{ The next day}

Naruto awoke to the horrible the most evil the most abominable the most gastly thing on the planet ...his arlam clock playing some song by justin beiber.[i hate that guy so much]

so naruto does the only thing he can uses a magma bullet justu and destroys it now with a smile on his face he goes and takes a shower.

{ 20 minutes later}

Naruto is currently going to ichiraku's for a bowl of ramen then off to see the wonderful hokage, why thats simple he's bored as fuck but on the way to get ramen he's bombarded by

the pb ( pink bitch , pink banshee , piggy's bitch , which ever one you want ) considering his options he could A) gut her B)slit her throat C) ingnore her until she leave's ( yeah like that would ever happen ) or D) insult her until she leaves. ( yeah that seems like the less violent but the loudest option ) and finally E) he could try and lose her ( considering her horrible job at being a ninja thats the easiest option ) he decides option E) it is so he turns around and turns the corrner then climbs the wann and watches her pass then hops down and get the ramen he will never have again unless they move to alother location.

{ Ramen stand }

Naruto walks into the stand and see's Shikamaru Choji Shino Iruka-sensei and Tenten. Shino's bugs alert him to Naruto's presence there and turns" Hello Uzumaki-san" said Shino alerting the others

"Hey Shino hey guys whats up " Naruto replies making everyone look at him funny because he's not hypo shit crazy Shika is the one who replys " Uh Naruto are you feeling alright " Shika asks and Naruto says yeah why do i not look well or something " Um no its just yout acting strange " Iruka says Naruto turns to Ayame who just got to the counter " Hey Yame-chan id like a pork ramen please" Naruto said then turns to explain everything about him tricking everyone to him being banished when he's done their pissed at the council and suprised Naruto could fool everyone Naruto then proceeds to eat when he's done he pays and leaves and Choji speaks finally " Well that sucks huh Shikamaru " Troublesome blonde " Shika sighs.

Just as he's about to head to the hokage's office neko appears infront of him " Hey neko-chan whats up " Naruto said " The hokage requests your presence naruto-kun " says neko while there both thinking naruto-kun whats with that" why did i call him kun naruto and yugao thought. " Okay i was heading there anyway thanks neko-chan" Naruto said with a foxy grin and left seconds later neko left.

{ With tsunade }

Tsunade let out another sigh fo what seemed like the hundreth time that day she already thought about what naruto brought up and she decided that she would share but that depent on the amount of women he planned to be with she then heard a knock on the door.

Come in "she said naruto walked in and saw three tsunade's two on either side of her desk and the third on the red couch in her office walking over to the couch and sitting down " whats up nade-chan " naruto said seeing something bothering her.

The council want you to leave before the fire lord gets here " Nade said she was about to say more but naruto starts to laugh when looking questionably he says " I sent some shadow clones out to find something i dropped on that mission and it just despelled and it turns out that the fire lord is an hour away and they want me to leave before he gets here when they think he's coming in two days fine ill leave today but after he gets here and im going to ask you to gather the village and ask that you anounce my banishment as well as my heritage with the fire lord being a friend of my parents he might stop the stupid council from putting me in the bingo book but then there is the repercusion about my treatment if he is a really good friend to my parents then the villiage could be in for political trouble i mean im kinda the reason for our relations with suna after i beat garra then wave see's me as a hero as well as taki i can handle iwa but ill dissapear off the map for a year or two but i need to build a safe house i plan on making them all over the place and before anything im going to kill danzo for his part in kyu-chan attack and that will give you a little trouble at first but probably save you the trouble later i mean he has root still up and running and according to kyu he has a disfigured arm and a sharingan with the arm he can use wood justu's. " Naruto said shocking Tsunade with the part with danzo and the fact he thought that far about the political bullshit that could happen and he even taken into account that the council wants him in the bingo book.

