{ six months later }

Naruto and Tayuya have been living together and training for the past six months they have both grown quite a bit Tayuya had to re-learn a lot because the seal removal but it was alright she was happy.

Naruto on the other hand was estatic because he managed to become low S class with the help of his clones but mainly its because he has read all his father's notes and diary and found a loophole he could free miko-chan it turns out as long as the soul is human he cant free her but if his soul becomes demonic she will be free'd but her soul still bound to his thats the best he could hope for. this only works because in his fathers dairy he has a scroll sealed on a page it turns out an ancestor was infact a demon that has gone extinct he has no idea what kind of demon though and it would explain the weird feeling miko gets when he uses her youki she said its familliar and stronger then her but lately he found out he has been making his own so now he is talking to miko inside the seal about everything he has blocked from her .

{ Inside the seal }

We find miko sleeping with some drool coming out of the left of her mouth Naruto thinks she looks adorable when she sleeps contemplating waking her up or leaving her he dicides to crawl into bed with her and put his arm around her trying not to wake her up and falls asleep.

An hour later miko wakes up and feels really warm and tries to roll over but something stops her she looks as she comes face to face with the object of her desires and her face goes red : What is he doing and when did he get here . she tries not to wake him up and nuzzles into him thinking she would like to do this more but can never happen because she's in the seal. Twenty minutes later naruto wakes up and feels a weight on his chest looks down and smiles deciding to wake her up so he leans down and kisses her her eyes flutter open and melts into her wake up call a small moan could be heard she feels Naruto smirk into the kiss then pulls away then she pouts.

" Hey Miko-chan i need to tell you a few things " Naruto said " Okay Naruto what are the few things " Miko asked " OK remember when i block you out " he gets a nod and a mutter of thats annoying and chuckles " Well i wanted it to be a surprise now when i do its usually when im reading my dads notes it turns out there is a loop hole to the seal but you would be bound to me " Naruto said getting a look of understanding then he's knocked over by Miko and pulled into a deep kiss where he wraps his arms around her but then feels something wet on his face he pulls away and see's miko crying " Why are you crying miko-chan" he asked " This means i can be free and be with you but you will die eventually so im torn between happiness and sadness " Miko said.

" You didnt let me finish explaining the loop hole is that the soul must remain human but im slowly becoming a demon " Naruto said getting a terrified look from Miko and she starts crying harder and repeating she's sorry " Miko-chan it isnt your fault your youki just woke something that was already there in my father's notes he said my ancestor was a demon of some kind now i can free you in a day or two but ill need to fully become a demon i dont have a problem ill live forever and so will any of my mates so thats fine ill give them the option to that it will also ensure you wont be captured and if im right it will make me stronger " Naruto said hugging Miko " So i have to ask is that alright with you " he said looking ar her and she nods and kisses him but he pulls apart and says he needs to get ready and leaves his mindscape.

{ Out side the seal }

" Hey Tayuya " Naruto shouts getting her attention " What Naruto " Tayuya said walking over to him " Uhm do you mind coming with me to the valley of the end " Naruto asked her getting a shrug " Sure but tell me why were going there " She asked " Uhm well im going to release miko-chan and im going to become a demon " Naruto said and Tayuya has a look that says ' wtf are you on and where can i get some '

" Your going to become a demon and release the nine tailed fox uh huh ok lets go " Tayuya said walking to the house then stops registering what he said " WHAT What do you mean your going to release her and become a demon you cant become a demon moron it doesnt work like that and wouldnt i be killed from the force of the release " Tayuya said frantically " I was going to tell you to stand a few miles away and well it turns out my ancestor was a demon and im slowly turning into one you dont have a problem with that right " Naruto said hoping she said no because he started falling for her a month ago.

