{ village gathering }

Tsunade the Fire lord and his guards are standing in front of the entire village with the civilian and shinobi council behind them and Naruto off to the side.

" Alright everyone quiet" Tsunade ordered and was about to continue when-sir-i-cant-shit-right decided to speak " Tsunade shouldn't we wait for danzo" homura said

" No danzo is dead for committing treason as well as genetic experiments involving my grandfather's DNA and continuing root that was suppose to be disbanded " said Tsunade

Shit there goes the plan to kill this old bitch - Homura thought. "Alright can you tell us why you called a village gathering then " homura said .

" Alright people of konoha ive called this gathering because sasuke uchiha tried to abandon konoha his attempt was foiled by Naruto uzumaki" Tsunade was going to continue but the haruno whore screeched

" HE SHOULD BE KILLED FOR HURTING SASUKE-KUN " sakura screeched making a good portion on the population cover their ears " Shut up anyone that interrupts me will be killed got it "Tsunade was greeted with silence " Good now because of this the civilian council wanted to kill Naruto ' she was greeted with cheer's "neko grab one and kill them " said anbu was shocked but continued letting all the gathered people know she was serious they stopped immediately " Now as i was saying they wanted to kill Naruto but in order to save him i banished him now he was suppose to leave in two days but the council mainly the civilian side wanted him to leave before the fire lord got here but he came early so he is still here now onto the real reason i called this meeting im abolishing the thirds law about the kyuubi attack and i will explain what really happened" Tsunade said .

After explaining and asking if a kunia sealed into a scroll is a kunia asks if its any different with a person and a demon and getting the answer she wanted from the younger generation she says the child was Naruto the younger generation were shocked they now knew the reason they were told to stay away from Naruto then the banshees but in.

" HE SHOULD BE KILLED THAT FUCKING ABOMINATION KILLED THE FOURTH "/ THE DEMON SHOULD BE KILLED FOR WHAT HE DID TO SASUKE-KUN" the haruno's said making everyone fall to their knee's and the inazuka's ears bleed " neko, tori kill them" ordered Tsunade the civilian council started screaming they couldn't do that Naruto finally getting fed up releases about shukaku level killing intent that's when everyone notices him making the older generation almost have a heart attack some were muttering " He looks like the fourth " or " The fourth is back and making kakashi have a heart attack the women of the younger generation couldn't help but get a nose bleed then he says something " SHUT UP AND LET TSUNADE FINISH TALKING " Naruto roared some medic in the audience help Kakashi and he gets up to see neko and tori going back to stand by the hokage.

" Thank you Naruto " that makes kakashi start to charge at Naruto with a raikiri screaming " YOU DARE LOOK LIKE SENSEI ILL KILL YOU DEMON SPAWN" what he didn't expect was Naruto calling Zangetsu using flash step and severing his arm " Ahh my fucking arm you son of a bitch demon " kakashi looks at Tsunade " Well aren't you going to do anything he attacked a konoha shinobi" Kakashi expecting Naruto to be killed .

" He defended himself so why would i " Tsunade said shocking Kakashi the council and most the people there he was about to say something but Naruto started to say something " Can we finish this please Tsunade" Naruto said.

" Yeah fine someone come get kakashi and stop the bleeding i want him here and conscious for this " Tsunade said the crowd getting out of their shock the adults mumbling about demon brats the rookie's mumbling

" damn whats wrong with Naruto i mean i know he's not a demon if he was we would be dead ive seen some of the shit he had to put up with but damn when did he get that fast and where did the sword come from " kiba said .

" Naruto stopped by my family's shop earlier and he told me he was pretending to be in love with sakura and an idiot as well as weak" Ino said

" He told you that too did you ask if there was something wrong with him too " Shikamaru said

" Yeah i did why " Ino said " When he came to get some ramen we did the same thing " Choji said.

" Troublesome why did who was he buying the flowers for " Shikamaru asked " He said his parents but i didn't even know he knew who they were " Ino said.

" Okay now that we can continue the child the fourth sealed the kyuubi into was Naruto but what you don't know is who his parents are " Tsunade was interrupted by " The demon doesn't have parents " said some fat guy " tori kill him " Tsunade said the fat man tried to fight back but failed miserably. " Now tori neko kill anyone that protest " Tsunade said shocking the villagers some.

" Okay as i was saying Naruto's parents his mother was kushina uzumaki ' there were a few gasps in the crowd " she was the princess of whirlpool before iwa and kumo destroyed it an.." she was interrupted by kiba " So Naruto is a prince" " He would of been if whirlpool survived or he would be treated like a prince if there are survivor's as i was saying his father you all know and many of you call him a hero but you disrespect him daily, His father is none other than minato namikaze the fourth hokage" Tsunade was interrupted by what many would call pure pandemonium.