" Okay ill assemble the villiage when the fire lord gets here and anounce that oh i also thought about what you asked me too ill share but it depend on how many women you plan on having " Nade said Naruto puts his finger to his chin and thinks " Hmm... well lets see i have four bloodlines one from my mom two from my dad and one from kyu ... maybe nine or ten " says Naruto shocking Nade again saying he has four bloodlines when she she opens her mouth to ask he stops here and grabs her the next thing she knows is shes at the namikaze compound and it wasnt a body flicker.

" What the hell was that it wasnt a body flicker "shouts Nade Naruto only smiles and replys " Its one of the bloodlines i got from dad he only had one but that was a byproduct of using the hiraishin no jutsu so much it rearanged his dna making it a part of his genetics as a dormant bloodline which i happen to unclock." Nade is just flabbergasted that the hiraishin became a bloodline " Ok so what other bloodlines do you have " Nade questioned Naruto smiles again and begins to explain.

" The original bloodline my dad had was the ability to combine any two or three compatable elements into a sub element like fire earth and wind into dust or water and wind into ice or the one he could do was water lightning and wind into the true storm instead of water and lightning like in kumo and wind and lighting into black and white lightning which by the way this is the reason they could do it they had the same ancestors but some ended up leaning towards those elements same with the yuki clan in kiri that haku was apart of " Nade was dumbfounded this one bloodline was a precurser for multiple clans and a possibility the same reason for her grandfather's ability to use wood.

" The bloodline i inherited from my mother is soul blade it creates a blade that has three levels and a soul from inside your soul and allows you to use either part of chakra the spirital or physical engery separately and each blade is special depending on the soul it could be element attributed or non elemental attributed and they all look different at level two, the best part you their self repairing and you can't lose them all you have to do is call the swords name but right now im not very good with him yet but he said he would teach me to use him better in battle,

" Then theres the one kyu-can gave me it allows me to use fire water wind earth and lightning which is great by itself but combine that with my dads and its fucking amazing but hard and i have to make the justu i want to use because i dont know anyone with lava wood ice storm boil crystal and what ever my clones come up with thats another part that pisses me off i have my clones try a bunch of combanations and its mostly a failure i mean those are the only one ive even learnt so far. " Naruto explained leaving nade with her eyes the size of her breasts which are pretty big and all nodding trying to wrap her mind over all this one shinobi that can teleport anywhere he's been a soul sword and can use either part of chakra and can use earth fire wind water lighting wood ice boil lava crystal and storm Holy shit i want to tell the council of idiots about this just to see their faces wait kyuubi how long have they been talking and how close are they since naruto hasnt been on a killing spree then the kyuubi isnt all that bad and im going to guess that kyuubi is female from the way he speaks about it.

... tions nade-chan, Hey nade-chan you listening " Naruto said gaining nade's attention " Huh can you repeat that " nade said.

" I asked if there are any more questions " Naruto said to which she nods and asks " Uh Naruto whats your realation to the kyuubi " nade asks " Huh oh i love her why ( inside naruto's head miko is blushing with a few tears in her eyes he is only one that has ever said they love her other than her family ) oh and before you start yelling about how can i love her because she's a monster a demon and all that shit let me explain why she attacked " Naruto said then started explaining everything the man in the mask the uchiha sound and danzo by the end Tsunade was furious .

" So thats the reason if anyone calls miko-chan a moster i may kill them and she's always been there for me she's kind and she has done nothing to harm me when i get hurt she heals me she is the reason im still sane though everything ive been through she told me who my parents were it turns out my mom and dad met her two months before she attacked when they went to that same temple to pray that i would be delivered safely." Naruto said with a small smile he was about to say more but notices the time the fire lord she be in the villiage.

" Hey nade-chan the fire lord should be in the villiage." Naruto said and nade looks ar the clock before she can say anything she's back in her office and Naruto is gone five minutes later the fire lord walks in for his yearly visit but before he can say anything there is a yellow flash and he swears he see's a ghost and faints the fire lords gaurds are ready to attack but tsunade stops them and looks at naruto who is rubbing the back of his head sheepishly they wait for the fire lord to awaken when he does he says that he swears he saw the forth then he hears.

