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Yup, a new fic from me, surprise surprise right? *gets plot bunnies thrown at me* They hate me~! DX Well this is gonna be a fun one, kinda like Fable; old world, modern wepons, and i'm using the zanpakuto's in this. I know you guys will like this and, if i'm correct, this is a bit different for me. So here we go~!


Ichigo Kurosaki gazed idly out the large window of his rather plush bedroom. The sun was setting in the distance and it made him feel slightly sleepy. But he had to remain awake, if only for a few hours more. One of them is coming! He reminded himself excitedly.

"Ichigo!" He turned around to see Yuzu, one of his little sisters slowly opening the large wooden door and peaking her head in. "Father wants to see you in the Grand Hall right now!" She called and quickly rushed off. Ichigo sighed and stood up, streatching his long arms and running a hand through his unnatural orange hair. He threw on his long, red and black sash, his family's royal colors, and headed to the Grand Hall.

Being the only son of the King could be tireing, especially when the Queen passed away over six years ago. Ichigo had been practically buried in studies, and the fact that the other two kingdoms on the boarders were getting restless didn't help, especially with friends over there. His father had warned him not to get attached, but he had been six! What did the man expect from him and the others? As he continued walking down the hall, he stopped in front of a painting of his mom.

I miss you... he thought. Well, time to see what Dad wants eh?

Hichigo Shirosaki stood nervously in the Grand Hall of the Palace of Seireitei. His father, the King of Karakura, was visiting and considering renewing their peace treaty with both countries, and they had been the first to arrive. Guess the other's won't get here 'till tomorrow morning...He thought with a bored yawn. He turned and noticed some of the servants staring at him. He was used to it. His skin was pure white, much like freshly fallen snow, as was his hair. He wanted to grow it out, but his father refused. And the King gets what he wants...he thought and sighed.

His eyes also got pleanty of stares; a gold with black background. Hell, people were afraid to stare at him long enough to get to know him because of his eyes. Save for my only friends...he reminded himself. Boy I haven't seen them in years!

"Are you Shirosaki?" He turned to see a small girl with sandy colored hair and smiled. She didn't seem afraid of him at all.

"Just Shiro's fine. Who are you?"

"My name's Yuzu. I'm Ichigo's little sister!" She said, sounding awkwardly excited. "He used to tell me and Karin all about you and Prince Jeagerjaques!"

Man, I miss them both... "Is Ichigo coming down here?"

"Yup! My father wanted to speak to him, but he should be coming here soon!" She said and rushed down the hall. "See you later!" He waved and couldn't help but smile.

She's rather nice, and polite. Shame I'm not either of those... He thought and laughed to himself.

"Shi...Shiro?" Shiro froze; he recognized that voice. It was lower, huskier, but it was definatly him. He turned and smiled. Wide brown eyes were staring at him and may he be damned for staring back. Ichigo had filled out, no longer skinny, but he wasn't fat either. He was lithe, his muscles showing behind the sash he was wearing. Shiro blinked and waved at him and couldn't help but notice the blush on the teen's face.

"Hiya Ichigo...long time no see?"

Prologue end

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