Its been a few hours since Naruto took off from wave and he found a place to land so Naruto stopped flying and put his clothes on as his enhanced hearing picked up a stifled sob, looking around he saw no one, Channeling chakra into his ears Naruto was able to make out the sound better, let's see judging from the pitch of the voice it's a female around her mid to late teens.

The sobs sounded pained and Naruto could also heared fear in it, having never been one to stand by women in that much pain Naruto put more chakra into his ears to locate the source of the sound. Walking into a small alley Naruto looked around; when he was sure no one was following him Naruto disappeared in a gentle breeze.

Reappearing on the roof the blond crouched down and activated a Genjutsu/ninjutsu hybrid that affects the surroundings of the area. Making him invisible to all but the most powerful of Kage level ninja's or those with Doujutsu and enhanced senses like those of the Inuzuka Clan. It was a technique Naruto had been taught by Miko-chan.

Making sure he would not be spotted by any of the ninja that were passing on the roofs Naruto continued on his way towards the sobs which were now becoming much louder and clearer. Naruto eventually found the source coming from an abandoned warehouse of some kind, there were no ninja that he could see in this area but he knew that did not mean anything.

He looked towards the second story window which is where the voice was coming from; dropping off the building he was on Naruto quickly moved towards the warehouse. Channeling chakra to his feet the blond shinobi walked up the walls to take a peek inside the window.

What he saw was a young woman who couldn't be more then 17 or 18 years of age, she had long dark red hair and vibrant green eyes. Her skin was a pale milky smooth color and she had a figure that Naruto was sure drove men mad. At least the woman's eyes would have been vibrant if it were not for the fear in them and the tears that were flowing out of them freely, her skin which would probably have looked perfect and beautiful was instead black from multiple large bruises that covered most of it from her neck to her legs which looked broken. Her face had several welts,cuts and bruises.

The obvious source of this woman's fear and pain was right in front of her, a man who looked to be in his mid twenties early thirties. He had a medium height and large build, with brown hair and black eyes.

The man was obviously a Kiri Shinobi since the man was still wearing his Hitea-ate on his head, however everything else was gone.

The man was completely nude and currently in the process of raping the young woman, judging from the bruising on her some of which looked several days old this was not the first time he had done so.

Naruto's blood began to boil as he gnashed his teeth together hard enough that the coppery and tangy taste of blood came to the blond as his gums began to bleed.

Naruto had always held a deep seated respect for woman that sometimes bordered on worship, he was not sure what it was about them that made him feel this way but it was part of the reason he had never raised his hand to that dumb bitch Sakura when she would hit him.

"Hahaha, come on you know you love it!" A Jonin laughed as he listened to the woman sob and had enough and started to act "Ah! Did I ever tell you how i hate you dirty bloo- urk!" He was cut off from speaking as a pair of hands wrapped around his head, one covering his mouth and the other on the back. With a quick twist the hands snapped his neck and let him fall out of the girl and drop to the floor, revealing Naruto who was glaring at the corpse Taking his attention off the now dead shinobi Naruto looked over at the girl and winced, she looked like she was going into shock, Her eyes were wide and she was starting to hyperventilated, he made to move over to the girl and help treat her wounds but stopped when she turned her attention to him and began backing away.

"P-Please… don't hurt me," the girls voice chocked as she continued to back away, despite the fact that she was already pressed against the head of the bed, "G..Get a..away ... I… please I… don't… I don't." ' Man that bastard must have done a number on her ' he thought Naruto pulled down his face mask to give the girl the most compassionate smile he could muster despite the sick feeling he had in the pit of his stomach, "don't worry I'm not gonna hurt you, I just want to help you," Naruto continued as he made slow movements towards her.

"You… you do?" she asked as a small flicker of hope appeared in her eyes for a brief moment before vanishing. "How do I know I can trust you?" she asked in a low voice.

" Its up to you whether or not to trust me " Naruto said. The girl looked at him for a second before slowly relaxing, she scooted herself away from the head of the bed and moved to the center of the mattress. Naruto made slow movements towards her to make sure she did not freak out before sitting at the edge of the bed next to her and started to do the same handsigns he did for Inari then his hands stated to glow more intense then they did in wave "I need you lie down can you do that for me " He asked and waited for her to nod when she did he moved his hands over the girls body as her broken bones,cuts and bruised healed.

