:kyu talking




the two attacks clash and the two boys are enveloped in a thick black energy when it dissipates one is unconscious the other taking ragged breaths just before he can pass out his jonin sensei appears and all he see's in darkness.

when he awoke he see's white white sheets white ceiling white walls and the horrible smell of antiseptic and he succumbs to darkness once more.

when he woke up again he see's tsunade with a glum look upon her pretty face and tears falling when she notices he is awake she glomps him and keeps muttering apology after apology when he asks why she sobbes harder when she gets herself under control she remembers what just took place.

{Council chambers}

" He must be killed look at what he did to uchiha sama." pink haired whore named sakio haruno as well as the rest of the civilians

the shinobi side try to defend saying that the uchiha was a traitor and Naruto did what the mission entailed

Tsunade was getting pissed and had already killed one of the civilians there but before they can vote his death and seeing no other way tsunade quickly marks him down as banished hoping he would forgive her before they can say anything she leaves.

{Hospital Room}

Naruto wakes up to see tsunade crying

" Naruto im so sorry it was the only thing i could do i had to banish you or they would have killed you " tsunade said as she starts crying harder on Naruto's chest surprised at how firm it is he surprised her by laughing.

" It's OK tsunade i was kinda wondering when they would either banish me or sentence me to death."Naruto said looking down at tsunade

"How long do I have till i have to leave "? Naruto said

A week at most why unless the council pushes it up."nade said

because im going to take everything that was my fathers and mothers and i want to do something but ill need your help but not if you don't want to.

wait you know who your parents are how since when and ill help its either that or i do damn said Naruto starts laughing and making tsunade mad but before she could do anything he kisses her on the lips her eyes open wide in shock thinking :holy shit why is he kissing me and where did he learn to kiss like this.

meanwhile Naruto is thinking something completely different something the along the lines as : I wonder if she will help me i really want to know if her title as legendary sucker is only from gambling

when Naruto and tsunade break apart tsunade's eyes are glazed and Naruto smirks and says now now nade-Chan if you like that then you might get some more later if you help me

Tsunade's head is a mess the only things she can think about is :did he just kiss me and call me nade-Chan what happened to BA-Chan not that im going to complain

" Nade-Chan hello nade-Chan are there do i have to kiss you again to get your attention." that seemed to of woken her up from her musings

"What the hell Naruto what was that about and why are you so calm about all of this and why are you calling me nade-Chan" tsunade asked more like demanded

" That was because i wanted to do that for a while and im calm because this is the real me i see no point in hiding now since im wont be here and if i have a week i want you to see the real me"

" And why im calling you nade-Chan would you rather me call you BA-Chan besides i like nade-Chan better oh and to answer your question Ive known about my parents since i was five and its also the reason i stopped talking to the third because he kept lying to me so i kept lying to him he thought i was only a genin but im low jonin but before the mission i tried a new seal out and it screwed up my chakra control and to help with your little problem use one or two shadow cones for paperwork and dispel one at a time every hour or you might get a brain tumor and the thing i need help with is sealing everything and something else but we'll tall later about that OK nade-Chan" Naruto said

tsunade just nodded dumbly for a few reasons :one a fourteen year old kid has been fooling a shinobi village for years :two he just said he wanted to kiss her :three he said he's low jonin and four he has a solution to beat every kage's major pain in the ass she can only think : i need a drink.

The next morning

Naruto wakes up and leaves the hospital and goes strait to a shinobi store and perches four dozen blank scrolls and ten big blank scrolls and sealing inc now this wouldn't be strange or anything but since everyone thinks they know Naruto as a retard this is very very strange and they think its a genjustu and try to dispel it especially when sarkura and ino storm up to our fave blonde and try to either screech like a howler monkey or bash his brains in but wind up on their asses then they truly think its a genjustu and while its funny for most its just a pain in the ass for Naruto when asked why he did it he told the two of them in a calm and serious voice he's tired of living a lie and for sakura to shut the fuck up before he makes her permanently unable to speak and for ino to grow the fuck up and take a good look at sasuke and ignore the name uchiha and what do you have that's so good about sasuke that left a pissed sakura and a contemplating ino.

