A/N Before you read this story you must know that Madara is not sadistic and cruel like he is in the anime/manga. He is kind and caring and loves his kids and will be very OOC.

Also, this story contains child abuse and torture. If you don't like it don't read it because you will most likely be deeply offended.

And another thing; if you're someone who has read the majority of my stories you'll know that I write mostly angst and torture, but I feel like after having written this one that I should say that I don't support the kind of things that I write about, having personally experienced many of the things that the characters have gone through.

I just write these stories as ways of venting and releasing stress, and it's actually helped a lot to heal from mental scars. So, no, I am highly against child abuse and rape and all those things, so if you read this story and is offended, please don't flame me calling me a monster and things like that. I am far from it, and even if you do, you will just be ignored.

"Obito," five-year-old Uchiha Tobi whimpered as he hugged his twin brother tightly, trying to block out all of the yelling that was coming from his parents' bedroom, "they're fighting again!"

Obito hugged Tobi back, kissing his brother on the forehead, frightened by the fighting that they could hear but still needing to protect his younger twin. "They'll stop soon. They always do."

"Why does daddy let mommy treat him like that?" Tobi whimpered once more, tearing up.

"Because dad is strong and not like mom." Obito soothed gently. "Dad wouldn't hurt mom like mom hurts him, Tobi."

Tobi nestled into Obito's side, trying to block out the sounds of the shouting but it was so hard when it was coming from the bedroom right next to theirs – and the problem with that was that if they left their room and their mother came out and found them, she would hurt them, too.

Tobi was glad that his slightly older twin was there with him because it was always so frightening when their parents fought with each other – or their mother yelled and hit their father around while their father just stayed quiet and tried not to bite back.

The twins' mother, Uchiha Sora, was abusive to not only them, but their father as well. The twins had been taken to the hospital more times than could be counted due to serious injuries but no matter how often the child protection agency got involved, their mother had always talked her way out of trouble - but no one ever got involved for the twins' father, leaving him to suffer alone.

Their father, Uchiha Madara - though the strong one out of the four - had battled depression for a long time because of his girlfriend and had come extremely close to suicide while the boys were only babies. Thankfully, he had thought of what would happen to his children if left alone with their psycho mother and had put down the gun, willing to allow himself to suffer through hell if it meant that he could protect his precious babies.

But just because Madara had battled depression didn't mean that he was over it. No. His depression was quite serious – and because of this, Sora only made everything so much harder for him.

Today, once the fighting had stopped and Sora left the house in anger, the twins could hear Madara in his room crying, and all they could do was wish that their father would get better soon – every time Madara cried, terror would run through the twins' bodies at memories of what their father would do to himself once Sora had left the house.

"Daddy is crying, again, Obito…" Tobi whispered, tearing up himself - both of the twins were very close to their father and couldn't bear the thought of anything ever happening to him.

"I know…" Obito tightened his hold on Tobi tightly, not quite knowing how to comfort Tobi – Tobi would get so scared at times like these that he almost couldn't be comforted. "It's going to be okay."

"What if… what if daddy cuts himself again, Obito?" Tobi's voice sounded panicked at this.

Tobi must have remembered the time that he had stumbled into Madara's room after his father had a fight with Sora. He had found Madara on the floor unconscious with blood everywhere, seeping from his wrists – a bloody knife laying just metres from Madara's unconscious body.

Obito frowned and took Tobi's hand, standing up – he knew that Tobi had a point. "Let's go see dad, Tobi."

Tobi nodded and tiptoed out of the room with Obito to the bedroom right beside theirs. They pushed the door open and found Madara sitting on the bed, crying into his hands as his body shook violently.

"Daddy?" Tobi whimpered before dropping Obito's hand and hurrying to his father, reaching up and making grabby hands, wanting to be picked up. "Daddy, don't cry!"

Madara looked up with a tear-stained face and red, puffy eyes before smiling weakly at his children. He reached down and pulled Tobi onto his lap and hugged him tightly while gesturing for Obito to approach as well.

"It's okay, boys." Madara whispered, hugging them both tightly, but his shaking, cracked voice didn't do much to soothe either twin. "It's okay…"

"Did daddy cut himself again…?" Tobi whimpered, burying his face in Madara's chest, afraid of the answer.

Madara frowned and shook his head, tightening his hold on his beloved child. "No, Tobi. I can't risk leaving my two precious boys alone with her now, can I?"

Obito wrapped his small arms around Madara's neck and hugged him, nuzzling in close.

Madara chuckled a little before ruffling the boys' hair gently. He wiped his tears away before placing the boys on the ground and standing up.

"Come on." Madara said playfully, grabbing the twins' hands and pulling them out of the bedroom. "Who wants ice cream?"

Both of the boys cheered loudly, pulling their hands out of Madara's grip and running to the kitchen, waiting impatiently for their bowl of ice cream that had just been promised.


It was two years later on the twins' seventh birthday when things went from horrible to borderline fatal. Madara had been forced to leave the house because of an emergency at work, leaving Tobi and Obito alone with Sora while he left to go and see what the 'emergency' was.

The boys had been playing in their room quietly, trying not to invoke their mother's wrath on them when the door slammed open and Sora charged in at them with rope in her hands. The twins screamed and cried as Sora tied them up, and though they struggled desperately, they were unable to get away from their psychotic mother.

Sora dragged them out to the car, and what could've been minutes, hours, or even seconds later, the twins soon found themselves out in a clearing in a forest, lying before their mother on the ground. They shivered in absolute terror at the mere thought of the situation – Madara wasn't there to protect them this time, and that meant that Sora could do anything to them…

"I've had enough of you two little fucking shitheads!" Sora screamed at her children, brandishing a knife that she had pulled out of her coat pocket. "I hate you both! I wish you were never born! I never wanted you bastards! You should never have been born in the first place!"

Sora lunged forward, swinging the knife down towards the two boys at her mercy, and she only sneered when the knife made the first contact.

Tobi screamed out in pain as the knife struck him in various places, but what hurt the most was seeing the way that Obito had jumped in front of the knife to try and protect his brother. Tobi's screams were nothing compared to Obito's - the child had just had his left eye slashed out by the knife, and even that didn't stop Sora from her rampage.


Over at Madara's workplace, he sighed as his co-worker sheepishly explained that it was a false alarm and that he could return home. Before he could even get out of the door, the Uchiha's phone beeped with a newly-received message.

When Madara saw that it was from Sora, he felt his temper rising from its previously calm state. He was tempted to delete the message without even viewing it, seeing as it was probably full of abuse just like every other text message Sora would send him, but something in him just couldn't hit the delete button.

Madara opened the message but after several seconds of viewing it, Madara dropped the phone, his face twisting in horror. As his co-worker saw that something was seriously wrong with Madara, she grabbed the phone.

It only took one look at what was in the message before the woman dialled the police.

There, on the screen of the phone, was a picture of two young boys – twins – cut up and bleeding, looking like they were in agony.