" Uhm Shi-sama please dont faint again you didnt see the fourth but you saw his son naruto." Nade ushers for naruto to come into veiw and bows infront of the fire lord who looks ready to faint again but doesn't so after a few minutes of naruto answering some questions for Shi he asks what is he doing here and he says that he has a few things to ask and so he asks " Uh shi-sama well you see you are probably aware that my father died during the kyuubi attack. which shi nods " Well he seald the kyuubi into a new born child and that child was me and his last wish was for me to be seen as a hero but the third and the civillians and most the shinobi didnt hounor that wish and made my life a living hell and the third was a forgive me for my language but he was a fucking cock sucker who allowed me to be beaten just to show up and play the kind old man and let me live on the street but that's in the past now i completed a mission a few days ago and i hurt the precious fucking uchiha in order to stop him from going to orochimaru and they were going to have me exicuted until tsunade here and the shinobi side voted to banish me now that's not the problem that actually works well for me since i wanted to disapear for a year or two and train but that would be hindered here so im happy i get to travel and all but i know the civillians will over step their authority and place me in the bingo book and i dont want that and i also wanted to know what you would do considering i was going to anounce my heritage the day i leave and you were close friends with my parents ." Naruto said and see's shi's face is as red as the couch and sighs then shi spoke.

" So let me get this straight you want to leave the village that you have every reason want to destroy and travel so being banished works for you, Your not asking me to protect you from anything other than being placed in the bingo book that there isn't any reason you should be placed in and you wanted to see what i would do based on the relation ship your parents and myself had " which Naruto nods then Shi sighs " Well i would cut the funding a bit and execute the ones that made your life hell and kill jiraiya because he was supose to be your godfather but he didnt do shit.

" Um Shi-sama jiraiya only found out i was alive when i busted his peeping time when i took a metal pole and shoved it up his ass sarutobi lied to him saying i died during the sealing " Shi nods then says " What would you suppose i do " that got Naruto shocked then he went to think " Hmm i think you should cut civillian funding a little and help tsunade dispand the civillian council but not for ichiraku's ramen they were the only place that would treat me fairly and let tsunade retire in a few years" Naruto said with a smile on his face " Oh and i need to go in a few minutes and kill danzo because he's going to cause alot of problems so ill be back in 20 minutes and if you hear or feel any explosions ... dont pay any attention at all " Naruto said smiling and says " Zangetsu " a big elegant cleaver with black blade that absorbs light and the edge of the blade was white with a tint of red and midnight blue the handle was wrapped in dark blue cloth they then notice naruto's eyes are different they went from electric blue to gold with black sclera The fire lords gaurds get ready to fight again ready to defend their lord then Naruto disapears in a black with elecric blue edges flash shi is shocked to see it and turns to see an equally shocked tsunade they get out of their shock and shi asks what the hell just happened and tsunade said.

" I guess thats two of his bloodline the soul blade from his mom and the new hiraishin bloodline from minato." The hiraishin was a jutsu he created not a bloodline" Shi said " Naruto explained it to me saying that because minato used it so much it bonded to his genetic's and he became the first carrier of it but it was dormant and naruto is the first one to ever use it as a bloodline " nade said and shi was dumbfounded theres a new and amazing bloodline and this villiage wanted to kill him. he asks" Tsunade " Yes shi-sama " The council doesnt know any of this do they " Shi asks which tsunade nods negitive " No they do not hell i didnt even know about any of this until i told him i had to banish him to save his life ". nade said with her eyes watering a little bit that went uncoticed by the fire lord because a ear shattering scream and a huge explosion and beam of blue light shot through the air.

{ With naruto }

Naruto was glad he followed danzo two months ago by henging a shadow clone into a beetle he found the root base so naruto being naruto puts a white mask on and makes an ungodly amout of normal and exploding clones and sends them in to kill and retrive documents when one clone was despelled he got the information that danzo was in so he goes in cuting down anyone who where in his was using zangetsu with a charged wind chakra in the blade making it a hot knife through butter on a hot day in june twenty minutes later he reaches danzo to see that he's very injured from fim taking out a group of exploding clones naruto grins sinisterly behind his mask and leaks some of his and miko's killing intent almost giving danzo a heat attack.