" Huh no i dont have a proplem with you releasing her but i do have a proplem with something else " She said and he face starts to heat up "What you have a problem with me being a demon " Naruto said sounding a little hurt " Its not really you being a demon its something else " Tayuya said : Should i tell him what if he doesnt feel the same way i mean he has been the nicest person ive ever met i dont want to ruin anything i have with him " thought Tayuya " Then what is it that i might under go a personality change or ill live longer then you " Naruto said "Its the live longer part " Tayuya said looking down to hide her blush " Well uh hmm well uhm Tayuya by any chance do you love me " Naruto said nervously making Tayuya's head shoot up and her eyes buldge : Shit he know's what do i do should i just say yes i bet ill feel better but what if he says he only wants to be friends Tayuya sigh " hai i do " The next thing that happened shocked her Naruto leaned in and kissed her at first she was shocked then she melted and moaned.

Naruto pulls away " Tayuya i love you too and when i become a demon any women that agree's to be mine i can mark them and as long as i live they live " Naruto said shocking Tayuya but then she lunges at naruto and kisses him then says yes but then registers " What do you mean other women " Tayuya said in a dark tone " You know how i have four bloodlines right that means im allowed to have multiple wives and i was wondering would you be one you can decide later though we should get to the ' V.O.T.E ' " Naruto said getting a nod he grabs Tayuya and flashes away.

{ Valley Of The End }

Naruto and Tayuya suddenly appear scaring the shit out of some random squirel " Okay Tayuya this most likely is going to be felt all over the elemental countries and it may cause some strain on you so move about two miles back okay " Naruto said Tayuya just nods then jumps to go.

Naruto jumps down and sits in a meditative position .

{ in the seal }

" Miko-chan i need you to flood as much youki as you can when i remove the seal and i need to focus on using mine okay " Naruto said " Okay are you sure about this " Miko said as she was reaally nevious about this she didnt want to kill Naruto " Yeah okay start channeling " Naruto said as he was surrounded by red energy.

{ Outside the seal }

Naruto was sitting as red chakra started seeping out of him it went from one tail to three then it started turning black and could be felt in numerous countries and villages .

{ Inside the seal }

Naruto focuses and the red energy starts to slowly turn black as he reaches and slowly removes the seal when a hand grabs his " You shouldn't do that Naruto " said a man's voice looking to his left his breath hitches

" Hey dad but i think i know what im doing im kinda forcing my body to awaken the demon gene so i can release miko-chan because the loop hole in the seal " Naruto said shocking minato

" What how did you know who i am sarutobi should have only told you when your a jonin and what the hell are you talking about Naruto what loop hole and why would you release the demon " minato said only to hunch over from a strong right impacted into his gut " Dad you call miko-chan a demon ill find away to kill you, Also sarutobi is a fucking bastard plus you've met her at that temple that worships inari in human form before " Naruto said and miko came into veiw shocking minato as he points " y-y- your kyuubi " Minato said making miko look down " Yes she's kyuubi but she didn't attack of her own will now let me finish it should allow me and you to talk a little bit afterwards " Naruto said minato just stands there dumbly as naruto completes what he is doing theirs a bright flash then darkness.

{ Out side the seal }

Naruto is shrouded in black youki as it expands as red youki shoots out then a huge explosion that shakes the earth .

{ with Tayuya }

" NARUTO " Tayuya screams starting to run to him .

{ Kami's realm }

Oh shit look shini its your wet dream doing something stupid " Yami said " What where " shini and Kami said running getting a smirk and a look of surprise from Yami

" Look whats happening " Kami said " This feels familiar but why " shini said " Your right it does feel familiar but why cant we remember where we felt it before".said Yami

" I dont know lets watch incase it helps us remember " said Kami

{ Iwa }

Onoki was doing paperwork and muttering something about namikaze brat and council when he felt it " What in heavens blazes is that " he said as sweat rolled down his face and dripped off his bulbus nose

" Hey jiji do you feel that " asked his grandaughter " You think i cant feel that i may be old but im not ... Um what was i saying you want a mission right ok go find out what that is " said Onoki making kurotsuchi sweat-drop " Okay jiji you need to retire soon but ill go look " said kurotsuchi as she left .

