A/N: I've spent most of my time so far playing with Dean but, after #NashCon and seeing Jared Padalecki up close (he's yummy!), I just can't help myself...

This one is going to be 10 Chapters about the different ways Sam Winchester's gotten kissed. Some will be short, others long. They'll be in chronological order and many of them will be characters you recognize from the show, with a few OCs.

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Chapter 1: Mary

It's around 8:30 when Mary slips into her baby's nursery. Her blonde hair glows in the lamplight as she changes Sam, tickling him softly as she swaddles him in his blanket. She sighs as she settles in the old rocking chair and marvels at the quiet of the house wondering what her husband and older child are up to.

She's been on her feet all day, constantly moving - the grocery store, cleaning house, chasing Dean in the yard, fixing dinner for her boys. It's nice to just sit for a moment and think about everything that has brought her to this moment. She wouldn't trade this life - the life of a wife and mother - for the life of the hunter she was raised to be. Or for anything else. Her family means everything to her.

She rocks back and forth in a gentle rhythm. She sings him a lullaby, it's the same tune she used to sing to her older son. Her voice is gentle and soothing. She waits, watching as Sam's eyelids become heavy, tiny eyelashes fanning gently across his pink cheeks.

With a smile, she closes her eyes and savors the weight of the baby in her arms. At the sound of the toilet flushing and feet padding down the hallway, she cracks her right eye open. "Dean Winchester," she calls quietly. "Did you brush your teeth?"

The four year old peeks around the doorframe. He shifts from one foot to the other before drawing circles in the carpet with his toes and tucking his hands behind his back. "Yes..." he answers without looking at her.

She laughs and shakes her head. "Go brush them and pick out a story," she tells him. "I'll be down in a few minutes to tuck you in."

"Yes, ma'am," he huffs, turning and running back down the hall the way he came.

Mary listens closely and waits until she hears the water running in the sink. "Good boy..." she whispers with a smile.

In her arms, Sam stirs slightly. She cuddles him close to her chest and looks down at the way his tiny fingers flex around the blanket as he closes his eyes again. She stands, humming softly as she rocks him back and forth.

She strokes his feathery hair tenderly and watches with wonder as his tiny mouth opens in a yawn. Bending, she brushes her lips softly over his forehead before placing him in his crib. "Good night, sweet Sammy," she utters. Unable to resist, she presses a kiss to her fingertips and touches his mouth lightly. "Mommy loves you..."