going to bite you. Admit it."

"Did not!"

"Mm…sure…sure, ma jolie." He nuzzled past my hair to the skin at the back of my neck. After giving it a few long, canine-esque licks, he gnashed his teeth and playfully nipped at me, causing me to unconsciously jump in startled response. Naturally, this sent him into another fit of laughter.

"S'not funny," I protested sulkily, drawing away when he tried to turn me towards him. "The last time I saw you in wolf form you were taking a guy's head off, okay?"

"Aw, non, ma poupette!" he pouted, withdrawing his girth from between my legs and turning me easily onto my back. I winced and held my breath as my tender internal walls pulsed in mild discomfort at the loss. "You didn't really think I'd pleasure you all night and morning just to let my wolf bite your head off afterward, did you?" he teased. "Seems you're confusing wolves with the female praying mantis."

Somehow he was on top of me a moment later; his tongue in my mouth and his thighs between mine, pressing and holding my trembling knees apart. Before I could think to protest his cock was butting against my entrance. But when he began gently nudging inside me I squealed in the back of my throat. He froze and broke our lip-lock long enough to scan my features with concern. He frowned. "Sore?"

I shook my head and asked anxiously, "So you were just kidding then about the male wolves outside, right?"

"Naw." He smirked lazily as he lifted up so that he was suspended above me in a straight-armed push-up position, "'Fact, there are two male wolves still guarding your front door and a nice smelling female human named Leah is on her way up the stairs right now."

"W-what?" I gasped.

But he'd already dipped down and was busy dropping kisses and licks down my belly.

"Ben-nett!" I shrieked in alarm as I heard the unmistakable, familiar creak of old wood giving under what had to be the soft, steady footfall of someone ascending the staircase. He ignored me, continuing his tongue's southbound exploration as my panic spiked. But when he shouldered his way between my thighs and his mouth latched hungrily onto my mound, I was shrieking his name again, for other reasons, just as there came a light, tentative knock at my bedroom door.

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