{ Tsunade's room }

Naruto,Tayuya and Miko appear in front of Tsunade making her jump then glomp Naruto squeezing the life out of the new demon until Tayuya and miko pull her off then Tsunade gets a good look at Naruto noticing no whisker marks. Tsunade then looks at the other two women that came with him both red heads both very very beautiful one with red slitted eyes and the other with doe brown the second one Tsunade remembers the description of one of the sound four that shikamaru fought if she rememberd correctly her name was Tayuya.

" Hey Tsunade id like you to meet Tayuya and miko and we have to talk about thing that just happened " Naruto said walking over to the red couch in the room followed by Miko and Tayuya, Tsunade sitting on the bed again " Okay is it about that massive explosion of power " She asked " Yeah as you might have guessed i released miko-chan " Naruto said making Tsunade jump up and scream " She's the kyubbi and shouldnt you be dead then " " Their was a loop hole in the seal which wouldnt have worked with anyone other than me the thing is I was becoming a demon the more I used miko-chan's youki I started to make my own, So I checked into it and found out i have demon ancestors or something so i ripped the seal flooding me with youki speeding up the process of me becoming a demon " Naruto said shocking Tsunade and making her pale " Y-y-your a demon " Tsunade said " Yeah do you have a proplem with that " Naruto asked hoping she doesnt " Y-y-your not going to go killing everyone for no reason are you " She asked and Naruto shames his head no.

" I will only kill if I have to or iwa maybe annoyed " He said and Miko askes " So do you have a proplem with any of this " " No I dont but that means your going to live long right just when i thought i could grow old with someone " She said with the last part a whisper " Yes i will live long but im able to mark any of my wives and as long as i live they will as well " Naruto said watching as Tsunade's eyes light up " So that explains the power output earlier and the lack of whisker marks but what kind of demon are you " Tsunade asked " I dont know im not a fox like Miko-chan i was asking Miko earlier but she didnt finish telling me " He said as they all look at Miko who was shivering.

" Uhm your not exa.." She was cut off from saying anything as the entire room went white, After a few minuted they can see again but their not in Tsunade's room anymore.

{ Kami's realm }

" Hey what are we going to do what if he turns out like HIM it will be absoulte armeggedon i dont know about you but i dont think we can stop another one ive gotten lazy since te last time " Yami said looking at Kami and Shini.

" Your right about that ive also gotten lazy we should always account for unexpected things " Shini said " Unexpected unexpected this is absoultly impossible we abliterated HIM when the hell could He have passed his genes on " Yami yelled " What are we going to do about this " Kami said then got an idea " Lets talk to them and make him promise not to go on a rampage we know he tries his best to keep promises and with him being what he is its either that or he dies so that sould work right " Kami said watching as Yami and Shini calm down a bit " Either that or Shini could try to seduce him and be a wife to make sure he doesnt " Yami said smirking as she watched Shini's face turn the reddest she has ever seen then looks at Kami and her eyes widen to impossibe sizes Kami was drooling with half lidded eyes muttering " That could work but it will be me ".

Kami starts to do something and a flash of light Naruto Miko Tayuya and Tsunade appear in front of the goddeses.

{ Naruto's p.o.v }

Naruto Tayuya Miko and Tsunade were blinded by a flash of white and when he opens his eyes he see's something that will be forever engraves into his mind he see's three women the first is a blonde women 5 9 beautiful blue eyes beautiful face she's wearing blue lipstick and he lips look irristable she has her hair in a pony tail wearing a white dress that shows some cleavage her breast are at least a d cup upon look but that dress could be hiding them making them look either bigger or smaller than they actually are she has long slender legs blue pair of heels on her, Her ass looks to be heart shape she had a slight tan all in all she has an hourglas shape that women would kill for. this was kami-chan.