After danzo is able to regain himself goes to remove his bandages but when he does he does the worst thing you could do fighting naruto doesnt matter if you have the sharigan or not he took his eyes off him when he fully reveals his eye its too late naruto using a variant of his bloodline he stumbled upon which suprised zangetsu because he could do the same thing using sprital engegy he didnt name it but he's zangetsu told him the one he'll teach him is called flash step but right now this is what he's got to work with which he isnt too good usung but its great for kenjustu and cant wait for lessons from zangetsu so before danzo relizes he's missing his right arm and strung up in the air by naruto's chakra chain jutsu it looks like blue ethereal chains with fish hooks coming from the front back up down mostly every direction now comes some fun. naruto takes his mask off showing his face and the clones are finishing the rest of the anbu, once danzo see's his face he snarl's and starts hollering things like "why are you dong this " demon brat "your never going to get away with this " yada yada yada ".

Naruto deciding to be sadistic right now decided to torture the old bastard do he pulls the sharigan out and stops the bleading and walks away finds a tv and dvd player and some head phones andthats where the fun starts he walks to danzo with the tv and dvd player hooks them up walks to danzo puts the headphones on but he keeps shaking them off so naruto finds some tape to tape them on once he's sure they wont come on he puts something in the dvd player at first theres a guy with a extremly white face with a shitload of pins in his skin talking about the ulimate torture then it swiches to three different thing all at the same time on third of the screen it the diabolical monsterous purple faggot barney on the next one third is the nightmare inducing quartett the Teletubbies the last one this is the worst he could find it's it's it's too horrible to even speak its name it's... justin beiber singing . Naruto walks away ignoring the screams of a grown man breaking.

{ 20 minutes later }

Naruto comes back to see danzo a sobbing mess asking for death so him being him is going to give him some mercy ...YEAH right while danzo is busy willing himself to die he misses naruto making five clones and henges them while he goes to shut the power off.

Danzo is currently wondering where he went wrong but suddenly everything goes black when that happens he starts laughing like he just got away scot free from the crime of the century but all good things must end the power comes back on and right infront of him where the tv use to be there's a big purple dino sing i love you you love me were a happy family and the diabolical quartet dancing and go to hug him he screams " no no no no No NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOO then it turns into a school girl scream AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH that Naruto is sure everyone heard including kami-sama uknown to naruto kami is watching and laughing her ass off and a cirtain foulmouthed red head woke up hearing it.

{ miles away from Konoha }

" Ugh what the fuck happened " said a red head buried under fourty tree's "ugh fuck i remember that fucking sand whore fucking did this how long was i fucking out hows the fucking mission ugh i cant move god damn it fuck i cant feel my legs ugh fuck im as good as dead".

{with kami}

We find three godesses and one is laughing her ass off looking down on the mortal realm the fist is a blonde women 5 9 beautiful blue eyes beautiful face she's wearing blie lipstick and he lips look irristable she has her hair in a pony tail wearing a white dress that shows some cleavage her breast are at least a d cup upon look but that dress could be hiding them making them look either bigger or smaller than they actually are she has long slender legs blue pair of heels on her her ass looks to be heart shape she had a slight tan all in all she has an hourglas shape that women would kill for. this was kami-chan.

The next godess has black hair in a pont tail beautiful face beautiful green eyes more like emeralds and green lipstick on another pair of irristable lips she's wearing a black dress with a red flaming bird on it she has long slenger legs and about 5 10 with a perfect figure dd cup and a perfect ass she had a creamy complection and she's wearing green high heels . this was yami-chan.