THAT'S A FUCKING LIE THE DEMON CANT BE HIS SON "some random chunin " ITS A TRICK I KNOW IT " a fat council member so on and so on they dropped one by one but the loudest one was "HE CANT BE SENSEI'S SON HE WOULDN'T SLEEP WITH THAT WHORE KUSHINA" yelled kakashi all of a sudden every one was on their knee's by mind boggling amounts of killing intent that was felt in iwa most was miko's and the rest was Naruto's many saw their own deaths many saw the shinigami and may passed out but the one that was the worst was kakashi " Tsunade im going to kill kakashi so i hope he wont be missed " said Naruto his tone was so cold and dark sent a chill down everyone's spine even Kami Yami and Shini who were watching.

{ With Kami }

" Oh shit how the hell could someone be so stupid " Yami said " I don't know but how can someone have that much intent to kill i know half is miko-chans but still " kami said.

Shini was just staring and watched his eyes turn from electric blue to gold irises and black seclera but something was wrong it looked like there was golden flames dancing in his eyes that reminded shini of something but she couldn't place her delicate finger on " Hey Kami Yami do you see that " Shini asked getting their attention " see what Shini-chan " Kami asked " look at his eyes " she said

" Okay golden irises black seclera his eyes are like that from the hiraishin bloodline right " Yami said " That's what he said but look it looks like there's gold flames dancing in the black " Shini said

" I feel like ive seen eyes like that before" Yami said " Me too but i cant remember " Kami said " Your not the only one" Shini said.

{ Inside the seal }

Miko was furious she wanted to tear this bastard apart for calling he friend a whore and at least destroy some of the buildings in konoha but she cant from in the seal how she wished she could be outside she longed for Naruto to physically touch her but the best she could hope for is him touching her in his mind. She was on the middle of her tear rip claw and disembowel rant when she sensed something, Something familiar dark yet holy she can't place it but before she could even try to find out what it was its gone she looks back at the screen to see that Naruto is using her killing intent with his own and tried to calm him down and is wondering why none of her chakra is seeping out of him or why she cant even feel him taking any this was strange normally when he gets pissed he uses it unconsciously but right now nothing.

After what felt like hours but was only minutes she calms him down enough to release the killing intent when she hears him talk though she involuntarily shivers and if she was honest with her self she gets horny if only she was out side she could do a lot more than throw images at him and mental stuff.

{ Outside the seal }

" Naruto stop he will be punished by ibiki later if you kill him then what does that prove huh" Tsunade said Naruto stops walking and thinks for a few minutes then smirk's and turns to Tsunade " Fine i wont kill him but im going to make it he can never use chakra again and im using a genjutsu on him its either that or i kill him " Naruto said and after a few minutes Tsunade agrees and Naruto disappears and reappears behind Kakashi Naruto starts going threw hand signs and calls out ' chakra destroyer jutsu' plunges his hand to kakashi's back said man screams and falls to the ground all the ninja and most the civilians stare in shock this is the guy they were treating like shit the son of their hero and he could probably kill them all and what was that jutsu Tsunade regains herself first " Uh Naruto what was that " she asked Naruto just smiled " I told to i was going to rid Kakashi of his chakra and i did now for that genjustu " Naruto said going through thirty-seven hand-seals he calls out ' straight man's torture orochi and video style '.

{ Genjutsu }

Kakashi is strapped down to a metal table his hands are restrained and he's in front of a twenty foot mirror and he notices he's naked starting to worry he see's the reflection of the door opening and incomes orochimaru " Kukukuku why hello there kakashi were going to have some fun but first let me introduce my friends " orochi said motioning them to come in their is a large purple one a small round purple one a small red one green one and yellow one one had a o on its head another has what to kakashi looks like a penis on his head the others he doesn't know then his attention is drawn to the big purple one he has no idea what they are but they seem familiar he see's orochimaru getting undressed " Kukukuku now then kashi lets play a little bit.

{ Real world }


Everyone is staring at Kakashi wondering what the fuck is going on in the genjutsu but when they hear him start yelling something about rape then start crying the reconsider whats happening in it .

" Uhm Naruto what the hell is that jutsu" Tsunade asked after kakashi stops yelling and is in the fetal position rocking back and forth.

" That genjutsu is one i use on perverts and rapist's why" Naruto said " Naruto i asked what it does " Tsunade said and kurenia and anko and every other rapist and pervert hater listen carefully.

