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New AN: Edited. I am sure I could improve this, but I honestly do not care enough about this to do so. I hardly remember anything about the show.

Author's Note: I disliked this show and found it boring. I decided to write this mostly for writing's sake and the fact that I thought this was a much better ending. I wanted some practice and I did not like the ending to the show. While watching the last 2 episodes I realized the only way to end this was with a threesome. This story is to be inserted into episode 11 when Minato and Yuuhi are disusing Junichi and their love for him.

Minato fell to her knees placing her head on Yuuhi's lap. "I love Niisan," she whispered. Yuuhi's eyes filled with wetness as she told her it was okay.

"No it's not, he's my brother and you…and you…"

"It's okay. You have done nothing wrong."

"How can you just forgive me like that when you love Niisan too?"

"I do love Junichi, but I also love you," As Minato's mouth opened in protest Yuuhi stopped it with a kiss. Minato was taken aback as tears began flowing down her face.

Junichi was glad to be almost home. He could not wait to see Minato and Yuuhi. As he reached out and pulled the front door open, he was shocked at the sight that befell him. There on the living room floor lay a naked and sleeping Minato curled up next to an also naked Yuuhi. What the hell happened during the one night he was gone?

"What is going on?" he yelled shutting the door. Minato's eyes opened and sparkled at the sight of him.

"Oh, Niisan! Wake up Yuuhi, Niisan's back." She shook her until she was conscious enough to focus her eyes. Yuuhi jumped up and ran over to Junichi giving him a hug. Minato not even batting an eye started on pleasantly.

"What is going on?" He asked again, mouth agape.

"Well," Minato started, "we decided since we both love you, we should just all be together."

"I repeat, what is going on?" This couldn't be happening. Yuuhi looked up.

"I couldn't break your guy's love and I couldn't give up on you. Last night I realized I also love Minato, and she loves me back, so it all works out." Junichi could not believe this was actually happening. Wait, why was he finding this idea bad? He would get to be with both his loves, while not hurting either or causing any jealousy. This would be so great!

"Alright. Let's do it!" The girls' faces lit up even more and they both showered him with kisses.