The last of the three godesses she was tall about 5 11 she had a beautiful face purple hair like the other two in a pony tail and beautiful silver eyes she wore silver lipstick on yet anothe pair of irristable lips she wore a purple dress that showed her large chest her breats were at least ddd cup if not more sha had a creamy complection she wore silver high heels and an ass that would drive most men crazy . this this was shini-chan aka the shinigami.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH man im going to watch this guy some more what about you yami-chan shini-chan." Sure i mean there's nothing else to do up here " yami said " Hey he looks familiar somehow" Shini said " Isn't he the one you seal mikoto into " Hmm " Shini zooms in on the image " Yea he is i still think that was a mistake i mean i saw his life and he should kill that whole villiage im glad he's not because of the paperwork normally an uzumaki give me alot of paper work lord knows kushina-chan did if he's as bad as her ill be busy for a while in the near future".

While Shini is going on her little rant Kami and Yami sweatdrop paper work didn't she just say she's been watching his life " Uh did you just say you've been watching his like Shini " said god just blushes a bit " Um yeah why "asked Shini the other two notice the blush and file it away for later " Um he told tsunade how to beat paperwok it'...yami was interupted by a WHAT WHEN WHAT WAS I DOING WHAT IS IT SPIT IT OUT" Shini shouted making them sweatdrop again " As i was saying its shadow clones que another sweatdrop shini walks over to wall " Stupid " bang " Stupid " bang"Stupid " bang " Um are you ok " Kami asked " I will be. shini just starts laughing scaring them a bit.

{Back with naruto root base }

Well he get a good laugh from this he makes more clones to gather documents and he cuts off danzo's head and seals it with the arm and eye and used the newest attach zangetsu taught him the tetsuga tenchio and is amazed at what it did it destroyed the place with him in the only spot not touched " May as well go back to nade-chan but first flower shop you guys go take the paper to nade-chan " the clones nod and flash away while he flashes to the flower shop.

{ Flowershop }

Ino was having a pretty good day and was actually thinking about what naruto said what is Uchiha Sasuke without the name a total jack ass so with that in mind she wated to get her mind off of him and what better way than emerse your self into work she heard there was going to be something going on in the next two hours so she was about to close shop when she saw naruto coming into the shop she wasnt sure if she should yell at him or thank him before she could say anything .

" Hey Ino id like two dozen roses " Naruto said in a monotone voice that sent a involentairy shiver down her spine " Well if your going to give them to Sakura its a waste of money so no id rather not waste flowers" Ino said only to hear a snort from Naruto " Like id actually waste my money on the pb no their for my parents before i leave " Naruto said and the tone went sombely which suprised ino beacuse she was under the impression that naruto loves sakura and doesnt know who his parents are but right now two questions came to mind.

" Um who and what is pb and where you going on a mission or something because theres supose to be something big happen in two hours" ino said" Pb can mean multiple things like pink banshee,pink bitch,piggy's bitch' ino laughs at that one ' and its sakura and im leaving because i was banished for hurting the oh so precious uchiha. fucking retarded civillians " Naruto said suprising ino again since when did naruto swear this much if at all and what with the different attitude.

" Naruto are you okay" Ino actually sounds conserned for the fellow blond suprising him a little " Yeah im feeling alot better now that i dont have to pretend to like that sorry excuse for a woman and can be the real me why does eveyone think there's something wrong with me" Naruto said a little pissed about that " Oh its just it's strange seeing you like this" ino said " So about the roses " naruto said reminding her " Oh right sorry about that thats 24:50 " ino said and naruto paid and left .

{ mormorial stone 3:30 pm }

When he got there he looked for their names after about five minutes he found them and traces his moms name.

Well mom dad you would be ashamed of this villiage and its people they didnt hounor dads wish, I im not sure wether or not you would be proud or ashamed with how i turned out with all the shit ive been though me and a few other people say i turned out pretty good but then theres everyone else that says i dont deserve to live or my parents were nothing more than a whore and a drunk quite frankly i wanted to slaughter those people and ive been lying about myself most my life to everyone so any friend i could make only know the lie and not the real me so they dont really count as a friend and dad you would be absoultly ashamed of hatake the favoutist bastard he's just like everyone else they hate when they dont even know what happend and if i ever do explain ill be called a liar sometimes its extreamly fustraighting... well i should go this is my first and last time coming to this stone and who knows i might join you if what i plan doesnt go according to plan but if it does work than im going to try and live a life i can be happy in." Naruto said turning to leave only to come face to face with kakashi staring at him with hatred " what are you staring at and dont you know its rude to listen in on these kind of things another thing how much did you hear " naruto said in a emotionless voice.