{Hokage tower 10:30 am}

On the way to the hokage tower Naruto ran into certain people that will not be forgetting him or their place anytime soon why you ask that's easy on the way here he was stopped by a mob of angry villagers and what do they try to do they try to kill him so all he does is break a couple of legs a couple of arms a jaw or two but who's counting.

once inside the tower he heads to nade's office there the oh so honorable elders just sneering at him they cant even wipe their own asses its absolutely pathetic.

" What are you doing here boy get out of here this instant "said homura or some shit like that

"shut the fuck up you pathetic excuse for a man can you even wipe your own ass, if you cant leave and come back when you can then talk to me". said Naruto not even looking at the man who by the way had a look of shock and red in embarrassment and sputters something about how'd he know, tsunade was trying not to laugh the other two just glared.

"you three leave i have more important business to attend to "nade said

they just glared and huffed and as soon as they left nade-Chan was floored laughing when she was done she asked why he was there and he ask for the anbu to show themselves and leave they showed themselves and looked at the hokage who just nodded but before one left Naruto asked her to stay a minute.

"Ano neko-Chan can you stay a minute "Naruto asked neko looked to the hokage again who nodded again.

so when the others left he asked if she was the one who watched and saved him for most his childhood which shocked her completely because he even knew that it was her then nodded Naruto asks if she can remove her mask and if he could get her name again looking at the hokage who just nodded again did and said her name was Yugao uzuki.

"yugao uzuki that's a very pretty name there's something i always wanted to do so you will probably get mad at me but oh well i wont be here for that much longer so no reason not to "and with that he kissed her in front of the hokage who's eyes were the size of dinner plates yugao wasn't that much better and Naruto subconsciously used chakra on his tongue to french miss uzuki who almost had an orgasm.

when he was done she was about to slap him but he just said thank you and good bye and gave her a scroll that contained a Japanese longsword that had a amethyst colored gem in the dark purple hilt the guard was that of a crescent moon and purple sheath the sheath was designed with what looked like a lake reflecting the moon as flower petals blew through the night depicted on the sheath the blade was 41/2 feet long with a dark blue and purple hint to the blade all in all it was a beautiful blade when asked why did he give it to her he said its a thank you thanked him for the blade but shot him a glare for the kiss and put her mask back on and left then Naruto turned to nade who asked why he was here he said i was going to ask if you would help me seal some stuff she said sure but when asked why not get clones to do it he said i don't feel right going through my mom's stuff to which nade just nodded and made a few clones and left.

{Namikaze compund10:45}

When Naruto and nade-Chan got there the complete library was sealed and sorted the justu were sorted as wind water fire earth lightning and the jutsu his dad made thanks to his bloodline adding wind and lightning and non elemental jutsu. the kitchen and study the linen closets the armory the bedrooms except three Naruto's and his parents room the living room so all the furniture and clothing still needed to be sealed but before that Naruto asked if nade-chan wanted anything to drink she said that would be nice but she didn't notice the gleam in Naruto's eye he went to get two glasses that were left out on purpose and filled both with water but with tsunade's he added a little vile of clear liquid and smirked and went to hand it to tsunade he watched as she drank it all after they finished his parents room tsunade started to feel dizzy so Naruto took her to his room to lay down and told her to sleep she'll feel better when she wakes up she was about to protest when Naruto kissed her and she fell asleep Naruto decided to seal everything and leave the bed for now and climbed next to tsunade and watched the drink take effect and smiled one of his true smiles and hoped she wouldn't be too mad when she awoke.

{Four hours later3:24pm}

Tsunade awoke feeling better than she could ever remember in the last thirty years and cuddled closer into her warm beating pillow :wait pillows are not suppose to be warm and beating what the hell am i laying on where am i last thing i remember was sealing kushina's stuff and getting dizzy then Naruto kissing me again .

tsunade then opens her eyes and see's a sight she would love to see every day the peaceful sleeping happy face of her favorite blonde she tries not to wake him but fails miserably once he sees her he smiles a true smile and tsunade just stares thinking if that's what his real smile is like she wants to see more but she is pulled back to focus when he starts to talk at first she didn't hear and asks him to repeat so he does.