" Okay first it kinda like a torture genjutsu but it started out as a prank until i saw a konoha ninja try to rape a women a year and a half ago i was pissed so i got the guy off the girl and threw my coat to her then cast the justu and made a mistake and this was after i made that video i showed you and your office' Tsunade the Fire lord and his guards shiver ' so i made a wrong hand-seal and it made it a jutsu where the quartette and the purple fag rape the target ' Tsunade was gawking at Naruto shivering and the Fire lord and his guards shiver and start rocking repeating 'dear god its evil' " the guy ended up slitting his throat after screaming about a purple dinosaur fucking his ass i was wondering what the fuck, then i noticed the last hand seal was wrong but if it did that to a rapist i don't care and that's when i decided to use it on rapists but this style it also included orochimaru raping him that pedophile scares the shit out of me i still get nightmares of him wrapping his tongue around me in the forest of death " Naruto said

{ Kami's realm }

The three goddesses are shocked this mortal made something that is so abominable that it belongs in hell on accident

" Uh ... do you think he's mentally stable " Kami asked Shini nodded saying he is " If he's stable why did he make this and that monstrosity he calls a video " said Yami "Do you think he'll teach anyone it because we cant let that happen " Kami said with a shiver " Do you think we should use that in hell " Shini asked making the other two think " That could be the worst treatment in hell for the rapist's so yes i think we should but did any of you see how to do it " Yami asked getting a no " Oh well i guess when he's asleep ill ask him you two want to come i mean you were going to talk to him eventually anyway right " Yami said with a smirk

{ Sound village }

Orochimaru was currently looking over notes when he get's a tingling sensation ; Someone must be thinking something enjoyable that involves me kukuku i hope its sasuke-kun.

{ Miles away from konoha }

A girl with bright reddish pink hair is laying under a pile of tree's just awoke wishing she was dead knowing there is no chance of orochimaru coming for her tries one last time to get free.

{ Naruto }

" Any way can we get on with this i have the feeling im suppose to be somewhere " Naruto said and instead of Tsunade it was the fire lord

" Yeah okay Now since Naruto is the son of my friends kushina and minato i was going to cut sixty percent of the budget for konoha for how he was treated but he asked me not to but there will be a small cut for the civilians and the civilian council will from now be disbanded and from information we found thanks to Naruto getting rid of danzo i sentence homura koharu and ikadea nagarashi to death at the hands of Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze.

As expected the civilians where shocked they were going to lose most village funding but the one they hated saved them from the most of it and the council members were screaming they cant do that especially the three sentenced to death but before they could give Naruto and anyone else a headache the releases some killing intend and kills homura koharu and ikadea with the first form of Zangetsu and puts it back behind his back it looks like kodiachi with a black sheath and red handle with black moons the sheath has different moon cycles with the cresant moon near the hilt having a tint of red the blade itself was was a normal looking blade but if you looked closely you could see a black out line to.

" So Tsunade Shi-sama is there anything else" Naruto asked " No Naruto the isn't " Tsunade said sadly Naruto walks over too her and gives he a hug and she returns and starts crying " Well i should get going but before i do i should tell you i canceled my contract with the toads and i plan on signing my moms contract ill send a letter when i can and there is a present in your office for you " Naruto said giving her a kiss on the forehead and starts to leave .

" Thank you Shi-sama maybe ill drop by and say hello when i resurface " Naruto said with a smile " Sure Naruto i would like to introduce you to my wife Charlotte and daughters Aria and Silvia " Shi said with a smile and reaches out his hand Naruto shakes it and starts walking again but stopped by the rookies minus hinata ( She fainted and a branch member brought her home ).

" Uh hi hey Neji do you think you could give this to hinata and tell her to open it around Kiba " Naruto said pulling out a scroll that has a shadow clone sealed into it

" Sure " said the stoic hyuuga " Why does she have to open it near me Naruto " asked the normally horny mutt " I know all about her crush/obsession on me and that will hopefully get rid of it and I also know you like her so who best to be there for her than you " Naruto said shocking them with the fact he knew all along " If you knew then why didn't you do anything about it " growled Kiba

" Kiba do you know what would happen had i actually did anything " Naruto said in a cold voice that shook them for some reason and Kiba's instincts told him to bow .

" No " came Kiba's short answer " If i did anything like go near her the hyuuga clan would have tried to kill me again and if they couldn't they would have harmed Hinata " said Naruto shocking them especially Neji

" Why would the hyuuga try to kill you Naruto " asked Choji " The same reason ive had over one thousand beating nine hundred murder attempts do you really want me to continue i have every right to butcher everyone here " Naruto growled out making them step back instinctively.