The next has black hair in a pony tail beautiful face beautiful green eyes more like emeralds and green lipstick on another pair of irristable lips she's wearing a black dress with a red flaming bird on it she has long slenger legs and about 5 10 with a perfect figure dd cup and a perfect ass she had a creamy complection and she's wearing green high heels . this was yami-chan.

The last of the three she was tall about 5 11 she had a beautiful face purple hair like the other two in a pony tail and beautiful silver eyes she wore silver lipstick on yet another pair of irristable lips she wore a purple dress that showed her large chest her breats were at least dd cup if not more they were perfect from what you could see they werent sagging in the least she had a creamy complection she wore silver high heels and an ass that would drive most men crazy . this this was shini-chan aka the shinigami.

When they can see fully they start to look around all the girls see Naruto drooling with a little bit of blood coming from his nose and the godesses all smirk slyly and say in unison " See something you like handsome " walking towards them and Miko gets up and bows " Hello Kami Yami and Shini " she said pulling Naruto out of his extremly perverse daydream of Tayuya Miko Tsunade and the three godesses " Miko-chan did you just say what i think you said " He asked but it was Kami that answered in a hevenly voice " Yes Naruto we are who Mikoto said " " Okay if you dont mind me asking where are we and why are we here " He asked.

" You four are in my realm you here because we needed to talk to you i mean we were planing to but this is extremely important " Kami said trying not to jump him then and there she looks at Shini who is blushing again then to Yami who is snikering .

Tsunade Miko and Tayuya just stare at them then at Naruto and they were getting pissed they havent gotten him to drool or have a nosebleed. After a few minutes Tsunade asked " What do you need to talk about ".

" Well its about Naruto and what he is, He isn.." " What am i exactaly " Naruto interupted Yami " As I was saying he isnt really a demon like Mikoto. Naruto is actually a fallen celestrial " Yami said.

" Um what is a fallen celestrial " Tsunade asked but before she was answered Miko speaks " S-s-so he really is from HIS line " Shocking Naruto,Tsunade and Tayuya from the way she said it.

" Yes he is from it, It should have been impossible but here he is " Kami said she was about to speak again but Tayuya beat her to it " Would someone tell us what your talking about " She said getting sheepish looks from the demoness and godesses.

" Alright it starts at the dawning of the human race everything was perfectly fine for the first 400.000 years but then up here with angels their were the archangels in order from strongest to weakest they were Gabriel, Raphael, Michael, Samael , Uriel, Sariel, Raguel, and Remiel. Now the weaker ones werent happy so they tried to frame Gabriel but thet ended up framing Samael but we didnt know this but Samael was already too far gone in his own hate so we casted him out and he became the first denouced angel everything was uneventful for three thousand years and we learnt what really happened, Sariel, Raguel, and Remiel fled to earth so we sent Gabriel to well erase them but we didnt count on Samael who then went by Lucifer to show up. So instead of fighting the weakest he fought them and Lucifer who was as strong as Raphael. Their battle was so great it destroyed continents but Gabriel was victorious and Lucifer retreated him, Gabriel and Lucifer were badly injured and went into a deep sleep".

" For one thousand years they slept, Lucifer was the first to awaken he was the father to hell he became evil incarnate .." So Naruto is this Lucifer guy's decendant " Tayuya interupted Kami " No he isnt now be quiet so i can continue. " The world was thrown into chaos this lasted for 500 years then Gabriel awoke but thats where things went to hell he saw multiple women being raped and killed so he lost it, if this was what humans became he didnt care he wouldnt defend them anymore, he slaughterd them in the process his wings became black while he first thought he became a denounced angel but he remembered Lucifer's wings were blood red so he was confused and in his confusion he wondered and saw what else humanity was capable of and it disgusted him to no end so he slaughterd everyone that was in his path then he fought Lucifer again after 300 years and won the world was in ruins only one thousand humans were alive, He knew he wouldnt be allowed to return so he went hunting for the rest of the humans but he found a select few that were worthy in his eyes to live most of them women too so he lived with them for 20 years as the ones worthy increased then came some that wernt they raped and killed a few that sent him on his path again but when he was finished with the one infront of him we had to stop it but we had to wait for cirtain events to take place before we could set foot on earth we went and fought him it lasted weeks because we are not allowed to remain at full power on earth, we were sucsessful and abliterated his very being we didnt know he had a child though" Kami said.

