The silence stretched as Jane simply stared at the woman sitting across from her in the large, king sized bed. In the agonizing stillness, Maura averted her gaze, looking down at her hands where they rested in her lap.

Finally, Jane cleared her throat. "I've thought about what I would say if we ever got this far." It was not the response Maura was expecting and her surprised look as she locked eyes with the detective gave Jane a brief second of pause. "I… I mean I guess I never thought we'd actually get here, to this moment I mean. Sometimes, I think I'd probably tease you and say something about not being your type. Sometimes," she shrugged, frowning slightly, "I think I'd just attack you and pull you into some crazy mad kiss. But, most of the time, I just figured we wouldn't actually make it here, so I wouldn't have to worry about what I'd say or do when it happened because it was never going to happen. Now, it's happened, and I don't know what the hell to do."

"You could start by telling me if you're agreeable to the idea," Maura offered, voice quiet.

"Yeah… yeah, I'm definitely agreeable to the idea. I just… I don't know where to start." Jane ran her hands over each other as she looked away from Maura, a blush crawling across her features.

"A kiss is generally a good starting place to initiate a romantic relationship," Maura stated by way of fact as she moved closer to the dark haired brunette. "Would you be agreeable to that?"

"Now you're just messing with me," Jane shot back as a smile slowly replaced the grimace building on her face.

"Maybe," with a slight shrug, Maura leaned closer to Jane. "But, you didn't answer my question, Jane."

"I'm not going to," Jane replied as she leaned toward the doctor, following Maura's lead.

"No? You're just going to 'leave me hanging', as you say?" Maura's hazel eyes sparkled in the low light of her bedroom as she glanced quickly down at Jane's lips.

"When have I ever left you hanging?" Jane husked as she did the same.



Their first kiss was soft and gentle, an exploration. Their next was much more forceful, more passionate. With each kiss, there was a new taste, a new sensation, and, with each new experience, a reassurance that both women wanted to move in this direction.

Time passed away without notice, and the sound of Jo whining at Maura's door was the only thing that broke them from their new activity.

"Jo needs to be walked, Jane," Maura stated as she ran a hand down the angular features before her.

"I guess, it's about that time, isn't it?" The detective stopped her attack reluctantly. "Are you up for coming with us? I … I don't really want to not be around you right now." She leaned down to nuzzle against Maura's throat, placing a kiss on her pulse point.

A moan issued from the smaller woman, her hands flexing against warmed skin where they rested under the bottom of Jane's shirt. "Why don't we get dressed and walk down to the corner café? We can sit outside with Jo and have a cup of coffee?" She swallowed hard, trying to not become distracted again by the inviting lips from which she could not remove her eyes.

"You want me to order a piece of cheesecake so you can eat off of it, don't you?" Jane chuckled as she sat up.

"Yes." Maura followed, slowly slipping down the side of the bed to stand.

"You always do that." Jane began gathering her day clothes.

"I don't always. Sometimes, I order my own slice of cheesecake." Maura stuck her tongue out at Jane as she walked to the closet.

"Yeah, that's when I know you're about to start." Jane stated flatly.


"What? It's true, isn't it?" With a chuckle, Jane opened the bedroom door. "Okay, buddy, we know. Maura and I are going to change, and then we'll go walking, okay?"

"I'm a little disturbed you know my physical cycle that well." Maura pulled out a pair of jeans and a light shirt.

"Hey, we're together a lot. It's hard not to notice that kind of thing," Jane shrugged. "I'm going to hit the other bathroom, okay?"

"Okay, Jane… Oh, and Jane?"


"I'm not ordering a slice of my own today." Maura smiled mischievously.

"Good to know," Jane's blush indicated she understood Maura's unstated meaning. "I'm just… I'm just going to," she pointed awkwardly in the direction of the guest bath, "go… do that changing thing now."

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