{ Kumo }

" Holy shit what is that " said a dark skinned kunoichi with long red hair and amber eyes. " I dont know Karui what if its a new biju or something just as strong and it come here to fight bee sensei and the fight becomes so intense it destroys the village then keeps growing then destroys all of elemental nations i dont think i could handle that " said a a young, dark-skinned Kumo-nin with short, spiky, white hair and dark eyes sucking on a lollipop " Shut up omoi you think too much " said Karui as it was getting harder to stand.

" I dont know yo but its coming from over there look at the light show bro " Said a dark-skinned man with a muscular build, as well as white hair and a goatee. On his right shoulder, he has a tattoo of the kanji for iron on his left cheek, he has a tattoo of a bull's horn on his back he has seven swords. " I can see that bee " the Raikage said looking over at the two blondes " Yugito Samui when you can move freely go check it out " said the Raikage " Hai A-sama " they both said.

Samui was a fair-skinned woman of tall stature and curvaceous build with a large bust. She has blue eyes and straight blonde hair framing her face with a shorter cut in the back and the front bangs reaching her shoulders. She wears a very low cut outfit with mesh underneath, a short skirt.

Yugito was a average sized blonde woman she had her hair bound in a pony tail looked constantly constipated in A's opinion but eh what can you do

" A-sama nibi says it has something to do with the kyuubi and from what she can feel its something as strong " Yugito said shocking everyone but bee " Oh man what if we get there and its already gone or if we get there and its waiting for use and slowly kills us im never going to be a father im .." he was wacked in the head curtisy of karui.

{ kiri }

The mizukage was sitting at his desk plotting his next move against the bloodline rebels when he felt it and it scared him so he did the only thing that made sense to him he sent half his men to find it and kill whatever it is .

{ kiri rebel base }

Behind a desk was a beautiful red head she had green eyes although one was covered by her hair they were more like emeralds than anything she had large breasts and a slender figure she wore a blue battle kimono, she was currently planning and thinking how long they would last against the mizukage when she felt it, it made her tingle then a women walked into the door she had black hair black eyes she had a large sword on her back as long as her body she was atlest a high c cup she was also slender she wore light blue battle kimono " Mei-sama what do you think it is " the women asked " I dont know but we cant aford to send anyone out to check " the newly named Mei said " For some reason this feels familiar to me " the women said leaving.

{ Suna }

Garra and his siblings were eating lunch when they felt it when they did shukaku shut up and wimpered garra told his siblings and they were scared what could make the crazy biju act like that what ever it is they want to stay away from it

{ Konoha }

Tsunade sighed it had been six months since naruto was banished, She missed him and was getting really horny as well as stressed in the last six months they lost trades and aliences from multable places like wave snow, Then three months after Naruto's banishment the fucking uchiha ran again this time with the help of Kabuto he killed four chunin and a jonin but he lost and arm while fighting Anko, Kabuto tried to use the torture the curse mark could inflict but was shocked when she showed it was no longer there , Kakashi was in the loony bin from what naruto did to him repeating I love you you love me lets be a happy family scaring the shit out of anyone that tries to talk to him then the worst of all jiraiya somehow became twenty years younger he told her what happened .

{ Flash back }

Jiraiya found one of orochimaru's labrotory's and see's a pool of blueish green liquid with a sign that says failure then he hears a poof showing a toad that screams " Jiraiya you have some explaining to do " Jiraiya jumps knocks a few bottles over into the blueish green pool and falls in a minute later he comes out complaining that felt so gross and see's a shocked toad " What " the toad just points at him then looks for something reflective and hands it to jiraiya " Holy fucking shit " Jiraiya screams looking at himself then looks at the pool but the liquid went from blueish green to black he runs out side and grabs a random animal that just happens to be a rabbit and dips it into the liqud then pulls it out and insted of reverse aging it the rabbit looks about to die so he decides to take a sample for tsunade to examine then he turns to the toad " So what are you doing here and what do i have to explain " he asked the toad " Naruto canceled the toad contract " the toad said and his shout could be heard in konoha jiraiya quickly destroys the lab and leaves towards konoha to get an answer from the blonde.

{ End of flashback }

Jiraiya got to konoha three days after he left and found out why he was banished, Safe to say he was pissed he spent a few months looking for Naruto saying he couldn't hide from him but found nothing.