" So im this Gabriel's decendant and he is basically a fallen angel " Naruto asked " Yeah " Shini said " Okay what am i exactly angel human what " He asked " Um You have demon ancestors as well we dont really know who at this point its why you have youki but you will start developing a different type of energy and will eventually awaken your true demonic heritage. We do know one thing though your complicated " Yami said " Great just what i wanted to be. So now what, im guessing that me being alive is bad for you or the world " Naruto said " It can be bad or good depending on what you do " Yami said " What do you think im going to do " Naruto said knowing full well what he is going to do " That we dont know you can either destroy the world and we cant stop you for the next 900 years , You can be the earths balancer or live a normal life albeit immortal life " Shini said " What do you mean Earths balancer" Tsunade said " Well he could be the one that prevents wars " Kami said " No offence but what do i get " Naruto asked ' You get us sexy ' Kami thought " I mean that is alot of work and im not sure thats actually possible humans hate what they dont understand and are very paranoid " He said " We will make your mates immortal as you but you need to promise you wont kill everyone or you sacrifice your life " Yami said.

" Cant i make them immortal " He asked " Yes you can but they wont be as strong as you if you agree your wives have to agree as well then we will make them your equal but not angelic or demonic " Shini said " Hmm so i say no you kill me i say yes i have a crappy job but i'll most likely be happy when im not working ... i get the feeling your leaving something out " Naruto said " We'll tell you later okay " Kami said winking at Naruto " Fine ill except so my wives can help right because the jobs a bitch " Naruto said getting smacked in the head by Tsunade Shini and Kami while Tayuya and Yami grin.

" Alright well thats all so enjoy your evening " Yami said waving her hand and they disappeared, Yami turned around facing Kami " Your going to spy on him arent you " She deadpanned " Who me why would i do that " Kami said trying to sound innocent but when it comes to Yami she cant trick " Alright fine i was " She said " Good because i am too " Said Shini.

{ Tsunade's room }

Tsunade Narut, Miko and Tayuya appear in Tsunade's room all on her emperor sized bed " So are you okay with everything Tsunade Tayuya " Naruto asked only for his answer to be Tsunade diving at him crushing her lips to his " Yes ... I ... Am " She said in between kisses when Naruto pulled away it was Tayuya that claimed his mouth next saying the same thing.


{ A six hours later and three very satisfied women later }

Naruto awoke after three hours of sleep to see Tayuya awake with a beautiful smile on her face one that he wanted to see more of in the future " Good morning Tayu-chan " Naruto said getting her attention as he wrapped his arm tighter around her " Mmm morning Naru-kun " She said smiling " Did you sleep at all Tayu-chan or were you too sore " Naruto asked her making Tayuya blush " I slept a little but other than that i am a little sore " She said " Well we need to fix that but for now i just want to enjoy having a beautiful red head ley next to me " Naruto said with his biggest smile she has seen on him " Hey Naruto what are we going to do now i mean you said so earlier your training went alot faster then you thought so now what " Tayuya asked as the other two women awoke " Well Tayu-chan i am going to start learning what i can do then im going to Kiri " Naruto said " Why Kiri there still in that civil war Naru-kun " Tsunade said making herself known " Thats why Nade-chan " Naruto said " Oh " was all she said " Well how are Kurenia, Anko and Yuugao " Naruto asked " Uhm well the last time i saw you with them you were interested right " She asked " A little i mean the one i like the most are Yuugao " Naruto said " Well then i dont have to feel that bad telling you Yuugao im not sure but Anko is considering Marrying Iruka and Kurenia, Asuma " Tsunade said " Oh really well Thats great but Asuma is a prick from what i remember he veiws women as trophy's " Naruto said.