" When i went to get us a drink i put something in your drink that's why you fell asleep " Tsunade was ready to kill Naruto she couldn't believe what he did she felt so hurt that he would do that to her but wait was that all normally a girl would have their clothes off and would have been sore she felt great but before she could think anymore she heard him say more. " What you drank was mostly water but the vile i put in was something that i think you deserved it's a really rare medicine that kyuubi told me about that if you take it it makes you live thirty years longer and makes your body thirty years younger" When he was finished she thought she was hearing things if what he said was true she was in her twenties again she quickly did a diagnostics's justu and her eyes widened by the second finally she jumped Naruto and started to cry because she found out her ovaries are working and could have a child without realizing she kissed Naruto which he returned but he stopped a few minutes later tsunade looked at him strangely : why did he stop he kissed her when she was old and now she was young he wont what the hell.

Ano nade-chan are you sure you know what your about to do " do i know what im about to do who does he take me for an idiot ".her answer was to kiss him again and start to massage his crotch slowly he started to get hard and already tsunade could tell she would be walking with a limp for a day or two " oh if only she new if only she new " nade-chan i want to know why your doing this is this only because your happy your young again or what or is it because your able to conceive a child? " Naruto asked.


{Namikaze compound 7 pm}

Naruto laying awake after 3 hours of great sex with tsunade cuddling him smiling contently Naruto frowns knowing he has to leave soon the council will probably try to make his banishment a spectacle.

Naruto then got an idea let then know exactly who they banished a foxy grin crept its way onto his face and started chuckling unknowingly waking tsunade up she looks up confused as to why he's chuckling he feels her move then looks down and into those big doe eyes and almost loses himself in them and answers the unasked question.

" The council will probably try to make my banishment a spectacle so why not show them who they wanted to kill and who they banished who they hated who they beat because of their close mindedness "Naruto said looking at tsunade who had a smirk then Naruto asked a question.

" Ano nade-chan what's going to happen now between you and me "Naruto asks " hmm... im not sure i mean your banishment starts in a few days and i cant leave the village much "sigh" i would like to have a relation even though i am technically forty years older than you if you'll have me " looks at Naruto with hope in her eyes Naruto thinks about it then sigh's "nade-chan you do know i have to have multiple wives right" tsunade looks trying to figure out what he means of course she knows he has to to revive his clan before she can ask a question he starts talking again

" would you be able to share nade-chan think about it and the day before i leave tell me OK " Naruto said while getting up and heading to the shower after about fifteen twenty minutes he comes out

and tsunade is gone he sighs wishing she stuck around but what can you do she is a kage he still couldn't believe he wanted the job.

{Yamanaka flower shop 7 45pm}

Naruto walking down the street going to buy some flowers then go to the memorial stone he walks through the door and see's ino and her dad there as soon as ino saw Naruto she gets pissed and starts shouting at him about some random shit involving her precious sasuke-kun and he tells her to shut up that gets inoichi mad so seeing that he wont get any service he leaves mumbling something along the lines of stupid fucking fan girls just as he said that sakura was there to hear and gets pissed and trys to hit Naruto only for her to go flying into a wall leaving a shocked ino and inoichi to pry her from the he's out the door he decides to head to ichiraku's to talk to ayame and the old man and say good bye what he didn't expect was that the jonin sensei's are there once he sits down they stop talking and stare wondering what happened to the hyper ninja he turns to them with a look that says "what are you staring at" asuma being the first to speak asks whats wrong.

