When Itachi returned home with the kids, he wasn't surprised to find that the older males' bedroom door was shut and locked with moans sounding from inside.

Itachi blushed and turned to walk away before Obito's voice stopped him in his tracks.

"Is Hashi hurting dad?" Obito whispered with a wide eye.

"No." Itachi smiled. "They're just having sex."

Obito nodded. "Okay…"

"You should know this," Itachi teased slightly. "Go out and sit down, okay? They'll be done soon."

Obito nodded and left. Itachi looked around for his brother, leaving the two lovers alone in their bedroom.

Inside, Madara and his partner had just finished their passionate love session and were currently cuddling.

"Was that good, baby?" Hashirama kissed his Uchiha's forehead.

Madara nodded and yawned. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Hashirama laid with the Uchiha until he was sure that the younger was fast asleep. He carefully crawled out from underneath his lover, heading to the shower.

Only minutes after Hashirama had left, Tobi came into the room. The younger twin frowned when he saw that his dad was asleep, but his interest soon peaked when he saw a box lying on Hashirama's bedside table.

Tobi quietly snuck into the bedroom. He grabbed the box and ran to his own room. He was lucky that he wasn't caught – Hashirama came out of the bathroom as soon as his door closed.

If only Tobi was aware of the pain he was about to cause his father…


Tobi had hidden the box in his room for over a week, knowing that he had to bide his time before he opened the box. If he were discovered with it, Madara would be furious.

Because Sasuke was the only one home with the twins, Tobi knew that now was a great time to look inside.

After calling for Obito, the two sat around the object. Tobi pulled the lid off and the twins oohed in excitement as lots of pretty pictures and items came into sight.

"Where did you find this?" Obito asked as he picked up a small bracelet that was hidden in the box.

"In daddy's room." Tobi smiled. "It's the box that daddy says we're not allowed to touch."

"He seemed so angry that time we tried to take the box all those years ago," Obito agreed.

Tobi nodded as he held a newspaper clipping. He studied it carefully before he squealed in delight.

"Obito, it's us!" the younger twin cried as he thrust the clipping at his brother.

Obito took it. He grinned as he saw pictures of he and Tobi when they were newborn babies. He didn't know what the article was about, however.

The twins dug through everything, finding lots of cool things, though they wondered who the boy in some of the other photos were. Their questions were soon answered when Obito came across another newspaper clipping that was titled, Missing Boy Found Eyeless in Woods.

"Tobi…" Obito whispered. His voice was laced in confusion. "…Dad's name is in this article…"

The two twins read said article carefully. Soon enough, both children felt a fear towards their father. The article had clearly mentioned how Madara was the suspect in a murder case.

"D-did daddy…" Tobi whimpered as he teared up. "…Did daddy kill his brother…?"

Obito was silent. "…I really don't know…"

"What if he did…?" Tobi whispered. "…I'm scared… What if he kills us, too?"

"…He won't… I'm sure that he won't..." Despite his words, Obito had doubt in his voice.

"Obito-nii…" Tobi whimpered. "…What if daddy finds us with his box…?"

Obito raised a now-trembling hand as he grabbed the box and held it tightly. "We have to get rid of the box… If he finds us putting it back…"

The younger twin ripped said object from his brother's hand and threw it out the window. Obito understood what Tobi wanted – the younger wanted to throw it in the rubbish bin.

Obito ran from the room. Inside, Tobi watched as his brother deposited the cursed item into the bin.

It was probably lucky that they got rid of it when they did because seconds after Obito re-entered his bedroom, Sasuke stepped in.

"Uncle Madara has returned" The older Uchiha smiled sadly. "He's had a very hard day today so you might need to go and keep him company."

The twins shared a glance at each other, not sure what to do. This behaviour was worrisome for Sasuke – the boys always loved running to greet their father.

"What's wrong?" Sasuke asked.

The twins only shook their heads, not wanting to speak about it. Sasuke had already noticed that Tobi had been crying which only fuelled his concern.

"Why were you crying, Tobi?" Sasuke asked.

"…" Tobi looked down, feeling himself starting to cry again. "Tobi… is scared…"

"Of what?" Sasuke hugged his cousin, hating to see him so sad.

"…Scared…" Tobi sobbed as he hid his face in the elder's chest.

"Everyone is crying…" Sasuke whispered. "Uncle is crying, and Ita-nii is crying… You're crying…"

"Why is Itachi crying?" Obito asked.

"He just broke up with his boyfriend," Sasuke explained.

"Oh…" Obito looked down. "…Poor Itachi…"

"Don't make Tobi go to daddy…" Tobi whimpered as he grabbed at his cousin's shirt. "Please…"

Sasuke agreed. "It's okay… I won't take you to him… It's okay…"

Out in the living room, Madara was crying into his hands, awaiting Hashirama's return. He wanted to see his kids, but he wanted the Senju's return more so that he could talk about what was bothering him.

"Oh, god…" Madara sobbed. "Oh… Why…? Why me…?"

Madara jumped as he heard the front door open. He quickly snapped to attention once Hashirama's arms were encasing him in a soothing hug.

"What's wrong?" Hashirama whispered.

"Hashi…" Madara moaned. "Hashi…"

Without another word, Hashirama pulled Madara to his feet. They entered the bedroom and lay down, knowing that the Uchiha needed a rest.

Madara fell asleep fairly quickly, but Hashirama couldn't sleep. All he could think about was how he wanted Madara to be happy – not like this.


Dinner that night was hard. It was obvious that the twins were afraid of Madara for whatever reason, avoiding any and all contact with him. Madara had refused to eat, opting instead to sit and mope.

The eldest Uchiha had already tried to talk to his kids, but it made things worse. They had only run away screaming. It was as if neither twin loved their father anymore – and that thought broke Madara's heart.

It didn't take long before Madara stormed out of the kitchen and into his room. Hashirama followed him after a few minutes, knowing that the younger would want time to calm down. However, when the Senju arrived at the bedroom, he found Madara tearing through their belongings like a hurricane.

"What's wrong?" Hashirama asked in concern.

"Where is it?!" Madara continuously whimpered. "Where?!"

"What's missing?"

"M-my box!" Madara's voice was strangled amongst his tears. "I-I can't find my box! Where did you put it?!"

"Madara, I haven't touched it. I thought that you had put it away."

"No!" Madara screamed in panic. "No! Izuna!"

"Madara, calm down! You need to calm down."

The Uchiha quickly begun to hyperventilate. It didn't take him long to pass out.


A month had passed. Things had gotten hard with Madara, leading to another hospitalisation.

Hashirama had checked the institute out before Madara was admitted, and he was pleased to find that it was a godsend.

Madara had been medicated and had begun to made progress.

The twins had eventually spoken to Hashirama about what they read in that article, but after reassurance that it was all a mistake, they had put their trust back in their father.


A full year had gone by and Madara was much better. He had never been so well before.

It looked as if the Uchiha could continue on with life.