" Yeah some of us have noticed. The last guy Kurenai dated ended up raping three ex iwa chunin and was caught" She said making the Naruto,Tayuya and Miko frown " Humans do things like that and call us monsteres thats fucking bullshit " Miko growled out " I know it is Miko-chan calm down if some one senses you we are in trouble remember is any demonic chakra is sensed and akatski find out then Konaha will be targeted" Naruto said which she calmed down almost immediatly.

" Hey Tsunade do you think you could do something im a little sore " Tayuya asked still not use to not swearing " Sure " was all she said as her hands started glowing " Thank you " Tayuya said.

" Well as you might of heard i am going to train for a bit then go to kiri but i want to go alone i have a feeling the Mizukage is under Marada's control and he's keeping tabs on him " Naruto said getting objections from them " No if you go them im going " Miko said " Easy after the first month then come but ok ill send Mika to contact you where the pick up will be and you can teach Tayuya genjutsu you know i suck at that and well your most likely the best in that area " Naruto said making Tayuya perk up Kitsunes were naturals in that area " Can you " Was all Tayuya said " Uh sure, You better not do anything stupid Naruto if you do ill make you watch your own torture instraments " Miko said making Tsunade and Naruto Pale " Y-y-you wouldnt r-really would you " Naruto said " I-I-I thought Naruto destroyed it " Tsunade said as She and Naruto shivered " What are you talking about " Tayuya asked having no clue what they were fucking talking about " Its something Naruto made its the most evil thing ever fucking conseved its worse then any genjustu you could use unless you model them after it " Tsunade said surprising Tayuya because she didnt take the blonde as someone that would swear.

" Uhm would i ever want to experience it " Tayuya aksed only to receive a ' ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND' look " I'm not even sure you would want orochimaru to see it " Tsunade said " Oh he will see it i was thinking id cut his head off and put it in a jar infront of a tv with it on a loop but i cant seem to find a way to keep his head alive " Naruto said in a dark tone that made them shiver but Tsunade and Miko thought about it and started rocking back and forth shivering " Hey hey hey Calm down youll never see the evil dvd again just stop " Naruto said not sure what one to hug so he made a clone while Tayuya was wondering what the fuck they were talking about.

" Hey Naruto You said Mika thats the little reptile right what clan is she from ive never seen something like that " Tsunade asked she's been wondering about that since she saw the little creature.

" She's a part of the divine clan who was my mothers summons the boss is Kurohime the eight headed hydra. The snakes use to be apart of their clan but Manda's father tried to kill Kuro-chan and was expelled. " Naruto told her " Wait you mean the 8 headed Hydra the one from Uzumaki legends " She asked " Yeah that one she is very nice but i think i need think i need to infrom her of the recent events but for now lets go back to sleep " Naruto said getting nods from all the girls.

{ The next morning }

Naruto was the first to wake up so he decided to get dressed so he unseals a scroll from his arm then grabs a black tank top with red trimming and black anbu style pants then a pair of boxers then goes to the shower.

After 15 minutes Naruto walks back into the room and stands infront of the mirror putting new hoops into his ear and he see's the girls are awake with Tsunade drooling a bit " Good morning ladies " Naruto said smiling " Morning " was their reply " Hey Miko ive noticed my eyes keep shifting to icy blue any idea why " Naruto asked her " Nope none i can think of " Miko said getting up heading towards the shower with Tayuya " Hey Tayuya you dont mind if i join you do you " she asked " Uh... Sure do you think you can wash my back " Tayuya asked " Sure " Miko said smiling at her fellow red head.

" So Tsunade how have you and shizune been " Naruto asked.