After a few minuted the women spoke " T-thank you " She said in a low voice " No problem can i ask you name miss " Naruto asked and saw the girl contemplate whether ot not to tell him after thinking she decided to tell him " Hitomi "She said.

" Thats a nice name Hitomi can i ask you a question " Naruto said " Uhm okay " She replied after a few minutes " That bastard said dirty blood does that mean you have a bloodline " Naruto said trying not to make the girl tense but it didnt work " N-no i-i- d-dont have one " She said as she looked away.

" Its okay if you have one i have four or maybe five im not sure " Naruto said the last part to himself as the girls eyes widened " T-thats i-impossible to have four and even if you did how can you prove it " The girl said. " Well you can see the one i got from my mother the others well let me think " Naruto said confusing the girl " What do you mean i can see it " She asked only for Naruto to show her Zangetsu.

" This is the Uzumaki's soul blade " He said "there are no Uzumaki anymore they died when Iwa and Kumo attacked them " She said surprising Naruto a bit " Thats true but my grandfather sent my mother to Konoha a week before the attack and if you were familliar with the royal house i could show you proof but no one is familiar with it anymore " Naruto said missing the girls eyes widen then he got an idea but first the girl need clothes so he unsealed his scroll of clothing and handed her some " Here and i have an idea how to prove it " Naruto said as he started taking off his clothes as the girl started putting some on but she saw the silver necklace with the red jewl she and her sister only saw pictures of. her eyes bulged this guy was telling the truth about being an Uzumaki how her sister would be happy.

but her eyes go to his shoulders as they start to bulge and to her shock black feathery wings are coming out " Y-yo-your and angel " She stuttered making Naruto chuckle" No im complicated " Naruto said as he retracted his wings " So does that prove i have a bloodline and you dont have to lie about you having one i was actually wondering if you knew where the rebel base was i want to help " Naruto said as he put his shirt mask and jacket back on.

" So Uzumaki why do you want to help the rebels " Hitomi asked genuinly curious why this adonis wants to help " Well about a year ago i befrended someone that was from Kiri and her mother was killed by her father because she showed her bloodline and her father saw and well she wanted to see Kiri free but she died so i thought the least i could do was help out i have other reasons to help " Naruto said thinking about Haku and what Kami Yami and Shini talked about being a balancer while Hitomi nods her head that scenario happens quite a bit.

" Okay then Follow me my sister is the leader " She said as she starts to walk while looking around the courners " Hey i have a jutsu that can make us invisible " Naruto whispers into her ear making her repress a shiver and a small moan " How well does it work " She asked " Only someone from the Inazuka clan a dojutsu user or a Kage could see through it " Naruto told her " Can you use it on more then one person " She asked ad he nodded " Use it " She said and he does so.

{ Rebel base }

" WHERE THE HELL IS HITOMI " yelled a angry red headed women wearing a blue battle kimono " Sorry Mei-sama we havent seen her in the past four days before she left for recon " Said a guy with glasses he has short spikey hair making Mei picture the worst and she just walked away' You better be okay Tomi-chan ' Mei thought as she went to look over the information they got out of their prisoner.

Twenty minutes later Naruto following Hitomi arrived at the underground entance to the rebel base where they proceeded in entering but were immediatley surrounded by soldiers who immediatley grabbed Hitomi and Naruto only to slam Naruto into the ground " Someone get Terumi-sama now" Yelled a cyclopian man with short blue hair " Hai " Replied someone.