" Troublesome well i guess this is good bye Naruto where will you go now " questions Shikamaru " Yeah i guess it is and im going to disappear for a while now while im still here any questions " asked Naruto

" Yeah if the kyuubi is sealed into you can you talk to it " Ino asked getting surprised looks from the rookies and Naruto started to laugh " Yes i can talk to her and she didn't want to attack she was actually a friend of my mom and dad's they met two months before i was born " Naruto said shocking everyone in hearing range as they processed everything one thing stood out and it was Kiba who voiced it " THE KYUUBI IS A GIRL " after Naruto and everyone could hear shino spoke " Uzumaki-San what did you mean the kyuubi didn't want to attack if she didn't why did she " shino said gaining everyone's attention " Now before everyone even thinks about saying i cant trust a demon's word or any other shit like that know if you say it ill kill you got that " Naruto said shocking and scaring them they stiffly nod " Good now she came to this world a year before the attack to get away from suitor's " everyone looked at him funny " so skip to two days before she attacked ninety people came and attacked her sixty from konoha and thirty from sound one group of thirty were under order's from the ex elder danzo who ran the root program and he could have been there under order's from the third but whatever the next were uchiha and i don't give a shit if you believe me or not but that's what happened they attacked her and did shit and she was under someones influence and attacked .

The rookies and everyone couldn't believe what they heard and some started yelling but a quick burst of KI shut them up

" Now anymore questions " Naruto asked " Yeah where did you get that sword " Tenten asked accusingly " Its a bloodline from my mother why " Naruto said " Bullshit there aren't any bloodlines that involve weapons " Tenten said getting Naruto a little pissed at being called a liar " Tenten shut up its not just a weapon its sentient as well literally apart of my soul " Naruto said in a voice that made them all shiver, Kiba and the nin-ken in the area to whimper and any inazuka women to become horny Shino's bugs told him not to anger this guy at all cost's the rookies all took another step back .

" So anymore or can i go " Naruto asked " No that's all goodbye Uzumaki-San " Shino said getting nods and few more farewells.

" Hmm where too " Naruto mused then disappeared in a black with electric blue outlined flash shocking everyone " Holy shit what was that " Ino asked not getting an answer until everyone else got out of their shocked state and the older nin's uttered one word that scared them for some reason " Hiraishin " .

{ Tsunade's office }

Tsunade got to her office and went to grab a bottle of sake because she saw Naruto leave then remembered Naruto said something about a present so she looked around a bit ans saw a yellow scroll behind her sake and grabbed it and unrolled it seeing a seal she bit her thumb and wiped her blood and there was a poof and out came a Naruto with a black box and it said " Well that was faster than i expected nade-chan but oh well now this is for you " said the clone and handed her the box.

Tsunade grabbed the box and opened it to find a beautiful necklace it was a black gold chain with a spiral pendant that was yellow gold with an amber gem in the center of the spiral .

" The boss bought you that yesterday when he went to Tanzaku gai to gamble a little " said the clone and saw a visible tick on Tsunade's head " What the hell i get yelled at for gambling and he goes off and gambles

" The boss went there to buy groceries there too because he didn't want to buy them here for obvious reasons " the clone said " When do you think ill see the real you again " Tsunade said while sitting down

" You'll see him in a year or two but he will write when he signs the contract " the clone replied " That reminds me why he canceled the toads " asked Tsunade " He canceled because if he didn't you could get info on him any time he summoned one from jiraiya " said the clone Oh well that is true but why would that be so bad " asked Tsunade " If you got the info there is always the chance of it getting out so he will use a summon no one has and send you a letter when he can and he will ask the summons to stick around for a reply letter so you don't use yours " the clone said.

" He really is trying everything to disappear isn't he why though " asked Tsunade " He is doing this because he will train till he can take any member of akastki " the clone answered

Tsunade just sighs " you know ill just worry from you saying that right " " Yeah i know but if im in trouble ill just flash away simple as that or i could flash you to me " said the clone surprising her a bit

" You can use it to bring me to you too " Tsunade said " Yes I could oh I don't have much chakra left to ill go poof soon so ill ask do you like the neckless " asked the clone " Yes i lone it its beautiful thank you " Tsunade said and see's the clone walk to her ans it kisses her when the clone parts from her she asks " why did you do that " she asks looking confused which he found cute " Because the original will remember it that's why and that's why its the solution for paperwork remember " said a smiling clone reminding Tsunade about the answer to her problems " Though i don't think there will be as much anymore but what are you going to do are you going to make a new civilian council or are you going to make it where the civilian representatives take care of the civilians paperwork and give you a summary of everything and who will be your new adviser's " the clone said .

