A couple of hours later Ordo and Besany were down in the main living room with their family, finding themselves arguing about going into town. He hated when they argued, especially after a wonderful morning of love making. His gut was telling him not to go and he tended to listen to his instinct.

"Ordo, you promised me," Besany argued.

"Besany, listen to reason. You are due in a couple of weeks…" Ordo argued back but she cut him off.

"Mando women go out and about even when they are due, so don't give me that," her voice fierce. They both stared at each other while Skirata, Atin, Laseema watched from a small distance, quiet amused with the domestic scene. Steam could be practically seen coming out of Ordo's ears and a vein pulsed in his neck. They were arguing about her going into town for some sort of reason.

"I'll take the speeder by myself if you don't want to come," She turned her back on him and started walking away.

"Oh no you don't! I'm coming with you," he ran after her.

"Well that was different," Atin laughed.

"I want to go into town with her," Laseema elbowed her husband. "Get your gear on dear. Road trip."

To shove it in Ordo's face, Besany even went to Gilamar who reluctantly confirmed that it would be okay if Besany went on a small ride, but he made her promise that it would be her last until the baby was born. Ordo just grumbled and got into the speeder. Skirata, Laseema and Atin also went along.

"Don't worry Ord'ika, it'll be okay," Skirata assured as they approached the city limits.

"Yeah last time we said that Maze brought home two more people," he objected. Skirata smirked and patted his arm.

"Drop us off here and we'll meet you in an hour," Besany said as she pointed to a small clothing store.

"We're not leaving you by yourselves!" Ordo objected.

Besany rolled her eyes. "Fine, but its girly stuff, you wouldn't like it. Come on Laseema." The two girls hurried into the shop and Atin turned to Skirata and Ordo.

"I don't know about you two, but I'm going to get a drink and then wait outside."

"Go on, I'll stay here," Skirata shoved Ordo the direction Atin was headed.

"You sure?"

"Go," Skirata shooed him away.

It didn't go unnoticed to Skirata or Ordo that a small contingent of Imp officers watched the girls enter the shop as well as Atin and Ordo heading to the other side of the road. Skirata checked his side arms. Dawned in their beskar'gam had its advantages because no one knew where you were really looking.

"Ordo," Skirata called to him over his HUD. "Be advised son. Imps at 3o'clock."

"I see them Kal'buir. Atin is staying at this position I am moving behind them."

"Good lad," Skirata turned to look inside the shop to check on Laseema and Besany. They were busy looking at various things and then he turned his attention back to the officers who were now looking right at him.

The girls finished up their shopping and left the shop. Skirata stepped behind them to make it known to everyone they weren't alone.

"We have a problem, ladies. Go straight to the speeder and sit down. I'll be there momentarily," he said.

Besany's eyes darted around as did Laseema and instantly spotted the Imps who were making their way over to them. Besany and Laseema got over to the speeder as the officers caught up to them.

"We've never seen you around here before," the lead officer put his hand on top of Besany's preventing her from getting inside of the speeder.

"That's because we're not from here. Just doing some shopping boys," Laseema answered and pried the man's hand off of her friend's. The man's attention turned to the Twi'lek and his wolf-like stare skimmed over her.

"Shouldn't be alone, two beautiful women, never know who's going to show up," he grinned.

"They aren't," Skirata said, his voice was deadly and his deece pointed directly at the officer. He slowly put his arms in the air and turned to face the Mando.

"No need for violence," the officer said. "I was just talking to these two lovely women."

"That's the problem. You see, you Imps have no pride or dignity. Can't you see that one of them is very pregnant and doesn't need you to be harassing her and the other is just out for a nice day? You sicken me you Imp dogs," Skirata snarled.

"Careful Buir," Atin said into his ear.

"So you are just going to let us be on our way," Skirata gestured for Besany and Laseema to get into the speeder.

"Now wait a minute," the officer suddenly grew a back bone. "You Mandalorians think you can just waltz in and out of here and do what you please just because you wear a helmet and have armor? You're under Imperial jurisdiction."

"No, but we don't take well to threats Imp boy," and a smoking hole was the next thing the officer had coming to him.