{ Five months later November }

Its been Five months since he found out some of his ancestery and saw Tsunade and since then he grew a bit now he's 5'11 his blonde hair became tame and took a silverish white color the black tips still remain

( Think dante from dmc3 ) and his body filled out some more he wears a silver necklace with a red type of jewl that belonged to his mother and he seemed drawn to it aparently it was a family heirloom, He wears black anbu styled pants and a black tank top with silver trimming at all time he finds it easier to use his wings but it always destroyes his tops so he had the tank tops specially made to repair themselves he also has a hard time moving in places with alot of people because he ends up getting fan girls very easy now a days so he wears a mask.

Since he met Kami Zangetsu has been forcing more training on him when he slept at first he was annoyed but now he can now make a sheild with his chakra while weilding Zangetsu. Also while training with Zangestu he has learnt a few techneces that have to do with speed and increasing your strenth to monsterous levels and a few of what Zangetsu calls kido there mostly like Jutsu but you need to remember incantations that started to piss him off because he got a few mixed up but his favouites are pale lightning and the sword clone which he can only use while in his first form he has asked Zangetsu about the third form but he just says not ready yet and he needs to increse his bodies resiliants but all in all he estimstes he's able to fight at least three kage's and beat them so Akatsuki shouldnt be a problem for him but he's going to Kumo to talk to the raikage before Kiri.

Its been a month since his birthday on the night he turned 18 the girls noticed when he slept his body exuded a purple black and silver energy that isnt part of his normal energy so they were kinda conserened but remembered what the gods said that he had demon ancestry as well but its not helping any when that happened they felt suffocated and had to sleep in a different room. ( Its when his hair became tame and took a silverish white look )

Tayuya grew to 5'8 she has developed more and her body can entrap almost any man something Naruto isnt too fond of and she started wearing her hair in a pony tail after noticing when she does Naruto has a hard time taking his eyes from her something she loves. When her birthday came around Naruto went to iron country to get a costom made sword for her since he taught her the uzumaki clan's kenjutsu but this sword was also a flute something she still loves to play and use for fights no matter what you do she wont fight without a flute so Miko got her a few for her birthday which she leaves in a scroll she carries in a seal on her arm she started wearing shirts that showed her stomack and long legs while hiding her large bust and shapley ass those are only for Naruto.

Miko hasnt really changed at all after all if you have been one way for more than a few hundred years then its kinda hard to change but she also took to having a pony tail.

So far Naruto is easily able to beat a kage or two he can fight to a draw with Miko when she uses six tails using everything he has, but he doesnt really know how to use his celestrial ablilities but he has been able to diferentiate between his chakra youki and the other he has no clue what to call but the youki has been confusing him when he undid the seal he was flooded with Miko's youki but he didnt completly awaken his demonic heritage but the Gabriel gene as Tsunade called it he ended up trying to figure out why but Miko told him he will awaken them in time like most demons the bidy needs to mature.

" Hey Naruto are you still going to Kiri " asked a sweaty Tayuya " Yeah but i have to deliver something to the Raikage first why You gonna miss me " Said Naruto looking Tayuya up and down he would never admit it but he loves staring at the two red heads that live with him but most the time he has to have a cold shower because they always turn him on so damn much its insufferable.

In the time Tayuya has been with Naruto she went from Mid C-level shinobi to high A-class low S-class and he is very proud of her because she did it on her own and was determined he can honestly say he's proud to have her as a mate.

Naruto stares at her and see's his mark on the Back of her neck a mark that she is proud to show but since he hasnt awoken his true demonic ablilities this mark is the celestrial side only granting incredable healing up to the point you could re-grow a limb or a organ it apears as a pair of black angel wings with a skull laughing in the middle.

" Yes we are Naru-kun but we want to know when your going to leave " Miko asked walking up to them " Im leaving at the end of the week and im going to build a safe house in lightning country first " Naruto said

" Why do we need so many safe houses its not like we are going to use them " Tayuya asked because it kinda reminded her of orochimaru " Its easier for right now because Akatsuki is still hunting me for Miko-chan and if they find one then id have to move to another one and like this " He said " Oh " She said.