Tsunade thought a moment and decided that his idea about the civilian representative does the paperwork for the civilians " I'm going to use that idea and i was thinking my new adviser would be shukaku and shibi " said Tsunade getting a nod from Naruto " Are you going to implement your med nin program " asked the clone " I totally forgot about that thank you for reminding me " Tsunade said smiling " I'm also going to revise the academy curricular " the clone just smiled " That's good the civilians should never have been involved in ninja matter's ... well i guess this is goodbye for a while Tsunade " said the clone as he gave another kiss to Tsunade and a hug " I guess so " said Tsunade returning the hug trying not to pop the clone " I will try to come visit within a year and it would probably be during the night so if you wake yo with me in your bed don't freak because i just might do that but ill tell you in a letter first okay " said the clone getting a blush from Tsunade the a nod " Bye Tsunade i love you " " I love you too " Tsunade let go of the clone and it went poof when it was gone she felt empty but smiled at registering what he said and made three clones and went to have a nap on the couch .

{ Miles from konoha 20 minutes before }

In the middle of a forest that looked like fight went on recently black flash and Naruto appeared looking around and started to walk wondering where he will set up a safe house he needs it to be close to a town so he could get food and other things he'll need money so if he isn't working he's probably going to gamble and he wants to stay hidden so underground maybe the he remembers there is a mountain by Tanzaku gai and thinks about hollowing out the mountain and placing seals to get light and other things like running water and now he needs to think how to get fresh air while he's walking he hears something in the distance focusing some chakra into his ears he hears soft sobs coming from the northwest he follows the sound and see's a bit of red hair that seems familiar under a pile of tree's at first he thinks about leaving her but even if he is a ninja he has a sense of honor so he makes twenty clones to grab the tree's and carry them off.

Tayuya was currently crying even if she is normally hardened girl she does cry only when alone and never in sound right now she's crying because she see's herself being stuck there until she starves to death she doesn't want to experience that again like when she was four years old on the streets starving and being beaten because her father failed a mission and it resulted in many dieing her mother was dead from some disease her father ended up killing himself leaving her by herself so she did everything she could but she couldn't get food that's when orochimaru shows up acting nice and willing to take care of her only to later find out the kind of man he is .

As Tayuya is about to pass out she hears something but since she cant move or see anything she thinks its a animal the last she see's are the logs being removed from her then unconsciousness.

Naruto removes the logs and see's the girl that was suppose to escort sasuke and can tell she's in pain so he uses the medical jutsu he learned because they wouldn't treat him in the hospital and slowly heals her

legs and arms he'll wait to heal anything else just in case she's hostile towards him .

A few hours later Tayuya awakes to the smell of something delicious and she notices her arms and legs don't hurt anymore but her ribs do and she starts coughing she opens her eyes to see a blonde looking at her with what looked like concern and he says " Here let me help you i healed your arms and legs but i didn't heal anything else because i need your permission to " he said in a soft voice and Tayuya could feel warmth and safety coming from him she couldn't understand it as he helped her in a sitting position " Why did you help me " she asked in a strained voice " Well i was walking and i heard you crying under all those tree's , Now is it alright if i heal the rest of you " when she hears that at first she's pissed than he heard her crying but then when he asked if she would let him heal her she was about to tell him to go fuck himself but she looks into his eyes and see's a lot of what she see's in the mirror ... pain before she realizes it she nods and he smiles at her she could feel the heat fill her face.

" So whats your name " he asked her while he starts to heal her shoulder's and collar bone she contemplates what to say she could be the complete bitch she is in sound or she could be herself that only one could ever get her to be " Tayuya whats yours " she doesn't even know why she answered or asked but his presence is very calming " Naruto my name is Naruto " before she could say anything " Um Tayuya can you raise your shirt a little bit " asks Naruto she was about to slap him but see's his face for some reason its familiar and she see's he isn't trying to be a pervert so she nods and comply s after about three minutes her ribs are healed and her breathing is steady and he speaks again " Are you hungry Tayuya " he asks buy she reply's kinda bitchily " No shit ive been under those fuckin trees for about four days of course im hungry " Tayuya said.

Tayuya gets a good look at the man that saved her life she couldn't help but notice he was rather handsome and about fifteen or sixteen he has blonde hair and a pair of beautiful electric blue eyes six whisker marks three on each side he stood at 5 8 he wore black anbu pants a black coat with a navy blue shirt under it that clung to his body that you could see his muscles his body wasn't big it was more like a swimmer's body on his neck he wore a black choker with a chain with a red spiral attached to it and he wasn't carrying anything like weapons clothes or any kind of bag but that's when she recognizes him.

