"Run that by me again? We are selling guns to the mafia!" Keiko asked in astonishment.

"Technically yes, but they are under the pretext of 'independent security enterprise'." Dad explained.

It was supposed to be a simple summer break assignment, but in our family, noting is that simple, so here are we in the middle of Europe, going to a birthday party of a crime lord, to sell him weapons. Since when world was so broken?

"Doesn't change what they ARE. We're supposed to be the good guys you know?" Keiko stare at him like she wanted to set him on fire. "Trying to find the way with less bloodshed, and all..."

"Which might take us though a seemingly evil way." Otou-san stated coolly, "We are in an undercover operation, making the high-tech weapons produced in division 3 of MBI publically available to lure crime lords into showing themselves to INTERPOL."

"Why can we simply kill them?" Was my sister's angered question. "Or leave it to the CIA, or something like that?"

"If we kill one, other will rise in his place, or his rivals will be made more powerful, you remember when Rider told you about the hydra? Kill all of them at once is the only way to do it safely. Also they're showing some signs of being magic users, and we can't show things publically or we risk broking a war over MBI weapon magitek or the magic existence. Root, I hate politics."

I briefly wonder how can someone like politics…

"Does that mean I can shoot people there?" Sis changed gears.

"No. Unless they point guns at you or Karin, no. But if they show you guns, or offer you to shoot you're allowed to show your abilities."

"You are just offering 'cause you know she will do it anyway." I observe. He nods.

"Yes, I wouldn't do it otherwise." Shirou stated.

"Why are they coming along anyway?" Shiro-san asked. I glare at him.

"You know how these mafia guys are: 'You deal with the family, you're family too...' And when he complained about his girl swinging the other way, I let slip that I knew how it was, and he ended up insisting the girls attended her daughter birthday party, even if they're underage. Had enough dead threats about it as it is, thanks. Rin threatened me, along with all my other wives, hell, Gilgamesh threatened me! More than usual anyway… And Matsu... Matsu threatened to do that, that, that abomination! She promised to never even mention that again! Not that, not the toys..." And he started to mumble incoherently.

I remember that. Took me two hours to bypass the firewall to watch less the five minutes, but it was totally worth it.

Shiro-san whimpered.


We arrive at the mansion, lots of cool cars stopped at the parking lot. Dad chosen to impress, for power show in this world is everything, so he come in his black Lamborghini (actually, Rider-kaa-san's) along with Shiro as escort.

"Have I ever told you that you gave Rider-kaa an awesome car?" Keiko asked.

"Not that I remember, dear." Dad answered.

"When I'm of age can I have one too?" She tried.

"Work and gather the half of the money, and I pay the other half for you. This way you will prove that you deserve it."

"Not fair, you can buy two of them with a month of money, and can't give me one!" my Ashikabi whined.

"I can give you, but if I gave you everything you wanted, you would have been spoiled."

"Bah. You say it like you give me anything I ask…"

"I consider most of your requests," sis shot him a dry look "except for weapons of mass destruction, I mean. Now behave, and try not to get yourselves in trouble."


We don't even try to be near, it's not like we could've put it into the essay anyway: 'my dad's job as the chairman of MBI is to sell guns to people who should have been on Interpol's most wanted list, should've they been more competent...' no that wouldn't do. So we roam free through the party. I met one of the securities 'officers' and talked a bit about general guns, until Karin dragged me off to parts unknown...

"What the?" I start only to be silenced by her hand and a 'shushing' motion, so I tone it down.

"Come on, the girls are going that way..."


"Yep, they're flirting with each other quite boldly, and now they're going to their room..."


"So? It's research time! We can see how 'adults' do it, and try it out later."

"Sis, I don't intend to-"

"If you ever change your mind I want you to have the know-how. And before you ever deny, I know you want to watch, I've saw you, Sakuya and Riko watching Kaze-kaa-san with Rider-kaa-san and Kaa-san." And she had to remember me of that, now I am curious.