So right now she is looking out the window of the kage tower when she feel's the kyuubi's power and something else fearing the worst she summons team eight and nine to go to that area to find out whats going on .

{ Some cave in ame }

There are nine figures gathered one with ripple like pattern eyes " So any news on the nine tails " ripple eye asked " No pain-sama nothing after he left the leaf he disappeared " said Itatchi uchiha

" How fucking hard is it to find a fucking brat let me look jashin will lead me to him " said a man with a scyth " No hidan we are supose to go for the two tails soon " said his partner

" Hey shut the fuc.." Thats when they felt it and it froze all of them " Zetsu go i can feel the kyuubi's chakra go and report back " Pain said " Hai" and he sunk into the ground.

" Lets wait till he gets back then decide what future course of action is" said Pain

{ Underground in rice country }

"Grunt " mmmm " "grunt " Ahh dont stop " keep going " thats it im almost there " Spurt" ahh that was good sasuke-kun " said orochimaru he was just about to start with Kabuto but felt the release of power and they all froze for some reason they were afraid very afraid " Kabuto send a squad to check that out " He barked and of course the cum guzzler complies " well then sasuke-kun where were we " orochimaru said licking his lips.

{ Naruto }

As the black and red energy started to fade you could see two figures there one male one female but what really got your attention was the new apendages on the male this is what Tayuya saw when she got there

" Oi Naruto are you alrigh.." she froze when she saw him he stood atleast 6'1 instead of his previous 5'8 he has more muscle definition his blonde hair grew a few inches and he had black tips his wisker marks faded and his eyes were still electric blue but she could see gold like flames dancing in them but most of all she saw two four feet black wings with some blood red feather's coming from his back.

" Hey Tayuya that was one hell of a light show " Naruto said getting her and miko's attention thats when miko saw the changes and fainted " What happened oh well we can figure it out later should we go home i have no doubt people will send ninja to see what happened " He said and Tayuya walks over to him and they disappear a few minutes later Zetsu got there and noticed nothing was there and left .

{ Naruto's safe house }

Naruto Tayuya and an unconsious miko apear in front of the three story house they head straight to an empty bedroom so miko can rest then naruto notices the extra appendages and tries moving then a few minutes later " Holy shit i have wings i thought it would be like a tail or something not wings cool " Naruto said making Tayuya sweat-drop : Why did i ever decide to stay with this nut ... Oh yeah i fell for him was the only thing she could think of.

" Well Tauyuya ill explain after i do something okay " Naruto said not waiting for a reply making Tayuya huff and walk away.

{ Kami's realm }

Kami, Yami and shini are looking at naruto and are shocked they never would have guess he was that of all beings

" Oh shit " Yami said making the others nod

{ Naruto's mind }

Naruto is slightly surprised his mind still looks like the inside of the namikaze compound " Hello anyone here " Naruto yelled a few minutes later a head of yellow hair leaned out a room so Naruto goes to that room and see's a shocking sight his father and a beautiful red head he saw in pictures so the first thing he did was run up to her and hug her before her mind could register anything she heard " MOM " then looked at who hugged her, She saw her son but there were a few differences he had black tips in his hair his eyes were blue but she could literally see golden fire in them and the two big black wings coming from his back.

" Okay naruto start explaining what the fuck compelled you to release the kyuubi and why she looked like that miko lady we met at the inari temple " Minato said shocking Kushina

" Yeah yeah but first how is she here you i guessed as a fail safe but not her " Naruto said " I put her chakra in the seal so when you attempt to gain control she can help you " Minato said

" Whats this about you releasing the demon " Kushina said then she gasped from what she saw naruto's eyes were black with gold pupils and the gold flames became more noticiable

" Call her a demon again you'll regret it " Naruto said shocking them " So what if i do you wont do anything were your parents " Minato said only to have a even harder punch connect to his gut " You may be my parents but ive always been alone , the only reason im alive and sane is because of miko-chan no thanks to oh so wonderful village you gave your life for " Naruto said " What do you mean sarutobi said you would be treated as a hero like i asked " Minato said then froze at the killing intent coming off naruto.

