I woke up with a jolt of pain down my back, head pounding and everything was spinning… And spinning. The last thing in my memory was a flash of green… Or was it?

Perhaps it was just a bad dream…

"Sam! Thank God, you're awake!" Tucker came into view as I squint to shop my vision swimming around. I looked around – purple drapes, dark room and the portion of sunlight pouring in. I looked at it with distaste.

"I HATE THE SUNLIGHT." I said as Tucker's concerned expression softened, sighed and went to close up the curtain.

"Do you… Do you remember what happened?" Tucker asked, rather nervously.

"Danny said that he had to go to a space camp in Florida, he left, we stayed a while longer in the Nasty Burger talking about "Dead Teacher VI"…" I frowned. After that was nearly all blank. Some snippets of the pavement, and a flash of green…

Wait, something's not right. Tucker's expression was both a little of relief and a little bit more concerned, but I don't have time to dwell on it right now. "Where's Danny?"

Tucker glanced at the curtains quickly, fist tightening. "You've had a concussion, Sam. It's been two days already. Danny's already in Florida."

Tucker seemed rather antsy, but I brushed it off. He's probably just worried for me or something.

Some voices rang outside my room. Some voices that belonged to… "Dash? Kwan? What the heck are you doing in my room?!" Those little… Pests! Who did they think they are?

Dash glanced at the tray in his hand, "Well, sleeping beauty. Welcome back!" He said sarcastically. "Sucks that they made me get your lunch." He shoved it on my bedside table.

"Enjoy your meal." He said mockingly. Tucker glared at him as he smirked and went out the room with Kwan.

AU. An apocalypse sorta thing. I have about 5,000 words written for this story-might post it someday.

Can any of you guess what's happenin'?