"Get into the speeder!" Skirata ordered the girls. "Ordo, Atin! Meet us five blocks due west from here. Five minutes." He got confirmation from them. Besany, Laseema and Skriata never got the chance to get into the speeder when heavy blaster fire rained down upon them.

"Check that boys!" He called to them. "We're getting pounded."

"Fierfek!" Ordo cursed. "Get Besany and Laseema out of there Kal!" Ordo was extremely concerned and angered when he used Skirata's first name only. "We'll cover you. Go!"

Friendly fire started to pour from Atin and Ordo's direction and the stormtroopers covered their officers. A few troopers fell as precision bolts hit them. Besany and Laseema both pulled out their small handheld blasters and ducked behind the speeder.

"And all I wanted to do was get some baby things," Besany ducked as a blaster bolt skimmed the door of the craft.

She and Laseema jumped when Skirata rounded behind them. "Okay girls, we have to make a run for it or we'll be corner. You think you can do that Bes'ika?"

"I'm okay Kal, let's move!" She assured.

He had Laseema and Besany in front of him as he covered their backs, Ordo and Atin sprayed rounds of fire onto their enemy. Laseema and Besany both took a few shots. Besany could see Ordo and Atin running toward them.

"That way!" Skirata yelled for them to run which was toward a labyrinth of old looking warehouses.

Atin and Ordo caught up to the girls and took each by the arm to hurry them along. Besany turned back to make sure Skirata was following them. "Wait Ordo! We have to wait for Kal!" She yelled at him.

"He'll catch up, come on Besany!" He ordered her and clutched her arm tighter. She got one more glance at her friend and father before turning the corner and permanently losing sight of him. Then a strange sensation went through her entire body. It felt like a bee sting at first and then her whole body started to tingle and then the pain hit her.

She collapsed to the ground with a thud, her arm still in Ordo's grasp, which made him abruptly stop when she fell.

"Besany? Besany!" He screamed. Atin and Laseema who were not too much ahead of them stopped in their tracks and saw Besany on the ground, Ordo leaning over her.

Ordo heard the reloading sound of the blaster and jerked his head to see several stormtroopers approaching them. He didn't want to put Besany in anymore danger and held up his hands.

"Don't move!" The lead trooper demanded and approached Besany's fallen body.

"Don't touch her!" Ordo growled menacing.

Rifles trained on their small group, the stormtroopers circled around them.

"You are under arrest."

"Oh yeah, by you?" Atin sneered and whipped out a hidden blaster and shot the trooper. Distracted, Ordo took the moment to get his blaster out and shot the rest down.

Laseema covered Besany who was not moving. When all was said and done, all the stormtroopers were dead.

Ordo and Atin crouched down next to the fallen woman. She had become extremely pale and her breathing shallow. At least she was still breathing.

"What happened to her?" Laseema asked Ordo.

"Stun gun," he cradled her head. "Blast it! I should have protected her better," Ordo cursed himself. They heard the sound of someone running and had their blasters pointed at the direction of the sound.

Ordo and Atin's shoulders shrugged in relief when Skirata rounded the corner and trotted up next to them.

"By god, what happened?" he undid his helmet and tossed it to the ground and ran a concern eye over Besany.

"She has been stunned buir," Ordo said shamefully. I was right by her side and look what happened!

"We have to get her out of her and back home so Gilamar can do a scan on her and the baby," Kal stood up and Ordo picked Besany up in his arms.

A small moan alerted everyone to Besany. "Ordo?" She moaned and then gasped and clutched her stomach.

"Where does it hurt Bes'ika?" Skirata asked.

Ordo lowered her back onto the ground, but supported her back. "Something's wrong," she panted. "The baby! I think…I think I'm going into labor!"

"What!" Ordo and Atin screeched.

Skirata silently cursed. This was definitely not the place to do this. "Okay, no panicking. Ordo, brace yourself up against that wall and let her lean against you for support. Atin, Laseema, keep your blasters handy and eyes open for trouble. This little ik'aad is coming whether we're ready or not. See if you can find any water and give your rags you boys carry."

Besany strained and pushed against Ordo's chest. She clutched at his hands and he took hers and intertwined their fingers, willing her his support.