" You that fucking rabbit ass rammer what are you going to poison my food or something if you were going to kill me then you should have done so before and if you think im going to thank you your dead wrong you fucker " Tayuya said getting in a fighting stance " I'm not going to fight you i have no reason to i completed that mission and i was banished so i see no point in fighting you unless you go back to that Pedophile also if i wanted you dead or wanted to take advantage of you i clearly had a chance when you were broken so might as well sit down and eat" Naruto said completely fucking with her head " What do you mean you were banished and what the fuck happened to you the last time i saw you you were fucking hyper as hell crazy and scared the shit out of me by how happy you were " Tayuya said and you could hear the fact she was confused in her voice " Sit and eat ill explain " Naruto said handing her some food.

Naruto starts explaining but stops when he see's her not eating " Whats wrong your hungry right so why aren't you eating if you think its poisoned fine " Naruto said taking his spoon and eating some of her's to make a point its not poisoned once she see's this she starts eating after one bite her eyes widen and she eats with so much gusto that she doesn't hear anything he says and holds her bowl for more " Did you even hear anything i said " Naruto said grabbing the lady some more stew " Nope i didn't so fucking what you can just start all over " Tayuya said grabbing her bowl and starts devouring her food after three more bowls she's done and she's looking at Naruto and asked " Why the fuck did you help me " Naruto just looks at her funny " If i didn't who would of that and since i heard you cry i knew you were alive and that would mean you would die by starvation and that isn't a pleasant feeling " Naruto said getting a snort from Tayuya " What " he said " You probably know nothing of starvation Mr i live in one of the most prosperous countries " she said with a bit of venom in her voice.

" Tayuya no offense but you don't know me just because i lived in konoha doesn't mean i was treated well do you know what a Jinchurriki is " Naruto question Tayuya shakes her head no " your remember garra right " Naruto said he saw Tayuya shiver " I take that as a yes when garra was born the one tailed demon was sealed into him they tried to kill him countless times but he had that sand to protect him he was hated and isolated " Naruto said letting a tear run down his face which Tayuya saw and was wondering what this had to do with him if she was understanding things properly then he is a Jinchurriki " Me i have the kyuubi sealed into me by my own father people fear us and treat us as the demon themselves its the same in every village garra became a crazy bloodthirsty killer me im only sane because miko-chan Jinchurriki are the living embodiment of suffering " Naruto said openly crying somewhat shocking Tayuya .

For several minutes neither said anything " I'm sorry " Tayuya said Naruto looks at her and smiles that for some reason makes he feel warm " Don't worry about it you didn't know " Naruto said.

" Uhm Tayuya i have to ask what are you going to do now i doubt your going to go back to oto but that mark is a problem isn't it " Naruto said

" Yeah it is a problem and i really don't want to go back to orochi cocker and his personal cum guzzler no one except him know how to remove it well that's what they said but he would never look into a way to remove his work " Tayuya said with enough venom to make Naruto flinch.

" Hey Tayuya im not sure if you would be comfortable with it but i have a request where is your mark located " Naruto asked making Tayuya look at him and narrow her eyes " On the back of my neck why " Tayuya said " Well you know how orochimaru had a student in konoha well he gave her an incomplete mark and a few days ago i removed it " Naruto said getting a look of disbelief from Tayuya and in an instant she's on top of him " Can you really get rid of it " Tayuya said sounding extremely desperate " I'm not sure i could do it right now for a few reasons one is yours is most likely complete and there's different kinds right i mean that albino had a different looking one than Anko two it will be very painful and you still recovering and three we need a special room i can make but i need to build a house first " Naruto said and Tayuya was a little down but picked right back up he didn't say no he only said he needs to examine it " If you need to look at it fine but what were you saying about building a house " Tayuya said.

" I'm going to be building safe houses all over the place but one is good for now but im going to disappear for two years to train because i have S ranked missing nins after me i know orochimaru was a part of this group so i need to train some and get my control back to where it should be it really sucks being jonin level but having genin control " Said Naruto shocking Tayuya " Why are S ranked missing nin's after you " kinda afraid of the answer " Their not after me their after miko-chan " Naruto said " That's the second time you said miko-chan who is that " Tayuya asked " Miko-chan is the kyuubi their after her and the other bijuu and in extension their Jinchurriki ".Naruto said as he is about to say more he gets a glazed look in his eyes that lasts a few minutes "... ello hey fuckface what the fuck is wrong with you " Tayuya asks .

