By Erico


We are all aware of the events that unfold in the video games of Mega Man and Mega Man X. We all know of the fight against Wily. We all recount of the heroic tales of the unlikely hero, Mega Man X, rising up to shatter Sigma's dark desires.

These are known. These are commonplace. These are accepted as fact, as truth…

And yet for all we DO know, can we say the same of the unknown spaces in time?

This is the purpose of this next project of mine. It isn't a Novel. It isn't a dramatic retelling of a video game. No, what this journey seeks to explain is that forgotten region of time, the section between the ages of Mega Man and Mega Man X that Capcom, that nobody truly holds a grasp on.

This is what I believe to be true, this is what I have decided from the known facts, from my own whimsy, and from various general beliefs in the Mega Man community.

So I leave you with that. Now is the time for something more…

Now will the dawning of the forgotten plight at last be revealed…

And the Universe opened itself, and at last, the truth was known.