" Ao let him go now " Hitomi yelled only for it to fall on deaf ears she continued to try and get them off Naruto for five minutes until she heard " What is the meaning of this " And everyone looked behing them only to see a woman she very slender and looked to be in her early twenties. With ankle length auburn hair done up in a herringbone pattern at the back with a top not tied with a dark blue band and four bangs in front of her face one of which covered her right eye. Her face was perfectly heart shaped and feminine, yet had the look of a leader who had earned the respect of her people. Her skin was a light milky color that looked soft, smooth and delicate despite the fact that they were in a war. She wore a long sleeve dark blue dress that fell just below the knees. it was closed at the front with a zipper and was kept open at the front right side from the waist down. The dress only covered up to the upper part of her arms leaving slender yet strong looking shoulders and the lower part of her breasts, showing off her beautiful D sized chest. Under that was a mesh shirt that covered a little more of her arms and chest, but still left a decent amount of cleavage showing. She also wore shorts in the same color as her dress and mesh leggings that went to her knees under that, she was wearing high heels with shin guards instead of sandals.

" Nee-chan tell them to let him go now " Hitomi shouted bringing the womens attention to her " Hitomi where were you " She shouted " Not now Mei tell them to let go of him " She shouted back pointing to Naruto " How do we know he isnt a spy " Shouted a man with glasses holding him down " Becuase Tesshō why would a bloodline user side with Yagura " She shouted " If he's a bloodline user then why didnt we find him sooner " Tesshō said but before Hitomi could say anything Naruto spoke.

" Thats because im not from water country and Hitomi i could get him off me anytime but that would result in a fight " Naruto said surprising Everyone " Oh yeah prove it " Tesshō sneered there was something about this guy he didnt like " Id rather not The first way could cause problems for you if i did and the second would ruin my clothes " Naruto said making everyone sweat-drop at the second reason the only person that understood was Hitomi but before anyone could say anything Naruto asked " So im guessing the beautiful red head is the leader, Do you think you can tell him to let me go " He said making most scowl at him " First tell me your reason for being here " Mei said.

" Sigh About a year ago i met two people and they were from here lets just say there dream was to see Kiri free from the three tailed Jinchurriki " Naruto said only for the room to become dead silent. After a few minutes Mai spoke " What do you mean Jinchurriki " She asked " Yagura is the container for Sanbi the three tailed Turtle... Didnt you know that " Naruto asked ending in more of a question then answer again after a few minutes of silence Mei spoke.

" No we didnt, Are you sure about this " She asked " Yes im sure, i can tell you after how im sure but it would have to be in private " Naruto said " Fine Tesshō let him up but you have to prove you have a bloodline " Mei said " But Terumi-sama we cant trust this outsider " Tesshō said " Yes we can " Hitomi said " Let him up now or ill melt you " Mei said and faster then one as big as him could move he was off of Naruto " Now show us your bloodline if you would " Mei said looking this young man up and down something that doesnt go unnoticed by her sister ' Just wait till you find out he's from the Uzumaki royal house ' " Alright " Naruto said as he removed his jacket and was about to remove his shirt when Ao stopped him " She said show your bloodline not strip ".

" I dont want to ruin my clothes " Naruto said as he continued until he was shirtless much to the womens delight but thats when they saw the jewl hanging from his neck ' I-it c-cant be, Hm seems expensive ill wait till he's asleep and steal it ' Mei and someone thought while most womens thoughts were about seeing something they like and wanting a ride or locking him in a dungen and raping him.

While the women were thinking this Naruto started forcing his wings out much to the shock and morbid facination to everyone not thinking of raping him namely the men but there were a few. When his wings were fully out all the women said the same thing as Hitomi " Y-yo-your an Angel " " Im complicated " Naruto said ' Thats the second time he said that '.

" Well is this good enough " Naruto asked because he was finding it a little cold " Yes put your clothes back on " Ao said making the women in the room glare at him and a shiver found its way down his spine.A few minutes later Naruto was clothed and Mei spoke " Whats you name " She asked " Naruto Uzumaki " He said missing the older ninja's eyes widen but one yelled out " Thats impossible the Uzumaki were aniahlated by Kumo and Iwa " " Sigh My Grand father sent my mother to Konoha a week before they were destroyed " Naruto said not really wanting to talk about this " Uzumaki follow me " Mei said as she and her sister started walking.