" Nothings why"Naruto said" well your quiet and you seem a little edgy i guess gaki "Anko said " Well if you must know i just pissed of the yamanaka's and threw my former teammate if you could call her that into a wall and i just finished packing" Naruto said" what did you do to piss them off and i thought you had a crush on your teammate or yours an..she was cut off by laughing Naruto was laughing his ass off it went on for a few minutes and stopped and said " you have got to be fucking kidding me why would i like a pink haired whore all she does throw herself at the uchiha or if the uchiha said go fuck a dog or something she would with a smile on her face no i like girls and women that are serious about being a ninja like you and Kurenai ", Anko gets a sly smirk on her face and kurenai has a tinge of pink on her cheeks "So gaki you like us huh maybe you want to do something later "said Anko hoping to make the kid embarrassed or uncomfortable and kurenia's cheeks get a lil redder " Sure but does it involve one or both of you and it would have to be sometime within the next few days hebi-hime beni-hime "said Naruto with a predatory grin that sent a shiver down anko's spine and making kurenia a lil horny meanwhile asuma and kakashi cant believe what there hearing Naruto saying Then before it can go any further ayame comes to take Naruto's order " what can i get for you Naruto-kun "ayame asked "hmm...i would like three bowls of miso ramen one of pork and... you yame-chan "said Naruto with a wink now when he said that multiple things happened kakashi drops his book,Asuma's cigarette falls anko smirks and kurenia drops her chop sticks on the other side of the counter teuchi almost cuts himself and ayame drops her note pad and blushes heavily making Naruto smirk" what the hell Naruto whats got into you your not being loud annoying or an idiot you say you assaulted your teammate and your hitting on women i want answers now"kakashi said/ demanded "what are you an uchiha because it sounds like your demanding me to answer an..before he can say anymore kakashi interrupts him "its kakashi sensei to you genin and you will answer me genin"said " said kakashi where Naruto looks at him with a wtf look "shut up hatake now if you would have stayed quite i would have explained a few things 'one something a lot of people say but not many do as you say look underneath the underneath Ive been pretending to be loud annoying idiotic orange wearing brat as a mask since i was 5 Ive been pretending to like that stupid whore haruno and Ive been pretending not to know who my parents are Ive been lying to the third since i was five because he's been lying to me and the reason i stopped talking to him was because i found out who my parents are and since then Ive kinda hated the old man did u know he actually allowed my beatings ...wait you did i remember inu 'that made kakashi's eye widen and asuma drop another smoke ayame kurenia and anko gasp before anyone could say anything Naruto continues "..Ive also been pretending to be weak but i see no reason to pretend anymore because ive been banished to save my life from this fucking retarded village who half of which cant wipe their own asses properly "

"now as to why im hitting on women is because i enjoy seeing them blush and its only certain women and since ive been banished i may as well do some of the things that Ive always wanted and hatake my father would be ashamed of you and you have no right to even be called a sensei 'sensei's actually teach you something you on the other hand have been stroking the uchiha's ego and cock you favoritetist bastard i hope we never meet out of the village because ill take the most important thing and crush it in front of you " Naruto said then moves to anko and leans close to her ear and whispers do you want that mark gone if so you and beni-hime come to this address in an hour and slips a piece of paper into he pocket and says "im no longer hungry yame-chan"pays and leaves.

{Out side namikaze compound 9 pm}

Anko and Kurenia are out side of an empty lot and anko is ready to kill Naruto because he's playing with her in her mind there's no way he can get rid of her curse mark because if jiraiya cant the there is no way Naruto could [ oh if only she knew what he could do ] then out of nowhere Naruto shows up wearing a fishnet shirt black pants black sandals and a beautiful chain around his neck and they notice he has two hoops in his ear Naruto looks to the right and see's the two lovely ladies and ushers them to follow him they do and gasp in surprise that there in front of a huge clan complex that's three floors high and big enough to match the hyuuga compound when asked all he said it was his parents they continue to follow him into a room with a few seals on the walls and sealing ink on the floor and a mat Naruto tells anko to take her coat and shirt off then he'll begin anko was about to tell him there's no way until she see's his eyes they were no longer blue the whites were black and his pupil was gold too shocked to do anything she did as she was instructed and he told anko and kurenia there is a catch they ask and he says its nothing really but they cant hit him when he does it there a lil confused what he means until they remember there are some things he always wanted to do but kurenia threatened Naruto that if its anything perverted she'll castrate him and he gulp so loudly they both hear and glare at him then he goes over to kurenia and kisses her and unknowingly adds chakra to his tongue like he did with yugao and tsunade when he stops he notices anko staring at him and he just said " that's the catch ive always wanted to do that since the first time he saw her when he was nine" anko pouts and Naruto finds it adorable "now should we start its going to be very painful and i cant do anything for the pain anko its painful because those seals have a part of his soul in it so removing it will hurt more then getting that mark "said Naruto anko nods and he begins the very slow and painful process that last for two hours but its done destroying the soul shard anko is about to pass out its amazing she was still awake Naruto uses a med justu he knows on her and when he's done kisses her the same way as kurenia.

