"Mother? Father?" a small voice asked. A young girl , no more then 7, sat up in her bed, holding a purple stuffed cat to her chest. She smelt smoke and grew

scared. She removed the the blanket and hopped off her bed, clutching her stuffed cat. She walked across her room to her door. She reached up and

grabbed the door nob in her small hand and twisted it. Her door opened and the young girl made her way to the stairs that led to her parents room. The

house felt much warmer then she remembered. She held the cat tighter as she climbed the stairs. The smell of smoke grew thicker. It made the young girl's

dark green eyes water, and caused her to cough. As she reached the top of the stairs. The heat had risen quite noticeably. Droplets of sweat could be seen

on the young girl's forehead. "Mom? Dad?" she asked to no one as she made her way to her parents' door. She could see light flickering from underneath the

door and smoke billowing out from the door also. "Mother? Father?" the younger yelled in fright as she noticed to light was fire. She reached her hand out

to grab the doorknob but something stopped her. The screams and yells of her parents. "Alice! Alice get out of the house!" She recognized her mother's voice

yelling to her. "Alice! Save yourself!" she heard her father yell. Tears streamed down the girl's, Alice's, face. "Alice!" she heard both of her parents yell. And

that was all it took for little Alice to scream herself and run away from her parents' door, down the stairs, out the front door of her house, which was quickly

being eaten by the flames of the fire. She stumbled down the front steps of her house and tripped, landing in the grass of her front yard, a safe distance

from the flames, with her stuffed cat landing beside her. Alice picked up her arm which had landed across her eyes, and looked at her house that was now

engulfed in flames. Her tears came down harder and faster as she wrapped her arms around herself and clenched her eyes shut. She prayed that this was

all just a really bad dream and that she would wake up soon. Suddenly she heard sirens. She turned her head and saw fire trucks, ambulances, and police

cars. The fire men were working hard, and quickly to try and put the fire out. A paramedic came and grabbed Alice and her stuffed cat and put her in an

Ambulance. Alice stayed wide eyed as the picture of her burning house ran threw her mind. The paramedics looked her over for any injuries but found

nothing a few soot marks on her cheeks arms and legs. She stayed silent the whole ride to the hospital, until she got there. Once they pulled her out

of the Ambulance, Alice started kicking and screaming. "WHERE'S MY PARENTS? WHERE ARE THEY?" she yelled over and over again, refusing to believe

that they were really gone.