After the crazy events of this afternoon, I decided to retire for the baths. Seriously, one of my brothers was hit by a spaceship! What are the chances of this ever happening!

Only in our family…

As I wash myself, Kyon and Haru, who took his bandages off (just let Chiyo-chan know about that and he will see) are discussing the event.

"Next time you got a 'feeling' Kyon, I will stay home."

"I hate to say I told you, but I-" Kyon snarked characteristically.

"Complete that sentence and you will lament your lack of powers..." Nii-san said threateningly.

I admit that my jibe was more jealousy than trying to defuse the situation, but Haru-nii is fun to mess with. "Oh, what in the heavens is so bad about it! You even got another girl for your harem! Girls seem to fall left and right for you Nii-san! I only wish things like this happen to me!" I throw my head back to relax.

Haru just 'Hned' in his aloof way, blushing and laughing embarrassed.

Kyon, on the other hand, was less than amused: "You could've at least said in a way as to not tempt fate. Root knows it's bad luck to do it."

"Oh sure! What is the worst that could happen? A naked girl fall from the skies on my lap!"

Even if I knew what would happen for that, I would still do it, for sure enough, a girl just crashed on top of me, naked, with her mouth on mine, making wings of fire to sprout of my back.

I so stunned that I could only mumble "Fuweber n eberh", still in liplock and surprised of her fall, instead of appreciating the softness of the thighs straddling me.

Haru, and his incredible sense of opportunity, snarked right back at me: "You know what they say Otouto: Ask and thou shall receive." and laughed maniacally.

Kyon also input his two cents: "Idiot brother, you never learn, do you? Tempt fate will only come and bite you in the ass later." Then he sighed. "I will leave you and your newfound Ashikabi alone, for you to get to actually know each other. Try not to produce more Sekirei descendants just yet." He said in a complete straight face.

"Wow, lady, you sure knows your stu~uff!" My voice wanders in uncharted octaves, when she rubs her naked waist on mine. So. Damn. Worth. It.

"Oh sorry. Uhm... Where am I?" She asked curiously.

Suddenly, the house alarms burst, probably because of the two men in suits and with tails appeared saying something suspicious like "We found you Lala-san, now come with us."

She cowered into me, and I found my blood boiling at the thought of these guys getting near her. It must be sort of a natural reaction when they threaten my Ashikabi, because I didn't even know her. Even if she is cute.

I didn't moved at all, just flicked of my wrist and focused some of my power, which came off really easier than it should, and the two wanna-be-kidnappers were rendered unconscious by a blast of fire. Yes, I practiced that move so much, and it finally paid off.

"Take a nap, you two." Pity, I couldn't think of a better badass line. I turned to my newfound Ashikabi wanting to try some bonding , Fuuko style.

Unfortunately, Takeshi-nii-san chosen that moment to arrive, and seeing the girl, still naked, straddling my waist, he looked like he was about to burst. I didn't even have time to explain myself: He made both of the masks, bleeding eyes and clacks, and darkened his own features instantly. "Lewd behavior, violence and girls in the male's side of the baths are all... FORBIDDEN!" I fell prey of his untold horrors of the Hanya and Ashura, hearing the gurgles of my brother Haru probably foaming at the mouth for the very same reason. I could still hear though, barely conscious as I was, the girl exclaim in delight:

"THAT WAS AMAZING! Can you teach it!"


I awoke a few minutes later, being carried by Haru and Kyon to the dressing room.

"She was completely unaffected?"

"It seems so." Kyon interject. "It's your fault, for tempting fate. Really he should've known better." I shot him a dirty look.

"So what? I got a pretty Ashikabi out of it, what can possibly be wrong with that?"

"He did again." Kyon noted.

"May the Root have Mercy of us..." Haru mumble.

"Don't talk of me like I'm not here!"

That was probably why I'm out thinking 'bout the meaning of life late at night, stretched in the hills of the backyard.

As a half-Sekirei, and a reacting one no less, I was worried about winging myself to a girl named Haruna, maybe because she was so shy (even if she is cute) that I couldn't approach her, and the other girls that I was looking at (and considering winging myself to) were kind of flirting with other guys...

"Well, what is done, is done." At least I don't have to think about that anymore. Lala fell from the sky, lips on mine, so now she is my Ashikabi. And she is an Alien in form of a cheerful cute girl, but with a tail. (Not that there's problem on that, since the bottom where the tail is attached is nice too.)I just hope she doesn't have to be back home or something like that. I don't know her yet, but she seems quite a nice person.