"Okay Besany, breathe darling. That a girl." Skirata had never delivered a child before, but he had been witnessed to a few. He was confident enough he could help his son and daughter-in-law do this.

The pain was not the normal labor pains, Besany knew this. The cramping, the stabbing, but she willed herself to be strong for Ordo and her baby. Another contraction hit, they were coming faster and harder. Atin and Laseema stood back, keeping an eye out for the enemy and not to get in the way.

Sweat beaded down her forehead, the words of encouragement were soon lost to her and all she could hear was the blood pouring into her ears. She could no longer hold back the wail that was building inside. It hurt so much.

"Push Besany!" Skirata ordered. She was growing tired, weaker. Something was not right and they had to get the child out.

"Push Cyar'ika," Ordo murmured against her ear. One more strong push and the sweet cry of a baby filled everyone's ears.

Besany's chest heaved with excursion, her energy spent. But when Skriata handed the little bundle to the new parents she felt almost renewed.

"Ordo, look at what we did," she sobbed.

"She's stunning," his own tears of joy ran down his cheeks. When Besany looked up, Laseema was wiping her tears and Besany almost lost it when she saw the old, grizzled warrior she had come to love and adore and call father wipe the few tears that spilled down his face.

"She is beautiful. Congratulations you two," he said.

"Thank you Ba'buir," she said tiredly. She turned her attention back to the infant who was trying to pry her eyes open and then looked up at Ordo who was trying to wipe away his tears. Little black dots with actual blue specks peered up to her new parents. To Besany and Ordo's surprise, her hair was a white gold. She was perfect, their perfect angel.

"I love you Ordo. I love you so much," Besany rested her head in the crook of his neck and closed her eyes.

"Hey Besany?" Skirata called out to her but got no response. "Laseema! Grab the baby; we have to get her back home.

"Bes'ika?" Ordo shook her a little but she was passed out. His heart caught in his throat when he thought she was dead, but he could feel the tiny puffs of breath coming from her mouth.

The newborn started to wail as Laseema delicately scooped her up and cooed to her. "What's going on? Why is this happening?" Panic starting to make Ordo's voice rise.

"I don't know son, but let's get a move on," Skirata said calmly but felt far from it and took a hold of Besany and picked her up, Ordo following behind.

"Wait!" Atin yelled. "Look!" he was pointing to a small blood trail. The trail was coming from Besany and it was freshly dripping from her.

"Shab! Let's move!" Skirata could feel his heart pounding and not just from the physical activity. He couldn't imagine what Ordo would do if they lost Besany.

The newborn continued to cry and Ordo turned to Laseema. "Let me hold her," he held out his arms. She nodded and handed the baby to him. She instantly quieted and turned her speckled eyes on her father. He fell head over heels in love with this precious little girl.

"She's going to be a daddy's girl and have you wrapped around her finger," Laseema patted Ordo's arm as she and Atin darted out of the alley to grab their speeder.

"She is beautiful isn't she," he looked over at Skirata.

"You did a fine job Ordo and Besany will be as good as new when we get home." Skirata assured. Ordo frowned. He wanted to be filled with joy and happiness but how could he feel this way when his wife's life was in danger?

Minutes later, Atin and Laseema pulled up with the speeder and helped them in. They were off heading back to their home.

Skirata had Laseema call Gilamar on their trip home informing him to be on standby. He glanced over at Ordo who looked both stricken and confused. For once Skirata didn't know what to say to his son so instead he shifted Besany more comfortably on his lap. She was a snowy white and her skin was chilled. Skirata was scared, but dared not to voice it.

They arrived not to long after and Gilamar along with Jilka, Corr, Sheeka and the others waited for them to stop.

"What happened?" Gilamar rushed down the steps and to the speeder.

"She had her baby!" Jilka exclaimed as Ordo slowly got out of the speeder holding the baby girl.

"And she won't stop bleeding," Skirata added.

"Let's get her inside and I need to do a scan. Then we'll put her in the bacta tank. Jilka or Sheeka, prepare a bottle for…" Gilamar looked over at Ordo as waited for him to provide a name.

"We haven't come up with a name yet," He said softly.