After they were in a private room Mei asked " I want you to tell me Now Tomi-chan where were you " She said making Hitomi flinch and Naruto wrap his arm around her causing Mei to raise a delicate eyebrow " I-I wa-was captured after completing a recon mission and i- i was .." She said but couldnt continure " You were what " Me said " Thats where i came in she had broken legs cuts bruises and was naked on a bed being violated " Naruto said causing Mei to release a massive amount of Killing intent causing Hitomi to shake " Terumi-san Stop " Naruto said but nothing until Naruto gave her a light slap did she see what her sister was doing and immediatly she was beside her " Shh its okay now Tomi-chan " She said then looked at Naruto " You killed the bastard right " She said darkly " Yes i killed him ill leave you alone for a bit just channel chakra into this when you want to talk " Naruto said handing her a seal tag " Fine tell Ao to show you around " She said as she held on tightly to Hitomi.

Naruto walked out of the room to see the cyclops " Your Ao right Mei said to ask you to show me around while she's with her sister " Naruto said getting a grunt from the man " Fine ".

{ Three days later }

" Someone get me Uzumaki " Ao yelled and a few minutes later Naruto was aproaching " You wanted to see me Ao-san " Naruto asked " Yes we have a mission one of our generals need help and Mei-sama told me to get you and leave " Ao said as he started walking " Get everything you need for a big battle so weapons and whatever you need " He said looking behind him only for Naruto to follow him " I Told you to get your stuff Why back in my day ... " Ao said as he started to muble about in his day " I carry everything i need at all times and i dont need to be by my sword by me at all times " Naruto said " Well you need your sword " Ao said only to his and everyones shock including Mei who was walking out her door Naruto called a name and his sword appeared " Better " Naruto asked only for Ao to nod dumbly.

" How did you do that " He asked " Zangetsu is my soul blade a bloodline of mine " Naruto said not wanting to explain because there could be spies for his enemy's even here " So you really are from the Uzumaki royal family " Ao said " Yeah " Naruto replied as the two left leaving a still shocked Mei.

" Someone go get Hitomi and tell her to come to my room " Mei shouted Twenty minutes later Her little sister was in her room " You called Nee-chan " She said " He has the bloodline " Mei said " Huh who what bloodline " Hitomi asked " He really is a Uzumaki and he has the bloodline i originally thought he stole the amulet or bought it at some store where someone sold it " Mei said " Oh you mean the soul blade right i think he called it Zangetsu " Hitomi said " By the way were is Naruto i havent seen him " She asked

" He was sent as back up with Ao and a few others to help Amagawa-chan " mei said " What happened " Hitomi asked " She sent a Leopard cub to inform me there was an ambush and i sent Uzumaki with Ao's team " Mei said " Oh... By the way did you and Naruto talk yet " Hitomi asked making Mei frown " No i completley forgot why is there anything i should really know " Mei asked " Well this is going to sound impossible but when he appeared infront of me he asked if i had a bloodline because the bastard called me Dirty blood so at first i told him no but then he said he had four bloodlines " Hitomi said " W-wh-what " Mei said shocked " I know its impossible but for some reason i believe him " Hitomi said.

{ With Naruto }

Ao his team and Naruto set out to the point of the ambush at a pace that if Ao was honest with himself he was impressed with Naruto's ability to keep up along with him were Mizuki Wong a thirty seven year old man with dark hair and green eyes he was a backsmith and a very skilled Shinobi along with Ao's old teammates from when he was a genin.

After about thirty minutes They arrived to see six people two wounded while four tried to defend them four were male while two were female the one female that was helping defend had something Naruto was familiar with it was Zabuza's old blade at first Naruto was angry that they took it from his grave but then thought about it, It was property of Mist and Zabuza would have wanted it to be used in combat instead of a grave Marker.

As Naruto and Ao's team got to them they were down to two left while the rest were Injured or knocked out while the enemy had at least sixteen while twelve were dead and five seeing this Naruto thinks it better to get them out of there but theres a problem he would need cover if the enemy saw this they could possibly get Iwa involved " Ao-san should we focus on killing them or getting the wounded out " Naruto asked.

