"What was that about? " I asked, thoroughly confused why the moron was being 'nice' with me. "I know my parents are on a business trip, but that doesn't mean that I have the permission to throw a party!" I waved my hand around. "And definitely not for our enemies!" I was confused, and the school bullies are all in my house. I was seriously getting agitated and ticked off.

As much as I disliked my parents, I didn't want to make my house a total mess. Letting everyone in my class to come and party? No way, definitely not my style.

"Woah there," Tucker raised his hands defensively. "'s not my fault here. You seriously don't remember anything?" Tucker searched my eyes yet again.

I blinked back at him.

"Nope. Let me explain then. Two days ago, after you were knocked out, the power went out for the entire Amity Park."

"So? That's no excuse for everyone to be trashing my house!"

Tucker removed his red beret for a mere second while he ran his hand through his hair.

"You see Sam, the thing is, the ghosts were running all over the town. There was an invasion." Tucker said with a conflicted expression on his face, as if he was debating something with himself.

"So everyone stayed in my house?" My eyebrows raised, "Isn't that rather weird?" I spoke. People could stay in their own houses! Since my 'true' social status is now revealsed, I doubt life would be the same for me after this.

"That's my fault." Tucker said, guilty. "We figured that the more of us together, the safer. All the mansions in Amity are occupied. I figured that you would much rather have people our age here rather than crying babies or screaming women." Tucker went on a tangent. "We got all the food we could, raided Marsh and Walmart, and I made sure that talented people are here with us. There's about 40 people here. Jazz, Valerie—"

I scrowled. "Dash? Kwan?" I asked.

"Football team. Great for protection. There's also a few of my nerdy comrades, Star, Paulina—"

"Paulina! She's a shallow witch and you know it!"

"Also an intern in the hospital, surprisingly. It was her and Star that took care of your concussion."

"Fine. But if she complain about her hair in my house, just once, she's out."

"Okay, okay. I'll be sure to tell her that." Tucker said, worried for Paulina.

Ghost invasions… My slow brain finally registered the fact.

"Where are the Fentons? It's a ghost invasion, aren't they going to tear them all 'molecule by molecule'?" I mocked Danny's dad, remembering and shuddering at the memories. When we were younger, every time Tucker and I visit Danny's house, his… Eccentric father would scream, shout, and run around to try and hunt ghosts. No one believed that ghosts exist back then. No even Danny or Jazz. That's until something happened and rogue ghosts started pouring into our 'lovely' town Amity Park.

Until something happened… Until what happened?

"The Fentons are out there in a ghost convention in Wisconsin. And I can't reach them through technology."

"Oh, all right." Distantly, I remember there's something peculiar about Wisconsin… Something to watch out for, something I should know. But what?

Tucker frowned a little, as if he expected a bigger reaction from me.

"Well then, call Danny! Our town is being run over, we could care less about his little space camp. Plus Jazz was always uninterested in the Fentons' inventions, at least Danny could keep us save with his limited knowledge until the Fenton adults come back."

"I… can't." I didn't know Tucker could get this nervous.

"Why not?"

"You know the Fentons. They never bring phones will them to trips. Ever."

"Danny's our best friend. You and I both know that he would bring his cell phone—"

"He didn't." Tucker cut me off as he took Danny's phone out from his pocket." He paused, and pointed at the table. "He didn't bring his laptop either."

"Oh. Well, isn't this great!" I said sarcastically."

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