"That's okay son, you can think of one when things settle down," Gilamar said. "I also want to do a couple of tests; all normal to make sure your daughter is okay. Now get Besany in there!"

When Ordo looked back into the speeder all he saw was a small pool of blood where Skirata and Besany had been sitting. He shivered and gave a silent prayer for her to be okay.

The three women who were home took the newborn from Ordo for the moment to feed and clean her. He was almost hesitant to part from his daughter but he needed to be with Besany.

Mij, Jusik, Fi who was now helping Gilamar out more and more on medical procedures and Skirata were in the medical room, Mij frantically working on Besany to stop her from bleeding out. Jusik had his eyes half closed with his hand on her abdomen and Ordo assumed he was trying to heal her with his Jedi powers.

Skirata glanced up at Ordo with sad and tired eyes. "Please save her," Ordo croaked out. Skirata's heart shattered at his son's pitiful voice. He had never heard Ordo so broken.

Gilamar looked over at Skirata and with a small motion of his head told him to get Ordo out of the room. "Come on Ord'ika, they're doing all that they can right now. She'll be okay. You're little girl needs you." He wrapped his arm around the bigger man and guided him out of the room. Pale and shaky from the day's events he walked blindly with Skirata leading him upstairs to his room.

"Ordo," no response. "Ordo!" Ordo snapped his head at the sound of the voice and focused his attention.

"Besany will make it," Skirata said strongly. He had to get his point across. "You have to be strong for her, your daughter and yourself. I trained you and your brothers to be fighters, resilient." By habit Ordo sat up straight, spine stiff as he listened to Skirata. "You will make it through this, you have to."

Ordo darted around the room, anywhere but on Kal. "I don't know. This is so much different than fighting buir," he said softly. His argument about Darman and how could he just leave a child behind came into his mind. I'm such a hypocrite he scorned himself.

"You can, my boy, and you will. The girls have cleaned and fed your daughter and are waiting for you. Go on, we'll have an update soon on Besany." Ordo numbly acknowledged Skirata and made his way back down stairs.

Laseema, Jilka and Sheeka were in the main room, Laseema holding the tiny bundle. They had cleaned her up, wrapped her in a soft pink blanket that Jilka had found one day and given it to Besany as a present and was contently feeding on a bottle.

They all looked up as Ordo and Skirata entered the room. Ordo ran a hand through his disheveled hair sat down next to the Twi'lek.

"She's doing great. Fi did the health tests and everything checks out. She's sound and healthy. She just wanted to make an early appearance for her mother and father," Laseema whispered and slowly handed the baby over to Ordo.

He took her into his arms and held her as if she was like Alderaanian glass. He felt like a giant with a little pea in his hand. She was so tiny, delicate he felt both afraid and delighted.

"Ordo," Jilka said, "What are you going to call her?"

"Yeah, we can't keep calling her baby," Sheeka put in.

"Besany and I haven't really discussed names yet," he said regretfully.

"Well how bout for the mean time, what do you want to call her?" Jilka asked.

He looked down at the baby who was now dozing in the crook of his arms. He heard a name while in town a while ago and meant to tell Besany. He really liked the sound of it and thought it would fit. Now he knew for sure.

"Abigail," he said at last.

"That's a beautiful name," Laseema smiled. "A beautiful name for a beautiful girl."

"It means Father's Joy," Skirata informed.

"Perfect," Ordo lightly stroked the baby's cheek.

"I can't believe the hair on her head!" Sheeka lightly laughed. "She definitely takes after her mother."

"No kidding, she's a toe head!" Jilka and Laseema joked.

"Toe head?" Ordo didn't understand.

"It means bright blond hair," Jilka explained. "I'm surprised since Kad and Jadon both resemble their fathers so closely."

"Everyone is unique, and she is going to be very special," Ordo said proudly.

Hours later, Gilamar walked out medical room in search of Ordo. He wasn't hard to find, sitting in the main room obviously waiting for an update. Laseema had offered to put Abigail down for bed and he took her up on her offer.

As soon as he saw the doctor walking towards him, he shot up from his seat and looked expectantly at him.

"She lost a lot of blood. Bardan is using the same healing technique he used on Fi to help heal her."

"Why did this happen?" He asked.