Kakashi appeared at the mormorial stone only to find his object of hatred standing there saying something he walked closer and listens in from the point to slaughter and goes to reach for a kunia but then head the words dad and ashamed and starts to wonder who the fuck he's talking to next thing he knows he's being adressed" Ive been hear long enough the question is why are you here " Kakashi said not answering the first question " What the hell do you think im doing here im visiting my parents before i leave in a few hours" Naruto says and starts to walk way only to be stopped by Kakashi " What hatake " Naruto said starting to get pissed at said man Kakashi only narrows is one eye " Like i said ive heard enough were going to the hokage i heard you say you want to slaughter people im not letting you just leave and where the hell are you going anyway you dont have clearance to leave the village " said Kakashi making look at the man with a ' were you fucking listening when i said i was banished yesterday look' " Fine lets go but let go of me " said Naruto and forces his hand off his shoulder and flashes away but it was black making kakashi eye widen and stand there for a minute or two then goes to the hokage's office.

{ Hokage office 3:55 pm}

Tsunade and the fire lord are startled to see a black flash then see Naruto with a irritated look on his face and he sits down on the couch and asks " Did you do anything with the documents my clones delivered " said Naruto looking at the fire lord then nade-chan " No there in the corner over there what the hell was that loud scream and the light " asked nade to which Naruto gave a evil smile that didnt look right to be on his face.

" The scream was me torturing danzo and the light was me and zangetsu and i was laughing my ass off during the torture " said Naruto drawing worried looks laughing during torture that isn't a good sign Naruto notices the look and says " Relax it wasnt actual torture ... well it is but not the kind anko or ibiki specialze in here ill show you a taste " Naruto gets up and runs some blood on the seal on his belt that says dvd and out pops a scroll and runs some blood over the scroll out pops another scroll and a dvd naruto hands the scroll to nade then walks to the tv and inserts the dvd and puts it on and tells to run a test on the arm in the scroll and plugs his ears and every one looks at the tv showing the pin headed guy then barney the teletubbies and justin beiber while everyone in the room have a look that says ' what the fuck ' for some reason they can't look away Kakashi appears and looks at the tv and screams like a sasuke fangirl after five minutes of staring and passes out Naruto starts laughing Tsunade the fire lord and his gaurds stare in absolute horror and tell Naruto to turn it off which he gladly does and seals it up when he turns around they stare at him

" What " Naruto says " What WHAT What the fuck was that " Nade screams Shi and his gaurds nod wanting to know what it was so they can find it and kill it " That is my way of torturing people its pretty effective i mean after five minutes it made him " pointing at Kakashi " Scream and passout " Naruto said smiling making everyone wonder just how bad did this place fuck him up " Naruto seriously though what was that " nade said " That was the what i call the dispicable quartett the Teletubbies the diabolical monsterous purple faggot Barney and worst of all justin beiber its my home made tourture video why " Naruto said pretty proud of himself for creating it " Naruto how long did danzo watch that " Nade asked " Hmm... lets see i was there for five minutes then i left and went for a short walk for fresh air then about twenty minutes later i came back i think like twenty five thirty minutes why " Naruto said gaining looks of horror from all in the room including Shizune who came in when it was on and Kakashi who regained counsiousness " Naruto that's ...ive watched Ibiki work and it was nothing compared to that ..that.. that... abomination I order you to destroy it so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands "

Ordered a scared tsunade with equally scared occupants nodding in agreement Naruto pouts and tilts his head to the side using what miko-chan calls ' the adorable kit look' ( from now its the 'akl' ) to try and make her reconsider as soon as Tsunade see's that look she almost fails but considering what she just saw she finds the willpower to remain strong " Tsunade im the only one who has that its sealed with my blood and only the people in this room know i have it, its not going to fall into anyone elses hands so its safe you dont have to worry about this falling into bad hands "