" The shadow clones i had in konoha just popped " Naruto said with a grin and if Tayuya was honest with herself scared her " So what's so special about shadow clones and how the hell do you know it popped " Tayuya said/asked." The original retains any and all knowledge the clone learns upon dispersing and the clones i left killed about thirty people " Naruto said.

" So Tayuya what are you going to do now i mean after i examine the mark and if i can remove it then what " Naruto asked getting a thoughtful look from Tayuya " I don't know i mean ive been in sound for nine years but now i don't know i have no where to go would you mind if i stuck around for a bit " asked a hopeful Tayuya getting a shocked look from Naruto which she takes the wrong way and looks down " Uhm sure ... hey i just noticed your not acting like you were around those other sound ninja why is that " asked a genuinely curious Naruto " I don't really want to answer that right now is that alright Naruto " said Tayuya.

" Sure well i think its time to go this is going to feel weird so just bear it alright " said Naruto getting up and walking to Tayuya " Uh wha..." was all Tayuya could say before they disappear and she feel's sick

" What the fuck was that " Tayuya says trying not to lose the food she just ate " That Tayuya was my bloodline the hiraishin and were in takzuna gia " said Naruto waiting for Tayuya to get under control

" How are we here we were miles away from here " asked a slightly scared Tayuya " like i said its the hiraishin you know the forth hokage's jutsu it became a dormant bloodline in him and it got passed on to me " Naruto said getting wide eyes from Tayuya " Your father was Minato Namikaze " screamed Tayuya forgetting the fact he said a jutsu became a bloodline " Yeah .. so anyway lets go get a room do you want a separate room or one with two beds and im going to examine that mark then i guess give you money to buy some clothes with and begin the safe house " said Naruto.

" Uhm one room is fine your not going to try anything are you i mean im trying not to act like my mask i wore in oto because i don't really like it buy i am still emotionally fucked up girl and im placing my trust in you Naruto " Tayuya said the last part in a whisper. " OK so one room it is then do you want me to go shopping with you " asked Naruto walking towards the hotel " Well i would feel better if you came with me since i cant fucking fight right now and im walking around in ripped clothing people might think im easy pickings so i would like that Naruto " said Tayuya with a small smile as Naruto held the door open for her.

" Hello there welcome to holiday inn ( i cant think of a name for a hotel ) how may i help you " said the lady behind the counter looking at Tayuya and looks at Naruto her cheeks immediately heat up.

" Hi i would like one room with two beds for a week please " Naruto said with a smile making the woman even redder " OK that will be 454 dollars minus room service just sign your name here and your all set " said the lady behind the counter Naruto signs pays and grabs the room keys " OK thanks hey Tayuya lets go shopping now alright " Naruto said turning to leave " Aright " Tayuya said following him .

{ kimiko's custom clothing shop }

" Welcome to kimiko's how may i help you " said a women with brown shoulder length hair black eyes " Hi whats your name " asked Naruto looking around " My name is kimiko the owner of this shop " the now named kimiko said " OK kimiko this lovely lady over hear is the one that needs help and don't worry about the cost " Naruto said shocking Tayuya and making kimiko smile " Well then come over here and you sir can go sit over there " kimiko said pointing to a very comfortable looking chair when Naruto is far enough away kimiko said " Your lucky you landed yourself a good boyfriend there" Tayuya turned bright red and stuttered out " he's not my boyfriend i only met him today " said Tayuya trying not to look at kimiko who is just grinning in a fashion that reminded Tayuya of a cat " Fine but what you just said about knowing him for a day and him willing to buy you a lot of clothing you cant deny he would make a good one " said a grinning store owner making Tayuya beet red .

An hour later Tayuya walks towards Naruto and see's he's asleep and kicks his shin hard " Hey shithead wake up " Naruto jumps to his feet feeling pain in his shin starts jumping around providing entertainment for Kimiko and Tayuya " What the hell was that for i wasn't sleeping i was meditating Tayuya " Naruto said getting a sheepish look from Tayuya " Heh sorry couldn't tell the difference now im done looking for clothes" Tayuya said Naruto looks at the pile and nods he walks up to the counter and asks how much " Altogether including the one she's wearing that will be five hundred forty eight dollars are you sure you have enough " Kimiko said somewhat doubting a 17 year old would be walking around with that much " Yeah give me a minute " Naruto said pulling out a scroll making a clone " You start sealing the clothes " Naruto said to the clone pulling out another scroll marked money puts it on the table and unseals it making Kimiko and Tayuya's mouths drop " Holy shit " they both mutter and Naruto starts counting after a minute he hands kimiko five hundred sixty dollars " Here you go thanks " Naruto said he resealed the money and the clone hands him the clothes " Here Tayuya " Naruto said tossing the scroll to her .

