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"Don't die before I do Lloyd…My son"

Kratos Aurion stepped back from the younger man, his form fading as he was transported onto Derris-Kharlarn, knowing he may never see his beloved son again.

The last thing he saw was Lloyd's sad eyes and tear soaked face before his world went dark.

Kratos' head lulled back, his eyes rolling as he tried to focus, he felt sick, groggy, his head pounded as he tried to get his thoughts together.

Blurred figures stood in front of him their voices mixed together. Kratos groaned grabbing their attention, a man stepped forward and knelt before Kratos, it was then he realised he was sitting in an uncomfortable chair. Kratos blinked, once, twice, He could see alright now; the man before him had long silvery blue hair and crystal blue eyes, Kratos recognised him, but his thoughts were still too much of swirling mess for Kratos to grasp at his name.

"Hey Kratos, can you hear me? They had you drugged up to your eyes. I'm surprised you're even awake" Kratos blinked again and nodded before trying to form random thoughts into words.

"wher- who…what's going…on? Why am I…" he trailed off, focusing completely on the man again. They were both silent, staring at one another. Waiting.

"…Genis?" The man's eyes lit up but with a sombre smile on his face, Kratos was just even more confused, his thoughts raced but at the same time he couldn't seem to think of anything.

Genis was older, at least by five years, why? Kratos had only just left. Lloyd had sent him away not a few minuets ago? This wasn't Derris-Kharlarn, why was he here what was going on? Where was Lloyd!

Kratos shook his head trying to make sense of everything, trying to get his words together so he can ask 'Genis' what was going on.

Genis realised what was wrong, it was obvious he had no clue where he was, Genis grabbed Kratos by his shoulders, forcing Kratos to focus on him again.

"Kratos tell me what you know?" His voice took on a firmer tone, similar to that of his sisters. Kratos blinked again thinking it through, searching his mind, but nothing as to why he was in this place, where ever it was.

"…Lloyd…sent me to Derris-Kharlarn, I was transported there….and woke up…here with you" Genis scanned him wearily, before turning to the person behind him, Kratos looked up, it was a woman, a doctor by her coat, was he in a hospital?

"Dr Raian, how long has he been here? How long have you been treating him?"


The woman, looked down at her notes "he's been in our custody for the past four years…I've been his doctor and psychiatrist for two of those years"

Genis was thoughtful for a moment.

"And how did he come to be in your custody?" Genis' voice was slow, as he asked the question; the Doctor took a deep breath and motioned for Genis to follow her out side the room before she left, Genis looked back at Kratos and smiled weakly. "Don't panic ok, old man, I'll be back. And I'll explain as much as I can when I do" with that Genis left.

Kratos was left alone, he was numb, and he felt cold, nothing made sense, why had they left like they had? Kratos shook his head, it was pointless to try and guess what was going on. In stead Kratos decided to look around the room, he went to get up, but he couldn't. He looked down and paled as more questions and alarm swirled through him.

He was in a straitjacket, his arms where bound to his chest, there was a belt around his waist and legs binding him to the chair.

Kratos felt cold white panic flush through him, he had always hated being confined, tied up, it was like he'd entered a nightmare.

Looking around for a way out only increased his panic on a small wheelie table next to him was a tray of needles, medication, and other objects that he couldn't think of the names for. Forcing his eyes away he noted the room other than that was empty, and white, the walls where foamed and padded.

It was just him, an uncomfortable chair and the tray of needles and medicine.


…He was defiantly in a nightmare.

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