"Keep in mind that the command used in the seal must be very specific, for that woman can twist almost everything to her needs." Rin lectured once more.

"Look, I understood we need help, but seriously, Medea!" My face couldn't keep but twist in annoyance. "Can't we try for Lancer or Assassin?"

"Lancer, the guy who pierced you in the heart?" Sakura looked horrified.

"He was not that bad…" I try to intervene.

"He won't last a day. He will probably challenge someone to a fight and forget about his duties." Saber dismissed the idea.


"Caster can always summon him if she needs any help." Rin dumped my idea instantly. "And it was you that said you didn't want other male influence in the kids' lives.

"But Medea? She is a treacherous, vile, sadistic and-"

"Didn't you say that about Rider-chan when she came with me at first?" I expected that from Rin, but getting a jab like that from Sakura of all the people. Rider fidgeted. Well if they're still angry about that…

"Look, I forgot she was under Shinji's influence, ok? As I get to know her, I saw she was an ok person… besides, you both attacked me at night!" 'And you still do.' "Repeatedly." They didn't even have the grace to blush.

"Ok person, huh? That and the fact that sister took her to bed when you two…right in front of us." Rin blushed and turned her face. Sakura turned a fluorescent scarlet. "Does that make me an 'ok person too'?" Rin teased. Saber chuckled from the sidelines, but stood at ready.

"Look, I don't know her enough to say more. And I still feel that shivers when she look at me." I beat my blush under control and aver my eyes from her teasing smile.

"Considering is Medusa looking at you… shouldn't shivers be the least of your concerns?" When she puts it that light. This might take some thinking… "Ok, circle ready! Make the dagger, Shirou-kun!" She cut that train of thought.

Saber stood at ready, while I chanted the ancient verses Rule breaker in hand. All the while, Rin, Sakura and Rider got magical chains and restraining spells at ready, should the witch of the old times decide to fight her way out.

"…Guardian of Balance!"

The room exploded in light and smoke, much to my annoyance. Just like when I summoned Archer. I'm going to review my notes and isolate the damned variable that causes these annoying explosions.

The smoke dissipates, and a lightly charred Medea stood at the center of the circle, rubbing her eyes clear. She looks, first in Sakura's direction, and tilts her head minutely, as if to ask something, then pass her eyes to mine… offering a minute nod?

Then she looks at Shirou, all ceased to make sense.

"SHIROU-SAMA! You're alive!" She tackles, yes, Illya-style flying-hugs him, then plants a kiss, well something between a kiss and mouth rape on him.

"MMMFPHS!" Shirou exclaimed.

She then opens her eyes lovingly, and notices Saber trying to pry her off Shirou without harming him. That makes she release his mouth, only to drag Saber's lips to hers proceeding to try and swallow the lithe blonde tongue first. Without leaving his lap.

While Sakura and Rider were too stunned to know what to do…I explode.


It was a strange situation, even for people like us, who were used to the strangest things as if it was routine. Darling was walking with Saber-chan, Rin, Sakura, and a subdued woman, Medea if the summoning worked correctly, in tow. He has warned us about the summoning, and said he was summoning a witch of the ancient times as our kids sitter, and that she was a cold heartless b*tch, but efficient in her work. The embarrassed woman following him like a lost puppy doesn't look like the person he described, and the earlier explosion makes me think the summoning didn't go well. So I dragged my stalking partner to her computer screen to watch the fireworks going off.

They let the subject cool, while observing the Caster, with dear brewing tea. She was strangely subdued, but they probably thought it was a trick to make their guard low.

"Start from the start, tell us what you think it could explain your previous behavior, and no funny stuff." Shirou said uncharacteristically serious and hard.

She raised her hands and focused her mana, but stopped with tears in her eyes at the sight of a dozen mystical blades hovering less than a meter from her.

"Is just a simple memory sharing spell." She clarified.

"No. Tell us with words, no spells, no tricks just tell us." His voice was harsh, and she winced reflexively at the tone. He put a glass sphere in the table, one of the minor artifacts that came into the clan possession in the years: A legitimate Crystal ball. It couldn't be used to see the future, but it could be used to see images from someone's mind, especially if the said person is willingly to part them. It helps that it also detects lies.