As expected of the mafia. There are guards everywhere. Thankfully they didn't saw us (sneaking up in dad's room with Sakuya proved useful afterall).

"Come here, let's try the window."

"Sis, can't we go back to the party?"

"Do we really have too...?" She complains annoyed. Sis is incredibly persistent when it comes to peeping, but gives up easily on anything else.

"Couldn't you simply record them?"

"Not a camera in there, unfortunately."

We sneak through the window, and crawl till we reach the balcony, to be greeted by a young woman trying to hack the door open. We simply hid ourselves on the back of a large flower pot, just in time for a blond man to arrive on the scene... and pretend he was there all the time.

"You look like a goddess in the moonlight."

"Stop flirting and go back to work Weber. That is an order!"

Order? They make it sound like they're some sort of spies...

"That's the cold lady I love..."

"You're drunk at work, again." She sighed. "Just pick the girl alre-"

The door was kicked and both of them jumped there with us, hiding from the guards who opened fire immediately.

"They're shooting at us!" Karin cried.

"Thanks for the heads up, kid!" The girl said. "Damn it!"

The girl took a .45 Pistol and started to shoot back, so I picked a pair of guns: one large JTL .500 Magnum (my favored revolver), and my Contender, the only gun I ever traced and proceeded to shot back too.

"Where did you got the guns!" The woman asked.

"They're mine, why?" A shot break a bit of cement near my head. "YOU DARE TO SHOOT ME? DIE!"

"I like her already." The blonde guy chuckled.

"What the heck are you two doing here?" She asked while changing a clip.

"I thought you were going to boink her, and..." Karin pointed at the now sleeping blonde.

"She dragged you here?" She asked me, and my face must've been answer enough.

"Can't we get through the wall!" The blonde asked.

"No, we need explosives for that idiot!" The snapped back instantly.

"Then at least tell me you got a rifle to take that idiot down!"

"I can get you a rifle version of this." I show the contender to him.


"Of course!"

"Where do you have it?"

I pick one of my keychains and flow od through it releasing the weapon behind my back and offer him. Their eyes bulged like balloons, and the girl looked at me strangely. "How!"

"A wizard did it?"

"Explain later. You wouldn't happen to have any explosives there too would you?" She asked while the guy shot the enemy commandant in the head. Professional snipers, infiltrators, abductors. Who are these guys?

"I have grenades... Are you CIA, FBI, Interpol or somethi-"

The rest of my question was suddenly cut as the wall at our back exploded and they dragged us through the hole into a small fiat. The driver stomped the gas pedal flat, rushing through the streets faster than it should be safe, or possible with such a small car, with the same guys at pursuit, shooting us with enough lead to make a nuclear reactor.

"Thank God you brought a semi-automatic rifle!" The blonde guy cheered.

"Tou-san is going to kill us for sure..." Karin whined.

"Whose fault is it? And stop wiggling in my lap!"

The mysterious arrival brought an entire arsenal so it was easier for them to fight the guys at our heels, but as if something out of a comical manga, the guy seemed less interested in the fact that we're being shot at, than in some phone call he is making while driving, something about final exams (What the!).

Heavier shots mark our car's left side, and the woman, Mao I think, take a Bazooka from behind the seat and took aim.

As she releases her shot, exploding part of a street to block their way, I take my contender rifle and reverse positions in my seat to take potshots at our foes. "You could've at least have brought another bazooka shot!" The girl whined to the driver, who was shooting a car with his desert eagle pistol. "Do you have another one there girlie?" She asked me.

"Why would she have one Mao?" The driver asked.

"Sorry, that I can't help you with." I could, if I had analyzed it beforehand, but I haven't.

"Damn, I'm out of bullets!" The blonde complained. I gave him more. "How?"

"I'm prepared." I smile at him.

"Ah! A girl after my own heart..." We wink at me, and I roll my eye, while dropping a grenade on the path of one of the pursuing cars.