" Fuck it ill just show you what i mean " Naruto said dragging them to a door opening it then throwing them in, What felt like three hours but on the outside was only minutes Minato and Kushina came out

Kushina had tears falling freely and a look like she wanted to annialate something, Minato had a sad look on his face when they walked up to naruto kushina gave him a hug thats worse then Tsunade's and kept repeating how she was sorry Minato said nothing " Well you've seen my memories so i dont have to explain anything " Naruto said.

" Hai, They deserve to fucking die a horrible death " Kushina said between sobs " So now what i mean its not like you two can stay here long right so what do we do now " Naruto said not getting an answer

he spends a few more minutes hugging his mom " So anything you want to talk about or is the rest of your time going to be awkward silence " He asked.

" I want to know how many women you plan on having " Kushina said making naruto choke and blush " Uhm im not sure but that reminds me i need to visit Nade-chan soon and see if she would still want to be with me " Naruto said " You dont have a problem with any of this do you, Mom " He asked Kushina who just grins " Nope Oh and Tayuya seems nice under all of the facade " Kushina said which naruto nods " She is and she has been removing it gradually, Do you have anything to say dad " Naruto asked looking at minato who shows or says nothing " Hello Minato arnt you going to say anything " Said Kushina still nothing " Well mom if he isnt going to say anything and mostly everything we could talk about will be awkward so im going to leave and check on miko so this is the only time ill see either of you unless someone uses edo tensei " Naruto said kissing his mom on the cheek then starts to fade.

Kusina walks up to minato and shakes him " What's wrong with you, You didnt say anything to our son " Kushina shouts at him he turns to her grabs her into a hug and weeps " Its my fault his life was like that i knew they wouldnt honor my wish but still, I wish i could undo it all " He said as they start to fade " He's immortal isnt he " asked Kushina " Hai He is so he may never die but until we meet in the after life lets torture sarutobi and anyother konoha resident other than the handful we saw in the memories" Minato said gaining a evil smile from the beautiful red head.

{ Outside his mind }

Naruto opens his eyes to see Tayuya staring at him then says " What the hell " then he explains what happened from when they left to when they returned including what his mom said about Tayuya making said girl blush " Hey Tayu-chan how long have i been out " He asked "Hmm about half an hour why " she said blushing more from being called Tayu-chan if anyone else ever called her that they would see why jonin level konoichi are scary.

" Hey Tayu-chan lets check on miko-chan okay" Naruto said getting up, he can feel his wings so he tries to will them to go away after a few minutes they receed into his back and with a grunt there gone making Tayuya's eyes buldge then they leave to check on miko.

Just as Naruto and Tayuya walk in they see Miko start stiring so Naruto walks up to her, Miko sensing someone is close opens her eyes to see Naruto looking down at her she looks around and notices that it is not the seal so she does the onlu thing she could she jumps up and tackles Naruto " It worked it worked " Miko said extremely happy then she see's Tayuya so miko hets up and hugs her for reasons Tayuya doesnt know " Uhm Miko-chan can you put some clothes on so we can go shopping " Naruto said making miko let go of Tayuya then look down then smiles " Aww whats the matter you dont like what you see " Miko said walking towards him swaying her hips " Mmm maybe we could get Tayuya to join in How about it Tayu-chan " Miko said getting the other redhead to light up as well as get a massive nose bleed once she recovers she sputter's something incoherant making miko laugh.

" miko clothes then after we go shopping were going to konoha well we will after i notify Tsunade " said Naruto making miko pout then grin " So Naru-kun are we going to have Tsunade join in with me and Tayu-chan " Miko said putting on a pair of naruto's shorts and shirt then looks to see Tayuya out cold from another nosebleed and Naruto shaking his head " Hey miko-chan do you know what kind of demon i am " Naruto asked

" Mmm what did you look like when we finished " Miko asked " I didnt change much i got black tips in my hair i dont have the wisker marks and i had a pair of black wings " Naruto said oblivious to the shocked look he got from Miko.