" I would rather get everyone out alive but thats impossible " Ao said he really would like to get everyone out alive because this was one of the more skilled teams while his team stated they would rather kill them then leave " But since there isnt a way to do so i say we get rid of them first " Ao said " If i had a way would you go for it " Naruto asked making them look at him " What is it " Ao asked " i'll explain back at base but i need for all of us to be covered from sight and i'll need everyone to grab hold of me " Naruto said.

" No you tell us first newbie " Ao's teammate said " Shut up " Ao told him " Can it get all of us away to safety " He asked " It can get us back to the base but i cant let them see it or it will cause problems in the near future " Naruto said " Okay what do you need " Ao asked as they reached the team " I need an earth dome surrounding us so they cant see us at all " Naruto said " That is kinda risky they could collapse it on us are you sure you can do it but how fast would it take i think we would have less then a minute until they collapse it on us since if were grabbing you then we cant feed chakra into it " Ao said.

" Well given everyone grabs me then instantaniously " Naruto said as he moved an injured who were looking at him wondering who he was while the female with Zabuza's sword felt something familiar about this guy but couldnt place it " So Ao-taicho what are you orders " Asked the uninjured male from the team they were sent to help " Everyone grab Uzumaki now " He said as he saw twelve of the enemys start handseals.

" Wha why " The guy asked " He has a way to get everyone out of here " Ao said " Huh Okay " He said as the injured grabbed him while they also grabbed the two unconsious men " Now what " He asked " Yeah now what " Ao's teammate said " I need an earth dome if you can do it if not ill have a clone do it " Naruto said just as Ao was going through seals " Earthdome Jutsu " He shouted as they were surrounded just as the enemys attack was about to hit Ao grabbed Naruto and the next thing they knew they were in the medical room looking around wildly.

" What the fuck " Shouted one of the injured as she got her bearings while the others started to stand " We need a medic Now " Ao shouted startling people because the room was empty and no one should be in it but as someone came running in they turned to Naruto and saw his hands glow white silver and blue " What are you doing Uzumaki " Ao said as The female in the mask with the sword looked at Naruto wondering why that man was familiar to her " I have one medical justu that can heal just about anything but it takes alot of consentratsion " Naruto said also answeing Ao's second question if he could do that on the field then they could have killed the ambushers " Okay " He said as he saw the man Naruto was using it on's leg heal " So what is it you did Uzumaki " Ao asked wanting to know because it seemed really useful " Just wait because i should tell Mei aswell but im only going to tell Mei and who she wants me to but you will need to keep it a secret " Naruto said and his tone made a chill go down peoples spines.

After a few minutes the injured were healed and thanked Naruto while the two unconsious were on two beds just as Mei and Hitomi came in " Whats all the commotion i wa..." Mei said just as she spoted Ao Naruto and Amagawa-chan " Ao wha how are you here you didnt even leave an hour ago " Mei asked " Ask Uzumaki He's the one that got us here " Ao said looking at Naruto who was scratching his neck " Uh can we talk in private and Mei can you only allow your most trust worthy people to hear or just me You Hitomi and Ao " Naruto said making a few wonder what he was going to say if he doesnt want people to hear also making a few Narrow there eyes " May i ask why " She asked " Well just incase there is a spy for anyone around i need this to stay a secret " Naruto said " There isnt any spies for Yagura here i can assure you " Me said " No offence Mei im not only worried about him so please " He said " Fine Ao Amagawa-chan Naruto and Hitomi lets go to my office " Mei said as she walked out the door followed by the others.

As they got into Mei's Office Naruto looked around then went through some handseals ensuring no one can listen in but before he said anything Mei asked Amagawa to remove her mask and when she did Naruto got a shock comparable to Jiraiya walking into a Gay bar because infront of him was someone that he knew was dead someone he buried.

The next thing anyone knew Amagawa was in Naruto's arms as he stuttered out " H-ha-haku i-is it really you " He said " Im sorry but how do you know my name and please release me or ill castrate you " She said and faster then you can blink he let go, Castration was something Miko Tayuya and Tsunade wouldnt be happy about.