{Somewhere in rice country 11pm}

Just as orochimaru was about to cum in his faithful right hand man's mouth he is suddenly hit by an intense amount of pain and screams bloody murder and passes out kabuto not liking the fact he didn't get his filling from the Twinkie throws orochimaru on the bed ass up and goes to town { I feel so wrong writing that}

{Namikaze compound sealing room 11:05}

Kurenia watches Naruto kiss anko and anko falls asleep with a smile on her face which makes her smile then she asks why did he kiss them " I kissed both you and anko because i wanted to for a while that's the only catch to remove the mark for her is to kiss both you and not die so far Ive kissed four women that Ive wanted to you anko and miss uzuki"when kurenia hears yugao's name her jaw drops before she says anything Naruto's talking again"um kurenia can you put anko's shirt back on i mean id do it but you might think im being perverted "Naruto said looking at kurenia and leave the room a few minutes later kurenia comes out to ask a few questions" hey Naruto i have a few questions do you mind answering"kurenia asks.

"Sure beni-hime ask away"Naruto said"Okay first whats with the beni-hime anyway"nia asks"simple really its because your eyes their beautiful "naruto said missing the slight tint of pink on kurenia

" okay second what was with your eyes earlier they weren't normal "kurenia asked" that was a byproduct of one of my dads jutsu it became a bloodline well apart of it"Naruto said kurenia was surprised that a jutsu could make a bloodline then asks "um Naruto if you don't mind me asking who were your parents "nia asked "If i tell you you cant tell anyone it will be revealed when im about to leave "Naruto said in a serious voice that sent chills down kurenia's spine and she nodded" My mothers name was kushina uzumaki or as the history books know her as red death former princess of whirlpool and my father was the fourth hokage minato namikaze " Naruto said completely shocking kurenia.

kurenia's thoughts

Naruto is the son of the fourth and sensei holy shit wait why wasn't anyone told it has to be a lie but he's being completely truthful but if what he said about the third allowing his beatings are true than the third could have played the kind old man as a way to make Naruto loyal to the village but if that's true then the third is a monster what else haven't we been told if he did that to Naruto then he could have very well been the to sell out the hyuuga in the kidnapping incident ...wait did Naruto say former princess of whirlpool so the village has mistreated Naruto who is basically royalty i mean minato's clan was one of the founding clans along with senju and uchiha, i would hate to see what would happen if whirlpool was still around and we banished him o shit he said it will be revealed when he leaves this is bad it could cause a lot of trouble and isn't the fire lord coming this week and wasn't the fire lord good friends with kushina and minato oh shit.

"...nia kurenia hello kurenia are you OK " kurenia looks up to see Naruto looking at her with concern she nods and Naruto tells her she's been spacy for a few minutes.

"Any more questions"Naruto asked "yeah do you know that revealing who you are can cause a lot of trouble " kurenia said looking at naruto who nods and says that's the point.

but it could cause big problems with the fire lord coming" kurenia said while Naruto gets a evil smirk on his face"well that isn't my problem this village created this problem let them solve it my only problem is iwa and that the civilian will over step their boundary's like always and send hunter nins after me but with the fire lord that might not happen.

kurenia asked her third question " when you said justus byproduct what did you mean"?

"Oh the flying thunder god ends up demolecularizing your body and remolecularizing it some where else so it rearranged his DNA a bit and made it into a dormant bloodline which i activated and the eyes are a part of it it helps you see what your doing and their useful for sealing and combat especially with a sword, the best part i have his other bloodline too as well as my mothers and one kyu-chan gave me."Naruto said only seconds later realizing the last part kurenia stood shocked again kyu-chan the kyuubi gave him a bloodline i wonder what it is ...WAIT he talks to the kyuubi and calls it kyu-chan holy shit the kyuubi is a girl HAHAHAHAHAHAHA TAKE THAT YOU SEXIST BASTARDS . kurenia starts laughing creeping Naruto out a bit when she calms down she glares at Naruto and asks what the fuck why does he call the kyuubi kyu-chan his answer is because she's nice and a girl he doesn't get why everyone thinks kyu is a guy i mean take a look at the fox form and its that of a female fox kurenia looks at Naruto like he has three heads and says "kyuubi nice what the fuck how can the monster that attacked fourteen years ago and made your life a living hell be ni...she was cut off by a shit load of killing intent she looks ar Naruto and his eyes are red with slits and she collapses on her knee's and Naruto says " KYU-CHAN DIDN'T WANT TO ATTACK SHE WAS MANIPULATED AND SHE ISN'T THE ONE WHO MADE MY FUCKING HELL IT WAS THESE GOD DAM VILLAGERS ,THE THIRD AND THE COUNCIL DO YOU...what he was about to say was cut off because he was drawn into his mind

