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Kujo stared at the man before him. Or, at least, what he could see of him. Though the unwrinkled, alabaster robes were blindingly visible beneath the dim lights, his face was obscured, shadowed from Kujo's perspective. But, one monocle seemed to glisten, its glass catching the paltry beams of light.

"May I inquire as to why you have sought an audience with me?" the man asked, his deep bellows echoing across the silent room. Beads of sweat gathered above Kujo's brows as he tightened his clammy hands on his lap. Only seconds before he had been shivering, but now was heating up with fear and anxiety. It took all of his willpower to resist lowering his head in shame.

"I...I have been told that you are seeking-"

"Ah. So I see. You have come seeking for employment, is it not?" Kujo gulped. Was it just his imagination, or had there been a tone of dissatisfaction?

"Yes, sir."

"Are you educated?"

"Ah...yes. Yes! I have...recently gra-graduated from St. Marguerite." With every word, Kujo cringed. At this rate, he would not only be unemployed, but the laughingstock of Saubure. No one was foolish enough to behave as such before a marquis. Other than him. Of course.

"The prestigious academy?" The marquis did not betray even a hint of surprise (slashing all of Kujo's hope on that matter). Instead, he continued with, "Hopefully, your study habits fare better than your speaking habits."

Kujo nervously laughed, his gaze focused on the tiled floor.

"Do you happen to have any combat experience?"

His head abruptly snapped back up. After humiliating himself like that, the marquis was still considering him? Or was this a trick? "Yes. I...have been trained in martial arts since I was a child."

"Only martial arts?"


His response was met with silence. It seemed that the marquis was contemplating the pros and the cons of hiring a man such as Kujo. Once again, Kujo turned his attention towards the floor. Yes, the floor...with its intricate patterns carved in the center of each tile. Warm hues swirled along the edges, circling around an insignia of an-

"...The job is yours."

Kujo nearly fell off his chair. With unrestrained glee, he thanked the marquis.

"You will collect your wages once a month. If I hear of any indecent or improper activities involving you, then your employment will be immediately terminated. Have I made myself clear?"

"Yes, sir."

"Excellent. Then here is your first task." A letter slowly emerged from the darkness, along with two long, slender fingers. "Deliver this to the top floor of the tower. Do not, by any means, attempt to associate with the guest residing there."

Kujo stared at the man in confusion. The de Blois estate spread across a few acres. It would take at least an hour to find this tower. And even then, how was he to be sure that it was the right one? "Which-"

"There is only one tower here. You shall be in charge of guarding it. If you do not have any more questions, then leave."

Puzzled, Kujo stalked off.

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