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Tiffany was forced to go to the bus stop alone on Monday morning, for Tancred's fever was rising and showed no signs of stopping. Tiffany was worried about him, and worried about being alone with Lysander at the bus stop. At least with her twin brother by her side, she had felt strong, but now it was different. It also didn't help that Tiffany was angry at both Lysander and Lauren.

So you can imagine that she wasn't in a good mood.

When Lysander showed up, he took a double take when Tancred was absent from Tiffany's side. "Where's Tanc?" Lysander inquired, glancing around and expecting Tanc to jump out of a hiding place.

"He's sick," Tiffany answered tersely, not wanting to talk to Lysander.

"I hope he's alright," Lysander said, trying to pick up the conversation.

"Sure you do..." Tiffany muttered.

Lysander wheeled on her. "I'm sick of all this," he yelled. "Look I'm sorry for what I did on Saturday, but can't we still be friends?"

"No. We can't Lysander!" she roared back. "Do you want to know why? It's not because you knocked me out on Saturday. No, it's because I hate seeing the person I love chasing after a girl who'll hurt him!"

Lysander backpedaled. "What are you talking about?" he asked quietly. Just then, the bus came speeding around the corner and up the hill towards them.

"Whatever, it doesn't matter," Tiffany responded, and lifted her heavy messenger bag to her shoulder. She grimaced and tried to hide the pain, but Lysander noticed.

"Let me get that for you," he offered.

"I'm fine," Tiffany mumbled, and turned to board the bus.


Later on that day, in the middle of English class, a teacher came from the office and called Tiffany out of class. Confused, Tiffany packed up her bag and followed the teacher out into the hallway. "Your father is here for you," she said.

This new information made her even more confused. Her parents never came and got them out of school, unless it was an...


This realization hit Tiffany like a baseball and she ran as fast as she could to the front doors where her father was waiting. The first thing she saw was the wind that swirled around him, making his jacket billow about. The second thing she saw was his face; it wasn't as happy and cheerful as it usually was.

"Dad?" she said.

He looked up at her. "It's your brother," he explained. "He's in the hospital."

Ten minutes later, Tiffany and Mr. Torsson were breezing through the front doors of the emergency section of the hospital and running up to the front desk.

"How may I help you?" asked the lady behind the desk.

"We're here to see Tancred Torsson," Mr. Torsson requested in his bellowing voice.

"Name?" the lady said.

"I'm his father, dammit!" Mr. Torsson yelled, and fierce wind blew around the halls.

"Room 21," the lady stammered, pointing down the hall to their left. Mr. Torsson dragged his daughter dragged his daughter down the hall into Tancred's hospital room.

Tancred lay on the hosptial bed, and he was almost as pale as the sheets that he laid on. His eyes were closed and his chest slowly rose and fell. His hair laid flat, which was abnormal for him. He was hooked up to a million different machines, including a heart monitor and and oxygen tank. Tancred's left hand was held by Mrs. Torsson.

"Molly, is Tanc alright?" Mr. Torsson asked, coming to stand across from Mrs. Torsson on the the other side of Tancred's bed.

"His fever went down a little, and when he could talk without being delirious, I coaxed him into falling asleep," Mrs. Torsson recounted quietly.

Tiffany went to stand next to Tancred and stroked his warm cheek. Almost as if she had a magic touch, her brother's eyes fluttered open and the cerulean was revealed.

"Hey, Tanc," Tiffany whispered, smiling in relief that her brother was awake.

"Ugh," Tancred groaned. "I feel like someone dragged me through a feild of spikes and then dropped me off a cliff."

Tiffany chuckled. Even when he was sick and in the hospital, her brother was still cracking jokes.


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