" About a year ago i met you while you were with Zabuza, you were picking herbs because you hit him with a senbon putting him in a death like state fooling my genin team that he was dead About a week later i -i buried you next to Zabuza how a-are you a-alive " Naruto said shocking a them " Who are you " She asked as she Narrowed her eyes " Im not sure you would remeber but we fought albeit not willingly " Naruto said as he started to remove his mask gaining a blush from all three women in the room " My Name is Naruto Uzumaki " He said but before anyone could say anything Haku Had her sword ar his throat " You killed Zabuza " She snarled only for Naruto to Knock the blade away.

" No i didnt after Hatake stabbed you with his lightning cutter you died then Gato appeared with six hundred bandits and said somethings that pissed me and Zabuza off big time all i really remember was seeing you fall dead then flashes of me killing half of the army of bandits along with Zabuza afterwards Zabuza died of his wounds " Naruto said as a few tears went down his face " How do i know your telling the truth " She asked " You dont but i could show you my memory " He said shocking them " Y-you can h-how " Hitomi said " Its a jutsu i learnt " He said " Fine " Haku said just as Naruto started hand seals Mei spoke " May we see as well " she asked " Okay " Naruto said as he finished there was a small misty screen forming infront of Naruto until it looked completly solid then it showed Naruto meeting Haku to when they fought then him seeing her impaled making them wince but not as bad as Haku because she still felt a sting there then it showed the rest which horrified them but at the same time facinated them when it was done Haku was sheding tears.

" He saw me as a daughter " She whispered to herself as Naruto fought the urge to hug her but then some one coughed " Well that was ...something But im curious what was that chakra you used when you killed the bandits " Ao asked he had a hunch but wanted to make sure but nothing prepared him for what Naruto said " Oh im the former container of the Kyuubi no kitsune " after about ten minutes of silence where everyone but Naruto has a shocked expression Mei asked " Wait What do you mean former shouldnt you be dead " She asked.

" Im sure you felt it a few months ago i released Kyuu-chan " Naruto said shocking them more " Kyuu-chan" Hitomi said slowly " THE KYUUBI IS FEMALE " Ao yelled thankful for the silencing jutsu Naruto used earlier " Yes she's female " Naruto said " If you released her you should be dead " Mei said ignoring the fact that insane amount of power came from this man " Oh well i found a loophole in the seal " Naruto said " Well if you did then the man who did the seal seal must have been a retard " Ao said only for Naruto to release a inhuman amount of K.I on the man " Whats wrong Naruto " Hitomo said as she felt some of th K.I " My father did the sealing and he was considered the best " He said " Y-your father di-did it he turned you into a human sacrifice what kinda bas.." Mei was about to say more but Naruto interupted her " Mei-san dont finish that and for the record he did it to save my former villiage " Naruto said " Your a missing-nin " Haku said " No i was banished " Naruto said shocking them.

" Uh why were you banished " Hitomi asked " I'll explain after but i want to know how your alive Haku " Naruto said sighing Haku started telling Naruto how she was alive.

{ Flashback}

Haku woke up in a dark cold place the last thing she rememered was fighting that blonde she befriended who became different when the arrogant cocksucker was knocked out then jumping in front of Zabuza taking an assasination jutsu in the chest then darkness as she used a fire justu Zabuza forced her to learn even though she couldnt use any other than this she created a small flame on her finger and saw she was in a box and all she could smell was blood. Getting closterphobic she tried to get out only get tired quicky so she thought about how to get out so she made an ice mirror to see where she was only to find a clearing and what looked like graves thats when she saw Zabuza's blade and figured out where she was she was next to Zabuza's grave buried as well so she used her mirrors and got out only to collapse when she did.

As she collapsed she heard a cry then an oink before she passed out she saw a blonde and a brunette rush towards her.

When she next awoke she was in a bed in what looked like a hospital then she heard a voice turning towards it she saw the blonde only clearer and she had huge mamaries how does she not have a back problem" Your lucky your bloodline as well as a potent chakra saved your life " She said only for Haku to horsefully ask who she was " My name is Tsunade " She said shocking Haku.

" Anyway you need to rest for a while about a month i did all i could do but it wasnt enough you may experience a stinging sensation every now and then " Tsunade said " Uh where am i " She asked " Your in a hospital in Nami " Tsunade said then Haku passed out again.