" B-bl-bl-black wings " Miko managed to say as she noticed his eyes she starts trembling Naruto noticed and wrapped his arms around her " Miko-chan whats wrong why are you so scared is it because of the kind of demon i became" asked Naruto " Naruto the kind of demon you became isnt really a demon the last known one almost destroyed the world there shouldnt have been any traces of him left after the gods had to personnaly obliterated him " Miko said shocking Naruto she was about to continue but they heard Tayuya start talking so they stopped for now then left to shop.

{ Kimiko's shop }

" Hello how may i hel... Oh its the two love birds what can i help you with this time a wedding dress " Kimiko said getting Tayuya to turn red but before kimiko could try to tease him he started to speak.

" Hello Kimiko its actually this beauty this time that needs your help " Naruto said diverting Kimiko's attention to the other red head and she narrows her eyes " Are you cheating on Tayuya, Naruto " asked Kimiko making Naruto choke " W-what no i love both of them but its up to them if their okay with sharing me " Naruto said making kimiko narrow her eyes again " I mistook you for a nice guy but your the same as any other guy a perverted bastard that wants a harem " Kimiko said, Miko was about to slap her but Naruto grabbed her hand " Kimiko in not a pervert and i wouldn't consider it a harem i consider it a big family and ninja's are allowed to have multiple wives if they are the first or the last of their clan and im the last so its leagal in elemental nations so dont compare me to a god dam pervert " Naruto said scaring Kimiko a bit " Anyway Miko-chan take your time and pick some stuff out " Naruto said seeing Miko nod he bites his thumb and runs through some handseals " Kuchiyose no Jutsu " Naruto shouted slamming his hand to the floor there was a puff of smoke and a small creature apears " Hiya Naruto what can i do for you " said the creature " I need you to deliver this message to Tsunade senju and no one is to have it other than her and wait for a reply " Naruto said and the creature grabs the scroll and leaves.

{ Konoha Hokage office }

Tsunade sighed the team she told to investigate the massive energy that was felt everywhere just returned saying it was at the valley of the end and when they got there they saw kumo iwa oto and kiri nins there as well so instead of fighting they all agreed to just leave since there wasnt anything there except it looked like there was a huge explosion recently.

After the debreifing she returned to doing paperwork with her clones when a puff of smoke and a baby Komodo Dragon appeared scaring the shit out of Tsunade " Hiya are you Tsunade senju " Said dragon asked, Tsunade just nodded dumbly " Im Mika and Naruto told me to deliver and wait for a reply " the now named Mika said and Tsunade rushed her then grabbed the scroll and read.

Dear Nade-chan i hope your well

Im sending a summon to deliver and wait for a reply because i need to talk to you in person and i was wondering if it would be alright if me and two others come tonight

It will impact if anything will happen between you and me, I will also explain what that massive energy you most likely felt earlier but you need to be alone.


Ps. in the reply put the time that would be alright

Tsunade finished reading it with tears in her eyes she could see naruto again but who were the others he wanted to bring. " You said your name was Mika right " Tsunade asked the dragon reciving a nod " Well mika just wait a few minutes alright " Okay do you have any snacks " Mika asked trying to look cute making Tsunade sweat-drop what was with naruto's summons and snacks dam gamakichi and his brother are horrible Tsunade thought pilling out a cookie which Mika happily ate.

After a few minutes Tsunade was done so she handed the scroll to Mika who then disappeared making Tsunade wonder what clan she was with.

{ Naruto }

Naruto sat and watched Tayuya and miko grab clothes and remembers the week after the house was built.

{ Flash back }

Naruto is in a big room with symbols covering every wall and Tayuya laying down he just finished the process of removing her curse mark it took about 45 minutes how she stayed consious for 40 minutes he will never know but he did have to listen to a lot of swearing on Tayuya's part he would have to find a way to get her not to swear that much if she chooses to stay with him, Naruto then picks the now unconsious girl up and makes his way to her room , He places her on the bed and notices she has a small smile on her face and he leaves.