"Flirt later Kurz, preferably with girls over 18."

One of the cars rams at us, and I drop a grenade at them. The result? BOOM.

The last one, 'sniper-kun' took down with his own grenade timed with the braking of the car.

We stop for a breather, and looking back at the destruction I couldn't suppress the smile. A trail of destruction marked our path, and plumes of smoke could be seen from miles away.

"You guys are worse than my siblings in a bad day."

Then the noise of a turbine, a gas powered one according to Mao, drags our attention, making us shuffle inside the car instantly, but not fast enough to avoid seeing the large mech appearing from the foliage in front of us.

I take two shots at it, but not even my 30-06 reinforced bullets could put a dent in that armor. Luckily we have a good head start. I turn back in the seat again, noticing a drooling Karin below me muttering something about ideal softness, but both our attention was directed at the other emerging mechs in front of us.

Three of them. Appearing out of the foliage, one takes a jab at the small car and throws us backwards in a large rock. The Mao girl looked at the others. "Gentlemen, it was a pleasure, girls sorry about dragging you here..." before taking jumping off to take aim.

"I'm not giving up!" I drag Karin out of the car and run into the thick brush.

"Can I at least have a last kiss?" I hear the blonde ask, before he is pushed to follow us.

"Last kiss... LAST KISS!" Keiko exclaimed. We moved deeper to the forest, hiding in the thick foliage.

"It was a joke, girlie." Mao looked at Weber like she would kill him, while my sis turns to whisper at me:

"Karin, can you stop them?"

"No they have Anti-EMP cooper plates so that keeps me off." I hate when they're offline designed.

"We're screwed, Weber, save the jokes for later. Girl, do you got anything that could pierce that?" Mao asked.

Keiko offered them her Contender pistol, and the rifle once more to the guys. "30-06 sabot rounds." Then she pulled the Zeliska.

"Why the heck do you even have something like this!" Mao nearly shouted.

"I am prepared?" Keiko shrugged and turned to me. Grabbing me by the back of my neck, she shoved her tongue on my mouth in a deliciously fierce, but brief kiss. "Do your magic Karin!" My wings of greenish light manifested themselves and all of our witnesses eyes bulged.

"Lights of my pledge, give me the means to protect my Ashikabi." The words came to my mouth in pure instinct.

She pulled her M24 to give the extra time I need for my trick.

"Is this really the time for a light show and bad poetry? And was not that your sister you were kissing?" One of them asked. I was still in cloud nine and not very sure who.

"She is my sister! I only did that because we needed a miracle!" She aimed and shot, not in the body, but in the eye of one of the appearing Savage-series Robots, and the bullet exploded, breaking the visual system of the mech. We started to run again, quickly, thanks to Ranma's training in obstacle course.

I focused myself, splitting my attention between running and searching for network connection. For Sekirei, power doesn't need to be trained, is instinctive, but set. For Half ones like me, it was a tweakable and versatile thing. My abilities already could be used to create things, but what I needed was something small enough to be useable either by me or Keiko and powerful enough to knock more than one mech out. Impossible by normal means, but when Norito empowered I'm not limited to normal. I found a nearby wireless network and searching through databases of the internet, reached the descriptions of something out of one old game, but extremely suitable for our situation…

I imagined my circuits like threads of a processor, and the commands of my intent like instructions being assembled. "Load," Molecular structure OK, "Compile," Mechatronic engineering assembly, viable. "Execute."

"Keiko! Catch!"

I heard Karin shout at me, sealing the M24 back in the cross pendant, and catching the steel cylinder she tossed at me. "What the heck?"

"Put you hand inside the tube, there are the triggers for operating it!"

I put my hand inside, and the device locked in my forearm. "There are four triggers here, Karin!"