{ End }

Haku said only for Naruto to chuckle " What " Mei and Haku asked in unison " Im going to have to talk to Tsunade sometime " Naruto said " You Know Tsunade " Haku said shocked " I got her to become the Hokage of Konoha and ... " Naruto was going to say something but stopped himself they didnt need to know that plus he didnt want to explain that.

" Wait if you were banished then how are you going to see Tsunade she cant leave the village and your not allowed in " Haku said " Easy now do i have to explain why i got banished or can we talk about something else " Naruto said and after a few minutes Ao spoke " Well i would like to know why you were banished to see of we can trust you " He said only for Hitomi and Haku to say they can trust him " Okay i stopped a traitor from defecting to Oto and got banished " He said " Bullshit no one would banish you for completing a mission " Ao shouted ar him " They would if they hate me for containing Kyuu-chan and love the traitor " Naruto said.

" Who was the traitor " Haku asked " You might rememer him the cocksmoking Uchiha " Naruto spat as it was the foulest of the foul " Funny thing though three months later he left again " Naruto said " Wait can you explain everything please Naruto-kun " Hitomi said as no one noticed the Kun " Might as well sit down im going to show you another memory but i will be cutting some things out alright " Naruto said as he re arranged the chairs so they were in front of him " No i want to see everything " Ao said " Really i guess you enjoy watching people have sex then " Naruto said making the women in the room blush and Glare at Ao " Oh and the second reason im here is to seal the Sanbi after Yagura is dead because if its weakend then a group of Missing-nins will seal it for their goals " Naruto said shocking them " Why should we let you " Mei said in a sickly calm voice " Well ill tell you and only you or who ever my future wives are because they play a part in this " Naruto said " F-fu-future wives, How many do you have right now " Haku and Hitomi said " I have three right now " Naruto said " So your going to bring the Uzumaki back huh " Mei said with a glazed look in her eyes that went some what unnoticed.

" Something like that but ill tell you now i mave four bloodlines and the wings arnt one of them " He said making Ao jump to his feet ready to fight " Thats impossible, then what are the wings " Ao and Hitomi said making Haku look at them confused " What wings " She asked " Well to prove he had a bloodline we told him to show us and then he took off his shirt and wings came out of his back " Mei said " H-he's a-an angel " Haku said much to the amusment of Naruto " Like i told Hitomi im complicated but the wings i guess you can say five bloodlines but there a part of why im here " Naruto said.

"Okay so say we believe you about five bloodlines what are they " Mei said " Oh well the first one came from my Father the ability to combine two compatable elements like wind/water to get ice or fire and earth for Lava and so on then one came from Kyuu-chan the ability to use the five basic elemets and with enough practice yin and yang so i can eventually use every affinity i can come up with the.." He was cut off by Ao " Prove it " He said " Fine does anyone have chakra paper " He asked and Mei walked over to her desk and grabbed a very large sheet " Will this do " She asked " Yeah thank you " Naruto said taking hold of it channeling chakra into it what they saw will forever be in there memory.

The sheet cut into 15 peices 1 one burned, 2 one cut down the middle, 3 one became wet, 4 one crumbles, 5 one crumples, 6 one turns to metal, 7 one turnes to ice, 8 one turnes to crystal, 9 one melts, 10 one forms blisters, 11 one glows orange and smokes, 12 one grows a plant, 13 one turnes to sand, 14 one turnes to dust 15 and the last turns dark blue gets wet gets cuts around the edges and crumples.

After about twenty minutes of silence Ao just says " What the fuck " Making them nod as well as glare at him " Uh this is a dumb thing to say but wow " Hitomi said after she processed what she saw " Well theres two the third is from my mother the Uzumaki soul blade the last came from my father but he didnt have it he used it though" Naruto said " What the hell how can he use it but not have it " Hitomi and Ao said.