Dad was exasperated. Kyon freaked out... then again, he does that for everything! "Don't 'temp fate' this, 'don't say it', that. Man, what an uptight brother!"

Come on! Is not like the Root keeps looking at us for ideas on how to mess with our life, is it? Right, nii-san getting hit by a crashing spaceship was the freakiest thing ever, not even that age-changing candies incident beat that in strangeness, but…

"Can it ever get worse than that?" I ask jokingly to the heavens above. "What? No falling beauties this time?" I joke. Kyon would get a heart attack if he ever heard me saying it out loud. "Maybe another spaceship?" Nothing happened! I crack a smile. Take that Kyon!

But it happened. At first I thought it was a shooting star, but when I was able to see what it was, there were no time to evade.

So I died.


"Damn, did anyone summon Hercules again?" My voice was coarse and quite higher pitched than usual, but then again, I was feeling like a cat run over by a train...

"Kai-n? Are y- a-ke y-?" My eardrums were ringing, and my eyesight was wavering. And I was in so much pain. It was worse than that time when I experimented with gravitational manipulation… Then the memories came back. The spaceship falling… and I being smashed.

But like with dad, that was not the end. I was somehow alive. And surprisingly in one piece too.

"WHAT THE-!" My disbelief turned to the very tone of "MY VOICE!" I sit up, and take note that there is something, a serum bag possibly attached to my chest, making it protest to the sudden movement.

Haru fell back with a nosebleed, which I don't really get it, and Chiyo said something like "Its true then?" All flustered in embarrassment. But Takeshi-nii-san's face caught all my attention, with the darkening thing, and because he said to me while turning back: "I know you didn't intend, and are not aware, but please cover your chest in front of your family."

Cover my chest! Yeah I'm shirtless, so what? I mean, I'm a boy. It's not like that time Karin decided to go to swimming classes topless.

I feel something amiss in between my legs, and look down... "I HAVE BREASTS! AND WHERE IS MY-"

Chiho-kaa-san covers my mouth, sparing me from the Ashura projection I see forming around Nii-san. "That is not proper language for a lady..."

"Lady! I'm no lady, I'm-"

"You're now. You've been hit by a falling spaceship, and they remade your body to save your life. They just made a little mistake." Chiyo-chan giggle.

"Little mistake my ass! I have a FEMALE Ashikabi dammit! Can't they undo-it?"

"Well, you always said you have nothing against yuri, right nii-san? Or should I say NEE-CHAN?" Keiko deliver mockingly. Now I regret teasing her about Karin, specially if-

"You brought it on yourself, temping fate is never sane nor healthy."

"Shut it Kyon!" I spat fire. Literally. It happens sometimes…

My eyes meet Father, who was standing in the corner with a serious expression. "Tou-san? Can't they undo it?" My voice was pleading, in a tone that could be considered moe, to increase my own despair.

"I was unable to request it, s- daughter. It would cause a intergalactic incident, and maybe a inter-world battle." He avoided looking at me, embarrassed.

"I understand." I said against my own acceptance. "I will not start liking boys would I?" I say in hope.

"Well, 80% of attraction is psychological, so if you never found yourself attracted to then before, no I don't believe you would." Chiho-kaa answered. "And if you have any doubts, or simply are curious about anything, just come to the me and I will explain it to you."


"I got through the same thing when I met your father, and it was kind of traumatic to me... but in the end I found happiness despite of that, and would never go back to being a man, despite certain unpleasantries that girls go through..." Mom offered helpfully.

I've heard some strange things about Mom and Dad, but they always change the subject when I ask, probably because it was one of the incidents that seem to happen only around us. But something like this!

"Son, no, daughter, we love you no matter your gender, and we will support you relationships in the way you choose to pursuit them." Dad added his two cents, still turned to the window.


"Besides, 'there is nothing like too much yuri!'"Leave it to Aoshi to say things like that at the worst moment. I deadpan.

"Stupid!" Karin smack him uspide the head, "Wrong!" At least she could respect the mood. "Not 'too much'! The correct is 'There is nothing like enough yuri!'" Forget what I thought.

Keiko draws two airsoft guns and knock them out, while Kyon mumble something like 'no sense of time, none of them'.

There are days that I hate them, but somedays I thank the root for my family, crazy as they are.