An explosion rocked our left side, but instead of going right, probably what the enemy wanted, we go to the left, reaching an open clearing, much to our dismay. I notice that we lost the spies we were with somewhere along the way, but that is nothing that Karin can't fix.

"K, trigger one shot, two charges, three change ammunition types and four is useless."

"Here goes nothing!" I aim at the first mech to enter the clearing, while pressing charge. The device, whatever it was, whistled and started to hum and glow softly, then stopped, one second before the mech located us. I press fire.

Three beans of purple energy spiraled towards the mech, burning a breach on its hull, exposing the inner machinery and going out on its back. I shot again, this one a weaker beam that hit home in the arm of my foe, making little damage. His arm aims at me, but I move right and left, making myself a harder target, ignoring the painful debris hitting me. A second mech reaches the clearing, accompanied by a third identical Savage model. I charge another shot.

"Use the missiles, Sis!"

Another one appears, this one black and looking more human than the frog-like behemoths were facing. Two of the said frogs faced him and open fire, while the one I had hit earlier continued advancing on us. I turn and fire again this shot missing his leg by a few inches. He opens fire forcing me to charge in his direction, jump low between his legs, roll and rise to my knees. The rough dirt combined with debris of the impact graze my bare legs and arms, and hitting my dress-clad torso. But my adrenaline filled mind couldn't care less.

"At least I'm not wearing heels." I press the third button, and a red missile icon blinks in and out, then a green shaped one shows in the device. I aim at the center of the robot and open fire releasing the shot. The recoil throws me back at the dirt, scrapping my butt, probably ripping part of my skirt off, but I couldn't take my eyes of the blast. The mech body exploded in fire beautifully, and I suppress the urge to squeal. Unfortunately for me, I was carelessly too close, and a twisted piece of metal hit my device-protected arm, and ricocheted scrapping my other unprotected arm, making a half-inch deep cut.

"Nee-chan are you alright!" Karin called me from the other side of the smoke and dirt cloud.

"Had better days, but I'll live. How do I get this thing off me?" She ran at my side, and checked over my wound.

A black more human-like mech turn and tower ominously over us. Clearly a boss-type. I shove Karin back, ignoring the pain of my hurt arm, and aim the cannon at his head.

"Hush 'arsenal-girl'! He is with us." Weber appeared from the opposite side.

"Arsenal girl? I like it!" My sister inputted her two-cents.

"Shut it Karin."

"Saiai is so~o mean…" She singsonged.

"I'm hurt, wearing a dress and makeup, and still armed with a hand cannon… Do rea~aly want to provoke me?" I shot her my best annoyed look.

"I'm quiet." She looked sheepish.


"WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY TOOK MY KIDS!" I shook the suit-clad goon one more time for emphasis.

"Unfortunately Mr. Emiya, they were taken as hostages by the now confirmed infiltration of the Mithril Organization." The old Capo told me. "If it serves as a consolation, your loyalty is not in question anymore." One of his bodyguards added as an afterthough. I will remember to disembowel him slowly for that comment later.

"We talk later. Let's go Shiro."

One of the guards tried to stop us, but I took a Tanto dagger seemingly out of my back to point at him. "Let him pass Jim." The old man said. "A man is allowed to save his daughter afterall…"

I pull the dagger away, and my chiming cellphone out and the screen popped on with a message.

I was listening to everything. MC-4 protocol was put in practice, and status was red, but is yellow now. We will start to work towards green, but that might take some time. I took the liberty to ready Rider car too.


PS: My daughter rocks! And Kei was not half-bad either.

PSS: And just so you know, you're screwed. Not in the figurative sense.

I enter the car that had conveniently placed itself in the front door, and drive. Undercover mission to hell, my daughters' safety will be taken care now, even if the world gets a new counter-guardian today… And I will kill this idiot who asked me to put my loved children in danger. Slowly and painfully.

"Shirou, your aura is darkening. Can you keep your ashura to yourself please?" Shiro asked me.

"Sorry, got caught up."

"I understand."