" Right before i show you this memory i guess i should truly introduce myself " He said " What do you mean truly introduce yourself " Mei said narrowing her eyes " Easy Mei-san what im going to tell you can not be repeated unless i give my permission if word got out then you will have more problems than beating Yagura's forces " Naruto said seriously " Oh yeah like what " Ao said in a somewhat sneer if this kids not being honest he's going to kill him " Like Yagura getting at least four thousand men that only want to kill me " Naruto said shocking them " W-wh-what do you mean " Haku said " You know my mother was the Uzumaki heiress but my father had alot of enemys ... My full name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze " He said making Mei Ao and Hitomi fall out of their chairs and land on their asses " Whats so important about that " Haku asked " Y-y-yo-your t-th-that ma-mans son " Ao stuttered only for Naruto to nod " Th-then why w-were you banished " He asked just as Mei was coming out of her shock " Hello is anyone going to answer me whats so important about his full name " Haku asked again.

" How can you not know who he is " Hitomi said " Haku probably never heard his name only his title " Naruto said " Who and what title " Haku asked " Minato Namikaze the Yodaime hokage Aka the yellow flash " Naruto said " Your the son of the yellow flash but why were you banished and from what you told me you had a horrible child hood " Haku said.

" The people of Konoha didnt know until the day i was Banished " Naruto said.

( A month later )

Its been a month since Naruto came to Kiri and joined the rebellion and its safe to say yagura wasnt having an easy time half his strongholds were wiped out over night with very little damage along with all the soldiers vanishing from said strong holds, Their food routes have been intercepted multiple times and it seemed the rebellion was getting ready to make their move.

In the past month Naruto has become close to The Terumi's and Haku. Close enough to share some of the true reason he was here but not what he is that would have to wait.

Now Naruto was heading towards Mei's office to inform her he would be leaving for a day or two. ' Knock Knock ' " Come in " He heard her say.

" Hey Mei " Naruto said walking in seeing Hitomi helping Mei with something " Oh Naruto what do i owe the pleasure of you company " Mei said while Hitomi rolled her eyes at her sisters attempt still remembering the conversation the two had with Haku where they all talked about getting to know Naruto better and maybe becoming his wives but they kept reminding themselves not to get ahead of themselves.

" Uh i need to leave for a day or two " Naruto said " W-what why " Hitomi said before her sister could say anything." Before i came here i told two people id bring them here because they wanted to come with me but i told them to wait and for one to train some more " Naruto said only for Mei to ask " Do they have bloodlines " She asked getting a negative nod " People wont like that " Hitomi said " True but they will be with me at all times " Naruto said " I cant talk you out of this can i ' receiving a no she asked ' Fine who are they " Mei asked " They are my mates " Naruto said " Wait you said mates you mean wives right " Hitomi asked " Well in the proper term is mate the first is Mitoko yuko and Tayuya " Naruto said.

" Mitoko yuko and Tayuya " Mei asked herself planing to ask them some details ' Perverse giggle ' " Yeah Mito is the Kyuubi too just warning you " Naruto said shocking them then disappeared with a black flash " Di-did he say the Kyuubi " Mei stuttered out only for Hitomi to shakily shake her head.

( With Mito and Tayuya )

Its been a little over a month since Naruto left and they were getting fustraited because they were horny and bored life seemed less fun with out Naruto.

Since he left Tayuya started learning from Mito about illusions that potentially could put the sharingans stongest genjustu to shame and surprisingly she managed the basics within a few days much to Mito's liking within a month she should be able to perfom a sound based variant of the tsukyomi.

For the past month they have been training gambling and shopping and were indubibaly bored out of their minds.

( Currently )

" When the hell is Naruto coming to get us dammit i want to kill someone " Tayuya yelled getting Mito to shake her head at the fellow red head " I dont know Tayu-chan he should come soon though maybe the next day or two " Mito said " He better or im going to use my flute to give him the worst case of blue balls he's ever had i wont let him cum for a month all the while having an erection the whole time " Tayuya said making Mito wonder if the women was a sadist or something just as she was about to say something she sensed a chakra signature that made her feel all tingly then she turned much to Tayuya's confusion but before she could say something they say a black flash and Naruto apeared and was immediatly tackled to the ground with twin shouts of ' Naru-kun '.