{Inside Naruto's head}

A beautiful red head was sitting on her emperor sized bed with her head down with tears slowly streaming down her heart shaped face she looked to be about eighteen years old she had long red hair that was in a ponytail tied with a blue ribbon she wore a blue kimono that showed her shapely body from here dd cup breasts to her amazing ass that makes you just want to reach out and grab it she was five ft six and had red eyes that look more like electricity than blood red with black slits. No matter how many times she was told it wasn't her fault she always felt guilty and when she was reminded she always cried suddenly she felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her she looked up and saw a pair of electric blue eyes that held all the love and kindness in the world the eyes she fell in love with, when she didn't know but she did know the eyes weren't the only part of him she loved immediately wrapping her arms around him she sobbes into his chest while he tries to comfort he saying its not her fault finally he had enough crying and he does the one thing he knows would shut her up he kisses her deeply and passionately.

Kyuubi for her part was startled because this was the first time he kissed her and she was loving it she wanted him to do this for so long but always felt bad because there would be no way for them to have a healthy relationship with her being in his head and all and she always believed there was now way on the off chance she can get free without killing him that he would want a relationship with a demon.

Naruto breaks the kiss and looks at kyu seeing her dazed expression smirks and waits until she regains focus when she does he asks if she'll stop crying and assures her its not her fault which she reluctantly nods and he kisses her again when they part kyuubi tells him he should probably start calling her by her name instead of her title to which Naruto tilts his head saying she hasn't told him her name yet which makes kyu look at him like he has another head then blushes realizing he's right to which she says it mikoto and he smiles saying that its a beautiful name.

"Well miko-chan i should probably go ill see you later and i have a surprise for you when im finished it "Naruto said grinning leaving miko to wonder what he's talking about.

{ Outside of Naruto's head }

Kurenia is still on the floor and notices Naruto's spaced expression and guesses he's talking to the kyuubi then see's him focus and looks at her making her jump a little

"so kurenia any more question or should we take anko home"Naruto says making kurenia remember what happens before and nods they go into the room with anko passed out on the floor and Naruto picks her up and tells kurenia that he doesn't know where she lives so could she show him to which kurenia sates they live together and tells him to follow her.

On the way they Naruto and kurenia hear civilians muttering something involving 'snake whore' and 'demon brat' and Naruto just gets an evil grin on his face and releases a massing amount of killing intent at the civilians who soil themselves and he laughs when they look like their having a heart attack.

{ Kurenia and anko's apartment }

Kurenia unlocks the door and ushers Naruto inside and tells him the second door on the right is anko's room and to place her there when he does anko doesn't want to let go of him so he asks kurenia for some help which she just smiles seeing anko clingy, after about five minutes they detach anko from Naruto much to Naruto's relief and kurenia's amusement as anko whimpers a little.

before Naruto leaves kurenia asks him what did he mean by the kyuubi was manipulated into attacking to which Naruto just sighs and sits down and explains.

" Kyuubi just came into this realm to get away from all the other demons trying to take her as a mate,she was relaxing near a temple that is dedicated to inari when a group of ninety people thirty wearing a musical note headband twenty nine wearing blank masks with the letters ne a man with bandages on his arm and right side of the head and a man with a orange spiral mask and twenty nine men with black hair and black eyes that turned red with three dots in each eye the same with the man in the orange mask they all attacked her she managed to kill all the men with the musical note headbands and half the men with the blank masks when tree branches pinned her down she looked and it was from the man with bandages but saw his deformed right arm then then the man with the bandages revealed his right eye that was the same as the others red with three dots they all used their eyes to put her into a rage and the man with the orange mask's eye changed the dots combined into a strange shape and that's the last thing she remembers until seeing the she found out those eyes were the sharingan that the previous kyuubi granted to a hyuuga and the musical note represent the sound village and the man with the bandages was the elder danzo in some plot to become hokage with his little root anbu"Naruto said shocking kurenia that shock turns to anger realizing that the uchiha were part of the reason her parents were killed because their blasted eyes and that the village worship the fucking ground they walk on then she feels a little better remembering that itachi killed all but his arrogant brother and Naruto pretty much crippled sasuke.

Before she could say anything Naruto gets up and leaves and goes home an goes to sleep.