{ Naruto halfway to Kumo }

Naruto left Miko and Tayuya to their training since Miko's been released she has been slowly gaining her tails back much too slow for her so Naruto convinced her to stay and help Tayuya which after a few days they agreed to stay.

On the Way to kumo Naruto just set a mellow pace taking in the surroundings and passes a few towns and he built the next of his houses after a week he leaves but when he was about fifteen miles away from Kumo he hears a few cries that he cant quite hear so he looks around and spots a large forest and see's what looks like a bandit camp and thanks to his enhances sense of smell he can sell the scent of lust so he being him goes to kill a few bandits when he gets there he see's something he doeant expect their are atleast twenty bound and gagged women two of which are Ninja one blonde the other a red head and one bound and gagged man with white hair the two Konoichi's are naked or near naked with a few men about to rape them. Seeing this Naruto just starts his slaughter so he unsheaths Zangetsu and activates a move he created based off of what Zangetsu calls Flash cry but insted of electricity he uses fire so as his body becomes enshrouded in fire as does his blade he moves faster than anyone can see and cuts the bandits heads off soon after the fire incinerates their bodys starting from where their heads were severed.

Naruto stops the shroud as six missing nins come out of their tents and upon seeing Naruto get into a fighting stance as does Naruto but he tries to lead them away from the captives and manages somewhat while two stay behind Naruto makes a clone while he sneaks away and back to the camp to deal with the two that stayed behind first just incase they try anything so he uses Shunko and quickly kills them by bisection then goes to the rest.

As Naruto gets there his earth clone gets destroyed but he see's their is only one person left while two are dead and one lay dying.

" What the fuck you fucking dip shit why'd you have to come and ruin our fun " The last one said only to receive a glare so cold it could freeze armaratsu's flame. Naruto doesnt say anything but moves closer and pushes energy into his sword making the blade longer so he didnt have to move and cut the pathetic bastard in half and heads back to the camp.

When Naruto gets there he see's most of the women have a look of fear in their eyes. So he created a few clones to untie the people while he gots to the ninja and unties them its then he gets a good look at the blonde and see'd she has a body that can rival Tsunade and Miko she also has beautiful eyes but not wanting to feel their furry he quickly cuts the ropes on her and the red head then unties the male and removes shirt and sweater leaving him in a black tank top and hands them to the girls missing the red head blush " Here " Naruto said turning away " Thanks " Said the blonde quietly while her cheeks developed a tinge of pink.

After Naruto see's everyone's untied when The blonde walks up to Naruto with his shirt and sweater.

{ Half an hour later }

After Naruto untied everyone he and the Kumo nins escorted them to the nearest town and left for Kumo after a few minutes the male asked " Are you following us or are you stalking out big breasted lea.." HE said only to get an icy glare and a bonk on the head from the red head " The ignore the idiot but he does raise a good question are you following us " She asked only for Naruto to chuckle " No im not following you i just need to talk to the Raikage " Naruto said " Really about what if i may ask " The red head asked " Yes you may but can i get your names first my name is Naruto " He said making the red head blush a bit " Oh sorry im Karui " Im Omoi " and im Samui nii " They said .

" Samui nii as in the sister of Yugito nii " Naruto asked making Samui narrow her eyes " Yes now how do you know that " She asked as she reached for her sword " I know because your sister will be in danger same as the eight tails thats why im going to kumo " Naruto said not really helping anything.

The rest of the way was silent and uneventful until they got to the gate " Halt state your name and perpose for coming to Kumo " The gaurds stopped Naruto " My name is Naruto Uzumaki and I need to speak to the Raikage about a threat and Village secruity " Naruto said " Wait a moment please " One gaurd said after a few moments he came back with a squad of Bolt but he could tell one was Yugito Nii because he coulds sense Nibi " Follow us " Said the female Bolt member " Lead the way miss " Naruto said and saw that the team he came with were waiting.