"Where do I start…"


I was called from the throne of heroes by a foolish mage I sincerely don't recall the name. He wasted a command spell at my summoning, simply to try and make me obedient to his will. One more was wasted trying to make me a toy to his basest desires, yet he didn't account my own stubbornness in giving what he desired. I waited until his guard fell, and severed my own ties with him, leaving the fool to die.

Weakened and alone, I wandered in the rain, until you found me nearly disappearing at the streets of your neighborhood. Later you would tell me that you simply though it was a woman suffering from a cold due to staying under the rain for so long, yet when I told you of a magic ritual required to keep me alive, you didn't hesitated to do it.

I didn't tell you all that were to the servant-master relationship, fearing you to take advantage of my forced subservience like my last fool of a master. I also kept for me the fact that the grail war was to take place once more, and choose to simply try and live a normal life, while saving my energies.

I opened your circuits out of convenience, but the little glimpse of your soul was the starting spark of the flames of love that would follow.

I also made friends on Taiga and Sakura, well once the later got over their jealousy, and we lived peacefully for a short uneventful month, the happiest time of my life.

Then that fateful night occurred.

I was with Taiga place that night, our girl's night out as you dubbed yourself, when all started. I didn't count in that you face Lancer, or summon Saber. I got home as soon as I felt your distress over our link, right in time to see your accidental summoning of our beloved knight. Suffice to say, Lancer wouldn't bother anyone else for a long time after that night.

Rin got an aneurism that would be able to maintain two servants, even with diminished powers, and that you didn't even knew what you were part of, while I got impressed at your forgiveness, or foolishness as she put it, but our partnership started off, even if with the wrong foot.

After some trials, we found your uncommon origin, and abilities, but even that wouldn't ready us for the challenge that was Berserker, which required a strategical retreat, and a well, 'mana recharge session' until we could fight at peak condition. It was our victory, even if took us three nights of rest to do anything else afterwards.

Then the alliance of Zouken and Assassin, Shinji and Rider, along with Sakura's condition, took a lot of my magical knowledge to solve, and quite some effort to deal with, while the old vampire proved way less resilient than expected. But that left me more drained than expected to break such a connection between the old fool and his worms and make him stay dead.

We were not capable of fending of Gilgamesh in the following night. Thanks to the root of souls, you managed to project Avalon from the depths of your own soul to fend Ea's might, and make him leave.

But you didn't let it be, so we had to face the fake priest and the King of Heroes once more, to rescue your sister and vanquish the Grail once for all. It was your sacrifice that granted us victory, while I and Saber had to fend of the corrupted First Hero. At the end, only I and Rin had survived that night, and I had nearly disappeared. We moved to your house, along with Sakura, still not completely recovered from her grandfather's machinations, and two months passed until you summoned me here.


We were all surprised once she finished her tale. One little change and the Grail war had turned completely different of what I heard. Darling didn't need to speak, a simple look sufficed to convey their decision.

"In our war, you were not a nice person Caster. And I'm putting it blandly." He stated a bit more subdued, and she flinched once more.

"I… understand." She lowered her head, "You summoned me for my due punishment then?" and asked in a subdued tone.

"No. We wanted you to take care of our children. Still want, with the appropriate safety measures of course." Rin offered raising her own command seals, for Saber, to show her intent.

Caster's face shot up with hopeful eyes at them, and I suppressed the urge to squeal at the love I saw in them. "Anything you want, Shirou-sama." She bowed her head. Then she raised her voice once more: "So I'm allowed to stay then?" Her eyes shined in adoration and happiness at the news. "Thank you Shirou-sama!" She jumped his mouth once more, and Saber held herself not to skewer the bluette.

"Well Shirou, at least she didn't tie Saber up in one reality." Rin joked, flustering the royal swordswoman.


Saber turned scarlet at Medea's mumbled comment, while Rin's maniac laughter echoed through the kitchen.

"What was that?" Shirou asked in a voice an octave higher than the usual.

"Well, I did tie her up, Shirou-sama." Caster blushed deeply. "But it was completely consensual." She averted eyes demurely.

Rin laughed even more.