"The stun blast sent shocked her whole system and this far along in her pregnancy, it sent a message to her body that it was in danger and must expel any life endangering possibilities out. Hence her body into labor. But it didn't stop there. Her uterus detached and in the middle of the contractions almost was expelled as well that's why she was bleeding so badly. It's a good thing you got her home when you did. We have stopped the bleeding and she will be fine, but Ordo," Gilamar paused not quite sure how to word his next sentence.

"Tell me!" Ordo demanded. He didn't care what he had to say as long as Besany was going to be alright.

"She won't be able to have any more children."


"If this happens again, it will kill her. It's not worth the risk, I'm sorry lad, but you do have a beautiful and healthy girl and Besany will recover with time." Gilamar smiled a sadly and turned back to where Besany and Bardan were.

Ordo needed to go out and get some fresh air. Everything was catching up to him too fast. He felt the panic starting to creep up from the dark depths and he needed some time to think.

He ran outside and gulped down the fresh air. He closed his eyes and let the light cool breeze drift across his face. When did things become so complicated? He snorted. When I was created, that's when.

"You going to lose a wire?" Ordo quickly turned to see his brother walking toward him.

"Mereel, what are you doing out there so late?"

He shrugged. "How's your wife and child, Buir?" It sounded so strange to be called buir. For so long it was just ad'ika or Ord'ika, but it felt good.

"Abigail is doing very well," Ordo sighed.

"That's a nice name," Mereel settled next to Ordo and leaned his body up against the wall of the house.

"I think Besany will like it. Mereel, she won't be able to have any more children."

Mereel didn't say anything for a little bit. "Have you said anything to Kal'buir?"

"No, you're the first to know other than Gilamar and probably Jusik. I honestly don't know how to feel anymore."

"At least you have your baby, you'll always have her," a little bit of scorn Ordo almost missed was detected in Mereel's voice.

"I know," Ordo narrowed his eyes at his brother. "You care to elaborate what's wrong with you?"

"Nothing's wrong," he pushed himself from the house and started to walk away. "I think I may go away for awhile. I'm tired of living crammed up with everyone."

"Where will you go?" Ordo asked.

"Does it matter?" Mereel shrugged.

"It does to Kal'buir, to me. Is this about Uthan, Mereel?" Mereel stopped in his tracks but didn't turn around. "Did you tell her how you feel?"

"Yes," he said bitterly. "I'll see you around Ordo. Jate'kara."

"That's it! He shouted to Mereel. "You're not even going to say goodbye to anyone? You're going to hurt Kal! Coward!"

"You've always taken good care of him, vod. Ret'urcye mhi," Mereel didn't turn around and continued to walk away and disappeared into the darkness of the night.

Ordo slammed the door shut and winced when it echoed throughout the house. It was very late and most of the residents were already asleep.

Between his wife being ill and his brother just walking away, Ordo didn't know how much more he could take of everything. He didn't want to talk; he didn't know what he wanted. He ran up the stairs and entered his room and walked over to the bassinet where Abigail was sleeping soundly. Not wanting to disturb her and make her cry, he pulled up a chair next to the sleeping girl and just watched her. She looked like a porcelain doll to him. He really couldn't believe that he and Besany created this perfect little being.

"Hi Abby," his deep voice rumbled in the room. "I just want to let you know that I'll always be there for you. I'll do my best to raise you as a good Mando woman even if it's by trial and error. You will be great at whatever you do and no matter what, I will love you. Even if I am no longer around, always know that and when you are older I hope you will understand. I will defend and protect you with my life." Ordo lightly kissed her forehead and continued to watch her until he fell asleep.

Ordo jerked himself awake when his head slipped off the hand that was supporting him. It was very early in the morning and time to feed Abigail. She was starting to stir and he ever so gently picked her up and cradled her against his large shoulder.

After fixing a bottle he headed over to the room where Besany was and found Bardan dozing. He woke as soon as Ordo entered.

"Sorry," Ordo apologized.

"Don't worry, I wasn't really asleep," Jusik waved him off. She straightened himself in his chair and rubbed his tired eyes. He watched as Ordo fed the baby.

"What?" Ordo asked.