" Thank you " Tayuya said in a whisper no one was this nice to her without wanting anything from her then she remembers what kimiko said about Naruto being her boyfriend immediately her face goes red putting hinata to shame " So Tayuya are you ready to get that mark checked out " asked Naruto getting a nod and leaves the shop " Damn its true what they say the good ones are always taken " Kimiko said .

{ Hotel }

Tayuya is laying on her back wearing a red tank top as Naruto examines the curse mark after twenty minutes he stops and speaks " This mark isn't much different i can remove it but it will hurt more than anko's but a plus side you hurt orochimaru by removing it " Naruto said getting a questioning look " How the fuck would removing it hurt that anal puss " Tayuya said letting some of her mask show Naruto guesses it will happen anytime orochimaru is mentioned " It will hurt him because in every seal he makes he splits his soul more and more its funny he wants immortality but splitting his soul so much he's killing himself im guessing the reason he has to transfer to a new body is because of that anyway remove the mark destroy the part of the soul cause pain simple as that " Naruto said " So when can you do it " Tayuya asked " I have to build the safe house then i can to within the week" Naruto said " How are you going to build a house in a week " Tayuya said making Naruto smile " That my dear is only one of the wonder's of shadow clones that jutsu is a god send its the answer to multi tasking and the secret to a kage's nightmare " Naruto said still smiling " What is a kage's nightmare " Tayuya asked " Paperwork most kage's complain about it but never realize the answer is so simple its really pathetic " Naruto said walking to the door " Hey where are you going " Tayuya asked " I'm going to the outskirts of town to the mountain and start on the house you want to come the most you have to do is hold a flash light " Naruto said getting a weird look from Tayuya " What the hell flash light mountain what are you doing " Tayuya asked " Easy im building the house in the mountain " Naruto said making Tayuya look at him like he's retarded " Yeah im coming i want to see your face when you see you cant build inside of a mountain " Tayuya said getting a smile and a slight blush from Naruto " What " Tayuya asked seeing the blush " Uhm Tayuya you might want to put a coat on i mean not to sound perverted but you do have a great figure " Naruto said turning around missing Tayuya's atomic blush.

{ Mountain }

Naruto and Tayuya stand in front of a three hundred foot mountain and Naruto makes about one hundred clones " Alright every me i want fifty of you out here putting sunlight transfer , fresh air transfer and reinforcement seals on the mountain and make then disappear alright " Naruto prime said " Hai's " from fifty clones " Alright now comes the hard part using earth manipulation to make a door and tunnel then hollowing it out i want five of you to hand out flash lights " Naruto said throwing a scroll and begins making the tunnel and hollowing the mountain this last for about three hours.

" OK how much chakra does every me have or do i need to make more " Naruto said and the clones replied make more so he makes one hundred more " OK fifty of you know what to do make the receiving seals on the walls and the ceiling then more reinforcement seals alright i want ten of you to make seals so nothing can detect chakra and thirty work on running water i want a small lake in here and ill grow some tree's after that i want ten of you to make seals where nothing can emerge from the ground if i remember jiraiya said something about a plant man in akatski he might be able to travel in the ground " Naruto ordered and went over to Tayuya and asked " Still think its impossible to make a house inside a mountain now im going to need some of your blood when were done all the building alright " Naruto said " How the flying fuck did you think of this it could have been thought of in a week that's for sure and why do you need my blood " Tayuya asked still surprised that he hollowed out a mountain found a way to make it live able and remove her mark all the more that he's a year younger than her " I thought about this since i was seven i knew i wouldn't stay in the leaf and if i ran they would have come after me because that bastard sarutobi so i thought have a house hidden away but i didn't know anywhere i could put it then i thought a mountain and i figured after i retrieved Tsunade this mountain would be perfect and well it helps i can go and gamble to make some money when i need to " Naruto said with a foxy grin.

" Hey Tayuya you want to get something to eat " Naruto asked " Sure " Tayuya said and Naruto pulls out the money scroll and grabs two hundred dollars that should be enough and seals the scroll into his arm " Lets go Tayuya oh do you think you can put a genjustu on the entrance for now after im going to put a blood seal to make it open and close that is one reason i need your blood the other is to mix with the ink so i can remove the mark" Naruto said getting a nod from Tayuya and they leave .