{ Kage tower }

When they get to the tower they see a women yelling at a guy lifting weights and Naruto shakes his head " Excuse me A-sama " Said one bolt gaining his attention after seeing Naruto they stop and he usheres everyone into the room " What was the reason you needed to talk to me " The man said " Raikage-sama can you dismiss the anbu except this one and call your brother if possible " " Naruto said pointing to the female " Why " A asked " Because it involves them " Naruto said making it clear he isnt going to talk making A sigh " Fine can one of you get my brother " A said and someone dissapeared after a few minutes

the bolt and his brother came in the door " Yo Yo how it do bro why you send crow to fetch me while i had to pee " He said making Everyone in the room sweat-drop and the masked women drop kicks him but he shruggs it off.

" Your dissmissed " A said when they left " Alright talk and can you remove the mask " A said looking at Naruto " Alright first i should introduce myself my name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze " Naruto said removing his mask making the women in the room blush while everyone in the room eyes widen " M-minato had a kid " A said as he dropped his weight " Yes he did now can Yugito take her mask off " Naruto said shocking everyone because he knew who she was " Alright how did you know " A said " I can sense Nibi " Was all Naruto said making some stiffin " Wait if your a Namikaze then wheres your leaf headband " asked Karui " I dont have one " Naruto said making A's eyes narrow " You were banished " He said making all eyes go to Naruto " Yeah but thats not important " Naruto said.

" Right now why did you come here the people at the gate said something about village security " A said seriously " Yeah okay there is a group of S-ranked missing nins that will start to hunt the Biju in the next one to two years and they have a at least three spies on every council one member can sneak into any village by coming out of the ground and can hide on any wall ceiling and tree " Naruto said " How do you know " Yugito asked " Ive met Itatchi and Kisame and i got information on zetsu the one that is probably the spy/infiltration expert " Naruto said " Do you know any other member and or who the spies are " A asked " No i dont but Orochimaru was a member so six others all S-ranked that much i know " Naruto said " How do you know i mean this could be some lie to get us to highten security or send the Containers somewhere that you could snatch them or kill them " Omoi said making eveyone look at him " Well i dont agree with most of that how do you know how many members " A said " Danzo the warhawk of Konoha when i killed him i found some documents about him and Orochimaru and Orochi said something about Akatsuki and 10 members 10 rings now he kept his when he left so itachi Kisame and Zetsu thats three so six more " Naruto said.

After a few minutes of silence Yugito asked a question " Why and Why are you telling us " She asked " I dont know and the more they seal then the more of a problem they will become also they will come after me aswell " Naruto said " Wait why would they come after you " Samui asked " I was the Kyuubi's container " Naruto said shocking them " Wait was as in your not now then how are you alive " Bee said " Loop hole of the seal my father did " Naruto said " What kind of seal did he use " A asked " Dead demon devouring seal " Naruto said and met nothing but silence it was so quiet they could probably hear the Tsuchikage snore.

" Isnt that one where you summon the shinigami " A said " Yeah but theres always a loop hole you felt me release her a while back right " Naruto said shocking them " That was you and you mean Kyuubi is a she " They said " Yep now that was all i came to say and please dont spread my name yet im suppose to be in hiding and training but it moved faster then i antisipated " Naruto said as he got up to leave " Wait' Said Samui ' Yes Samui-chan " Naruto said smiling making her gain a tinge of pink while everyones eyes widened " I wanted to thank you for earlier " She said " Dont worry about it " Naruto said putting his mask on " Well it was nice meeting you " Naruto said and dissapeared in a black flash making their eyes bulge " Holy shit was that " Karui said " Yeah " A said " Now what did you mean for earlier Samui " Yugito said and Karui explained what happened making everyone in the room pissed and thankful.