Two hours later he awakes in his bed and hears Tayuya screaming so he jumps up and heads to her room to find her screaming in her sleep as well as thrashing around so he tries to calm her down after several minutes she is calm enough to handle easily so he was about to leave but she started again, He decided to just stay the rest of the night and hold her to make sure she sleeps as best as she could .

Six hours later Tayuya wakes up and notices she doesnt have that voice in the back of her head and she is really warm she looks up to see a sleeping naruto holding her she blushes then punches him effectively waking him up " What the fuck you anal puss licker who said you could touch me for who knows how long " Tayuya said looking at naruto with a death glare, Naruto just yawns " Morning you dont have to swear Tayuya and last night after the removal you only slept two hours untill you started screaming so i came here. You were having a nightmare i got you to calm down only for it to start again so i stayed and i fell asleep after calming you down " Naruto said stretching.

" Removal what removal " Tayuya asked not really remembering what happened last night " The curse seal its gone but you may have to re-train your abbilities" Naruto said as he made a clone to go make breakfast

" So its really gone huh " Tayuya said hoping its not a dream " Yeah its gone come on lets go and after i need to talk to you " Naruto said leaving five minutes later and Tayuya left.

After they ate they exited the house " So What the fuck do you need to talk to me about " Tayuya asked " Well what are you going to do now i mean your welcome to stay as long as you want but on one condition " Naruto said making Tayuya narrow her eyes " If you think im going to be your fuck toy you got another thing coming " Tayuya souted and Naruto just looks at her " I havent said anything yet and thats the first thing that comes to mind i was only going to ask you not to swear as much at least around me " Naruto said " I swear in fuckin volentairily its part of my vocabulary " Tayuya said " Thats fine i dont care if you swear but try not as much but not the more creative shit and not like 5 times every time you open your mouth i mean what if i go to the fire lord and bring you with me huh you could get killed for that shit" Naruto said.

" Its not like your going to the fire lord anyway" Tayuya said " Actuaclly i will eventually he wants me to meet his wife and daughters " said Naruto " Why how the fuck , OK explain" Tayuya said trying to figure out what the hell " He was a good friend of my parents and he is the one that made it so Konoha doesnt put me in the bingo book like the council wanted " Naruto said.

" So any way cutting down the swearing and maybe be your self are the only conditions to stay here " Naruto said walking away to start his training.

{ End flash back 9:30 }

Naruto is pulled out of his head when Mika poof infront of him " Here ya go Naruto " Mika said giving him the scroll " Thank you Mika say hellow to Kurohime for me will you " Naruto said " Okay " MIka said begore going poof .

Naruto opens the scroll and reads what Tsunade said.

Naruto i thought you said you wouldnt come here to see me for two years Oh well whatever sure come at 10pm you and who ever your bringing.

ps: jiraiya is pissed about you canceling the contract of the toads.

see you later

Tsunade senju

Twenty minutes later

" Hey Naruto were done " Miko said walking towards him " Alright how much is it " Naruto said " Uhm 567.89 all together and Tayuya bought some things too " Miko said " Okay " Naruto said walking to kimiko and paying " What time is it " asked Naruto " Its 9:55 pm why " Oh damn well in five minutes were leaving to see Tsunade " Naruto said " Why the fuck are we going to see the old hag " Tayuya said as they walked out of the store " She's like twenty " Naruto said " Tsunade as in Tsunade senju right " Tayuya said Naruto and Miko nod " She was on orochicocker's genin team she's fucking fifty something " Tayuya said making Naruto realize he didnt tell her " I Made her thirty years younger and were going to see if she wants to be one of my wives " Naruto said shocking Tayuya " How the flying fuck did you make her younger " she asked " Theres a rare medicine that i put in her drink because i thought she deserved a second chance i mean she was in depression for a long time" Naruto said " Oh " was the only thing she said before Naruto grabbed them and fashed away.

{ Tsunade's room 10pm }

Tsunade sat on her bed wondering who Naruto would bring and what he wanted to disscuss did he lose interest in her, what did he look like now there were more questions in her head but she was knocked out of her thoughts when a black flash appeared infront of her.