"Nothing," Jusik shook his head. "Actually you've had quite a transformation Ordo. From harden warrior to becoming buir and handling a delicate baby."

"I'm still the harden warrior," Ordo defended but Jusik raised his brow when Ordo burped his daughter. "When needed," he added. Jusik smiled.

"It's a good thing, Ordo. No need to worry and we all know you are more than capable of infiltrating a whole Imp battalion."

"How's Besany doing," Ordo changed the subject.

"She's recovering. Mij stopped the bleeding and I've repaired as much damage as I can. She'll be sore for a few days but she'll recover. I'm sorry." He knew about Besany not being able to have more children.

"Don't. It's okay. At least right now it's okay; I just hope she'll be alright hearing about it." With a full belly, Abigail fell asleep in his arms. "I never even imagined making it this far, let alone being married with a child. I'm sure most clones couldn't comprehend the thought."

"You aren't a clone anymore Ordo. You are very much an individual. And yes, I do have to admit that I never thought much about the future."

He looked at the Jedi thoughtfully. "Why not?"

Bardan shrugged. "Sometimes I felt like it was a lost cause especially during the war. I wanted to keep my focus on the now, put one foot in front of the other and make it through the day. But now, seeing us all here, seeing Kad, Abigail and even Jadon, I feel that the future really has a purpose for all of us."

Ordo didn't talk about the Jedi and their powers much especially after Order 66 but curiosity was getting the better of him. "Can the Jedi see into the future?"

"Some said the Chosen One could, maybe even some of the stronger Masters," Bardan said bitterly. "I tend to think that they could see glimpse of things to come but not the whole picture, not enough to change the course of history."

"Referring to that night," Ordo said. Bardan nodded.

"Power can be such a destructive thing when in the hands of the closed minded."

Skirata watched with fondness as Jadon led Kad around in the front yard. The teen had taken upon himself to watch over his cousin. Jadon was really finding his place among the Mando teachings and ways that Vau, some of the other ex-squad members had learned and himself would show Jadon.

Kad was learning how to walk and with the help from his older cousin he was doing very well. Skirata gave out a laugh when Kad fell on his behind. Jadon looked up at Skirata and half grinned. "He's getting better at it," the boy said.

Skirata lightly laughed again and turned to head back inside to check on Besany and his new granddaughter.

He could hear the mummer of voices as he approached the medical room and slowed his footsteps. Kal wasn't one to eavesdrop on a private conversation, but he couldn't help overhear the soft whisper of Ordo telling Besany of the unfortunate news. She made no response and feeling very awkward, Kal backed away. Ordo would talk to him if he needed to.

"Bes'ika," Ordo rubbed her hands lightly.

She slowly turned her eyes onto him. She was still very pale, but some color was starting to return to her cheeks. "But our daughter is still okay?" She asked faintly.

"She's stunning, let me go grab her," Ordo made a mad dash from the room and then the soft tread of foots steps coming back could be heard. Besany shifted anxiously to get the first real look at their baby.

"Here she is," he said proudly and handled the pink bundle to her mother. Besany lit up as the little girl was suddenly in her arms.

"She's beautiful," Besany breathed. "Look at that hair."

"That's what everyone says," Ordo grinned. "She even has blue specks in her eyes."

"What have you named her?" She looked adoringly at her child. The little girl gurgled and opened her eyes at her mother. "Oh Ordo, she's perfect."

"I was trying to hold off until you woke up, but everyone kept asking me to give her a name. I called her Abigail. Abby for short."

Besany looked up at her husband with more love, more adoration than she ever thought she could have. "Absolutely perfect."

"Bes'ika, I want you to know that I will do anything for you, for Abigail; for our Aliit."

Tears welled up in her eyes and she unsuccessfully held them back. Their life together was full of trials and tribulations. Brothers and sisters had come and some and gone, ups and downs sure to follow but Besany knew with her husband and now with her new child by her side they would be able to conquer any obstacle.

She took a hold of Ordo's hand and held it tightly. "Mhi solus tome, mhi solus dar'tome, mhi me'dinui an, mhi ba'juri verde," she repeated the Mandalorian vows.

"Together Cyar'ika," Ordo looked loving at his family. He finally knew how he felt. He was at peace.


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