Everyone looks at him with a look that screams ' your the wrong hands ' " Naruto give me the disk ' Naruto shakes his head no and trys the 'akl' again but this time gathers water in his eyes and starts sniffling Shizune and Tsunade crack and are next to him in a second and Nade gave him a hug Naruto looks at the others and smiles evilily for a second then back to innocent and looks at Nade but then the firelord orders it be destroyed or they wont go through with the anoucement Naruto hangs his head and sighs in defeat and unseals it and Kakashi starts shivering pointing at it evil monkey style wispering burn it burn it smash it to peices scatter it to the four corners of the world which Shi and his men agree so Naruto burns it infront of them but little do they know he has another copy.

{ Inside naruto's head / kami's realm }

Miko is currently laying on her emperor sized ben watching a 92 inch tv that is what ever naruto is seeing and is laughing her ass off she has been having a good day all thing considered she was blocked off when Naruto went to the mormorial stone but he has been blocking her out sometimes it is annoying but he just says it a suprise and she understood that he wanted that to be between him and his parents so she accepts it back to what she's seeing even to her its absolutly horrible what he created but seeing what it does to people its halarious but even she doesnt know theres another one.

Kami Yami and Shini just got through their little fit of laughter " Hey do any of you know what possesed him to create such a monstrosity and better question how does he know about pinhead barney and the teletubbies last time i checked all traces of barney and the teletubbies have been wiped out of existence and they are inprisoned in hell as well as the fact no mortal or demon have knowledge about pin head " askes Yami and the other two look at her wondering the same thing " Do you think we should talk to him and find out " Shini asks.

" Mmm by talk you mean go down there can rape him dont you Shini " Yami says using the fact she watched him for most his life and the blush of earlier.

"N-no no-n-nnot rape him talk to him " Shini said blushing heavily making Yami grin she then turns and looks at Kami-chan and her jaw drops Kami is blushing drooling and has blood coming out of nose Oh this is great blackmail material on both of them now i just hope they dont notice that was the first thing i thought of i mean i wouldnt mind doing that with him but not rape him . thought Yami-chan failing to keep the blush off her own face.

Shini's thoughts damn how did she know well not exactly rape just try and temp him so much he agree's to it .

Kami's thoughts Oh yeah strap him down and go to town ... i cant let the others know i want to do that but if they do to then i say lets see if he can handle all of us ,

{ Back with naruto }

" So shi-sama when are we going to do the anouncement the retarded council want me gone before you got here but you came early and i would like to leave soon so i dont have to stop too close to konoha and id like some daylight to travel with" Naruto said confusing Kakashi what there taking about " Uh what are you talking about and hokage-sama i heard Naruto say he's going to slaughter someone at the momorial stone he said he was there to say goodbye to his parents but we already know his parents abandoned him " Kakashi said thinking that Naruto would get punished for thinking of killing villagers all he's got was enough killing intent to scare the yonbi from four people Tsunade Naruto Shizune and the Fire lord " Kakashi leave before your executed and don't be late for the anouncement in twenty minutes got it " said nade barely restraining the urge to kill this retard.

Kakashi did the smartest thing in his life he ran way.

"Um Shi-sama could you and your men leave for a minute so i can calm her down you two shizune " Naruto said getting nods from shi and his men and a worried look from shizune.

When they were gone he looked at nade and walked to her and kissed her that seemed to calm her down but she didnt want to let go when she finally did he saw that she was crying

"Whats wrong nade-chan " asked Naruto " Well your leaving and i wont see you again" said nade " Hey nade-chan hold out your arm " Naruto said making nade look at him as if asking why

" Im going to put a seal on you that all you have to do is channel chakra into and ill come but dont do it for the first two and a half weeks ok" Naruto said" This is the original hiraishin seal isnt it

yes it is but only use once a week and only when your alone and perferably at home." Naruto said nade nods and hugs him thats the sight the others come back into

" Well lets get this show on the road" naruto said and they nod.