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They had no idea what was going on. They had no way of knowing how long Lloyd had been taken away. Not they could do anything. The moment Lloyd disappeared with the nurse the security guard had thrown himself a Genis catching both Sages off guard.

"GET OFF ME YOU BASTARD!" Genis yelled. He would have used his magic had he not been in a hospital, though neither he nor Raine had seen any patients or any other doctors since they arrived, which disturbed them greatly.

Raine was having her own troubles with the nurse who had also stepped forward, attempting to force her out of the Hospital.

"What the hell are you doing! What's going on?"

Raine was fighting back. This was completely illogical. Why were they acting like this? Where were the patients and other doctors?

"We no longer require you or your brother." The Nurse's voice was monotone and matter of fact.

"You preformed precisely as we thought you would. Now we're bored of you" the security guard added in the same tone, looking over his shoulder at Raine.

This gave Genis the chance to duck away from him and stand with his sister. He reached into his wing-pack were he'd hidden his cutlass-type sword, thanking the heavens that Lloyd and Zelos had taught him enough to defend himself. Raine pulled out her staff.

"We don't want to fight you," Genis said calmly. "We don't have to. A-are you being controlled or something? We can help!"

Genis was desperately looking for a simpler way. These were people. He didn't want to have to fight them. Let alone kill them. They were healers. There had to be something else going on. There had to be some way to help them.

The security guard and the nurse laughed in unison. "You think to save these people? You don't even know what we are, boy." The nurse looked back to the corridor where Lloyd was led away. "It is done"
without warning the Security guard went again to attack. This time Genis was ready. He ducked as the man threw a punch and kneed him in the stomach. Instinctively Genis raised his blade and pushed it into the man's chest. He paused as the guard screamed before jumping back. He just- he just killed this man. He was innocent, possessed yeah- anyone could tell that but… he could have saved him! He – he. ..

A heartbeat of a second.

Then another.

The guard began to laugh. The nurse smiled. Genis glanced at Raine.
"Did you think-"more laughter "-that alone; would kill us?This body can be fixed- or discarded. It makes no difference!"

Instead of blood a thick black liquid oozed from the wound. The more it leaked down the body of the man and onto the floor the more 'fumes' it seemed to create. It rose from the liquid and the wound. It was thick and it looked almost heavy and defiantly toxic and had a very potent smell. Raine's stomach lurched and Genis heaved it was like the smell of death only worse. Everything foul everything sinister was seeping from the wound. Genis raised his blade again and realised it was coating that as well. He did his best to ignore it

"Well… that's disgusting" he muttered. At least now he had no qualms about killing these… people. He knew nothing that bled… whatever this stuff was.

He waited, charging his mana into his sword. He felt it heat as he muttered his spell. Raine was doing the same, readying a spell with one eye on the hall leading to Lloyd.

They moved, the nurse screeched as she ran at them. The Guard was slower, lunging at Genis. Genis moved too, his spell charged and blazed through his blade; its red heat slicing through and searing flesh. The guard screeched and fell.

Raine cast Photon on the nurse, engulfing her in light. She screamed as it scorched her skin and crumbled to the floor. But as she went down the guard was back up. Genis' mouth hung open for second before he charged, slicing as much as he could, determined to keep the other man down. He glanced behind, jumping back just as Raine cast a second spell: Ray.

The burning light pierced the man, tearing him apart. When it was finished there was next to nothing left, only the black liquid that was evaporating into the steaming mist before disappearing all together.

They didn't wait around; after one quick fireball that destroyed the nurse they ran through the hospital, straight to the room where Kratos had been kept.

As they turned the final corner to the room, Genis froze. The hair on the back of his neck stood up on end and he even held his breath. Raine stopped and turned to her brother.

"Genis we don't have ti-"

She froze too. She felt it.

It was like a dread; the feeling that if he turned around he'd see something terrible. Genis just stared at Raine. And she stared right back at him, not wanting to look behind her brother.

They hadn't heard them following. They had no clue where they came from. But somethingwas behind Genis, stalking. It was only when they heard the low rumble of a growl that Genis turned; his sword ready.

But he nearly dropped it at what he saw.

If Genis had to guess at what they were. He'd say a cross between a wolf, a snake and a beetle.

There where five of them, their bodies distorted, almost crumpled, their leathery hide poorly stretched over bones. Ribs stuck out at odd angles as a long, thin tails whipped behind them.
Exo-skeletal armour protruded over the forelegs and acted as a claw-like weapons over smaller pads. A dog skull helmet covered a smaller, rounder face with abnormally large teeth and a long black tongue. Their eyes were illuminated as yellow pits, shaded by black hair like string torn at varying lengths. Ripped ears broke this barrier, sharpened into points.

But as hideous as these creatures were; the sight was made all the worse by what Genis could see on their hind claws. On each of the vile beasts was a toe tag.

These were once people.

They were corpses.

Swallowing, he tried to ignore their appearance, noticing their more…. human features.

"Raine," he said slowly, glancing back a second at his sister, who was pale. "I want you to cast Ray. Then run." He ran his fingers along the blade of his sword, which glowed with mana as the growling intensified. "I'll take care of them. You get to Lloyd."

If Raine wanted to argue she didn't get her chance. The first beast jumped at Genis with a screech. He easily sliced it in too. Its brittle old bones and decaying flesh did most of the work. They looked terrifying but they were clearly weaker than he expected. The last four beasts paused before attacking together. Raine cast her spell and the beasts wailed in pain. Raine turned and ran like Genis had said.

"Maybe…." Eyeing the scene, he noted only two of the beast were destroyed. "Their strength depends on what level of decomposing they are."

The final beasts got to their feet. The closest one lunged forward nearly missing Genis' leg. It was harder to kill than the last but still went down with surprizing ease.

The last one, the largest and… freshest, went for his throat. He dodged but its claw raked his shoulder. Genis yelped. He didn't have time for this! The beast went for the final blow as Genis knelt holding his arm. He didn't hesitate and held up his sword, letting the beast impale itself.
He sighed and kicked it away; casting fire ball for good measure.

He took one last look back at the carnage before running.

"This is all so fucked up!"

Raine had been running more slowly for Genis to catch up. She was a few yards away from the door when he did. They didn't hesitate and threw open the door weapons ready.

"Lloy-" Genis stopped; And stared.

Kratos was on the floor, his hair covering his face and they couldn't tell if he was breathing. Lloyd stood over him, his head down facing away from his companions.

"..Lloyd?" Raine stepped forward slowly.

It seemed like he didn't notice them. And time felt like it was standing still. Genis couldn't take it. He didn't know what was going on.

Lloyd lifted his head and turned toward them. Raine dropped her staff.

Lloyd's eyes were black.

He half smiled, staring. Genis stepped forward, his voice lost in his throat. Silence filled the room. The Sages had no idea what to do. What to think. They didn't know what was happening.

Black misted rose from the floor around Lloyd, coiling around his body like a snake. It appeared around him like a doorway swirling around as he began to disappear into it.

It took two seconds too long for Genis to realise what was happening and before he could run forward to stop it, Lloyd was gone.

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