{ Naruto }

When Naruto flashed out of the Raikage tower he flashed to Wave country at the bridge connecting to water country when he heard a scream " Hey stop it leave me alone " turning he see's a sound ninja hurassing a fourteen year old girl with a boy the same age on the ground bleeding so he appears behind the nin and taps their shoulder " Leave or ill kill you " the nin said making Naruto chuckle " You have that the wrong way sound nin " Naruto said making a involentairy shiver go down the teens and sound nins spine " Im going to say this once leave wave is off limits to orochimaru's cocksuckers " Naruto said making the nin stiffen " Im a ex sound shinobi " Said nin told Naruto " I dont really care leave or ill kill you " Naruto said seeing the nin about to grab the girl he grabs the nin and flashes away.

Naruto and said nin appear outside of wave and the nin looks around " Where are we and how did we get here " He demanded " Thats easy but im not telling now leave and dont come back " Naruto said in a childish voice " Why should i " He said with a sigh Naruto grabs Zangetsu'd hilt and with a slash faster then even the sharigan could see the nins body detatched right down the middle and fell and he wiped the blood off Zangetsu on the fallen nins clothes before Naruto used a fire jutsu to incinerate the body and flashes back to the spot he was as he starts to re-sheaths his blade.

When Naruto arrived their were a few villagers who he recognized as Tazuna Tsunami and the clothing store owner Marie the others were pointing weapons at him " Woah thats not nice and here i thought wave considered me a hero " Naruto said making most glare at him " We have never seen you before " Said one of the men there " Oh well you probably wouldnt recognize me huh you old drunk wheres inari " Naruto said making everyone look around for who he's talking too " Who are you talking to " Asked the same man pointing the pitchfork at him " Tazuna " Naruto said as he moved closer to them avoiding people and hears " Dad i cant stop the bleeding " And see's Tsunami trying to stop Inari's head from bleeding so he focuses chakra into a seal on his hand until it glows blue white and silver " lets see " Naruto said invading her personal space.

" Uh thank you um who are you " Tsunami said when she looked at who the hand belonged to it was a silverish whitey blonde with black tipped hair wearing a mask in a dark blue jacket and black shinobi pants with a

what looks like kodiachi with a black sheath and red handle with black moons the sheath has different moon cycles with the cresant moon near the hilt but what stunned her was his blue eyes " Aw its only been a year Nami-chan you cant tell who i am " Naruto said as he crouched down and started drawing circles in the dirt with his finger while using a genjutsu to make it look like he has waterfall tears making most the people sweat-drop and Tazuna laugh " Uhm i dont know with that mask " She said "sigh fine " Naruto said as he took his mask off making almost all the women blush but Tsunami was the worst her face was so red it looked like it was covered with fresh blood " Still cant tell who i am " Naruto said only for her to shake her head " Man this is troublesome i didnt think i changed this much... Its me Naruto " Naruto said making Tsunami and Tazuna faint " Was it something i said " He said scratching the back of his head.

After a few minutes they woke up with Tsunami muttering something about an adonis " Your not going to faint again are you " Naruto said in a teasing manner " I uh hm no " She said " Good because im leaving soon " Naruto said " why do you look different and Where are you going Nisan " Inari asked " Kiri " He said making them pale " Its in the middle of a civil war " Tazuna said " I know thats why im going " Naruto said shocking them.

" Oh we cant talk you out of it huh " Tsunami said seeing Naruto shake his head " Just be careful " She said " I'll be fine and i can just flash if in trouble " He said grinning under the mask " Flash ?" Tazuna asked only for a black flash where Naruto was " W-what was that " He asked " Bloodline " Naruto said simply " Well its getting dark i better go " Naruto said taking his shirt off much to the confusion to three and delight to one the three people with him saw his back bulge a bit then they were shocked to see black feathery wings come out of his back making them gape. To Naruto it was kinda humorous " Well ill see you some other time " Naruto said as he took to the sky.